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Special December 31, 2004 Edition


 Year End Review 2004

2005 Proclamations


Real statements from real people

who are out there doing the real work.



Some Thoughts about Resolutions


Those who refuse to make New Year's resolutions because they always break them anyway miss the point. Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self- assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility.
Breaking them is part of the cycle. ~ Eric Zorn


Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline ... too much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of something to fall in love with ... something about yourself, your career, your spouse. ~ Dale Dauten




Year End Review 2003 2004 Proclamations

2003 was a tough but happy year.

Lost job.
Lost some money on the Stock Market.

New happy healthy baby boy. (Out weighs both negatives).
Six months at home with my baby boy is best present I could ever receive.

Blew out a serious chunk of garbage in my mind and Spirit at Breathwork. (Felt like I got hit with a baseball bat several times then clear. Got hit again after I went home and now am super clear!)

2004 proclamation:

1) To seriously trade commodities as well as stocks.


2) To receive more.

Thanks Sensei


A+ to the Chief - 04 Review, 05 Proclamations

Chief Tahoe,

2004 Review:

In July, I come to my first IV TT meeting questioning the meaning of the Jade Master story and wondering whether I have it in me to be a trader. I am broken, account vaporized, too much pain to even look at the market.

Today, I am trading: Winning some, losing some, taking my losses, and growing my account equity.

I know now that not only I am a trader, but also I am the system, I am the market, I am trading itself.

Chief, you have exceeded my expectations for 2004. I
hereby grade you A+.

2005 Proclamation:

As my friends continue to day-trade, I adopt a long-term trend-following system that has stood the test of time, I tolerate its ups and downs, I brew the hot green tea, I sit in my reclining chair by the window and I savor my FAQ summaries, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, and the works of Ayn Rand, L. Ron Hubbard, and Ludwig Von Mises.


proclamations for 2005

Proclamations for 2005

I proclaim my intention to savor each moment of now spent with family and friends.

I proclaim my intention to celebrate all feelings as they arise whether others or my own: joy, sadness, fear, confusion, grief, love--I am willing and able to feel it all.

I proclaim my intention to build my trading business by nurturing honest, open relationships with clients/partners.

I proclaim my intention to venture out of my comfort zone as I grow relationships and businesses.

I proclaim my intention to want/need less stuff.

I proclaim my intention to reclaim dreams long since abandoned.


2004 Year End Review and 2005 Proclamation

2004 was an ever-evolving moment of learning the ropes, with stressful experiences and a decent dose of light at the end or perhaps the middle section of the tunnel, and a 30% annual return that is a great encouragement for keeping up the work. I benefit from studying many sources and let experience and the much appreciated Ed Seykota’s mentoring resolve unavoidable contradictions between various trading methods. I notice I steer clear of these approaches that attempt at measuring the future or anticipating it, also I do not trade intraday anymore – I have no edge in this environment. Monday-Friday I spend many hours reading and writing about trading. This activity is a satisfying flow experience in itself.

In 2005 I stay with the method that I developed last year and develop it further; why - it is not complete. My wife and daughter have a giving husband and father, who takes good care of his true self.


2004 review and 2005 proclamation


In 2004 I create some bad luck. Believing in trends good luck comes from bad luck so I am set up for good luck now. Through bad luck I get stronger, my clarity improves and I recommit to my purpose which is the same as last year # 26

I let 2005 be my luckiest year yet, living in the now, on purpose, in peace.


Review and 2005 Proclamation

When I read the Commitment FAQ (Dec 31), I even questioned myself if it was me who wrote you because he almost speaks my case.

As I look back on my proclamation last year, despite my elegant phrases, I fulfill maybe two-thirds of it. Some of them I totally abandon (learning new programming language, exercise/Yoga) as I give them a much lesser priority, and some of them are just ambiguous that there is too much wiggle room to decide whether I did do it or not. In short, the proclamations I've made last year were very nice to read (even I was impressed from just a writing stand-point), but ineffective. It reminds me of some complicated and elegant trading system that resonates less than when you say 1) follow trends, 2) cut losses, and 3) manage risk.

I felt discouraged and wasn't as enthusiastic this year about the call for reviews and 2005 Proclamations. After all, I made my proclamation last year, and instead of feeling satisfied and victorious, I feel ashamed and disappointed. Not to mention when I see you write "Real statements from real people who are out there doing the real work," gosh, I feel bad to let you down. I don't want to let you down!!!!

