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January 1-8, 2004




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Thu, 8 Jan 2004

On Self-Knowledge

Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights.
But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart's knowledge.
You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.
You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

And it is well you should.
The hidden well-spring of your soul must needs rise and run murmuring to
the sea;
And the treasure of your infinite depths would be revealed to your eyes.
But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure;
And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line.
For self is a sea boundless and measureless.

Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth."
Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path."
For the soul walks upon all paths.
The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.

by Kahlil Gibran



At what anvil or altar

does the poet plumb his soul

and turn words to celebrate

the unfolding.





The Artist's Work


is his signature



Clip: http://www.purplehousepress.com/




Thu, 8 Jan 2004

Kelly Formula

Dear Ed,

In the Kelly Formula Part of the Risk Management page, you say, "W = Historical Win/Loss Ratio."

Does that mean W = number of winning trades / number of losing trades? Or, W = number of winning trades / number of total trades?

I am also wondering if you mind me translating the Risk Management page and putting it on the Taipei Tribe's site? (Same condition of usage: your consent, your copyright)

Best regards,

Very nice catch.  W, properly, is the Win/Total Ratio:


W = W/T = W/(W+L)


Anyone may assemble and conduct meetings to discuss, teach and use anything on the Trading Tribe Site - as long as it is (1) not-for-profit, (2) absolutely free to participants, (3) at the risk of the presenters and participants. See Ground rules.


You might like to send me a URL to your translation so I can post it to this site.


If you intend commercial use, email me about a license.

Wed, 7 Jan 2004

That Girl is Mine


I notice that some people have a quite distorted picture of me. I don't like it. And when I try to convince them of the opposite, it doesn't seem to work.

I have this feeling or belief that the moment I get interested or like a girl, someone, somewhere else, comes up to steal her from me.

Listening to others may do more to change their opinions than arguing with them.


You might take your feelings of wanting to change and control people into the process.



That Doggone Girl is Mine


McCartney and Jackson

pontificate about chattel


Clip: http://www.rarebeatles.com/


Tue, 6 Jan 2004

Law of Inevitable Transfer

From ‘The Trading Tribe Process’

Law of Inevitable Transfer

If someone has a feeling they don't like (pain in the neck), and if they don't communicate it directly (by saying how they feel) they communicate it indirectly (by giving someone else a pain in the neck).

Is the Law of Inevitable Transfer what this contributor refers to with this post?

Wed, 12 Nov 2003 Taking Unresolved Feelings Home

“if the feeling is not accepted, experienced and cleared on the hot seat, then that feeling continues to resonate in one or more members for a few days afterward, even creating drama for other members”

Thank you,

The Law particularly applies to people who suppress their feelings, keep repeating their dramas, and keep upsetting other people.


TTP intends for the sender to engage his feelings on the hot seat, and to see them through to release and AHA. 


When receivers all commit to staying in the now with the sender, for as long as it takes, the process seems to go quickly.


Beginning to experience some deep feelings, and then not following through to resolution, may awaken and re-energize your drama.


If you get your can of worms open and don't put them to good use, you may need a larger can to re-contain them.





have positive intentions too


Clip: http://eduscapes.com/sessions/can/

Tue, 6 Jan 2004


Trading Workshop


I've been trading stocks on and off for the last 10 years of so. Over the years I've been come increasingly interested in getting better as an investor. Why? Certainly money and life style is a motivation. However, there is a puzzle solving component to it that I enjoy as well. Which, I believe is what has kept me at it for a decade or so.

The reason I'm contacting you is I was interested to know if you teach seminars on Trading in N. California (I live in Santa Cruz, Ca and have spent a lot of time in N. Lake Tahoe)? I'm particularly interested in exploring automated trading programs that use moving average crossover (20, 50, 200 SMA - combined with other things) as entry and exit points and the ability to back test various formulated algorithms. I'm typically a stock trader that holds a position for 1-12 months (I'm NOT a day trader).

Please let me know your thoughts....


PS. I read some of the information your site and I was reminded of the work of John Grinder. Are you a student of his work? John lives in the Santa Cruz Mtn's and is a very interesting person ...

