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April 11 - 20, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Thu, 20 Apr 2006



Hi Ed,

I had a tribe meeting on Tuesday, and I was on the hot seat. I find myself consciously holding my breath till I cannot hold it anymore (it feels VERY intense and painful). I do that for about ten times, and then it feels so tiresome and painful that I choose not to do it any more.

I am concerned that maybe it is all just DIM, as I can consciously think of whether or not to continue with this "hold-my-breath-till-I-can't-anymore" game.


Despite intense feelings (suffocating pain), I think it isn't quite the "follow whatever feeling that comes up" that TTP teaches, because I am "directing" it.


I am wondering if it's DIM, even when there's a receiver. Yes, he cheers me with all his might, but many time I find myself thinking, "Hmmm OK, I think I should crank it up and try to freeze it ... Do I like this feeling? Hmmm, no? OK, can you feel the not like this feeling?"

So maybe the way out is to go with the flow, "OK, keep doing this thinking in my head. Keep 'directing' the process. More of that."


But then it just means getting myself more DIM and even more DIM. At this point, I think "OK, the way out is to feel how it feels like to keep DIM." But that's precisely the problem, as I'm still "directing" what I "should be" feeling!

May I ask for your insights? Thanks.

After I finish the "hold-my-breath-till-I-can't-anymore" game and feeling very uncomfortable and desperately grasping for air, somehow I think about Breathwork.

You might consider taking the feeling of being stuck in self-directing your own self-reflection to your Tribe as an entry point.




DIM (Do It Myself) Processing


is like taking a picture

of yourself

taking a picture of yourself

doing the above.


Clip: http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/photos/


Thu, 20 Apr 2006


Hot Face

Hi Ed,

At the most recent tribe meeting, we make a concerted effort to log in our feelings upon conclusion of the snapshot process. We intend to take these feelings into the tribe meeting that evening. My feeling during the snapshot process is very familiar to me. I feel hot in the face, anxious, sweaty hands.

That evening, I take the hot seat and get into the feeling of heat in my face, heavy breathing, and anxiety. I go through these forms and begin to crunch up into my legs until I have difficulty breathing and my face feels like it’s going to explode.


At first, it’s uncomfortable and scary. After a time, I begin to really enjoy doing this. I like the heat in my face and the crunching … I feel strong and powerful. I realize that these are just feelings that I have in certain situations. The more I experience them the more I like them and see their benefits. I feel them slowly integrating back into me in a positive way.

Thanks for all you do,

Thank you for sharing your process.



Heat in the Face


might be embarrassment


or simply the feeling

of being strong and powerful.





Thu, 20 Apr 2006


Intention and Result


In order to say A = B, one must measure A and B independently, and in units having the same dimensions.

One can measure Intentions, in as much as one can "measure" them, only by measuring the Results.

Thus two Intentions are comparable, two Results are comparable, but an Intention and a Result are incomparable.

I propose that the statement:

"Intentions equal Results"

is imprecise and that we write it more precisely as:
"Intentions manifest as Results."





Here is my pollinator report, (
for Mon, Oct 17, 2005) as per commitment:

Last Thursday, I visit Incline Village Trading Tribe. Wow! Being there is akin to stepping into a different world altogether. A world where things just are, and time stands still.

Unsure whether NV is an hour ahead of CA (it is not), I actually reach well ahead of 2pm, Ed is in great health and good cheer. I ask him if I am early or late; he responds, characteristically, "You are here in the now". We chat for half an hour, mostly about his TSP precision issues and about my research.

Then people start filing in, we begin just after 2 PM with "15min Snapshots", where everyone updates their previous Snapshots and on their progress toward them. I get feedback on my two Snapshots, relating to lack of clarity in my motivation and emotion.


We have dinner watching a beautiful sunset on the lake. TTP session begins after dinner and goes on until close to 3 AM. Some very intense work from all the participants. Great commitment, great support, great insights. I learn to manage a hotseat by doing one and watching many in action.

I take the hotseat early and everyone is fresh and enthusiastic in supporting my forms. My issue is with procrastination, and I have various forms, only some of which I remember, like beating myself and humming and screaming, but I get an Aha out of it that the positive intention of my procrastination is to get me to fully experience my feelings of loss and sadness, which I intend to take to my next hotseat!

Listening and talking to Ed, especially after the "w-----" TTP, I also get an insight into how the process works in dissolving issues that seemingly do not relate to what one takes to the hotseat. I make a mental picture of various forms being magnets beneath a sheet of thin cardboard and issues sticking to them above the cardboard like little pieces of metal, and TTP demagnetizing the forms, and the issues fall off. Above the surface one sees no correlation between the hotseat and the issues resolving almost like magic.

Anyway, this is the first time I have been in a trading tribe this big and after participating in 11 hot seat sessions in a row, many of them highly intense, I sleep like a log well into the morning and find I am the last person still there! Ed and I chat for a while about various topics, and I watch him unload his dishwasher for the 4th time in 20 hours (Does he even load the dishwasher? When? I only notice him constantly removing the clean dishes. Hmm.) and then I leave.   

I get back home and notice a change in my reaction to procrastination. I no longer feel bad or guilty about not doing what I "should". In fact, as soon as I let myself procrastinate all the more without judgment, I find that I no longer want to! Well, maybe I just want to put off putting things off, as someone says during my TTP. I wish to thank Ed and the IV Tribe for this experience of  "the simple support and [no] resistance system".

Intention = Result.


