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March 1-12, 2004




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 12 Mar 2004


Ice Follies

Hi Ed,

Do intentions invariably equal results? I guess I'm having trouble believing so.

I fell on a patch of ice two nights ago, and now I'm on crutches for six weeks. I'm having difficulty understanding why I may have intended to become injured in some way.

I also don't think it's that big of a deal and I'm actually becoming a little annoyed with peoples' sympathy. Do you have any thoughts on this?

It doesn't hurt too much. It's just inconvenient. At least I'm am at-home trader and not a soccer player or field goal kicker.

Thank you very much for your web site.

Asking the question, why, does not seem to lead to much insight.


To learn more about your intentions, you can use your feelings about the incident (physical pain, annoyance, resentment) as an entry point into TTP.


As you experience these feelings fully, you gain insights about your intentions.


The twin dogs of judgment and resistance guard the door to insight from those who would enter by the path of logic.




Sometimes your Intention


puts you In Traction


Clip: http://www.icesk8.com/clipart5.htm

Thu, 11 Mar 2004


IV Trading Tribe

Hi Ed,

I moved to Tahoe in January, and would be interested in joining your Trading Tribe waiting list. I am a young (26) male that will be working for a local hedge fund/CTA. I have attached my resume for your review, and below is the short description of my understanding of the trading tribe. Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you.


Understanding of the Trading Tribe Process

To the best of my understanding, the TT is a personal growth group with a focus on excellence and giving and receiving support from others. The TTP does not tell people what to do, rather it supports the members through giving and receiving support. The TTP draws on the ability of others to help you focus on fully experiencing your feelings.

Your resume shows a SAT score of 1510 (800m + 710v) and a career ranging from biomedical engineering to fundamental sector analysis.


You seem to be able to follow directions.


You are welcome to join.


Consistent attendance is essential.

Thu, 11 Mar 2004

Just Some Random Thoughts Today ...

I realize the fact that I have the opportunity to trade is not a right but rather a privilege. If I don't give it my fullest, and if I don't show results, I may lose this privilege. The only way to have the results is, as far as I know, to have the pure intention of obtaining it.

Your concern with Rights and Privileges indicates you feel some higher authority is supposed to award you permission.


You might check your feelings about being your own boss.




You Can Supplicate to This

Handy Wallet-Size Photo

of an Authority Figure


until you are willing accept

the feelings of your own sovereignty,


Clip: http://www.bexleyheath



Wed, 10 Mar 2004


Counting the Hours

I am interested in Seykota's workshop in May. I would like to know if Ed gonna be all the time in the workshop and how many
hours he gonna conduct the workshop.


Ed intends to appear full time.


You may consult the Workshop page for information about the number of hours.

Tue, 09 Mar 2004




By following my TTP trend, my whole life continues to soar upwards, one aha
after the next. Our awesome [Tribe] Leader facilitated my seeing what was behind my lack of clarity.


I've mostly lived my life avoiding clarity because then my mother can't nail me.


Living life not in present time. In my rare moments, I have been totally there. I so loved them because I experienced such richness on all levels: senses, emotions, body, and mentally of I can do it and life is so fun.


By accepting that, I next saw that I've not been running my life. So, of course, my trading system been confusion. Love the clarity of confusion. Daily I get to choice, confusion or clarity.

Thanks again for sharing yourself and your work. Great success on your upcoming book!

Best to you.


Tue, 9 Mar 2004

CM, Fred & Physical Pain


I've recently reread The Mind Body Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain by Dr John Sarno, a back surgeon at NYU Medical School.


Dr S' hypothesis is that most back (and some other) pain - including excruciatingly severe pain - has in the vast majority of cases nothing to do with herniated discs etc, even if such things are clearly shown on MRI scans and so forth, but rather with the mind creating a physical diversion away from unconscious anger / rage / unhappiness which is 'threatening' to appear in conscious awareness.


In this process, the ingenious mind chooses the most believable 'cause' of pain, eg. a herniated disc causing severe sciatica, to avoid the possibility of this rage / whatever becoming conscious.


Dr S' solution - hugely over-abbreviated for the purposes of this email - is to accept his hypothesis and let the mind know that one is not fooled by its actions, whilst looking within for the causes of pent up rage etc. Those able to engage this approach report an exceptionally high success rate.

I am & have found it very useful myself - it has helped me avoid recommended back surgery and engage in sports that were previously off limits.


My question is how this relates to your views on the interaction between CM & Fred.? Dr S encourages one to ignore the feeling, in this case sometimes severe physical pain, whilst embracing the certainty of an unconscious, psychological cause.