The Commitment FAQ (Dec 31) seems to hit me right on. I remember during Breath Work Weekend, you said to me "You don't even qualify to be here. You do not finish the pre-requisite. You cannot come up with a goal that is measurable. You cannot find even one thing to commit to. You are afraid to be pinned down and held accountable. You may just hand out towels and watch others do the Breathwork." And I cried out like a little school boy, who is all excited about a picnic, but then he fails to complete his homework and his teacher finds out and scolds him and tells him he can no longer go, he feels hopeless as if the end of the world, and then burst out crying and begging. Yes, that sounds very familiar, especially the crying part. I really feel like a second-grader and the time I had a detention.

OK, I do want to be held accountable; I do want to be pinned down; I do want to take responsibility. And I feel strongly to give you a 2005 Proclamation. It is not as elegant as the one I wrote last year, but I feel much more powerful and I love its simplicity. There're only two things really: COMMITMENT and RIGHT LIVELIHOOD.

1) Commitments - Give serious thoughts before I commit, and then honor every commitment I've made;

2) Embrace right livelihood - As you define in the glossary page, Right Livelihood is living the Responsibility Model (i.e., the realization that INTENTION = RESULT), and the willingness to experience forms. I intend to remind myself everyday about the Responsibility Model until it becomes a natural part of me and that I'm living in it, and I intend to actively participate in my local tribe to experience forms.

INTENTION=RESULT. Dear Ed, I have a burning desire to show you my sincere and earnest intention, with the results I've produced, on Dec 31, 2005!!!!!!! Mark the calendar!!!!!!!


Lessons and Anticipations

First and foremost thank you for being an enabler, a listener and a giver of wisdom for so many and for me. As I write an intense heat is engulfing my head, my throat swelling up, forehead sweating and uncontrollably, and quietly I weep.


My eyes are full of tear clouding my vision. Not out of sorrow but out of joy for having had the opportunity to be thought by you and so many others who gave themselves unselfishly. The following are some ideas about the markets and myself that I have come to accumulate and delineate in the last year and a half and more intensively since I have come to the tribe. Some I understand and apply everyday. Others, I grasp the importance of on an intellectual level, but continue to struggle at actualizing.


The most difficult part continues to be thinking and acting in the NOW. I believe I am making progress, however difficult. On the livelihood side, I am a much calmer person, acting patiently and lovingly towards my wife and 2 1/2-year-old daughter. I am no more attracted (addicted, is perhaps the right word) by the drama of the world brought to us on the nightly TV screen, preferring to listen to the magnificent and sublime creations of Stravinsky, Thelonius Monk, Cecil Taylor, et al.

Allow me to present to the beloved community some beliefs about myself and what the market might mean to thee. I read to myself these beliefs and procedures at the beginning of every session and before I undertake the analysis of current market conditions. I try to deliberate on the beliefs, slowly and in a meditative mode.

Turning Zone Trading Principles

I: For every price action, there is unequal reaction.

II: I believe I can harvest the most reward with the least risk when I execute a trade inside the turning zone.

III: A turning zone is a sphere of confluence for price, pattern, time, data and events across two or more time horizons.

IV: The analysis, execution, and management of a trade takes place in the NOW.

V: My objective is to make trading effortless and to be in a state of flow.

Session Flow

I: Focus on the present moment.

II: My invocation:
1. I believe in free enterprise.
2. I enjoy trading.
3. I determine my destiny.
4. I am a consistent winner.
5. I let the market let me know what it is.
6. I am patient.
7. I act when confluence materializes.
8. I do not chase rallies.

III: Analyze current market conditions:
1. open 5 min., 30 min., 1 hr., and daily charts.
2. draw ML projections, channel and trend lines, stochastic.
3. calculate Pivot Point price structure.
4. count TGH and TGD.
5. record Data & Event figures.
6. read IFR news.
7. based on TZ confluence factors, determine trend direction and action to take.

IV: Execute trade.

V: Monitor trade.

A wonderful and prosperous 2005 to you, your family and the tribe.


year end review and 05 proclamation

Year End Review and Proclamation -2004/2005

My limits to growth:

Lack of commitment to ACT - paralysis by analysis
Procrastination, Don't trust Myself, need confirmation
from others. Lack of follow thru. Start everything finish nothing. Inability to Experience unpleasant feelings, bury my
head in the sand. Control freak, why why why how how how
I'm to busy.

