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July 21-31, 2004




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 30 Jul 2004

Intentions = Results


''My opponent has good intentions, but intentions do not always translate to results,'' Bush told thousands of supporters who repeatedly interrupted his remarks with standing ovations. Over and over, Bush repeated a new refrain: ''Results matter.''

Intentions = Results.  Sometimes the intention = result is to get a standing ovation by saying something, well, ovationary.



When Intention = Ovation


Result = Ovation


Clip: http://www.seeknet.com/


Date: Thu, 29 Jul


Dipole Hot Seat

Dear Ed,

[Name]'s dipole hot seat 2 nights ago was so powerful for me as a receiver

I am writing to you to report my experience of it ...

Cheers and thank you from all my heart for bringing us this powerful process.



Dear Ed,

I never cease to be amazed by the TTP process. Prior to our ... TTP meeting this week ... our tribe leader, asked us to review the latest pollinator report dated June 21,2004. I have been writing about my thoughts and feelings every morning for the last couple of months. Interestingly the whole idea of polarity, both in my relationship to others and the world around me, has been coming up in my journals. So when I read the essay about your discovery of the dipole between feelings, it made total sense to me on a feeling level.

I assumed we would be trying this new variation of TTP on Tuesday evening and I felt excited about trying it. [Name] reread the letter to the group and talked a bit about his conversation with you, Ed, on this topic. We then began with a hot seat.

Our first hot seat participant did excellent work in feeling his feelings but we were unable to help him feel the dipole. [Name] then volunteered to do a hot seat. I was sitting right next to him. [Name] is a very clear sender and I immediately started to feel several of the feelings that he was expressing. We all encouraged him and he was really going for it. I was really feeling him and green-lighting him to feel what ever was coming up for him along with the other tribe members.

[Name] almost immediately went into a contracted tense body position. After several minutes of being with this particular set of feelings, his entire demeanor changed and he went from a very contracted tense body expression to an open expanded and stretching posture. One might say a polar opposite bodily expression. He maintained this open set of feeling expressions for a length of time and then returned to the other contracted bodily expression and then went back to the open body posture again. As a receiver I distinctly felt the difference in the two body expressions he was sending. I don’t remember exactly how many times he shifted from one to the other but at one point we asked him if he could bring the dipole together. He got a puzzled look on his face and asked out loud, “How?”

We continued to encourage him to feel his feelings. He began to express a subtle movement with his right hand which I encouraged him to continue doing. He then switched to feeling his left hand. He started to go back and forth between hands, feeling each separately with our encouragement. It looked and felt to me like he was feeling two distinct feelings in each hand. He brought them close together as if he were trying to feel something between his hands. He reported to us later that he was attempting the polarity process in an attempt to bring the feelings together but that it didn’t work.

He then rubbed his hands on his thighs. As a receiver I felt some kind of inner struggle that wanted to be resolved. Then out of nowhere he raised his right hand and put it over his heart. Then he raised his left hand and placed it over his right hand so that both hands now rested over his heart. As soon as his left hand touched his right hand he made an audible whimper that felt like a sigh of relief to me. His body became noticeably more relaxed with an expression of contentment on his face. At the moment his two hands touched his heart I felt a release in my own body.


All of the tension in his body appeared to be gone and I also felt it leave my body. It was a very special moment. [Name] sat in that position with his hands over his heart for a long time. As I looked at him, with his eyes still closed I noticed a few delicate tears gently roll down his right cheek and fall onto his hands. He had obviously been moved by his experience. I felt privileged and moved to be in the presence of such a beautiful expression of what I would call peace and contentment. That is what I felt he was sending and what I was receiving. I feel it now as I take the time to recollect [Name]’s hot seat and my experience of his hot seat.

Thank you Ed for bringing this potent process to the world.


Yes, synthesis tends to "come out of nowhere" once CM gives up trying to manage it.  Receivers provide the essential service of encouraging the sender to amplify subtle involuntary movements (such as the right hand you report).