The thing you state as your intention may not be your real intention.  In that case, you intend to not manifest your statement intention as part of a larger (secret) intention.


For example,  you promise to show up on time and show up late. Your intention may be to gain attention by making people wait for you.


I notice your pollinator report (from 6 months ago) has many references to procrastination and time.




Sometimes the Intention


of stating an intention

and not fulfilling it


is to gain attention


Clip: vhttp://ulsterproject.celtic-twilight.com/


Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Cruising Through Conflict

Dear Ed,

I write to share my snapshot, hotseat and results.

During the snapshot process, after I present my first drawing, I understand from others in the group that right livelihood is about focusing on the positive, on the outcome I want and the one that brings good emotions, and that is not detrimental to anyone.


I understand that if I focus on the positive, on something good, any negative issues take care of themselves.


So instead of focusing on the treatment certain bad people deserve, I make a snapshot of a motor boat in the tropics and I’m on the motorboat with my girlfriend and another couple. On round 2, I change my snapshot to a sailboat, still in the warm sun of the tropics.

During my hotseat, I bring up an issue I have with some bad people, a situation that makes me very angry. I go through my form, I kick, I pound, I hit, I scream. After some time, I feel light, relaxed, at peace, at the zero point.


The negative energy is gone, I am centered. One week later, I have a meeting wherein I confront my opponents. My thoughts are clear, my voice is now loud, imposing, a change from the past. I feel imposing, authoritative, I am on point, I feel relaxed and I leave the meeting satisfied that I’ve stated my position, I am content to accept the outcome whatever it may be. This is a change from the past, a nice change. What a change!

One week later, I get a call from a family member who offers me a cruise to the arctic (?). I did not recently, or in the last year or two express any desire to anyone aside from my tribe to go on a cruise. I am speechless.

The following day, during another negotiation, my partner obtains a first win for us.

Thank you for sharing your process.






tend to materialize



Clip: http://www.hungaryteens.com/gallery/


Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Riding the Waves

Ed says: "Traders and Surfers both have to deal with feelings of missing out on the small ones, until the big one comes along. They also have to deal with feelings of staying with the big one."

Here is parts of an interesting interview ... : 


One of the things I noticed about the boards when I was watching The Ride / The Day is they seem to work unreal except when you're dealing with chop. It seems like chop is the main issue for board design.

Laird Hamilton: And speed, speed, speed! You know, speed makes chop more exaggerated. The faster you go the sooner you get to each one, so the more choppy it seems. You know if you're going slow, each chop comes slower and you're less effected by it and also chop comes in a few different ways. It comes in from the wind, it comes in from refractions off of the mountains, cliffs, jet skis. There are a bunch of factors that create chop and each chop acts differently. There are boils on the face that create bump. Everything has a different characteristic, but in general chop, yeah chop, that's our biggest issue with going fast and trying to keep it together.



Source: http://surfermag.com/features/





In surfing, in Trading

and in life in general,


the limiting factor is often

our willingness to deal with chop.



Clip: http://iwave.rsmas.miami.edu/surf/


Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Finding a Programmer

Thought I'd share about what's happening on this end.

Intentions Equal Results


With vision and clear intention, I start at the beginning. This time is different. This time I’m willing to succeed, and this time I’m willing to allow life to direct the course, while I take responsibility for my intentions.


TSP, Resources, Exponential Average System, System Math … I feel my breath shorten, my chest tighten, my stomach become sick.


My thoughts explain, “I don’t know the math. I don’t understand computer systems. I know nothing about programming


Life speaks, “Call somebody."


My thoughts continue, “ I want to do this myself.  I’ll never be able to find someone I trust. It’s important that I don’t rely upon anyone.” 


Life speaks, “You need a mathematician and computer programmer, and they need you. Call somebody.” 


With effort, I become willing to follow direction. I take responsibility, and intend the result. Summing my energy and focus, I clarify my intention.  “I will find and develop a successful relationship with a mathematician and a computer programmer who will assist me in creating a Financial Trading System.”


My thoughts begin to act upon the subatomic particles in the quantum micro world.  Recognizing that there are an infinite number of possibilities that exist for life, and that I have the power to choose which possibility becomes reality, I take responsibility for my existence and intend the results. 


Within hours, I recall a childhood friend who graduated with a degree in Computer Science. I pick up the phone. Directory assistance connects me with his aunt, who puts me in touch with his father, a retired Naval Admiral. I briefly explain that I am an old friend and that I have a business idea that I want to run by his son. Without question or emotion, he recites the number. I hang up wondering about his thoughts and feelings?  I call the number and receive an answering machine. “This is Robert…. leave a message.”  


Clarify Your Snapshot



Life has a way of asking you to do things that you just don’t want to do.


 “Clarify your snapshot.”


With effort, I become willing to follow direction:  a helicopter; a jet; a house on the beach with enough land for privacy and horses; a yacht;  one million dollars in cash; multiple stacks of gold bars and bullion; a Taylor guitar; and my wife and I happy, healthy and whole, sunbathing on  the sandy beach  beneath our home, peacefully resting after having acquired all of our dreams… spiritually, mentally, physically,  emotionally, and financially. Snapshot complete.


“What’s going on” the voice on the other end of the phone jabs?  “It’s good to hear from you.”   We talk briefly about our lives, and I explain my intention. “I’m looking for a mathematician and computer programmer who are interested in collaborating on the development of a Financial Trading System.