Would your approach celebrate even the feeling of severe physical pain ?

If this is too far off-topic, no problem. I very enjoy enjoy your TTP pages and remain a regular reader.


TTP promotes experiencing all feelings, especially ones we judge to be "painful."  The TTP path includes identifying feelings, removing judgments about them and coming to celebrate their positive intentions.


Sometimes, severe pain is just Fred's way of getting CM to listen to some very important advice.


Dr. Sarno champions the idea that physical pain, particularly in the back is often a symptom of repressed anger.


His recovery plan includes dealing with the "cause" of the anger, through meditation and sometimes psychotherapy, including behavior modification, and stopping any medication or physical therapy.


"You don't even need to eliminate the source of the stress -- you just have to become aware of it." - Dr. John Sarno


Ignoring feelings misses the essential work of reconciling Fred and CM and does not work for long.




Pain Often Indicates Drama


Clip: http://www.coolrunning.com.au/


Tue, 9 Mar 2004



Dear Mr. Seykota,

I've finally experienced the real power of TTP! Last night my session was infinite times as productive than all my previous sessions COMBINED, and I've joined the tribe since last June!!! More importantly, I finally have a glimpse of what it means to be committed, what it takes to go from good to great, what it means to just go with the flow!! A lot of the things you talk about in the FAQ, which I have a conceptual understanding and consciously agreeing, now finally becomes fully coherent and natural. I can flow in it - it all makes sense now (not that I'm trying to figure out, but I just feel I have the answers).

I have asked you many times about my commitment issue, that I cannot keep my
promise to myself. I usually know what I need to do to be successful, and I
get all hyped up but it dies rather quickly. And then I am reverting back to my old self and it has been a chronic problem. You answer with a picture of back pain and say it is a message from Fred to communicate. I am not too sure at that time because I don't have any back pains, but in any case I am so glad I take it to the process.

I think a large part of last night's phenomenal experience is due to a commitment to feel the feelings. I am sick of wasting time on conscious talks, and I am just hungry and dying to feel my sub-conscious. Equally important is the commitment of the receivers. Before the process, we reaffirm our commitment to receive. We share our concerns and the difficulty we have in receiving. I plead for help in reaching out for me, as if I am hanging on a cliff and about to die if you don't grab and hold on to me. Don't just let me die. I am desperate for help.

You are right - successful TTP needs COMMITMENT on both senders and
receivers. A stuck sender is a stuck receiver.

Unlike other times, I am able to feel (hot) early. I don't really go back into the time when I was uncommitted to see how it feels, but I just go with the flow and feel the heat that turns into numbness, starting from my head and all over my body. Getting into a feeling is usually a big obstacle for me, but not this night. I am able to get into it rather quickly, perhaps due to the true and honest desire to feel them.

Then I sense some hard objects in my throat (this is new - I usually just feel void). Very subtle and I thank my receivers for keeping me focus on the task and not just let it go. The hard object grow in size and almost suffocate me, until I have a HUGE outburst. If you watch Braveheart, it is like the last scene when Mel Gibson is dying and unleash his last breath!

And here's the important part - I jump right back to the feeling. In the past, I think we'd have stopped right there and be contented with this manifestation of feeling. Heck, it is like an ejaculation. You get it, so what more do you want? But heck, this time I jump right back at it, and again feel the suffocation, and again lead to an ENORMOUS outburst. Tears start rolling down, not because of sorrow or sadness, but because of this physical beating. Yet, I jump right back into it again and my receivers are giving me encouragement. I have probably 20 or even 30 of these total suffocations and outbursts!! Talk about twenty orgasms in one night!! I am exhausted but I jump right back to it again. All I know is, "Hey, if there's any doubt on my commitment, let's put that to an end tonight." (I've read that this is the words Brett Favre said before a game last season after his father died. He threw for 300+ yards and 4 TDs in the first half) I am not backing down. I will jump back at it until you (the feeling) surrender.

I also realize the difficulty that someone may have on TTP. It takes commitment and determination on the sender part to experience "painful" feelings. I put painful in quote because it is the negative label we give to the feeling. To me, towards the end of this suffocate and puking outburst (I was thinking I may actually puke), I actually enjoy a positive intentions of cleansing. I am cleaning out all the dirt and pant-up feelings that I have stored over the years, and this is the time that I just get them out of my body once and for all. I finally settle down when there is really nothing for me to vomit out (so to speak). I am guessing the receivers may even wonder how much more beating I am going to take and if I will actually pass out.