Whatever the Sender Does


A good receiver stays on task,

keeps a sharp eye on the sender

and notices subtle movements,

such as in the right hand


Clip: http://www.ultimasports.co.uk/



Thu, 29 Jul 2004


Where is Darvas?

Hi Ed:

In response to the 7/6 query: where is Darvas?

After penning three books (“How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market”, “Wall Street: The Other Las Vegas”, & “You Can Still Make It in the Stock Market”) Nicholas Darvas died in 1979 and is buried in Paris. No wonder you “haven’t seen him around the Lake lately.”

Best to you, Ed

Occasionally, someone does seem to re-emerge from Lake Tahoe.


The cold, pristine water tends to preserve bodies, clothing, custom heavy footwear and personal effects, for decades.


I know of no case of someone buried in Paris, re-emerging in Tahoe, although Darvas is famous for fancy footwork and riding trends.



Lake Tahoe


Cold, Pristine Water


Clip: http://www.regis.berkeley.edu/


Thu, 29 Jul 2004


The [City] Tribe and the Polarity Process


We had our Tribe meeting on Tuesday night. My journal notes from Wednesday morning are below.

I start with a feeling in my head that feels like a heavy liquid sloshing around. Time passes and I begin to feel intense pressure in my head and fingers. I intensify those feelings with the help of the tribe.


The pressure releases. I am encouraged to search for the dipole. I am in grade three. I am walking up the stairs to go to class and I do not have my homework done. I explore my feelings and they seem related to the form we just developed. I catch glimpses of different experiences and I just go with it and watch the show.


An image sticks. I am in class and we are having a spelling bee. I am a great speller and very confident. We work on developing this feeling. I am rising, opening, tingling. I am asked to combine the two and I pop back to CM and let everyone know that I want to work on this feeling more.


It feels great. There is lots of light and energy. We intensify this feeling more and more. I am asked again to combine the two. I make an eager attempt and quickly find that it is not happening. There is lots of CM as I try to do both at once.


I am simply unable to do it. I am frustrated and consider stopping several times. CM says alternate the forms so I try alternating and increasing the pace. However, the line between the two feelings remains clear.


Someone notices my hands as I have one clenched. I clench it tighter and notice the other one is relaxed. Again, there seems to be lots of CM. I decide to use the polarity exercise where I place a form in each hand. I mix it up a bit by switching the feelings back and forth in each hand at the same time. I do this for quite some time. I try bringing my hands closer together because CM says that is what is supposed to happen.


I hear a cheer from a receiver saying "put your hands together". I feel led to this point and my hands feel like they have the same charge and are repelling each other. I stop. It is not happening. I lean back in my chair, place my hands on my legs and breathe. Time passes. I suddenly get a distinct feeling going across my chest from my armpit to the middle of my chest. It is odd as it is there then gone. I think "what the h---?"


I put my right hand on my chest and I rub. The group encourages me to do that more. I do and there is really nothing there. I rest the base of my palm in the middle of my chest and my hand is spread out gently. Out of nowhere, my left hand lands on top of my right hand. WHOOMPF!!!! (It is hard to find a word to describe that sensation) That is it. An incredible feeling overcomes me. Calmness defined. The other forms dissolve. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I open my eyes, pull my hands from chest and start to say something but it is too soon. I go back. Rest my hands on my chest. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Tears of joy.

All the best,

Yes, the synthesis seems to come from out of nowhere.


During synthesis, in the Polarity Process and in Half-a-Yoga, the receivers are essential; they encourage any and all subtle indications that a new composite form is trying to emerge. 


CM's attempts by to manage synthesis, tend to inhibit it.


The receivers are the midwives to the emerging composite form.