Proclamation 2005

-NOW, being AWARE of the Present
-TRUSTING myself 100%
-ACTING on MY thoughts
-Experiencing ALL my FEELINGS and finding their positive intentions, and integrating and aligning them as my ally's
-Develop a simple trend following trading plan -



I kept reading the FAQ as a Healthy, Wealthy but not Dumb Stooge and I joined the local Trading Tribe which started December, 2004. I am a fan of living in the moment and it is helping to find details and thus method. I am forever grateful and wish you the best for 2005.


2005 Proclamation, 2004 Review

2005 Proclamation:

I can see our business growing by translating our second stage plans into action. With a highly accommodative infrastructure which includes fault-tolerant hardware, agile software, 4 new robust non-dependent strategies, and adding more supportive partners, we are managing $100,000,000 by year end.

I have a strong intention of accomplishing this snapshot by continuing my discipline of managing risk, decreasing my obsessive defensive anxiety, and increasing my healthy anticipatory anxiety.

I continue receiving/entertaining all persons I encounter without prejudging if they are serving my selfish interest. I just celebrate them for being who they are and be there for them all the while.

I am:

1. doing what I enjoy most and best at,

2. just being my gregarious self,

3. just letting things naturally fall into place, and

4. doing this NOW.

Thanks Ed and the whole Trading Tribe! May God Bless You All To The Fullest!

2004 Review:

TTP is the best thing to happen to me, my business partner, our fund management business, and the people around me that I care about: I am extremely happy as a result and getting what I want. As my proclamation in 2004 says, we are now implementing our strategy which manages approximately $12,500,000. Our strong intention is responsible for the extra $2,000,000 in the form of performance results. Everyone is happy…and there is more fun coming our way!!!

I still have many issues and am glad that we are able to follow the [TTP] system all the way with the Trading Tribe's support; especially you, Chief Ed. Although our Intentional Community lost members, I am happy that I, as well as other members have made a small difference in their lives and hopefully carried support for them in finding their right livelihood as they have significantly help me find mine through our TTP sessions. I welcome and look forward to new members. Additionally I feel selfish that I made no contribution to FAQ’s by posting experiences during the second half of the year. I feel that my posts might waste people’s time as I am simply regurgitating what others have already stated. I feel silence sounds better than noise. I do not seem to like transmitting my thoughts/feelings through low-bandwidth mediums as I have horrible experiences with e-mail/telephone (an entry point). I am an extremely somatic individual and I like expressing myself only face to face.


I can see myself managing a $10,000,000 fund in 2004. I intend to accomplish this goal by continuing my discipline of managing risk, decreasing my obsessive defensive anxiety, and increasing my healthy anticipatory anxiety.

I intend receiving/entertaining all persons I encounter without prejudging if they will serve my selfish interest. I just celebrate them for being who they are and be there for them all the while.

My renewed and rediscovered welcoming behavior will naturally animate whether I am in the process of selecting my trading instruments, befriending a lady or a gentleman for the first time, hanging out with my love ones, hosting a fiesta, captivating a potential investor, or just smiling to a stranger.

I proclaim to:

1. doing what I enjoy most and best at,

2. just being my gregarious self,

3. just let things naturally fall into place, and

4. do this NOW.


Review 2004 --- Proclamation 2005

Review 2004

I re-read last year's proclamation and discover most goals fulfill. I note that some goals are fuzzy, and they -- surprise ! -- fulfill fuzzily.

One proclamation for this year past is to participate in meetings and workshops. In fulfillment, the year includes two Reno workshops and a Breathwork weekend, and forming the [City] tribe. I participate in the development of ... technology to present multiple forms, resolving into one yoga-like form.

Another goal involves "coding, researching and testing trading methodologies in new ways." ...

A dramatic year for growth of a trader.

Intention 2005

Hear Ye ! Hear Ye !

During 2005 I intend to increase capital under my discretionary management to more than $20 million through new accounts and internal growth, and receive payment in performance-based fees and profits.

Proclaimed this last day of December, 2004 !


I make one commitment during Breathwork: I open up my CPO in January 31,


2005 Proclamation

I enjoy your website. I am about halfway through reading FAQ, arriving at the 2004 Proclamations just in time to write my own for 2005.

Here are my 2005 Proclamations:

As a new member of the [City] tribe, I participate actively in meetings .... I use TTP to identify and celebrate long-repressed feelings, using ongoing dramas and chronic somatic symptoms as entry points.