It is a very fantastic release of all these tensions, but there's MORE. (I
feel like TTP is like the stretching exercise for the mind. We tense the muscles and then release it and it feels relaxed) I settle down a little bit and feel some remaining feeling. Very subtle, but big thanks to my receivers to help me keep staying with them. Consciously I know I want to feel them, but then subconsciously I am actually trying to make them go away so I can report to my receivers. It is just like my lack of commitment!! Consciously I know what I need to do to be successful, but subconsciously I am doing the
exact opposite.

It takes a while until I finally locate a very subtle feeling at the back. The back! As you said - My chronic problem of reverting *back* to my old self! I didn't have a back problem but now I feel a sharp knife stabbing my lower back. It is a razor sharp knife!!! My receivers keep me at the task, and encourage me to feel it again. This is the real test. It is such a sharp pain that I hesitate whether I can or even want to feel it again. But the commitment part that I have been questioning steps up, and I jump at the knife again. Imagine Julius Caesar getting stabbed multiple and multiple times! It's like putting your hands in fire, and after getting burned, and keep putting your hands again in fire. (Isn't it true in trend trading too that you lose money, and you lose money, but you keep getting back at it and keep getting back at it because that is your system? Is it the joy of losing and the pain of winning that you talk about in Market Wizards?)

In retrospect, finding that sharp painful spot was a bliss!! It's like, "Ha ha, I GOT you!!!" Even though it is very painful, I am telling myself I have invested too much to give up at this point. It is like in a basketball game, your team is down 99-100 with seconds remaining. The coach is telling you, "No matter how tired and painful you are, you just can't give up now. We've
invested too much to just give up at this moment. Suck it up!! If there's any doubt about your commitments, let's put it to rest right now."

And there it is. As I get back to the pain over and over again for about five times, the sharp knife gradually diminishes to a round object, and I feel that it cannot hurt me anymore. As I notice that, I can't help but notice a victorious smile. I am the last one standing. Buzzer beater. I have the last laugh. All of the other feelings quiet down, and it was a truly, absolutely amazing experience.

I have finally tasted the real TTP. And I have finally seen what it means to be committed to push it from good to great. Ironically this is the book (Good to Great) that one of the other members was talking about later on the night. In the past TTP sessions, we "took profits" prematurely and give up the huge gains. We were contented with one climax, never realizing that multiple orgasms is possible. For months I have been talking about lack of commitment, and now I finally get the meaning of being committed. Determination. Perseverance. These words have a whole new meaning now.

In trading terms, this is my one big trade after a long series of small losses, and it by far cover up all those small losses. This is the trade that catapult me into the "other side." Once there, you never want to go back. Instead, you want to get more people to this side and enjoy this paradise. I remember I hear someone quoting you, "You can be on this side with me, or you can be on the other and I'll take your money." (Or something
like that)

Well, I look forward to the next meeting so that I can get another member to this side as well. It's rather lonely when I am the only one to experience such amazing transformation.

A big big big thank to you for the FAQ, and a huge huge huge thank to the receivers.



Commitment, includes intention and agreement with others. 


Commitment aligns CM's on the logical plan level, and aligns Freds on the Under Fred Network. 


Commitment is the power to realize that intention = result.

Tue, 9 Mar 2004

Tasting the Fire Hose


See: Feb 27 News for short-term traders

Hi Ed,

As a dealer on Foreign Exchange desk I see colleagues who trade as scalpers make steady profits for several days / weeks only to return any profits to the market in the space of a few hours as they taste the fire hose. These guys repeat this pattern time and time again. As a note for all FAQ readers ... DO NOT get yourself in a situation where you taste the fire hose ... it is not pleasant.

Yes, tasters are generally working out some drama.




Fortitude Testing Platform


for top and bottom pickers


Clip: http://www.jhu.edu/news_info/


Tue, 9 Mar 2004


Wants some Testimonials

Hi Ed,

I sent an email to [Name] in Melbourne. I was hoping to get some information on the group etc and also ask a few questions regarding your upcoming seminar in Tahoe May 2004.

I have been trading from home for a year now but feel I am still dealing with issues mentioned in the topic of the seminar.

I am contemplating doing the course and working out costs etc. Also it would
be good to speak to someone who has done the course and who is an active member of the group.

Could you put me in touch with anyone else in Melbourne I could speak with, please? Failing that, I am in Perth on the 27th March if you have a member there.

Many thanks,

FAQ does not publish the names of contributors or Workshop attendees.


You might examine how you feel, right now, about attending the Workshop.