Half a Yin-Yang

with a Smile

Thu, 29 Jul 2004


New Drama (actually old drama)


I have two trading accounts, one is my investment account and the other a "day-trading" account. It seems that I do really stupid things in my day-trading account and would never do these type of trades in my investment account. It seems I have a real urge to gamble or more specifically lose money in real time.


I seem to lose my discipline and perspective quite easily in the day-trading account. I sometimes push this urge to gamble off on online poker or a casino, but it seems to be an element of my trading that I can't seem to shake. Your help or guidance is of course greatly appreciated.

You might take your gambling urge to your Tribe and into TTP as an entry point.


As you point out, "trying to shake" a habit does not work.  Fred (your experience pump) wants you to experience your urge and convert it from an adversary to an ally on your emotional control panel.



Shaking The Gambling Habit


Clip: http://www.mitre.org/news/



Wed, 28 Jul 2004


Next Seminar

Chief Ed,

Could you please post a link to the details on the next seminar ...

Looking for date, location details.


The next workshop: November 5, in Reno.  See Workshop Page.


Wed, 28 Jul 2004


How to Start

A Trading Tribe in Oklahoma City

Please send information about how I can start a Trading Tribe in the Oklahoma City area.

Thank you,

See Tribe Directory, above.

Wed, 28 Jul 2004



(Copy of email to Tribe Member)

Hi [Name]

Now that I am back and somewhat caught up, I will phone you later today (hope you are there) to discuss the testing. We had a great trip and returned de-stressed. I also learned a very powerful breathing technique from my (Shao-lin Master) friend while in China, for developing chi (or prana ... internally. I can teach this to you in detail if you wish, the next time I see you.

I have recently tested my basic system on Trade Station and it looks quite robust across various markets, but a problem with TS is that their data is limited to a max. of 10 years and many contracts only have 1-2 years, plus the are rolled in a very weird way /not the way you can actually trade, so these results are not really that representative ... We need to use accurate ... data going back 25-30 years and a C++ program which can also test for proper sizing and risks.

So far, the most robust parameters are; buying a 40-day New High (initial position) then a 120-day New High and finally a 270-day New High (if reached.) The initial stop should be placed at a 70% retracement of the previous 9-day range. A trailing stop is then placed at the 25-day New Low (once it goes above the initial stop level) and this stays in place as the exit for the duration of these long positions. Let's discuss this in more detail via phone, such as the contract rolling method, sizing and various other parameters.

I trust all is going very well for you these days.

You seem to be doing a good job of specifying your system structure.


You might consider coming up with a specific Bliss Function, a formula for ranking performance metrics from different simulations with different parameter choices.


A Bliss Function is essential to quantifying and optimizing performance.





is whatever you think it is


Clip: http://www3.sympatico.ca/



Tue, 27 Jul 2004



Dear Mr. Seykota,

here is a picture I took of my dad meditating in a cave at Yosemite.



Hmmm ... He may be seeing something very different.



When You Reach the Zero Point


You Find Nothing

Mon, 26 Jul 2004


Why is Trading so Different?

Mr. Seykota,

I am curious to know why it is that most occupations do not require the kind of introspection that trading requires.


Off hand, I cannot think of another career that genuinely requires the kind of support that TTP can apparently provide to willing participants.


Is it the inherent and incessant uncertainty that a trader faces? I would think that occupations in the military, police force or even on oil rigs carry a fair amount of uncertainty and can get pretty "fluid" at times.


What is it about trading that brings our personal demons to the fore unlike anything else I can think of? In my own case, before I turned to trading I was in corporate banking. I worked in a very competitive environment that was made that much more difficult by considerable internal politics. Even so, it was easier to deal with that environment than the doubts and demons that trading often brings to the surface. Your thoughts on this matter would be much appreciated.

As an aside, how is your book coming along? Any update?

FAQ does not attempt to provide answers to why questions.


TTP suspends belief in the JCT trilogy: judgment, causality and time.


Absent causality, why has little meaning. 