Grinder and Bandler study Milton Erickson (the hypno-therapist) and try to model his "system" and come up with NLP. 


Erickson comments about about G&B: "Those two think they have me wrapped up in a nutshell, well they've got the shell but they haven't got the nut."


If you wish to employ me or my associates to back-test and tune-up your system, send me a description of your intentions.




Origins of NLP

by Grinder and Bandler


Erickson questions the model.

The model of Erickson does not.


Clip: http://www.nlpcomprehensive.com/


Tue, 6 Jan 2004


Trading and Baseball

Greetings Ed!

Pete Rose has the most hits of any player in major league baseball history (over 4,000). He is in the news a lot today about some negative stuff, but it makes me think of positive ways baseball might relate to trading:

Rose said this about hitting consistency:

"When you play this game 20 years, go to bat 10,000 times and get 3,000 hits, do you know what that means? It means you've gone zero for 7,000".

Another baseball legend is Ted Williams. Considered to be one of the greatest hitters of all time, he is the last player to bat .400 (way back in 1941). Here's a quote attributed to him about getting hits:

"The most important thing I learned about hitting was, wait for a good ball to hit".

I wonder how we can relate these quotes to trading, trend following, limiting risk and being consistent in letting winning trades run?

The points these players make seem so simple and obvious ... no magic involved in being a good hitter.


What about trading?

Best of winter to you ~

You might try re-writing your "What about trading?" in SVO-p.  It seems to lack a S-ubject and a V-erb.  It seems a bit ambiguous, unable to attract a focused response.


As a general comment, I notice that risk management for team managers seems to include how far to let a degenerating pitcher go before stopping him out.





Hmmm ... What to Do


with a falling pitcher.



Clip: http://a564.g.akamaitech.net/7/



Tue, 6 Jan



I notice that when an alert on my trading system is activated, I find myself hesitating and then screaming "Buy the stock, buy the stock" for about 30 seconds until I actually make the trade. Is this an example of Fred creating increased drama to communicate with CM?


You might consider taking your screaming into TTP, to sound out its positive intention.






Fred tries to get CM to listen.


Clip: http://www.tourist2000.net/


Tue, 6 Jan 2004



For the past several months, I've been having a lot of trading dreams (since
going full time); a few are past experiences I've had on the floor: i.e. being short gold and then watching it get hammered by the inter-dealer guys, I swear the feeling was so real, I was back in the pit and [Name] was screaming his head off - Sold!


I could see the vein in his forehead, my heart was beating so quickly, I loved that ... then I wake up. It was a cool feeling of winning. Another time, I'd be stopping out of a trade for the Nth time, and feeling short of breath, shaky, nervous (fundamental trading)


I think the buzz of 200 guys screaming their heads off helped the nervous feeling, it's harder to concentrate down there than it is in an office, trading longer term. A lot more trading dreams are more current, I'm on the phone with floor clerks and their quoting me bids/offers pre-open, and I lift offers and hit bids ('10 at 10', or '40 for 10'), I get my fill, hang up the phone, and work on my computer.


I have a mellow feeling, very calm, and comfortable. There's a warm confident feeling in my heart and a gentle, soft voice that says "you're going to be everything you want to be".

I've had lots of variations on this last theme, sometimes I'm executing at my desk, other times I get a fill while I'm making a basil pesto. The one constant is the feeling, it never changes.

I dig the current dreams.

My trading is right on, I ride winners, cut my losses short and I have solid money management, in short, I follow my system, and I feel great about living my dreams.

I wonder if Fred is saying something with playing my history. Will you offer any ideas on how to approach this one while on the hot seat?

Respectfully yours,

You can simply take any feeling that arises as your entry feeling, no matter how inconsequential it might seem.


The process is inherently holotropic;  it automatically removes protective layers, and tracks toward blockages.






may connect Fred and CM



Clip: http://www.jimwarren.com/



Tue, 6 Jan 2004

Pain Healing

Dear Ed,

I came across the [an interesting] site when researching sponylolisthesis, since my nephew is diagnosed with the condition. He is a fellow MIT graduate of yours!

