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August 01 - 10, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Thu, 10 Aug 2006


TSP Correction

Hi Ed,

As I am sharpening up some of my language of the industry and I notice your sentence

>Position Sizing, last sentence.

"The system carries positions in $1 / handle lots and rounds to the nearest 500 lots, representing one contract"

My guess is that you probably mean >>"The system carries positions in $1 / handle lots and rounds to the nearest 500 CONTRACTS, representing one LOT".

One further note, if I look at the metrics log



I notice that you are really rounding to the nearest 250 contracts. So I believe your intention for the sentence is:

"The system carries positions in $1 / handle lots and rounds to the nearest 250 CONTRACTS, representing one LOT".

Again, my intention is for clarity (mostly my own) and I appreciate the education in TTP and TSP.

Thank you for the catch.


The system carries positions in $1 / handle lots and rounds to the nearest 250 lots, representing one S&P 500 contract.

Thu, 10 Aug 2006


Puzzling Reflections



Is it two puzzle pieces that try to fit together? Or, is it only one puzzle piece that try to align itself with its own reflection?


I would not mind building a house by a lake and spending my life there, perhaps like Jung.

You might consider taking the duality into the Polarity Process.





Clip: http://www.mathcurve.com/courbes3d/


Thu, 10 Aug 2006


System Design

Dear Ed,

Please find attached a file containing my paper relating to the question of testing for robustness Also please find attached a file ... contains a modification of my system and statistics.

The result of writing the paper on robustness brings clarity about my process for back-testing which I now believe to be 'incorrect'. Hence the system you receive from my email on 25/07/06 is not robust.

I realize my "filter" adds no value when compared to trading a straight forward long term simple Donchian breakout system. I have learnt that the willingness to follow a very long term simple trading system extinguishes many trading hazards such as slippage, commissions, overtrading and predicting.

I acknowledge that 'the flip side to this coin' in following a long term system takes you through some very emotional terrain, that most are unwilling to experience. Whatever comes up, I now feel willing.

Right Now

I notice that I feel unclear about my margin to equity ratio approach to back-testing. I use current margin rates for historical back testing and do not account for SPAN margining in futures. I suspect my current approach might make my margin to equity ratio much higher than it is in reality.

I feel unclear about how to choose the right markets to trade, whether to take a fixed basket of instruments or to have a filter that selects them, I also wonder if pattern recognition might enhance selection. I am also thinking about best way to start the system, whether to wait for each new signal (danger here is the portfolio loses its diversification for a period in the beginning and also might not participate in a trend) or enter all position with adjusted risk sizes to the exits stops, this might cause potentially large drawdown as risk/reward is not as attractive when entering at such a random level.

My approach does not address pyramiding into a position as it trends; I wonder if this might improve results.

As a result of the Cambridge workshop I notice a lot of tasks I do in my day are meaningless and do not propel me forward in my life / career; they just pass time. I stop doing these tasks, I focus on my system and think a lot about robustness. I find my process of study and thinking ignites some incredibly intense dreams at night, and I find I get a lot of insights out of nowhere in my thoughts.

Ed, my system is not complete I want to learn more and complete it and stick to it. Please let me know your thoughts on all of this, I am very grateful for this opportunity to submit some work to you. I value your opinion on my system and I would very much like to join as an associate and learn lots more.

You seem to be are addressing the essential issues.


You might consider taking the feelings you have about these puzzles to your Tribe as an entry point.


Alternatively, you might consider joining the Associates Program.




Sticking to a System


can take you over


some pretty rough terrain.



Clip: http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/robo/jbot/jbot_rough_02.jpg

Thu, 10 Aug 2006

Videos of TTP meetings

Hi Ed,

would you consider including a section on the website where tribes could put videos of their meetings. I think this might be useful for other tribes or individual members to see.

maybe tribes interested in doing so, needn't go to the trouble of the "production" of a whole meeting but just filming parts of a meeting eg. a hardball session or a hot seat, which would be simple to do.

Thank you for your offer.


TTP sessions are intensely personal and private. 


What goes on in a Tribe Meeting stays in the Tribe meeting.


If you would like to produce a video of a TTP session and send me:


1. a video file of the session, such as mpeg.

2. permission to publish it from all parties on the video (signature and notary),  and

3. FAQ-style report from each participant about their experience of the session


I can consider posting it.

Thu, 10 Aug 2006


Donchian Update Please

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I would please you to update the Donchian system on the chart server for the months of May, June and July.

Thank you very much!


Thu, 10 Aug 2006


Drawdown Danger

Hi Ed,

I am a professional trader from [country]. I had several seminars with [trading coach] and [other trading coach] many years ago.

here my question: is it true that you had a drawdown of 50% years ago and stopped trading? and if so, what caused this?

I know my question is direct, its up to you to answer. I had myself this kind of drawdown in my early years, and still feel it never can happen to me again. so it would be important for me to know if somebody successful like you is still in the danger of such a drawdown-which will also be a warning for me ...

best regards

FAQ does not post trader performance or reveal personal information.