I explain that I have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with one of the world’s greatest traders and that although he won’t tell me where to enter and exit markets, he has agreed to teach me how to build a successful trading system. 


I explain that I cannot do this alone, and that to be successful I must rely upon the strengths of others, and that is the reason I am contacting him. I emphasize the importance of working with someone I can trust. He expresses his appreciation and interest, and ads that he has another person in mind that he thinks can help us.     

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Trading Process 

Hi Ed,


During your long and prosperous trading career have you ever implemented a trailing stop into your trading process?

All use stops and all stops trail the price.

Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Breathwork Weekend


I'd like to attend the next Incline Village Breath Work

I am currently still in planning.

Wed, 19 Apr 2006


Removing the Brain

My wife of seven years, also my best friend, has interests in shamanism, ancient tribal practices, and what she terms the real story behind Egypt. I find it very interesting when she notes the following:

Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the center of feelings and intelligence.


They thought so little of the brain that during mummification, they removed the brain entirely from bodies.

In TTP, we integrate heart and mind.




Politicians are Living Proof


of being able to survive

without connecting from the heart.


Chip: http://www.restoreliberty.com/


Tue, 18 Apr 2006


Knowing "Why" Helps Suppress Feelings

Dear Chief,

Hmmm, according to this researcher, more information helps us to suppress our emotions enough to justify a beating.


Perhaps if the cops and bystanders went on the hotseat at a tribe meeting they would realize that even alleged criminals deserve due process of the law.


Mirrored Emotion

from U of C Magazine, April 2006

"...This year Decety probed the crucial role self-control plays in empathy. “One way to regulate emotion”—and therefore ward off the paralyzing effects of personal distress—“is to get more information,” he says.


If you see a cop beating a guy in the street and you don’t know why, you feel distressed. It’s overwhelming.


This happened to Decety once. He was waiting for a bus in Seattle when five police officers began thrashing a man in front of a store across the street.


Decety never found out why. “But,” he says, “if you know that guy was stealing something from an old woman, or being aggressive, it’s less distressing,” even though the beating is no less severe.


“That’s why we care about justice.” The same idea—that pain is more bearable if it accomplishes some particular good—also holds true, for instance, for a mother watching her crying child get a flu shot..."


Source: http://magazine.uchicago.edu/


Yes, having a reason can help to tie feelings in k-nots.




Police Brutality


In this sorry case, the officer,

after restraining the suspect

in her apartment,

goes out to the kitchen for a beer,

and settles into the couch

to watch the football game,


Clip: http://www.sonnerie.net/logo_coul/


Tue, 18 Apr 2006


World Wide Tribal Network

Dear Ed:

How are you?

I am a Workshop Graduate from May 6-8, 2005 in Reno.

Almost 9 months after attending the TTP workshop, I found a place where we could have a regular meeting. ([Asian City] office space is very limited, and difficult to do the drumming exercise).

So far, I can only identify (including myself) 3 people who are joining the TTP on a regular basis. Having said that, I met up with [Name] when I was in NY last August, and there is a guy from the NY tribe who recently came to [City] for a visit.

Yes, Tribe members from all over the world seem to be connecting more and more frequently.

Tue, 18 Apr 2006


Wants to Trade Links

Dear TT 95,

I've visited www.seykota.com  today, and really like it. I run a site similar to yours, and I was wondering if you would like to trade links with me?

I will give your site a prominent listing on my page.

I post links to other sites (1) to credit pictures and source data and (2) if I feel the site might be of particular value to readers.


I do not "trade links" merely to increase traffic.




Results  of Trading Too Many Links



Clip: http://www.chris.com/wilkinson/


Mon, 17 Apr 2006




I'm trying to put together a digital snapshot.
My computer skills are about as good as my system development skills.


I know where I want to be ...

This snapshot is a picture of my wife and me enjoying life after having acquired health and financial wealth. In this moment, time and existence are ours to enjoy to the fullest extent ... free, healthy, peaceful, and in love.

I don't know how to manipulate the pictures, but I like how my the intention to create a "digital" snapshot has begun to take shape.

I love playing the guitar and making music. It's interesting that the picture of the guitar is front and center, larger than life.

You might consider evolving your Snapshot by presenting it to your Tribe during the Snapshot Process



Mon, 17 Apr 2006


TTP in Law School

Dear Ed,

Hello! I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits. It has been awhile since we've last communicated, and I wanted to keep you updated on the path that I have taken thus far.

I am currently finishing up my first year of law school in [City]. So far law school has been interesting, very useful, entertaining, and sometimes frustrating.


We discuss concepts like "intent", "fault", and how to "allocate fault" between parties. Though most of the time the law makes sense, there are times when it makes absolutely no sense.


There were times when I found myself thinking "What would Ed think of this case?". Though all students are required to take the basic law classes (contracts, property, torts, etc.) I am leaning towards specializing in Intellectual Property law.

As for Trading Tribe I have not attended a TT meeting since classes began last fall. Prior to school I never missed a TT meeting for the year and a half that I was with the [Other City] Trading Tribe. I still keep in touch with them though, and was invited to attend the wedding of one of our members next month in New York.

I hope things are going well with you and your children in Incline Village. Please keep in touch.

Sincerely Yours

Thank you for the update.  TTP and Law are a little like oil and water.



Oil and Water

can mix


Water is a polar molecule and dissolves other polar molecules; oil is non-polar and dissolves other non-polar molecules. Soap, a large molecule, has a polar end and a non-polar end.