Mon, 8 Mar 2004


Dear Mr. Seykota,

In the TTP page, there is a TT member philosophy section which states that
"I believe in holistic evolution, not linear causality." Can you please kindly elaborate on that? For example, I am confused because it seems to me "Intention = Results" is actually a causal relationship. It is like "Since I have this intention, I will obtain this result." Or perhaps I am misinterpreting it because that would mean "Intention -> Result" instead. I appreciate your clarification. Thanks.


The TTP view includes that:


Causality, like time, is a convenient conceptual illusion.

Intention manifests as result, in the ever evolving moment of now.


That {2 = 2} does not imply that {2 causes 2}.  Once you clear yourself of causality, blame, excuses, etc. you notice that {intention = result} shows up more and more.


In physics, our notions of local causality tend to follow the lines from flow rates to levels: we say the flow from the bottle "causes" the level in the glass to rise - rather than saying the level rising in the glass "causes" the water to flow out of the bottle.




Physicists can Explain all about

how the wine flows into the glass


and not even come close

to explaining how come

someone is pouring the wine.




Sun, 7 Mar 2004

Affective Forecasting

Hello Ed,

Just thought you'd enjoy this greatly; I definitely did.

As you say, "everyone gets what they want." This may help them to assess what -- and how -- they truly want.

With great respect,





Dr Gilbert studies the difference between {wishes, fantasies, anticipations} and {actuality, dealing with success, how it really is}.


He looks at the possible emotional let-down after one transits from the first to the second, and names this whole phenomenon The Big Wombassa.

Sometimes, people feel sad when they realize their dream and find out reality is less satisfying than the fantasy they lose.

A life of growth seems to be a series of dis-illusion-ments.



Dr. Gilbert


The Big Wombassa:

What you think you're going to get,

and what you don't get,

when you get what you really want.


Clip: http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/


Sun, 7 Mar 2004



Ciao Ed,

quoting from 'The Economist'



Straight talk from the Fed's boss
The Economist - Mar 4th 2004

Alan Greenspan was asked whether the Fed has been to lax in preventing asset-price bubbles. Probably not, he said, but there is not enough experience in an era of paper money to know exactly how to deal in with such things.

"Human nature" lies at the heart of the problem, he said, "and I don't know what monetary policy we can implement to alter human nature".

Some habits are hard to change.

Is Greenspan learning SVO-p grammar? Is Uncle Alan using the Uncle Point in the Fed monetary policy. Maybe Greenspan is just establishing a new Trading Tribe in the Fed building? Is Fred taking over Alan?

best regards, as ever

Alan Greenspan may be thinking about continuing his career in the private sector, and may be adjusting his language accordingly.


If he can master SVO-p, then maybe I can learn Grin-Spin.





Grinning & Spinning


Alan Throws in the Towel

on Fundamental Analysis

and Salutes the Trend Traders


"Nonetheless, despite extensive efforts on the part of analysts, to my knowledge, no model projecting directional movements in exchange rates is significantly superior to tossing a coin. I am aware that of the thousands who try, some are quite successful. So are winners of coin-tossing contests. The seeming ability of a number of banking organizations to make consistent profits from foreign exchange trading likely derives not from their insight into future rate changes but from market making." - Alan Greenspan, Addressing Economic Clum of New York, March 2, 2004


Clip: http://glozwurld.topcities.com/



Speech: http://www.federalreserve.gov/



Thu, 4 Mar 2004

Sydney Australia Trading Tribe

Hi Ed,

I want to form a tribe in Sydney Australia. Can you please post my address on your contacts page.

all the best




Sydney Australia !


You are in the Directory.





Clip: australiavideo.com/sydney/ parklodge/map.htm

Thu, 4 Mar 2004

Reno Workshop / Incline Visit

Hi Ed,

I'm planning to fly over to attend your workshop in May, and would like ... a short visit with you if possible ... for the following specific purposes:

1.) To evaluate my simulation tests that are based on methods which I plan to use in trading. (Your help with this would be very valuable to me in tweaking the parameters and risk controls, to obtain both optimum results and system robustness across various markets.)

2.) For diversification purpose, to discuss possibly allocating a portion of my trading capital to be managed by you under a special limited discretion /segregated account ...

Please advise via return if you could possibly spare a couple of hours on either Thursday (May 6th) or on Monday (May 10th) for this? I can come up to Incline anytime /at your convenience. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

I suggest:


commit to a specific system

follow your system

work on your feelings


You might notice that these notions are about 180º out of phase with standard practice.