I find the article interesting in that there are similarities with what Louise Hay says more empirically and also with Stanislav Grof's ideas on pain memories from the fetal stage of development. I also note the author's comments on memory storage.

I feel this has a connection with TTP somehow.

With kind regards,


Clip: http://www.smt-dorn.de/


Western medicine typically views pain as something to treat, reduce and eliminate, with drugs.


TTP views pain as an indication that Fred wants communicate some experience to CM, and is cranking up the volume.  Celebrating the pain,  and promoting the Fred-CM dialog may convert the pain to an AHA, as you see it's positive intention.




Louise Hay has a typology of physiological symptoms, along with suggestions as to psychological relations and meanings.


TTP does not attempt to provide a typology, since the relationship between the physiological and psychological items varies widely from person to person.




Grof, through his work with LSD-25 (legal, licensed research), notices that when the inhibitory processes of the conscious mind go to sleep, repressed trauma tends to emerge and display as high levels of feeling.


Allowing the display to go to term (rather than sedating it) promotes emotional abreaction and tends to clear psychological problems. 


Later, Grof employs holotropic (toward wellness) breath work. Intentional hyperventilation tends to induce alkalosis and vasoconstriction of the cerebral cortex, also promoting emotional abreaction and clearing.




TTP intends to associate Fred and CM in a dialog about feelings, in an Intentional Community or Tribe setting.


TTP does not employ drugs or attempt to alter body chemistry and views attempts to do so as possibly interfering with CM, hence with the process itself.




Louise Hay




Stan Grof







06 Jan 2004



Greetings Ed,

Happy new year!

There is a typo in FAQ ground rules under the "revisions" section.

Best Regards,

Thank you. It now stands correct.

Tue, 6 Jan 2004

Track Record

To: www.turtletrader.com

Q: Nice site, but I have some questions.

Does Ed Seykota use the same Donchian channel + money management' type of trading as taught in the turtle trader course, in his trading?

A: You will have to ask Ed what he uses in his daily trading. There are no Holy Grails. Ed is a very aggressive, experienced trend follower who shoots for the home run. His model account has returned [xx%] a year for
nearly 30 years -- a widely published fact. In terms of specifics of his approach, you should ask Ed. We can't speak for him.

FAQ does not recommend specific trading system parameters, See ground rules.


One explanation for a track record: intentions = results.


For those unwilling to accept that TT principle, another explanation: just lucky, I guess.






Seems to Follow Intention


Clip: http://www.scoutbase.org.uk/


Mon, 5 Jan 2004


Subject Index

Hi Ed,

A few items that would fit in the subject index:

1. Staying in the now. Doing things now. Now is all I have.

2. Commitment. The power of commitment and intentions.

3. Intention = Results.

4. Control vs Uncertainty.

5. Acceptance.

6. Confidence.

7. Drama. The replay until resolved.

8. Why? The reason for not needing to answer this question.

9. What feelings you experience and accept tend to disappear. Feelings as allies. Experience the feelings you do not like.

I did not start out with many subjects however, as I typed more kept coming out of me into this email.

All the best,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Mon, 5 Jan 2004

Mandelbrot Algorithms

Hi Ed


Borderline stable - range or waiting for a signal


Unstable to infinity - generates a signal long or short


Stable to zero - generates opposite signal of unstable to infinity


Is this algorithm at work inside a PC or have I confused you and me?

PS You probably know that its easier to split wood with a dull axe or maul just thought I'd mention it.


Thank You.

When a market develops for positions on the Cartesian Plane, your algorithm might make a profit.





Splitting Maul


has a fatter angle than an axe.

Sharpness helps.



CLip: http://www.hand-tools-power-



Mon, 5 Jan 2004



Dear Mr. Seykota,

Your Trading Tribe site fascinates me. Thank you for the time you put into it. I am a scientist by training; my background is paleontology.