Doubts and demons are typically person-specific, not career-specific; you can likely run dramas and conjure your forms in any arena, from brigs to rigs.



TTP Converts Demons


from Adversaries to Allies


Clip: http://money.cnn.com/1999/


Sun, 25 Jul 2004


Beatings and More Buzzing Feeling

Hi Ed,

Recently, I had a very difficult experience with a woman friend that I like a lot. I invited her to stay with me for a few weeks, and hopefully we could get to know each other better.


From the day she arrived, she constantly made fun of me and complained about everything while she was visiting here (she is from a foreign country). "your car is old, your office is old, your office is messy, it's so boring here, etc. etc." I put up with it for a while, and then I put in a hard stop when she made a racist comment about how all Korean men like to beat their wives.


She didn't like it when I started to ask her about how she feels when she says demeaning things to me and to other people (I never lost my cool, and stayed very calm.) No one has ever questioned her like this before - usually guys are throwing themselves at her feet and put up with all the shit she does, and she treats them like dirt. She cried all night long, and then she changed her plane ticket to go home ten days earlier than scheduled.

I took this issue into TTP, and I experienced the feelings that I had about getting beatings during childhood, getting beatings by the market, and getting "beatings" by women so-to-speak.


They all have one thing in common, and that's this buzzing feeling I get in my legs. This is a recurring feeling, and I just stayed with it for about an hour-and-a-half during last week's meeting. The buzzing feeling sometimes jumped up into my hands, then went back into my legs .. it then made me want to grit my teeth, and then it went back into my legs .. my arms, my hands, my neck .. it jumps to many places, but it always came back into my legs. I do notice that the buzzing is not as strong as before, but it is still there.

I've had this buzzing feeling for more than a year now, and I also don't know if there is a relationship between "beatings as a child, beating by the market, and beating my women". The only things directly in common are the word "beating" and this buzzing feeling in my legs. I want to hear your thoughts on this, and if you have any suggestions regarding TTP, I appreciate it!

You might try buzzing and beating as entry points for developing one of your forms.


You might use your feelings at the point of inviting a woman to stay with you as an entry point for another form.


You may be able to develop still more forms around your feelings of receiving verbal / physical abuse. 


In the Half-a-Yoga process, we develop multiple forms and then synthesize them experientially, simultaneously in the now. 


This tends to re-connect disenfranchised regions of our nervous systems and re-integrate dissimilated nodes into the Fredian Network.


This tends to precipitate release of tension, waves of insight, and results in disinterest in re-conjuring the original, separate forms.



Getting into a Buzzing Form


Learning to Bee Here Now




Sun, 25 Jul 2004


Grinding My Teeth While I Sleep

Hi Ed,

I have been grinding my teeth while I sleep for the last 20 years. I don't know that I do it, but everyone says it's really loud. If I don't know I do it because I am sleeping, and I don't know the feeling, how can I take this into TTP? Or is there a different way of resolving this issue?

Most doctors I have seen don't know what to do about it except that they suggest I wear a mouth guard (which is what I do now, lest I lose all of my teeth one day.)


Bruxism shows up as flat, short teeth.  You might take grinding and the associating facial expressions into TTP as an entry point.


Perhaps you may be able to find other, more satisfying forms of nocturnal grinding.




Same old Grind


Clip: http://www.parasomnias.com/


Sun, 25 Jul 2004


Research Questions


FYI I am writing a book about trading and have some questions about Richard Donchian that you might be able to answer.

1. Is Donchian still alive? If so, do you have his contact information or know how I might find and contact him?

2. Where and when did Donchian publish his moving average channel concepts? I have been unable to find any book ever written by him.

What I am wondering is, did Keltner get his concepts from Donchian, or was it the other way around?

Thank you.

1. Donchian's death date is in April, 1993. 


You might try contacting his Organizing Principle through the Under-Fred Network - or check the link below.