I come to understand how I intend and achieve only break-even results. I modify my intentions to consistent profitability and achieve consistently profitable results that match my back-testing much more closely.

I learn to accept my wife as she is, greatly improving our relationship. I pay more attention to my young daughter's feelings and needs and play with her now, being in the moment with her rather than being distracted by my personal issues.

I welcome and appreciate assistance from my fellow tribe-mates and you, and I offer my assistance in return. I cherish these new relationships.

Happy New Year!


Year End Review/Proclamation

In reviewing my 2004 proclamation, I held to my commitment to TTP. It was the only commitment I made in the proclamation since I felt I lacked the emotional clarity to make further commitments. Prior commitments seemed to be part of my drama set and gaining clarity was paramount.

Changes I experienced in 2004 as part of my commitment to TTP:

1. Stopped day trading
2. Developed a long term trend following system
3. Membership in the IVTT
4. Participated in the growth of my local tribe
5. A strengthening of the relationship with my wife, we now communicate and send/receive each other freely and without judgment
6. Allow my children to freely express themselves and be exactly who they are
7. Unraveled and gained clarity on dramas related to sadness, love, guilt, anger, commitment
8. Have learned to like hanging out with the feeling of "I don't know"

In 2005 I commit to the following:

1. Continue to integrate TTP into my life
2. To continually experience the feelings that stand between me and greatness
3. To take the necessary steps to become a money manager: CTA, disclosure document, raising capital, etc.
4. To conduct first class research for IVTT projects
5. To be the best husband and parent I can be

Many thanks to Ed for providing both the technology and forum for all the growth I am experiencing. Happy New Year!!




I proclaim to help others and consciously add more selfless service into my life.

I proclaim to share my feelings with my wife.

I proclaim to celebrate all my feelings, even the ones I think I dislike or even think I hate.

I proclaim to celebrate holding myself back in order to let myself go.

I proclaim to continue to hold tribe members feet to the fire in support, help and service to them

I proclaim to continue to learn, absorb, and incorporate the cutting edge of TTP from Ed.

I proclaim to expand my trading into a larger business

I proclaim to experience all feelings on the hot seat that hinder my long term trend following ability.


Year Review and Proclamation

I am so thankful for all the support and work I did at [City] Tribe - we rock, at Ed's Reno Workshops, and my whole life. I love the now.

I acknowledge, love, and celebrate I am a World Class Renaissance Man.

I intend to trade my way as the World Class Renaissance Man I am, appreciating all my feelings as I open to their positive intentions. I love the richness of my life.

I proclaim 2005 is the best yet in my journey through life as a World Class Renaissance man.



In '04 I regularly attend the [City] tribe. Together we address issues, resolve dramas and get the feelings to flow through. I still struggle with my '04 proclamation of healthy and disciplined eating and have no net loss of weight after 12 months. results = intentions The hot seat awaits my return. At the end of the year I relocate my family to ... the West Coast.

My proclamation for '05 -- EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE, TRADE WELL


My 2005 Proclamation

Here is my 2005 Proclamation.

I am committed to trading my tested mechanical system with $100,000.00 in equity by April 2005, and sharing my monthly account statements with [Name]. I am providing my account statements listing my positions and total equity to him for a period of 5 months.

My intention is trade the North American Futures market and to follow all signals generated by my computerized system unconditionally.


2004 Year End Review

Here is my 2004 Year end review.

Right now, I have a computerized mechanical trading system for the Futures Markets that does provide signals and track my open positions.

I follow the system on whether to enter or exit a market based on “End of Day” Data provided by a well known Data service provider.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom, I have incorporated it into my life and it is having a significantly positive impact

My intention is now reality.

Intentions do equal results.

My 2004 proclamation is # 23 - also below.

May God Bless you Ed

# 23

Here is my proclamation for 2004.

My intention is to develop and use a computerized mechanical trading system. The purpose of the system is to provide trading signals on entering and exiting positions within the futures markets and to keep track of position holdings.

This intention is congruent with my commitment to my dream snapshot of resigning of from my role as an employee.

My intention is to use the mechanical trading system to steer me towards right livelihood and helping others achieve financial freedom.