I understand SVO-p as presented on your site. My observation is: how strange to be looking at a freshly uncovered fossil remain that is carbon-dated to 30,000 years ago and try to view it as if its contributor exists now. In other words, if there is only NOW, then HOW do we explain fossils that are millions of years old? I am grasping this idea as best I can right now.


The fossils exists only in the now.  Your thoughts about "30,000 years ago" exist only in the now. Everything you can experience exists only in the now.



Yep. It's Still Now.


The Dinosaur exists now

as fossils and as your thoughts.


Clip: www.tubes.ominix.com

Mon, 5 Jan 2004

Intention = Result

Hi Chief !

Commitment is the game = fulfillment is the aim. (that is my life \ trading style )

Today I started re-reading FAQ from Nov. 2002. Just amazing. Great work Chief.

My trading results for 2003:

1. "fund one" (short time frame ) + 32.66 %
2. "fund two" (long time frame ) + 60.93 %

Guess which trading style is going to get all the new funds this year ? ( fund two )


Abandoning "fund one" style for my need for action has dissipated somehow, I actually welcome inaction and making money.  I know how, through TTP, yes TTP works, thanks again.

have a feeling that I didn't do as good as I'm capable of doing,

also have a feeling that I will do better this year because ...

I'm going to be there every day, going with the flow, ready for full participation. Trading only planed trades, willing to make money and letting my profits run. Being flexible and able to admit when I'm wrong and cutting my losses short. Staying in the now and keeping my positions small. Being patient and waiting for the opportunity. Staying confident because I know the opportunities never stop.

Took me years to create, enjoy and celebrate my trading style as it is now. Still evolving, enjoying and learning.

Meeting you last year was one of my highlights of the year. Don't know why. Just feeling that way.

Thank you for sharing yourself and keep up the great work through FAQ.

As part of staying in the now, you might consider re-phrasing "because ... I'm going to be."

Mon, 5 Jan 2004

Year End Review - TTP Works

Hi Ed,

Since Dec 31st 2003 does not exist, I am sending a review of my TTP experience now instead. Initially I felt awkward when I focused on the physical aspects of my feelings but with practice I am now able to appreciate the various subtle sensations of a feeling rather like the multiple flavors of a complex wine.


I hampered my progress by trying to find an explanation for TTP but once I experienced the feeling associated with the desire for an explanation I was able to move forward.

In October 2003 I attended the workshop to figure out if I was doing TTP correctly and gain the tools necessary to enhance my relationships with my son, wife, family and friends. This goal was important to me since I was a new father and wanted to be a father my son would be proud of.


I am now a better receiver for my son's emotions and able relate to his experiences . I believe the result of this is evident in the compliments my wife and I receive from friends and strangers regarding my son's temperament and behavior. I find it much easier and enjoyable to spend time with him now.


As a husband I have a greater appreciation for my wife's contribution to my life and am less critical and more complimentary towards her The result of this is the increased intimacy we now share.


Many close friends are commenting on the change they are noticing in me and in return these friendships are becoming stronger.


I have a better vision of what is important to me just by experiencing my feelings fully. Issues that were so important and time-consuming only three months ago are now totally irrelevant.


Instead I can go with the flow and enjoy it. I also feel much more aware of a connection with individuals that have similar values and aspirations as myself. I can spend money more easily now since I acknowledge that it is a utility and not a number and in return I have more time for my family.

Just in case there is any doubt, TTP works. TTP is changing my life and of those around me. Do not try to explain it. Just do it.

I share the joy you must feel from the responses on the Dec 31st page.

Forever grateful,


Sun, 4 Jan 2004


Savants and TTP

Hello Ed,

Dr. Treffert, in his book 'Extraordinary People (he served as the consultant for the movie Rainman) presents his thesis that buried deep within us we all posses savant like abilities, somehow for whatever reason the conscious mind actively blocks these abilities.

I think what interests me is this active blocking by the CM, much like Fred --> CM information flow at times is blocked. Once an item is flagged for blocking by CM, it blocks it all the time. I believe TTP bypasses on a temporary basis higher level cognitive and information processing mechanisms, much like savants do. Thus it seems to get pass the blocking mechanism.