If you wish to launch a course of system design, testing and optimization, send me a one-page description of your system, and a one-page description of what you wish to accomplish.


If you wish to place funds, send me a one-page description of how much money you are willing to lose and how fast you are willing to lose it.


If you wish to attend the Workshop, follow the directions on the Workshop page.

Fri, 5  Mar 2004

Roommates in Reno

Hi Ed,

A fellow I meet during my visit to the NYC all day TTP intensive in January lets me know that he will be attending the Reno workshop as well.


He asks if I want to room with him. I tell him that I am up for it if it gives us any price discount, as I do not require a private room of my own on this trip.


According to the schedule posted on the workshop page, most of the time (normal waking hours anyway) from check in on the 7th to check out on the 9th is spent together doing the workshop.


That being the case, I don't mind sharing a room since we won't spend that much free time there anyway (aside from sleeping). I see no provision for roommates on the workshop page, so I inquire.


Does any monetary discount apply for sharing a room with another attendee? If not, it occurs to me that there is no advantage in sharing unless the pair just really likes one another's company :)


The Workshop package includes room and board and offers no discounts. 


You are welcome to bring friends to stay with you.




The Size of Your Domicile


might depend on your view


Clip: http://www.lithuanianholidays.com/


Fri, 5 Mar 2004


Hi Ed. Will there be another workshop in 2004? Regretfully, I will not be attending the May workshop.

Thank You,

This is the second Workshop.  I do not have plans for a third one at this time.

Fri, 5 Mar 2004


Faulkner - In the News


I notice a letter in the The Economist, by Charles Faulkner.


Working Overseas

SIR – Like Gregory Mankiw, you get the facts right but their meaning wrong (“The great hollowing-out myth”, February 21st). While some Americans are swayed by the media mania over the “jobless recovery” others know that offshoring is an economic reality with at least some benefits. The shock that brought this to the fore is that the “knowledge worker” jobs that Americans were told to prepare for are leaving as well. The unspoken question is: “What will we do for a living?”

As solutions, one party offers cutting education of all kinds, while the other promises protectionism. No one in America is willing to say we have brought this upon ourselves. Expect more shrill rhetoric, buck passing, scapegoats and bad policy.




See more from Charles Faulkner at Essay on TTP.


The Economist, home to some of the best funny-mentalists around, seems to have an uncanny knack of calling market turns with its cover art.




Economist, Feb 7, 2004


Cover Indicates Dollar Falling,

European Currencies Rising ...




British Pound, June Future


... confirming, again, the value of the

Magazine Cover Indicator.


Clip: http://economist.com/


Fri, 5 Mar 2004


Growing in Austin


On the directory page, please change the average attendance number for the Austin intentional community from 3 to 4. We are growing.

P.S. I spoke to Sarah at the Peppermill today to let her know I am arriving a bit earlier than the 3:00 check in time on May 7th. My plane is scheduled to arrive at about 1:30. She says that she will make a note
of it, but that I might want to let you know as well, so that you can note it on your list. Message delivered.

Also, I notice that some of the pre-workshop assignments on the Workshop page are changed. I complete the ones that are there previously, and now I complete these new ones. I encourage you to continue to revise them, as I get a lot of value from doing all of them. Writing something down is a good way to learn about the clarity of my thinking and the quality of my feelings on a subject.


Thu, 4 Mar 2004

Trading Tribe Process Workshop

Dear Sir/Madame:

One of our employees, [Name] will be attending your seminar. Due to our reimbursement policy here at [Big Brokerage House], we ask that all costs be placed on the employee's corporate AMEX card for any incurred / to be incurred expenses. According to the information given, you have requested payment in the form of a check. Please advise if it would be possible to pay for this seminar via the corporate card.


The Workshop registration process assumes mastery of some of the subtleties of the financial system, such as how to produce a check.


The rates of return for traders in the employ of your peers [other Big Brokerage Houses] is from about -15% to 250% per year.  They all use the same machinery and read the same newspapers.  I wonder how you explain the differences in results.


Some of the heads of major trading units claim that "feelings" do not enter into trading, that their traders do not trade on feelings or allow feelings to distract them.


You might consider sending some more of your key employees to Reno for a shake out.




Early Training


pays off big time


Clip: http://www.keithryan.com/


Wed, 3 Mar 2004

Detailed Questions regarding:

"Positive Intention and Judging"

Post of Wed, 31 Dec 2003

Chief Ed,

Regarding the referred-to post, I have a few very closely related questions. My main question is simply looking for confirmation of a key assumption I have about Fred.