TTP practitioners can assist mutually insoluble people by demonstrating a variation of the polarity process in which the participants learn how to receive each other.


Clip: http://www.snark.com/~woody/


Mon, 17 Apr 2006


Chicago Politics


Jury Finds Former Ill. Gov. Ryan Guilty

Mon Apr 17, 7:25 PM ET

CHICAGO - Former Gov. George Ryan was convicted of corruption Monday in the scandal that ended his political career in 2003 at the same time he was winning international acclaim for commuting the sentences of everyone on Illinois' death row.

He was convicted of steering state contracts and leases, including a $25 million IBM computer deal, to political insiders while he was Illinois secretary of state in the 1990s and then governor for one term. In return, he got vacations in Jamaica, Cancun and Palm Springs, and gifts ranging from a golf bag to $145,000 in loans to his brother's floundering business ...

The jury in the state's biggest corruption trial in decades found Ryan guilty on all counts, including fraud, lying to the FBI and racketeering conspiracy, which alone could bring 20 years in prison at sentencing Aug. 4.

His co-defendant, Chicago businessman Larry Warner, 67, was convicted of racketeering conspiracy, fraud, attempted extortion, and money laundering.

Prosecutors also want the two men to forfeit the $3 million they say Warner raked in through state business. The judge will rule on that request later.

Ryan was the third former Illinois governor in the past three decades to be convicted of federal felonies. Otto Kerner was found guilty in a racing stock scandal; Dan Walker was convicted of corruption involving bank loans.

Yes. Taxation forces citizens to surrender their money for things they don't want. It is a form of theft.  A system with taxation as a fundamental basis is fundamentally corrupt.


If you don't like that basket of apples, you might consider taking your feelings to your Tribe as an entry point to this core issue.




How To Tell if a Politician is Lying


See if his mouth is open.




Clip: http://www.mouth-cancer-symptoms.com/

Mon, 17 Apr 2006



Hi Ed,

Your quote from 19 Feb 2006 FAQ response:

"Injuries are the result of the intentions of both the shooter and the shoot-ee to send and receive at the same time and place."

I agree. I also find it very incredible when applied to massive events such as the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I imagine, say from a statistical standpoint, what the odds could be of that many people all having the exact same intention of meeting a violent end at precisely the same moment in time.

It also reminds me of the intentions of the masses in the booms and busts in the markets, for richer or for poorer. I just find it incredible.


I am very encouraged by the same principles in regards to intentions of success and goodness to ourselves and to others.


Just thought I'd share. I'd be very interested to hear any comments that you may have.


Thank you.

One of my snapshots is a world full of children who like to smile.




A Smiling Child


is your own reflection

in a clear mirror.



Clip: http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/media/


Mon, 17 Apr 2006


Rolling Stone Interview


1. After you've done the work, do you get tired of waiting for results ?

2. How much time do you spend each day doing things you would rather not?

3. Would you rather have financial wealth and be working on your health, or would you rather have your health and be working on amassing financial wealth?

4. And since it's the season, do you know which came first: the chicken or the egg?

One day we're gonna see your picture on the cover...

1. Doing the work is the result.  2. Yes, sometimes I'd rather do things I pretend I'd rather not. 3. Either-or ==> both and more. 4. C&E come at the same time.




Clip: http://www.cartoonstock.com/


Mon, 17 Apr 2006


For Beginners Only

I want to share my experiences as a beginner of TTP. I am skeptical by nature and feel initial hindrance to believe in TTP.


Due to 2 reasons I join a tribe;

1. Ed Seykota believes in it.
2. It's connected to trading.

My intentions are not sincere; "I will accept the psycho stuff in order to discuss trading system ideas with skilled people".

At the first real TTP meeting some interesting things happen. I find sending very easy. I just catch a body feeling and stay with it until it cools down and a new one gives a signal so I can focus on that and so forth. I find receiving a lot more difficult, but I give it my best shot.

During the 3 following weeks after the 1st meeting more happens in my life than previous 2 years.


I feel excited about the effects from the 1st meeting and try to repeat the process by myself at home. It doesn't work. I think that not much happens at the 2nd meeting.


At the 3rd I believe I reach the zero point, I feel deep stillness / peace. I think the feeling of stillness is connected to accepting the flow of life. The feeling of "this is pointless" that I have before the zero point might be connected to fighting the flow of life.


I come to the meeting stressed and worried about a pretty serious problem. I leave the meeting calm. I feel ready to face whatever comes along.

I think that I am collecting more than contributing to the tribe. I feel bad about it and want to be a better receiver.

The stocks I have are trending up and my trading is doing fine.

Thank you Chief for creating TTP. Now I believe.

Thank you for sharing your process.





Part of TTP


is learning to celebrate the fact


that we are always






Clip: http://away.com/images/ski_channel/


Sun, 16 Apr 2006


Weight Loss Follow Up
Re: to April 8th: Chart Too Big


Ed, some of the same feelings and emotions exist in downsizing the gif file and downsizing myself. I feel frustrated that I do not know how to create a chart in gif format and even after I figure out how to create the file I again feel frustration in being unable to down-size it.


I also feel overwhelmed in attempting to downsize and create the file. Overwhelmed in the sense of feeling I don’t have the time to figure out how to downsize the file. These are the same feelings I have in attempting to downsize myself. The feeling of frustration in not progressing as quickly as I would like and the feeling of overwhelm in not having enough time to exercise and complete the every day tasks of life.