I am wondering if a module can be developed within TTP to access abilities within us?

I am experimenting with this; to start, I use the Hardball format to clearly state the intention, then launch TTP to experience whatever feelings come up, when the feelings subside after x period of time, then I switch to imagery to extract the information from the subconscious.

The calendar calculations etc performed by savants is not much interest to me, but what interests me is to find a way to bypass CM. I am experiencing some good results with this. I believe this a good tool to enhance creativity in trading system development.

What led me to explore this is that after working with TTP for many months, sometimes multiple times a week in a group setting, I have experienced a sharp increase in creativity and memory. Increase in memory at my old age of 40 is quite interesting. One other hypothesis I have is that as drama created by Fred subsides, it seems to free up these two resources for more productive use.

All the best

Reference: http://www.wisconsinmedical


You might take your feelings of wanting to control things (including TTP) into TTP.


Trying to control the markets can be rather expensive. Going with the flow might be easier.


You can perform calendar tricks, such as determining the week day for any historical MM-DD-YY date by simple math you can do in your head, if you know the trick.



And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen


My next trick is to make

the little boy beneath me disappear.



Clip: http://www.emmala.com/



Sun, 04 Jan 2004


Cyprus Trading Tribe

Ed I have just had a look at the tribe directory and noticed that Limassol,
Cyprus has yet to be added. My intention is to start the tribe now. I have spoken to a friend about TTP and he seems interested so I believe the tribe could initially start off with the two of us.

Thanks for all the support.

Send your name, city, email and telephone number to this site. See Tribe Directory link, above.

Sat, 3 Jan 2004



Hi Ed!

Thank you for your wisdom over the course of 2003.

You reminded me that short term volatility of the moment will feel intense. You pushed me to accept the feeling and let it pass. It did pass. My feelings moved toward a peaceful confidence.

This was a great "aha" moment for me.


PS. Your site is better and better each day. Keep up the great work!

You are welcome.

Sat, 3 Jan 2004

FAQ Index


You write in the FAQ: Perhaps you might like to suggest some other subjects

1. Day trading,
2. Sticking to the system,
3. Gambling,
4. Feeling of Boredom,
5. Anti-trend following - Buying on dips,
6. Why-ing.

Best Regards

Thank you.

Sat, 3 Jan 2004



Dear Ed,

I believe there is a typo in the following sentence of TTP page.

"Note: The Trading Tribe progresses by trading turns as sender and receiver. "


Thanks.  It now stands correct.

Fri, 02 Jan 2004



I never thought [Daniel] Bernoulli made any sense in explaining the curve ball. In fact I discovered this in the game of soccer.


I agree, the Bernoulli principal predicts the opposite of what actually happens in both soccer and baseball. You saved my brain from this inconsistency. Good luck with your theory.

The Bernoulli Principle (BP) is a simple energy balance equation, between kinetic, thermal and gravitational forms.


Radial Momentum (RM) characterizes expansion and contraction of systems of particles.


I claim that RM is a better fit, than BP, for many classical "Bernoulli" lift problems; that density reduction is the essence of lift, while Bernoulli presupposes incompressibility.


For more, including a tube and cone experiment you can easily perform at home, see the Radial Momentum link at www.Seykota.com .

Fri, 2 Jan 2004



Dear Ed,

Thank you for your reply to my "Celebrate Around the Clock" post.

The present moment is the time for celebration, not a cause for celebration. Likely, I may have some unresolved feelings of wanting to find causes for things. Thank you for receiving me and helping me find this entry point.

Ironically, claiming that the present moment is a cause for celebration tends to impede both celebration and living in the present moment.

I celebrate for it's own sake, and I do it right now! Yippee!


Fri, 02 Jan 2004


Year End Review & 2004 Proclamation

Dear Ed,

Thank you again so much for your Trading Tribe work, web site, and your commitment & passion to help me and others grow. Nine months ago, I found your web site, yet seems like over a year. I found reading your FAQ and writing you shifted me forward from finding the HOLY Grail to going with my trend.