2. I know of no book by Donchian.  See Resources, above, for a summary of Donchian's Trading Guides.




Clip: http://www.foundationservices.cc/


Fri, 23 Jul 2004


Beliefs and Feelings

Hi Ed,

Can you please explain the interrelationship between "beliefs" and "feelings" ?


Can beliefs be used as a point of entry for self-exploration?


And how would that affect our feelings, if at all?

A feeling is a somatic (body) sensation, such as heat, pressure, texture, taste, sadness, fear. 


A belief is a logical model such as "trends tend to persist."


Forms comprise interrelating feelings, beliefs, postures, motions and expressions.


You can use any element as an entry point to develop a form.











In the Half-a-Yoga process (extension of the Polarity Process) we develop forms to term.  Then, we experience them all simultaneously, in the now. 


Synthesis tends to occasion substantial release of tension, waves of insight and a peaceful composite form.  Subsequent attempts to conjure the original forms tend to lead into the peaceful composite form.


Clips: http://home.earthlink.net/


Fri, 23 Jul 2004


NLP Modeling

Hi Ed,

NLP intrigues me. My reading of Charles Faulkner's comments about the TT Process on the Pollinator's Page and the many comments you and your readers have made about NLP brings a number of questions to my mind.


NLP trainers, like Mr. Faulkner, love to create NLP models of behavior of successful people.


Would you be willing to have him do that with you and your trading behavior? Has he requested that he do so? Has he or any other NLP modeler done that? If so, is it public? Has he done this with other successful traders? Any common comparisons? Do you think that these models would be helpful to other traders? to you? to the Trading Tribes? to traders in

I am not seeking a "magic bullet", just dry gunpowder!

Just curious

Charles generally amazes me with his uncanny ability to spot things that I do that are both (1) important to my success and (2) outside my awareness. 


He contributes insight and inspiration to the development of TTP.


FAQ does not endorse people or commercial products. You can find out more about Charles at the link, below.




Charles Faulkner


Charles pioneers methods for accelerating learning and decision-making. He works with futures traders and focuses on the role of metaphor in communication and behavior.

Charles' Books include of Metaphors of Identity, Submodalities: An Inside View of Your Mind, Worlds Within a Word, The Essence of Intuition, The Mythic Wheel of Life, Creating Irresistible Influence with NLP, NLP In Action, NLP:The New Technology of Achievement and Success Mastery with NLP.


Clip and Text: http://nlpco.com/


Wed, 21 Jul 2004


Seattle TT

I intend to start a trading tribe for Seattle and the surrounding suburbs.







You are on the Directory Page.




Chief Seattle

on cutting losses

"Your religion was written on tables of stone by the iron finger of an angry God, lest you might forget it, The red man could never remember nor comprehend it.

"Our religion is the traditions of our ancestors, the dream of our old men, given them by the great Spirit, and the visions of our sachems, and is written in the hearts of our people.

"Day and night cannot dwell together. The red man has ever fled the approach of the white man, as the changing mists on the mountainside flee before the blazing morning sun."

-- from Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration


Clip and Text: http://www.ilhawaii.net/


Date: Wed, 21 July


Pollinator Report on IV Tribe Visit

I had a great experience visiting the Incline Village Tribe. Everyone is very genuine and you can feel the support from every person there. We started the meeting with the tribal beating of drums. We do not have drums at our tribe and I found this to be a very grounding experience. A clear rhythm developed and the drum rhythm finished at the end of its trend. Then came the check in. Everyone talked about what has been going on and how they feel right now. After the check in Ed asked if anyone wanted to work. Two people volunteered to work this particular night.

We worked with the polarity process this meeting. A sender was asked what the situation is surrounding their drama. Ed asked just enough information to get his bearings about the situation. Ed then asked very insightful questions for clarity about the k-nots in the drama.