Regarding rewriting my proclamations in SVO-P:

Ed I am having difficulty rewriting my proclamations in SVO-P. I have consulted your book and website however I find it difficult to write a proclamation for the non existent future in SVO-P. Would you be able to provide some examples or thoughts on my reworked proclamations below?

Below is my attempt to restate my proclamations in SVO-P.

1) In order to create a healthier lifestyle for myself I intend to lose 60lbs and follow the Bill Phillips Body for life program for the next 12 weeks. I will email my weight each Saturday to Ed.

2) In order to be able to back test my trading models I intend to continue learning visual basic at the local community college.

3) I intend to improve my relationship with my wife by attending marriage counseling and becoming a more loving husband.

Attached is the weight loss file in 250 X 250 format. It is quite difficult to read.


You might consider these:


1) ... I now commit to mailing my weight every week for the next X weeks.


2) ... I commit to mastering at least X chapters in the VB book every week.


3) ... I commit to attending counseling sessions every week for the next X weeks.


Also, you might consider taking your feelings of wanting to have a good-looking chart and a good-looking you to your Tribe as entry points.

Sat, 15 Apr 2006


Losing a Daughter to College




Since the last meeting, my daughter decides to go to college at the other end of the country.  In many discussions over the past couple of years I support her in making her decision. 


Now it becomes clear that she leaves in a few short months, essentially forever.  As this reality seeps into my consciousness, I experience several episodes of deep sadness and I cry. 


My family hasn’t seen me cry much, but since I have been in a tribe, I have tried to allow myself to feel whatever comes up rather than stuff it down.  My older daughter seems to understand, but the younger, fourteen year old tells me to, “Be a man.  Buck UP!”


I hope one day she gets it.  It is clear that I have an entry point for TTP, and I am thankful that I have a tribe to help me get through this.


During the snapshot process, I discuss my snapshot and commitments to achieve it, but it is not directly related to the sadness I feel.  The feeling of sadness begin to pour out anyway, and the tribe urges me to stay with the feeling.


In the tribe meeting, I take the hotseat and I begin with crying.  Soon I feel a feeling in my lower chest that rapidly develops into nausea and retching. I vomit several times.  The retching continues for quite a while.  I freeze the feeling at maximum many times.  I reach the zero point rather quickly in prior hot seats, but it takes longer tonight.  During several of the freezes  get very close to losing consciousness.  I try to stay as long as I can in that lonely place just before blacking out.


At the zero point, we check out.  I thank the tribe for their support.  I really need their help on this and deeply appreciate it.


My sadness ebbs.  I feel the need to tell my daughter that I love her, and that I respect the decisions she makes.  I commit to have a discussion with her to formally give her her freedom.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Our Own Childhood Sadness


can re-appear

as sadness about our own children.



Clip: http://www.amywcook.com/photos/


Sat, 15 Apr 2006


Father Deals with Son Lying about Pot

Hi Ed !

The expanded snapshot process flushes out an issue, which I take to the hot seat. I feel frustration when I see my teenage son acting just like I did when I was a teenager.


After some preliminaries, I am on the floor (on a mat) pounding with my left fist. This feels good. I pound with my left forearm, and head, over and over.


This feels good. I take this past the edge and a large lump in my lower abdomen moves up and out. This is the conglomeration of knots iI created as a teenager. For all these years since, then those knots have filtered my perception, affected my thought, speech and actions. Now they are resolved.

* * *

I take the hotseat at [a subsequent] Tribe meeting to work on the pain in the butt - an excruciating pain in my right hip specifically. I go into it and the pain goes up the right side of my back and down my leg. After the hotseat, I don't feel the pain anymore. The next day when I go for a 30-minute walk the pain is about half as intense as it was the day before the hotseat.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Fathers and Sons


often have much more in common

than either are willing to admit.



Clip: http://www.thetoque.com/030121/


Fri, 14 Apr 2006


People Seek Plastic Surgery to Feel Better

More ways to avoid the feelings ...



People seeking plastic surgery to feel better
after devastation
by Amy Ferrara Contributing Writer
2006-04-14 2:30 PM CST

NEW ORLEANS - After Hurricane Katrina, it's not
only the destructed areas seeking cosmetic changes
but also the people who have come back to rebuild

"People lost so much, so they say, 'Why put it
off?'" says Dr. Penelope Treece, a cosmetic
surgeon at Southern Aesthetics in Metairie. "You
think, 'I could be dead next year.'"

According to cosmetic and plastic surgeons in St.
Tammany and Jefferson parishes, business has
increased since people returned from evacuation.

It isn't just one procedure Louisianans seek from
surgeons. Options include facelifts, tummy tucks,
liposuction, breast reconstruction and
augmentation, and Botox injections.

And some people want it all.

"I was talking to a lady to find out why she
needed (cosmetic surgery)," says Treece. "She
said, 'I lost everything so I'm going to get
everything.' She needed to feel better."

Dr. David Metzner, an aesthetic plastic surgeon
with offices in Covington, Metairie and Vermont,
has tried to understand his industry's boom in the
wake of Katrina.

"Part of it is realizing the future is
unpredictable," Metzner says.

He speculates cosmetic surgery was an investment
some people were considering before the hurricane
and since Katrina proved life is "unpredictable,"
they don't want to delay making personal changes.

Metzner says the industry's increase in business
can also be attributed to people wanting to feel
better and investing in themselves to do so.

Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley, a plastic and
reconstructive surgeon in Covington, says her
business has increased by 50 percent from last
year. "The North Shore has a larger population,"
she says. "Business in general is better, and that
makes plastic surgery a consideration for people."

Kinsley says she talked with a patient who lost a
new house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast a week
after she moved in. She wanted Botox injections.
"I may not have anything," the patient said,
according to Kinsley, "but I'm not going to have

Thank you for keeping me abreast of the situation in Louisiana.




Before Katrina   . . . . .    After Katrina



Clip: http://www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info/



Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Hot Air about Gas


Congressional action urged on gas prices

SPRINGFIELD, Ill., April 14 (UPI)


American consumers are demanding congressional action to slow down skyrocketing gasoline prices, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said Friday.

"Oil companies are living in the fast lane and consumers are being left on the side of the road," he said in a release in which he cited cases of extraordinary profits. He urged action on his proposal that he says would ease the problem.

Durbin's Windfall Profits Tax bill would impose an excise tax on integrated oil and gas companies equal to 50 percent of their profits over a baseline price of $40 per barrel of oil.

Part of the revenue would fund a consumer rebate and a low income assistance program.


Senator Richard J. Durbin

November 21, 1944 -


J.D. Georgetown University  1969


Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/




Penalizing producers tends to restrict, rather than expand production. 


You can't legislate a barrel of oil or a bar of gold into existence, nor can you legislate someone to stop wanting to buy these things.


The only law that works to regulate prices is the law of supply and demand.




The basis for all the drama about trying to legislate prices has to do with deep societal k-nots about guilt and fear.  When the left and right hand versions of these k-nots become willing to to receive each other emotionally as well as than fight it out legally, we might have a different society.


Of course, we might then need a place to warehouse unemployable ex-politicians - and the jails are already full.



Sending Politicians Off to Washington


helps reduce overcrowding

in the prison system


Clip: http://www.prisonwall.org/exposures.htm

Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Music and Emotion

I would love to hear your thoughts on the relationship between music and emotion.

Personally, I find electronic trance music, which emphasize drum beats, exciting and euphoric. I always find it supports my focus and concentration.

I only like my own mixes.

If you want to know about how I feel about music, come on over to my place for Tuesday Evening Jam.  Bring your instrument.




If you Want to Learn

how others feel about music


jam with them.


Clip: http://www.savoymusiccenter.com/


Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Hot Seat

A new experience for me -- a hot seat with another person -- I call it "getting things clear".


I am surprised that it is so easy to share the substance of "my" relationship blocks / issues with this person and with the tribe.


Usually no one wants to hear any disagreements between people but here at tribe everyone encourages the emotions that come up as we "discuss" our points of view / status of relationship.


With inventive process managers, our process evolves to the point where we switch roles, and then switch bodies, and then switch heads.


Eventually getting clear both in thought and in feelings. I still recall the shock I feel -- like an electric earthquake going through me when I hear the very thing I do not want to hear -- but as I accept this feeling I feel the honesty, support and clarity of the process.


I note that I still feel a little unsettled - not sad so much as just unsettled. A feeling I can explore at the next tribe meeting.

Thank you for sharing your process.




When We See Our Partners


as they really are


in addition to  how we want to see them


 we can move toward intimacy.



Clip: http://www.computappoint.co.uk/



Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Resolving Father Son Issues

I take the hot seat in a roll playing setting by becoming my won dad while one of the other tribe members roll plays as me. We get into the recurring drama that I have had with my father for years in which I really get to experience it from his point of view.

We start bickering back and forth putting each other
down and one upping each other. The tribe encourages us to do it more and really get into it. As this is happening I realize that I (as my dad) am feeling numb and that all the things that my dad says to me he does not feel. I realize that he is not actually angry at me. This is just all he knows and what he does to keep control of everything in his life, including me.

It is obvious to me that my perception of the drama is totally off base. My frame of reference is completely wrong. For years I could not figure out why he would try to hurt me. It all makes sense now. He does not know that he is even doing it and he is not actually feeling anything.

I now understand that the only way to win is not to play. My feelings about him and his actions are different now. I see him as just another person and not just my dad. This is somewhat sad but I am ok with it. I accept him the way he is.

I thank my process manager and my tribe for their encouragement and support.

Thank you for sharing your process




When You Resolve Your Fight With Your Father


You resolve your need to fight

with authority in general



Clip: http://www.edc.org/hec/pubs/cara/


Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Amazing Hot Seat

I went to the hot seat two weeks ago with a long standing issue that I had never talked about. It was terrifying and painful to talk about, but I had been having feelings coming up about it for months.


It seems like my process lasted a long time. In the end I was exhausted and kind of surprised that I didn't have any immediate AHA's.


During the next week I'm not sure what happened but I had lots of AHA's. I can now think about the incident without fear and self blame.


I've been on my eating plan for 2 weeks with no bad or "wanting to hide" feelings coming up. That one hot seat made an incredible change in how I feel about myself. I thank my process manager and my tribe for their encouragement and support.

Thank you for sharing your process. 





Willingness to Experience your Feelings


sets you free.





Thu, 13 Apr 2006


What is your book's ISBN ?


ISBN 0-930-08319-9

Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Looking for Soul Mate


In a recent Tribe meeting, I bring up my wanting a soul mate as an entry point.  My forms include on in which I am standing in the middle of the circle while everyone drums.  I experience the warmth and support of others and notice I do not often feel that kind of warmth in my relationships. 