That led me into committing to regularly attending LA TT. I continue reading FAQ because they enable me to see myself more clearly, learn, and grow, the same with being in a TT. For the first time in my life, I see and own I want to be all of me: Fred & CM.

My 2004 intention: Fully embrace all my feelings, transforming all my disowned sides into wonderful allies, and enjoying a fabulous profitable year: emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, trading, and all my relationships including family, friends, trading, and dating. Make 2004 by far my best year ever.

Wishing you and your family the best year ever.

OK. See other proclamations.

Fri, 2 Jan 2004



Hi Ed,

Could you please give some advice on handling friends and family that ask for tips or advice on trading?

My parents purchase stocks and sell them if they show profit. If the stocks don't go as expected, they hold on or purchase more. I get frustrated trying to give them suggestions on how to improve their trading.

Would you avoid giving your close friends or family advice if they asked you if stock XYZ looked good to buy?

I'm starting to think that I should just keep all my ideas about trading to myself when people ask and just direct them to FAQ or another trading website.


You seem to be asking for advice on how to handle people who ask for advice.


You might take your feelings about giving and receiving advice, as an entry point, into TTP.




Free Advice


Worth every penny you pay for it.



Clip: http://www.bargainandhaggle.com/


Fri, 2 Jan 2004


Wood and Water

Kids like to ask why but I'm beginning to understand why you don't like the word.


All I'd like to know now is what do you do with the wood and water?


I like simple things like survival in the wilderness.


Have Fun

When you post reasons for a decision, you give your supplicants  a basis for further supplication.


You might take the issue of setting boundaries with your kids, and with others, to a Tribe meeting.




When the Joy of Doing

is independent of what you do


you can do anything.


Clip: http://ceinfo.unh.edu/counties/


Fri, 2 Jan 2004

Ideas for FAQ Subject Index

See: Subject Index Jan 1, 2004


I suggest subjects about focusing on feelings and staying in the now.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Thu, 1 Jan 2004


Dear Ed,

I just wanted to know if you did any TTP with the Earth? Seems like it is in the now all of a sudden.

All of a sudden can be a property of the AHA experience.



The Earth

and everything else in the universe


is always in the now.


Clip: http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/


Thu, 1 Jan 2004


See: Paraphernalia, Jan 1, 2004

Yes. I feel attracted to the limited risk feature of buying options. I also feel that the feature is a dangerous illusion. I am like a frustrated, hungry fish looking at the delicious, fatal and forbidden bait.

You might like to take your feelings of danger, as an entry point, into TTP.




Some Fish


bring their own hooks with them



Clip: http://fishiron.com/Small


Thu, 1 Jan 2004


Getting Started



Great site.

I am having some insights by reading the FAQ's. I have looked into myself, specifically with regard to not honoring my stops. I believe this is a result of my avoiding confrontation, which I know that I do.


When a stop is hit to soon I ignore it and walk away, or focus on another position I have on.


With the assistance of your FAQ's I realize that I do the exact same thing in my personal life, (ignore or walk away from confrontation). In trading this has resulted in me carrying some large losers for years, waiting to break even.


By exploring my feelings at the point of confrontation, am I to accept them and carry on, as I don't feel them dissolving. Will you suggest the next step?


I am now exploring the possibility that my feelings of confrontation result from me prejudging what I think others expect of me.

A number of FAQ's refer to The Process can you outline here as I am not a member of a tribe yet. (I have sent an email to the closest city)


Your beliefs are incidental to the process.  Your own drama is not something you can figure out. Attempts to figure it out and master it by force only propel it around the cycle.


TTP is a method for you to connect Fred and CM so they co-experience  your feelings and free you from your drama-tropic tendencies.


Good receivers and a Tribe setting seem to facilitate to the process.


See the link to the Trading Tribe Process (TTP) at the top of the page.







Something You Can't Believe In

Thu, 1 Jan 2004


More on Paraphernalia, in SVO-p

See: 1 Jan, 2004 Baffling


Thanks, Ed.