In reading FAQ I see that all feeling are (ideally) experienced fully ... such that the positive intention of the feelings can be understood. This key understanding is the TT Aha -- the personal insight.

In my TT reading, I see again and again (and therefore assume) that all feelings (from Fred) always have positive intention. Yes?

Assuming yes: Is this because Fred, my subconscious, is always looking out for me, doing everything he can to help me survive?

Put another way, do all feelings have positive intention because a) The feelings all come from Fred and b) Fred's 100% purposeful, focused intention is to keep me alive?

If yes: Then, Fred is my very-well-intentioned pal, whose messages are typically delivered to CM in a "feeling envelope"?

If yes: Then, Fred's ability to communicate well-intentioned messages is a function of CM's ability to "receive mail" from Fred?





Wed, 31 Dec 2003

Positive Intention and Judging

Dear Mr. Seykota,

While we always talk about the "positive" intention of the feelings, isn't
that judgmental?



CM, in an attempt to make some logical sense of TTP, talks about positive and negative intentions.


Fred does not carry notions about TTP, such as positive and negative.


Feelings are the bridge between CM and Fred, the language they both understand, in their own ways.


Building and maintaining the bridge between Fred and CM is the work of The Trading Tribe and of TTP.




A Little Bridge


can make a big difference


Clip: http://www.abundantdawn.org/





Wed, 3 Mar 2004

TT FAQ Search Ideas

Chief Ed,

I am writing to relate a simple web site tweak that may optimize the TT site
for search over time.

I have a question that relates to a previous question and I am trying to recall the location. I realize I will have to use TT search.

Since the words I am searching are common, ("positive, negative, good, bad, intention"), TT search returns many pages.

The many pages I find in the search results will show me the context of the text, which helps me greatly to zero in on the specific page of interest.

However, due to the size of the page, search gets me in the "ballpark" (specific page) only.

For there, I must scan the text using the IE "Edit/Find (On this page)" functionality.

Given the volume of text that is now building up on TT FAQ, maybe you will consider linking several smaller-size pages for a given time interval, instead of the current one-continuous page format.

The smaller pages may allow more efficient per-visitor searching of the site, as the volume of text (and visitors) builds up over time.

Buttons or links for Previous (at top of page) and Next (at page bottom) may prove simple to implement without adding any extra maintenance tasks for the webmaster.


Yes, small pages seem to facilitate page-specific searching.


To facilitate searching of, say, Gone With The Wind, or For Whom The Bell Tolls, or The Sorcerer's Stone, the publishers could put just one paragraph on a page, even just one phrase on a page.


To the man with a hammer, the world looks like a nail.  To the man with a search engine, the world looks like a phrase, hopefully one that leads directly to the one and only answer.


Meaning is largely a function of intention; the meaning of FAQ seems to ride out on top of the text, while readers interact with the pages.


You might consider your feelings about things that are alive and messy.



Some Things are Inherently Messy


like, for example, 

the markets.




Wed, 3 Mar 2004

FAQ Rule

Dear Sir,

While I understand that FAQ does not endorse traders or commercial products,
may I please ask where do you draw the line?


For example, I notice the Feb 25 FAQ you skip a paper on a trading system, while on the same date there is a link to the www.processwork.org  website, and in other occasions I've also seen www.turtletrader.com  . (Those are all informative sites BTW)


I'd like to know where the line is so that I don't step over. Thanks.


I make up rules and I draw lines; I am sometimes (often) inconsistent.


You might consider taking your feelings about inconsistency (in others, and in yourself) into TTP as a starting point.



Sometimes People Complain


as a way to avoid

experiencing their feelings


Clip: www.pritchettcartoons.com

/ complaint.htm

Wed, 3 Mar 2004

Well Done

Hi Ed,

My involvement in the Trading Tribe process is having fantastic effects on my life / relationships / trading. After a successful trading period I (Fred) entrained a drama which involved gambling and created the feelings that I suppress like dizziness in the head and tightness in the stomach. I realize it was a protective warning and accept the positive intention of Fred to warn me (again) of the effects of straying from proven methods to just trading just for the sake of it.


I will take the feelings into the next tribe meeting so I can fully experience them.
While I write it occurs to me that I hold back from reporting to you all the positives that TTP is having and just how much its helping me in everything I do. In the last 6 months there were numerous occasions when something really great happened and I thought about writing in then didn't. It seems I'm afraid of your response, that it will rebuke me instead of praising me, like when you answer a question in class only to be ridiculed by the teacher in front of everyone. I'm sorry for blaming you for my previous experiences I guess I'm looking for a well done and found another entry point for the next meeting.