Thank you for sharing your process.


TTP can help you untie the k-nots that subvert your search for a soul mate into a drama.




Eve Hands Adam a Piece of Judgment Fruit


(the fruit of the tree

of the knowledge

of good and evil)


and they loose their lease on paradise.


Next time,

they might consider sharing

feelings and forms

instead of judgments.



Clip: http://asklynn.net/members/tools/



Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Couple Wants to Stop Fighting


I want to know how to handle fighting with my girlfriend.  We seem to get into this pattern and can't stop it even though we say we don't want to do it.




Thank you for sharing your process.


If you are both willing, you might consider taking your fight pattern to your Tribe as an entry point - and further develop the form.  This might be particularly effective if your Tribe has other couples who can receive the form.



When Both Parties Fight Willingly


and receive each other


 they may see the positive intentions

such as expressing feelings,

defining boundaries

and promoting intimacy



Clip: http://www.seattlest.com/attachments/


Thu, 13 Apr 2006




I'm having a blast interacting with the quantum micro world and manifesting things in the natural macro world.


Intentions (energy, focus, thoughts, words) really do equal results. I am a little sad and angry that I have to be patient while life lines up the people and events to bring about significant financial changes, but I know the results of my intentions are on the way because I see the progress daily.


I'll get to a tribe meeting soon to address my feelings. It's become quite clear to me that the DIM stars never shine as brightly as the Galaxy.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Soon is a Point


in the Non-Existing Future



Clip: http://www.metlabsolutions.com/


Thu, 13 Apr 2006




I cannot attend Tribe tomorrow. Friday is an important day (hearing) and I am swamped since last weekend. I miss the meeting already.


PS: I email my hot seat write-up from last week soon. It is working great.

OK. Have fun in the swamp.




The Western Legal-Political System

rests on the causal model.


Here, the witness, Tasmanian Devil

tries to distract attorney Daffy Duck

while judge Bugs Bunny

observes attorney Foghorn Leghorn

presenting some briefs.


Not showing:

various politicians and their backers

that play golf with the judge

who all have an interest in building condos

to house workers that manufacture

the blue shorts.


Clip: http://www.cartoondepot.com/pages/


Thu, 13 Apr 2006


Please Articulate Your Intentions in Priority Order

Chief Ed,


Wed, 05 Apr 2006, Communication Trading: Ed Says:
"You might consider providing a personal example of your theory along with how you feel about it."

I do consider providing a personal example of my theory, along with how I feel about it.

Upon considering the above, I decide to provide a personal example of my FAQ-communication theory, along with how I feel about it, subject to one simple condition.

I ask that you clearly explain your intentions in 'asking' for these items.

I notice that your response is in fact not a question, nor is your response a request for any information items. Nevertheless, I choose to see, hear and feel that it is indeed a question and a request, for more information about "a personal example of my theory, along with how I feel about it".

I notice that you rarely suggest or otherwise ask the author of incoming FAQ content to express any feelings to you in writing, via FAQ. Almost always, I notice that you remind the writer to simply bring feelings to Tribe, as an entry point.

This response of yours, strongly divergent from the norm, reminds me to probe for intent now. Might you please articulate all your intentions, in priority order?

Secondly (and not a strict condition of me providing a personal example of my theory along with how I feel about it):

I wonder if you might suggest which segments of personal experience in FAQ-communication trading I may want to choose to provide, along with my feelings about them. I write to your FAQ over a period of years, and I have many documented FAQ-communication trades to choose from.

Your sends typically ask for lists of logical structures, and do not reveal much about your feelings.


In response to my suggestion that you put more emotional juice in your sends, you reply with the item on the left, that feels like a compliance document.


Your sends are consistent with someone who demands  reasons as a way to avoid sharing feelings and connecting emotionally.


My guess, reading between the lines, is that you are afraid of feelings, and emotional connection.


TTP does not cure unwillingness.  If you are currently unwilling to engage your feelings and currently unwilling to join a Tribe, our best move is to wait until you are willing.




At The Logic / Emotion Interface


the robot launches an algorithm

to determine the properties of the human


while the human notices the robot's hand

feels cold and metallic.



Clip: http://www.core77.com/materials/



Wed, 12 Apr 2006


I'm Unwilling to Attend

Reason: The Tribe is Holding Me Back


Hi Ed,

I am unwilling to attend the meeting tomorrow as I feel it is dishonest to myself and the tribe presenting a snapshot that I actually work against rather than toward.


I do not want to take the hotseat or feel obligated to put on a performance for the tribe. My desire is not to turn things up and GO FOR IT with a field of acknowledgment, but to turn things down and look inside myself for responsibility. I take responsibility for my own actions.

I appreciate that an entire chapter in The Trading Tribe book seems to be about me as an incorrigible person. I intend to complete my FIT snapshot.


Through the support of my family and an increased awareness of feelings both good and bad I work on no longer being incorrigible.

It is a difficult decision to stay away from the IV tribe. The bi-weekly trip up from San Francisco starts as a chore, but quickly changes into a pleasant experience as I approach the Sierra foothills.


It is a wonderful feeling seeing the mountains, Lake Tahoe and being welcomed into your home. I am able to untie plenty of k-nots with my IV hotseat experiences.


Since first discovering your FAQ, attending the Oct '03 and May '05 workshops, 2 Breathwork weekends and the London and IV tribe, I see vast improvements in my personal life and in my trading. However, I am at the point where I feel IV tribe visits hold me back.