2004 review, 2005 proclamation

2004 in review:

In 2004 I become more adept at experiencing the world in a benevolent and detached manner. I experience trading gains and losses, and it all feels OK. I am not caught up too much in the drama of it all. I have some stress about personal finances, as starting a new business takes the toll on my bank account that I plan for. Evidently living through drawdowns in the market is something I am willing to experience more fully than living through drawdowns in my bank account. No matter, it is all fodder for the hot seat and I commit to fully experience my forms about personal finance on the hot seat beginning about August 2004. Now, I experience my personal finances as something to be joyfully accepting of. The positive intention of my forms about my finances is to help me remain solvent (and to encourage me to willingly experience what insolvency feels like). However, I am perfectly willing to breath in (draw up) and breath out (draw down), not only in my trading account, but in the rest of my financial life as well. It feels good.

Also in 2004 I concentrate on developing my relationship with my young son. He is an amazing being, and I really enjoy crafting a lifestyle that allows me focus my attention on him and have fun playing with him. Family makes me feel good and my intention in 2004 is to nurture those relationships. It is successful.

Also in 2004 I realize my intention to communicate more with excellent traders and elevate my own level of expertise. I participate in trading, conversation, and research that makes me feel like I am nearing the top 1% of my field in terms of general understanding and the ability to implement the insights I gain.

Proclamation for 2005:

In addition to continuing all of the myriad personal and professional development that I do right now, I commit to repeat the following affirmations aloud 3 times each day for all of 2005 in order to help more consciously focus my intention on things that I believe bring personal growth and deep, abiding happiness:

I love and accept reality exactly as it is.
I have a beautiful life, and I love to live it.
I am open to whatever the universe brings.
I am grateful for all that each new day holds.

I have great times and wondrous experiences with my family.
I love talking to others, and I take joy in those interactions.
I treat my family with great love and respect.

I enjoy wonderful health and vitality.
I eat foods that support my good health.
My body perfectly reflects my healthy food and exercise choices.

I work at my right-livelihood with great enthusiasm.
I joyfully serve others through my trading business.
I share my excitement about my business with others.
I help others to get what they want, and I get what I want.

I also commit to fully experiencing all of my forms on the hot seat as they come up in 2005.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2005, Ed. Thank you for being so inviting to me and willing to help as I continue this journey of right-livelihood.


Proclamation for 2005:

I envision another year with superb trending markets and intend to trade them successfully.


I intend to follow my emotional trends as best as i can and wherever they lead me.

I intend to serve my family and friends, the best tribe on earth, in investing their funds as best as i can and i intend to spend a lot of time with them.

I wish you, Mr. Seykota, and your family a happy, healthy and successful new year!!!



I hereby announce my year 2005 resolutions! They are made up of the following commitments:

1.Practice TTP regularly, make new personal development breakthroughs (also send and receive on a daily basis)

2.Work hard (professionally manage client funds at job. Research markets and fully develop my trading system, IT education)

3.Create and improve relationships with whom I have intensive emotional connections (women and family)

4.Work out regularly (martial arts training)

5.Continue with my on-going commitments (smoke-free)

6.Commit to right livelihood (independent, healthy life)

7.Have fun in life and in making a killing in the markets. No Strain - Just Flow (be willing to feel all feelings during the process)

I believe I can become anyone I wish to become! I can feel this is powerful!

Thanks and good luck to all.


Year End Review and Proclamations

Year End Review

2004 is a profitable year. Trading systems and Methodology is in place, unfortunately I continue to be the weakest link in my trading. Our daughter turned one this year, she brings us so much joy ! The ball and chain of my need to accumulate wealth and trading success seem not as important. Spiritual and personal development are very important.


As compared to last years proclamation (see # 8), feeling much more confident about 2005. Determined to attend at least one of Ed's workshops. I commit to letting go of Control, getting out of the way and let 'It' trade.



2005 New Years Proclamation

I state my intentions in my 2004 proclamation and I now affirm that my results in 2004 indicate that my intentions are stronger than what I am willing to proclaim. I experience joy associated with this – and realize that I really like the feeling of letting my results indicate my intentions.

I proclaim my intention to continue to go with the flow and allow my results to indicate my intentions.

One way to communicate your intentions is with your results.


Chief Ed, Wishing you the very best for Christmas and the New Year. I reviewed last year's proclamations and felt a pleasant flutter run through my entire body, and this was accompanied by tears welling up in my eyes. I just know that the path the tribe members are on - is the one we were destined to follow; that we share the same passion for our work and lives, to achieve excellence with integrity. Thank you for showing the way. In an effort to emulate your earlier proclamation - I too shall attempt to be brief. Proclamation for 2005 I shall strive to remain on the same path - to be a better human being, in a constant state of awareness of the present, and surrounded by peace. God bless you Ed,