Thank you so much for the great work you do.

If you trade to get approval, you might find yourself imitating your approver's habits.





Things Tend to Get Well Done


when people have a steak

in the matter.


Clip: www.docksiderestaurant.com/ pages/pic06.html

Tue, 2 Mar 2004

Polarity Process


Ed Says: "You might consider fully allowing your anxiety and your joy to manifest and receive each other."

[This] seemed to connect to a single line I remembered from scanning the May TTP
Workshop page:

"TTP and the Polarity Process."

Didn't feel like much at the time, but over the past few days I notice an increasing resonance when I pay attention to it. It feels like these two things go together and that both (1) we stand to witness another evolution or extension of your work -- TTP >>> Hardball >>> TTP & the Polarity Process and that (2) the TTP Polarity process may provide a method to manifest things like anxiety and joy, allow them to receive each other, and perhaps facilitate a differential perception of their relationship; i.e.: not heads, not tails, but a coin! Still, lots of work to do.

Any thoughts or feelings or examples or instructions you have (in development or realized) regarding this would prove most welcomed. And, yes I intend to take my keenness on this right into to TTP tomorrow night.

FAQ provides a general theory of TTP (Fred-ian Analysis) and provides commentary on reader postings. 


FAQ does not provide much in the way of "how-to" instructions as people tend to invent methods appropriate to themselves.


You can pick up TTP by practicing it, and by observing others practicing it in Tribe meetings.


If you wish to see how I do it, come to a workshop.



Nature Tends to Resolve






Tue, 2 Mar 2004


What Distinguishes TTP

From Other Approaches

Hi Ed !

I was called up to explain what distinguishes the Trading Tribe Process to a trader's emotions from other approaches, I came up this and thought other traders might find it interesting, possibly even useful.



See Charles Faulkner's Essay on NLP, TTP and other topics.

Tue, 2 Mar 2004

Question on a Specific TT Essay Search


Chief Ed,

I'm searching on TT for a specific essay I still believe is Chief-Ed-authored ... and somewhere on the TT site.

I recall an essay on TT containing content on: People who exhibit behavior consistent with feelings of entitlement ... specifically, entitlement to the wealth of others.

I'm hoping you will recall writing / posting this content, and identify the actual link.

I searched TT for "relatives", "wealth", "entitlement" etc without finding

Do you recall ever posting any such content?

As the political season seems to be on again, you may find an abundance of people illuminating this topic from a variety of directions.





Entitlement Dealer



Clip: http://www.restoreliberty.com/


Mon, 1 Mar 2004


Confirming the Wichita Tribe

I noticed the tribe information for the Wichita, Kansas tribe has not been
updated. I would like to have the tribe shown as active. We have 2 members
and held our first meeting on February 23rd. We have scheduled weekly meetings for the next month as we try to understand the trading tribe process. The tribe was started with our first contact in January 2004

You might also change the abbreviation for Kansas from KA to KS.

Thank you for your valuable service.


Tue, 2 Mar 2004


Your Web Site


I know you from the interview in the market wizards. It was translated in Turkish years ago.

I found your web sites while surfing in the net, that was a coincidence. Frankly, I could not believe that a successful trader would share his knowledge, which is his all treasury.


Beliefs are incidental to trend following.


You might check your own feelings about sharing yourself with others.




Clip: www.notsosketchy.com/ sharing.html

Mon, 1 Mar 2004


TT Florence - Italy Update

Ciao Ed,

I had just 3 enquiries about TT since I posted my contacts details and none qualified as a trend follower.

My intention is still to start a TT here in Florence and I am sharing thoughts with a commercial trading community.

I feel that TTP is beneficial for all the tribe members and I don’t feel like to be paid for what I’m sharing.

I would like to share feelings with you about my affiliation with a commercial trading community.


Right now I am a non-trading trader. I study and learn about myself, the markets and I let other interests to grow.

Since I am the only member of my local TT I feel like sharing some experience with all the other tribe members about the ‘intention = result’ equation.

My intention is to become a trend-follower on financial markets and because right now my starting capital is too small I am looking for other things to do as well.

The fascinating thing I feel about the TTP approach is the massive amount of creativity is producing and the extraordinary number of ‘coincidences’ is creating.

I have still unresolved dramas in my life but I feel like the ‘AHAs’ I’m having are pointing me towards the right direction, is like being back ‘in the zone’ or ‘now’ when you don’t worry about the results because you just simply enjoy what you’re doing, and you don’t even care about the results, because you know they’re just a by-product of what you learn about yourself.