You and I are well aware of my issues of accountability, the stuffing of feelings, comfort and anger. Eating and the use of food are my personal weapons to drive down the feelings I do not enjoy.


Hotseat sessions make me more aware of this, but the snapshot process and its extreme accountability plays to all my weaknesses.


I do not want to be held accountable to anyone except myself. The requirement to take the hotseat and display willingness backfires on me as I feel a need to perform for you and the tribe in order to stay an active member. The only way for me to address this is by no longer attending.

I feel a lot of frustration and anger as a result of the intense IV snapshot sessions. I present the same snapshot since last May yet make no progress. The straw that broke the camels back so to speak and makes me realize tribe meetings hold me back occurs at the last meeting I attend.


I proudly check-in with a hard copy display showing I keep my commitment only to receive a 'no-pass' from several members of the group. I cannot tell you how disappointing it is when from the bottom of my heart I know I honor my commitment yet the tribe fail to acknowledge my efforts.


NOW the commitment for my snapshot is to myself with no accountability to a tribe and that feels great.

I intend to end this on a positive note. I start writing this with tears in my eyes and anger felt through my back and shoulders to go along with the guilt of not picking up the phone and calling you in person. As I finish writing it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I am set free.

Thanks for everything.

Thank you for sharing your process.


TTP does not cure unwillingness.  In case a sender is unwilling to proceed, the essential move is to pass to the next sender.  All other moves lead to non-productive, co-dependent drama.


All the best to you.  




IVTT Tribe Meeting

Featuring The Hold-Back Process


This photo shows a sender

and two receivers

holding each other back.



Clip: http://www.singaporesoxfan.com/


Wed, 12 Apr 2006


Katrina Survivor Tribe

I would like to acknowledge and thank [Name] and [City] Tribe for letting me visit during my evacuation from New Orleans in September of last year after Hurricane Katrina.


My TTP session during that visit was the most powerful I have experienced. There was a wide range of feelings that came out that I had been suppressing so that I could function. Feelings of loss, sadness, anger, frustration, hatred, bewilderment and helplessness came pouring out in a cathartic release.

We were fortunately spared any significant property damage at my home, but for a couple of weeks we thought we had lost everything to either of the three disasters which befell our city:


     1) Katrina

     2) the Flood

     3) Looting and civil mayhem.


We had written everything off as gone. During the first week after the storm I was unable to concentrate on my work because my extended family were scattered to the winds, and we did not hear from my parents until Friday - five days after the storm hit.

I returned to New Orleans shortly thereafter - in early October and I believe the TTP session with the [City]tribe helped me clear the decks, emotionally, of all those feelings, and allowed me to serve more effectively to continuing with my job, and restoring order to our neighborhood and our home.


I am considering starting a Katrina Survivors Tribe in my neighborhood to help people deal with the issues and feelings the storm has unleashed.


Based on my experience after the storm, I feel certain TTP can help people experience and integrate the turbulent feelings unleashed by that terrible event.

Thank you for sharing your process.




People Deal With Feelings About Katrina

in various ways


Some repress them with drugs,


some act them out in dramas,


some get busy and re-build


and some use TTP

to unite k-nots

and find positive intentions.




Clip: http://image.excite.it/www/feeds/news/



Tue, 11 Apr 2006


Road Rage

Ed, thanks for all your great work. I have already noticed positive changes in my life since reading the TTP book and FAQ. Just to mention one:

When I'm driving and a car pulls up on my right at a traffic light, usually something primal takes over when the light turns green, and I stomp the accelerator to make sure the other driver can't get ahead of me. Sometimes the other driver is subject to a similar script and within a few seconds I've found myself hurtling down a city street at 30 mph over the limit. Of course this is stupid, irresponsible, crazy, and dangerous.


Since reading the TTP book I recognize what's going on, and when I feel my blood rising and my accelerator foot twitching I'm able to sit back, smile, say, "Hello Fred, ain't life grand," and let the other driver "win."

I'm looking forward to much more progress in life and trading once I am able to start participating in TTP. There is no tribe listed in my area, so I've attached the information for a new tribe.

Thanks again,

Thank you for sharing your process.




Anger in K-nots


entrains road rage drama.



Clip: http://pinellasgop.us/Old_files/Oldweb/5911%20Road%20Rage.jpg

Tue, 11 Apr 2006


Progress on Proclamations from 3/20/2006

Proclamation #2) – I have received confirmation of registration for Visual Basic II from the local community college. Classes start May 9th. Visual Basic I was successfully completed.

Proclamation #3) – Noticeable improvements in my relationship have occurred.

I will continue to provide updates as appropriate. Thanks.

You might consider re-writing your proclamations in SVO-p.

Tue, 11 Apr 2006



Ed says:
At the Zero Point, surrendering to the flow, realizing intentions as results and taking the E Ticket Ride all converge.

*and to think of all the books that have been written to confound the issue and mystify the seeker.

I surrender my life to the flow completely: every breath, thought, word, and action.

I intend to be healthy, happy, whole, strong, confident, successful, and to have wonderfully meaningful relationships with family and friends.


I intend to enjoy, appreciate, and learn from every minute of existence.


I intend to make a difference in the life of at least one person every day.


I intend to be financially successful beyond my wildest imagination, and


I intend to use my good fortune to make the world a better place.


I intend for my life to matter now, today, tomorrow, and the hereafter.


I'm doing the mattering!


Thank You

Thank you for sharing your process.