In my opinion it takes a lot of skill to listen for what is important about the drama. He then asked if the sender would like to show us what it looks like to feel that way about his situation. The sender agreed to show us this form and things started to get quite interesting.


Ed seems to try new cutting edge material at the IV tribe meetings. What happened next was amazing. The form took shape and the sender really got into the form. After this form took shape and exhausted itself, Ed asked about a different part of the drama. He asked what it feels like to be at the end or the beginning of the drama. It could have been the end, middle, or beginning. In my opinion the order is not important it is just what Ed made of it.


The sender was then asked to show us this form from a different part of the drama. The sender agreed and a new form developed. After this form took shape and exhausted itself Ed asked about a different part of the drama. This form then took shape and exhausted itself. That is right, if you have been counting that is three forms for one issue. Ed then asked for the sender to show us the first form and it took place and ran its course. Then Ed asked to see the second and third forms. The same thing happened, the forms appeared and ran their course.

Now with all of these forms clearly defined and shown to the tribe, the sender was asked what all of the forms look like at the same time. This process took a while as the sender reconciled within their body the emotions that are attached to the various forms. Trying to use a previous form with another then adding the third is a way to get started and did seem to help. However, the reconciled form is normally completely different from the originating forms.

We ended up having three people work at this meeting. There was a complete release of the drama by the sender. The issue is no longer a big deal and the sender now clearly recognizes where they get into the drama, how it feels during different parts of the drama and now will no longer entertain the drama

Ed explained that we realize the feeling is something we really do want to experience. We do really want to bring back our ability to experience it. On one occasion a sender was asked if he liked the present feelings a form provided and the sender said “no”. Ed ... asked if the sender would get into the form again and really feel it. The form needs to be accepted to allow it to be an ally.

During the check out for one of the senders we found out that through the process of receiving, one tribe member was freed by what the other was sending. It is a very powerful experience to witness the sender get help with an issue and a receiver get an AHA with the sender. The sender and the receiver gained considerable freedom and with that freedom they get power. One more important detail that was brought up was how fast change can be. Once a feeling is honored the issue disappears not only for the sender but also for everyone that was involved in the drama. The other people in the drama do not need to be at a tribe meeting for the problem “drama” to vanish. Pow, the universe turns its gears and the drama is gone in a flash.

I am impressed with the amount of support the Incline Village Tribe members give to the person sending. The sender is given just the right amount of support and urging to let the sender stay out of their conscious mind.


These people have been together for a long time. As an example, at one point a sender was having a hard time getting into a feeling, as soon as a tribe member realized this was the problem they intentionally provoked the sender and immediately the sender was out of their conscious mind and went into Fred.

Our tribe is run in the same spirit as the IV tribe. It was great to see first hand what the IV tribe is like. Thank you IV tribe for allowing me to participate in your tribe meeting. I wish all of you the best of everything and am glad that I got to experience the atmosphere at your tribe.

Best Regards,

P.S. My wife got the brownie out of my white shirt. [stain from rolling into a truant brownie during a process]

Nice report.





Sometimes food

sometimes decoration.


Clip: http://twiggs.org/images/



Wed, 21 Jul 2004


Seeking Membership


Hello, Mr. Seykota!

I'm seeking the membership in your Tribe (as this is the one closest to my home). For me it's an opportunity to establish working relationship with the group of people with who I can share love for freedom, personal development, psychological thinking. TTP attracts me because it's so practical. I know I need further changes in myself make possible and I know I need right environment for it. I believe I can add to your tribe with my positive experiences of improving and balancing myself. And your Tribe can help me bridge a major interval in my personal development.

Attached, please, find the required papers: the resume, on trading and on TTP.

Please, forgive my errors in English. My first language is Russian.

Thank you for your consideration, in friendship,



On Fred and CM interaction

Fred has inbuilt (genetically?) reactions (you touch something hot - FRED moves you away from it) and learnt from another FRED reactions = programs (a baby fells down and gets hurt - looks at the parent/adult next to him - perceives fear - starts crying. Now he learned to cry every time he's hurt. It could be a different reaction if the adult reacts differently, for example anger.)