Best regards, as ever

Trend trading is not necessarily a pre-requisite for Tribe membership.


If you post a reason (capital too small) for a result, your intention is to put the reason in charge of your result. 




Size Matters


if that is your intention












Mon, 1 Mar 2004


Physical Feeling


Dear Mr. Seykota,

How important is the manifestation of physical feeling?

Your Feb 6 FAQ opens up a lot, and a significant breakthrough in my understanding of practicing TTP.


Ed Says: "Your insistence that 'void' have a color or temperature may indicate unwillingness on your part to go to "void" with the sender ... Just be there, endlessly, with void, for an indeterminately long moment of now. That's kind of how 'void' is."

My take on it is that we may focus on mental feelings (e.g. mental fatigue)
instead of jumping and pushing for a physical manifestation (e.g. burning chests, pain in the back). When we can stay with the mental feelings for an indeterminately long moment of now, those feelings tend to transform into physical ones and we may then encourage the sender to develop on that physical feeling, until the feeling goes away and leaves the sender with an Aha. The key here is to stay with the mental feelings and not ignore them.

However, the part that I'm confused on (and have expressed my concerns with my tribe leader) is whether the manifestation of a physical sensation is an important step for the process. Looking back at old FAQ, you mention:

Ed Says: A tribe can help you stay on task while you parse your feeling into physical components such as pressure, temperature, size, texture, sound, etc. The Trading Tribe Process is to re-formulate your concern about wanting to succeed as a physical feeling, and then to work toward fully experiencing it. As the feeling disappears, it leaves insight and wisdom.

When my tribe leader asks the sender to locate physical feeling and the sender can only feel mental exhaustion but nothing physical appear, I don't know whether it helps the sender more by repeatedly asking him for color / texture / temperature of a physical sensation, or just stay with his mental exhaustion, a mental feeling which he cannot locate it physically. And if it is the latter, how can we as receivers help the sender, who is stuck and unable to manifest his feelings into physical components?

I appreciate your clarification. Thank you.

Willingness to accept a stuck state, such as the void, dissolves it. 


You might check for willingness to experience it ... if your sender is not ready, help him locate the feeling of resistance and make that the item.


The Void State can have some positive aspects for those who embrace it:


There was once a man in a kingdom renowned for his insights and wisdom. People just felt something special when they were near him. The king heard of his reputation and summoned him to his Court.


"I've heard you are a great, wise man. Tell me what you know."


The man replied, "I don't know anything."


The king said, "well what have you experienced?"


The man replied, "inside, I am just a vast void, which goes on eternally with no beginning and no end."


The king, perplexed, said, "so why do they call you a wise man?"

"I don't know," he replied.




Experiencing Stuck-ness


dissolves it


Clip: http://web.mit.edu/tetazoo/



Fable: by Easan Katir

Mon, 1 Mar 2004



Dear Ed,

I am very very very excited right now as I communicate with my manager my
intention to attend the workshop. He asked, "If you can have six or seven
days away from the office this year to attend conferences / workshops, will
this be the one?" Without a single moment of hesitation, I say, "YEEEEESSSSS!" And he said, "OK, done."

So I am writing to ask to reserve a place for me for the workshop. My admin assistant is out of the office for the next two days, but upon her return she will complete the paperwork and send the payment immediately.


In the meantime, I am working on the pre-workshop assignment. If there's any extra assignment, I'd love to know. So far answering those questions already gives me a lot of insights on some important issues I never seriously consider. I am having great joy doing it.

Thank you so much!!!! I can't express how overjoyed I am!!!!!

I'd prefer a non-smoking room please.

See the Workshop page for instructions about how to register.

Mon, 1 Mar 2004


Reno Workshop

Hello Ed,

I'm from Munich in Germany and follow your FAQ for more than half a year. I would like to attend to the Reno workshop in may. Please reserve one place for me. I prefer a non-smoking room.

Is it possible to pay with credit card - American express or Master Card?


I'm not sure if I can send a cheque. I want to pay all in advance. Can I scan in the workshop description with my signature and mail it to you?

I recognized that the description of the workshop has changed since I read it the first time. Especially the pre-workshop assignments are different. I was wondering if the focus of the workshop has changed, too?

Kind regards,

Yes, the May Workshop includes additional materials and processes.


You can scan the description, or simply print it out.


It looks like you get one extra pre-workshop exercise in financial skills, namely: learning how to send a check.



Lowell Milken Family Foundation

Giving Ceremony


Sometimes a Check

works better than a wire.