I don't like the paraphernalia of technical tools for options trading. I shy away from something that I can't reduce to simple elements. I have so many options to choose from, when trying to trade options, that I actually end up staying out. I don't like the options pricing models. I feel like a scientist trying to predict the future when I use them.

Much Clearer!  Your question now reads like a statement about your preferences and seems to answer itself.



When the Wrapper is Clear


you can see what is, or isn't, inside.


Clip: http://www.arizona.free-


Thu, 1 Jan 2004


Subject Index

Hi Ed,

On the FAQ main page the date is listed as 3003 instead of 2003 below the heading "FAQ Chronological Index." I also like the idea of a FAQ subject index.

Best regards,

Thanks for catching the typo.


Perhaps you might like to suggest some other subjects for the index.




Your Indexing Method


is an important part

of your thought process


Clip: http://www.israel-dental.co.il/


Thu, 1 Jan 2004

Report from Taipei Tribe

Dear Ed,

I just noticed that you have a revised TTP page and I couldn't wait to translated it - hope you don't mind.

However, some questions arise in my mind during the translation process.

1. In Phase-One of The Phenomena, do you mean "story telling" is a way to avoid the issue and thus a part of denial? Or, do you mean "story telling" is a form / stage of identification of the issue?

2. Phase-Two: Is a sense of lightness in terms of weight? or in terms of light stream?

3. Phase-Three: I am not sure I understand the concept of "the zone". Can you elaborate?

4. TT Member Philosophy: No name calling. Does that means we don't call a person by his/her name?

5. Ed says:

Typically a new sender and a new receiver tend to drift off track and default to the DIM process. The receiver starts to "agree" with the sender, or tries to make him feel "better."  Meanwhile, the sender tries to enroll the receiver as another player in the drama. They may make subtle agreements to proceed with "analysis" and "advice" and avoid TTP altogether.

The Taipei tribe is holding its first meeting in two weeks, hopefully. So I re-read TTP for a few times as we both are TTP novices. We surely don't want to invite each other into our drama. Do you have any comments / suggestions for newbies?

6. Carl Rogers said:

I find I am more effective when I can listen acceptingly to myself, and can be myself ... It becomes easier for me to accept myself as a decidedly imperfect person, who by no means functions at all times in the way in which I would like to function ... if I can accept the fact that I am annoyed at or bored by this client or this student, then I am also much more likely to be able to accept his feelings in response ...

I probably will take receivers seat for the first meeting. I am a bit worried though. What if I, the receiver, have problem accepting the sender? How does the receiver dissolve the "rejecting" issue?

That's all for now. I have to say you did a good job revising the example of TTP (Art Bill Carl example). TTP looks much more clearer to me now.


I keep updating the TTP page, and others.  A link to your site now appears on the TTP page.


1. Some story telling may be useful to help get into the entry feeling.  Thereafter, storytelling seems to derail the process.


2. Sense of lightness, as in feeling light, happy, joyous.


3. The "Zone" is a frame of mind in which things seem to flow, effortlessly.


4. Name calling in the sense of labeling or judging someone; proper names are OK.


5. In case of falling into storytelling and name calling and drama, just encourage the sender to do more of it, consciously.


6. If you become worried, have problems receiving, just notice it and experience it as best you can. You may deal with it more fully when you are the sender.


The Trading Tribe progresses by trading turns as sender and receiver, so you can work on your issues recursively.






you draw yourself drawing yourself

drawing yourself ...


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Thu, 1 Jan 2004




I am not sure how options can be traded in a trend following approach. I mean, stocks, futures and currencies can be easily trend traded even with simple trend and risk management algorithms.


On the other hand, all the technical paraphernalia I find in basic literature about options feel baffling and overwhelming.


I understand that premium for a given strike encompasses at the same time price, time and volatility. Yet, calculating or looking at delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho and so on, all seem to involve a lot of choices, judgment, complexity and, likely, drama.


Best regards,

You might consider re-writing your send in SVO-p.


Examples: I can't tell who is doing the trading. It seems like your paraphernalia is having a feeling.



This Paraphernalia


might be feeling incarcerated


by the police.


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