Your example with flowers and bees: FREDs experience is flowers-bee-pain-fear-crying. Learned reaction from FRED to flowers - fear on emotional level, crying on the level of action. Learned logic about flowers - someone shows affection by bringing flowers. Now, you have a clash of two programs: 1)"be afraid of flowers" and 2)"welcome flowers".


What you call PW here could be an expression of confusion of FRED - he cannot express programmed fear because of the "welcoming" program, he cannot enjoy affection of the flower bringer because of the "flower-fear" program. That is, PW is a buffer between two clashing programs / feelings. Instead of running away in tears from the person who brought the flowers, or embracing this person with smiles, FRED turns you red and itchy and makes you talk with the person about last night's TV show.

Now, here are your paired feelings - the dipole - the fear of being hurt by the hidden-in-the-flower bee and the enjoyment of the beauty of the flowers. There would be no drama if it would be for the fear only: simply avoid flowers and people with flowers. Or for the joy only: just put flowers around wherever you can. That's how FRED creates drama: he finds another FRED who enjoys flowers for him, brings him in - and now he can do the running part.

"CM knows that if a rabbit goes behind a tree and does not come back out, then it must still be there."

In one of David Icke' books I've read a story about a hypnotist entertaining a group of people. At the end of the session he commanded the person who he hypnotized (let's call him X) not to see his daughter after he'll be woken up. When X was waken up he, indeed, couldn't see his daughter who was in the same room with him! Then the hypnotist positioned himself behind the daughter's back, took out his watch and asked X if he can tell what time is it on the watch. X told him the time - he saw the watch through his daughter's body, which didn't exist for him!

The process of thought might as well belong to FRED mostly. I would use the same explanation as you use saying that the speech belongs to FRED. That leaves me with the question: what is CONSCIOUS Mind? Not that I need the answer right away.


Whatever logic I may exercise describing the FRED/CM model I know that the PROCESS is more important. It either works or it doesn't. It sounds like your tribe is in the working process.

For myself I've verified and practiced some of the things you are writing about:
That one needs a third party to allow the restricted emotional flow to come back;
That "should', judgment, storytelling and settle drama agreements don't help in balancing FRED/CM relationship and getting reed of dramas; That one needs "provocations" or increased pressure to have more new feelings come out of FRED. It can be also a different variety of people with different experiences and beings that would intensify the process. Like the pollinators - the bigger the flow of people (given they share TTP) the stronger the flow of TTP itself.

Keeping attention in the present - it's a good tool to work with knots. Nonjudgmental intentional presence of attention reconciles the opposing feelings/thoughts and brings one freedom and unity.

The hardball process seems very attractive to me.

The law of transfer: that's true, FRED communicate pains by giving it to another FRED!





I was born in Moscow, Russia, in [year].

I graduated from [University] ... with a Diploma in geology, orientation in paleontology (I'm not sure how to translate it in American evaluating system). I worked in an oil research institute in [City] as a paleontologist until my child was born in 1983. I've never got back into the field of geology or paleontology again.

Main interests: art (theater, dance, graphic art), applied psychology and esoteric psychology (possibilities of human evolution).

In [years] at the University I attended theatrical group and acting classes.
In [years] I studied, practiced and taught Indian Classical Dance. This includes three-year study at ... In [years] I worked in a small ceramic business.

In [year] I joined a ... School based on the Gurdjiev / Ouspensky system (the Fellowship of Friends) ... Since then I've been having mostly office jobs for the School, for a winery, for a psychiatrist, and also some labor jobs (gardening and ceramic studio').

...  My husband introduced me to trading about 3 years ago. At first I was not interested, I was there to absorb his feelings about his trades and reactions to the events happening in his trading, and to support his growth through the process of trading.

Things have changed towards the end of the last year. Some kind of crises that has been cooking for some time already came to its peak when I had to find out the direction where to move next. I had a strong understanding that at this point of my life I had to learn to make money, that money in America makes money and that trading is a perfect tool for it. And that now I'm willing to study and master this tool. I enjoyed "Money and the Meaning of Life" by J. Needleman a lot. "The Market Wizards" was a delight to read; that's how I came across your name. For a few months I'm managing my tiny account now.

I understand that my trading experience is very small and I hope my experience in the practical studies of how parts of myself operate and how we can use this study to evolve and improve our livelihood could be found useful in your Tribe.




TRADING SYSTEM: riding a wave.





Then I go through the list to see which stocks are up-trending for the last 3 months and how their 5-, 1-year, 6- and 3-months daily charts look like. I choose stocks that trend well and that came out of a consolidation zone and started an uptrend about 3-6 months ago.


I look for a breakout on a higher volume than the stock's average volume and the price movement for the day of breakout that doesn't seem too extreme for the stock.


I read about the companies, trying to understand what kind of product they offer. Lately I paid attention to companies that work in communications, networking, Internet and computer related svcs and products, nanotechnology and drugs research.


Among the stocks I owned were [symbols].


I evaluate charts visually, without applying any math.


Next day after the breakout I watch how the selected stocks open. I look for those which open up and continue to grow from the very start of the day. I buy a stock that shows a rapid growth.


After I buy in I watch the close price for the day. I'm drawing a supporting line at the closes of the days and watch that the price wouldn't close below that line. If it closes below the support line, I watch how the stock opens the next day and sell it if it goes lower.


I'm studying technical analysis to see how I can add to my understanding of price movements.


I look at charts in the candlesticks style and I'm studying the Japanese candlesticks patterns. I'm attracted to charts as a visual 2-dimentional reflection of the price movements.


So far I didn't try to short yet.

It's fairly easy to hide a watch and still tell what time it is - it's always exactly right now.


You describe your system as "riding a wave" and then discuss entries and exits - and little about riding the wave.


You are now on the wait list.





The Important Part in the Middle


Between Catching a Wave and

Stepping off the Board


is Riding the Wave



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Wed, 21 Jul 2004


They Miss the Point

Hi Ed !

Here, FYI, is the latest and greatest in publicly available testing software. Though there are lots of bells and whistles, they still seem to miss the big ringing Liberty Bell --- instrument screening.


Not to mention no community, no commitments, no emotional clarity.

The Trading Tribe Growth Engine includes both silicon-base (computers) and carbon-base (hearts) computing .



Rediscovery of Carbon



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Wed, 21 Jul 2004


Feeling Found


Dear Ed,

I am experiencing a large draw down and the feeling of embarrassment along with it. I have still been reading the Tribe web pages but was not able to write this until now.

My wife and I are expecting our first child to be born any day now at the same time my workplace of 11 years is now so unstable, that any day, there could be more layoffs. I have already made it through about 10 rounds of job cuts in the last few years. I was hoping to get my trading going so I would be ready for a possible layoff.

I think I panicked a little and pushed to hard on some trades that quickly reversed on me. I would like to correct this feeling so it does not affect my trading any further. Some wise words from my teacher would be helpful.

On another note: What do you think about having a Workshop on the East Coast? We could have our Tribe Workshop on a real Indian Tribe reservation! Well ... they just happen to have a very nice casino also. I could help set it up after I am settled with our new baby?

To "correct" your feeling of embarrassment, you might try accepting it, celebrating it, and allowing it to transform from an adversary to an ally on your emotional control panel.


As long as you make your feelings wrong, you keep them in a k-not.


If you get stuck, you might also  include the stuck-ness into your form.




Right and Wrong


are Judgments.


Reframing perception

in terms of somatic sensations

avoids judgment

and helps Fred stay in touch with CM



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