You might consider taking your feelings about danger to your Tribe as an entry point.




The danger you experience about the markets


depends on the markets


and mostly on you.



Clip: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/


Wed, 9 Aug 2006


Going Short

Dear Ed,

I enjoy reading FAQ and like the pictures you find to accompany many of your responses!

I have done something very simple recently that I expect will improve my operations as a trader - I have begun to trade from the short side at times. I have previously always traded from the long side. Desire for action and my inability to sit through bear markets has led me to expose my capital to the market when it would have been better to hold it back or to be short. I have always depended on the market to rise to obtain a profit.

Obviously markets do not trend up continually. Wouldn't it be better for me not to be long when they are moving sideways or down? This is clear, but I could not accept the conclusion because of what I believed was the proper way to trade - that is to be long; and to be always active. I was trying to force the market to do what I needed.

For me, being willing to trade short means that I can view the market realistically instead of trying to force my "hopes" or "desires" onto it. Sometimes the market goes up and sometimes it goes down. It is very freeing to stop trying to control the market - all I must do is properly observe what it is doing and then to align myself with it.

I think I was scared to begin trading short because many people say it is risky and dangerous - something only for professionals or expert traders. This discouraged me. I've always been afraid to try new things in life and this is one experience that I will learn from and apply to other aspects of my life. I also know I am a controlling person and this is another behavior and attitude I will attempt to change (actually I have been working on this for years and my wife says I am getting better with). Being scared to try new things and controlling the things you can are likely closely related.

I think we all start out in the markets because we want to make money but along the way I have been surprised that there is a whole bunch we learn about ourselves that can be a benefit to us and to those around us that is not necessarily

Thank you for listening

Thank you for sharing your process.


Yes, The short side works pretty well during bear markets.

Wed, 9 Aug 2006


Keeps Commitment to Work Out

and meets a Nice Girl


I want to tell you that I have joined a gym as per a
snapshot. I wake early today and work out before
heading to the office and feel very good. I feel good
from the workout and from following through on my
commitment to join a gym. The snapshot process is
instrumental for me. The steps I take are now smaller and realistic. I weigh 222 on my home scale. I'll keep you posted on my progress and I appreciate all of your efforts.

Bonus: I meet a cute and nice girl during the joining
process and have a drink with her. She never met a
trader before.

Thanks for your commitment,

Thank you for sharing your process.





A Bonus Often Arrives


while you are busy

keeping your commitments.



Clip: http://www.the-firm-body-sculpting-


Wed, 09 Aug 2006


Long and Short

Dear Mr. Seykota

I have read both Market Wizards books from Jack D. Schwager which sparked my interest to try trading in a structured way, with a system rather than just guessing and 'investing' on the basis of my gut feeling.

I am not a mathematician or physicist and I do not have any software developing skills. My rules are quite simple, robust and reliable - written on paper.


The results are better than I imagined when I started trading. However, I get more and more interested and fascinated from trading in a structured, systematic way I and would love to learn more.

I was reading on your Trading Tribe page, section Trading Systems Project/A Simple Exponential Crossover System/Posture. You write that the system trades the long side only, never short. May I ask why? Is this system unsuitable for going short?

Many thanks for your time.

The system goes long only. You might like to back-test it on the short side for comparison.

Wed, 09 Aug 2006


Faithful and K-Not Faithful

Dear Ed,

I feel so lonely and empty.


I am a successful trader. I am financially secure. I have a beautiful girlfriend who I love dearly.


After many years of being happy together she recently left me: I marry her, we have babies, or she will never see me again.


The pain is unbearable. I am unable to commit to her, even though I love her so much. The thought of getting married, of having babies terrifies me. Iím terrified of loosing my freedom. Iím terrified of ruining a marriage.


I canít imagine never being intimate with any other women for the rest of my life. I canít imagine being without my girlfriend for the rest of my life.


I donít believe in unfaithful marriages. My parentís marriage was destroyed this way when I was a young child. My partner is honest, kind and loyal, yet I find myself drawn like a magnet to unfaithful devious manipulators. Ed, please how do I resolve this pain?

Best regards

You might consider taking your feelings of pain to your Tribe as an entry point.




Old Faithful Geyser

in Yellowstone National Park


goes off every 20-30 minutes.


Old, unfaithful partners

go off maybe a couple times a week.



Clip: http://www.carto.net/andre.mw/photos/


Tue, 8 Aug 2006


Are You An Engineer?

Ed, I have a theory about being an engineer (mostly based in experience as I am an engineer).

An engineer is typically a very intelligent person, quick with logic, able to chain together the casual world with ease.

an engineer can excel in school as a child/young adult, as most schools test these traits. Algebra, dimensional analysis, and a little problem solving and you can figure out 90% of the answer for partial credit and pass with little studying.

As a child/young adult, a gifted engineer may not spend a proportionate time properly engaging his feelings with friends and mates. Causal logic and problem solving is too satisfying.

Now take a very intelligent and capable engineer, throw in a childhood dysfunctional family unit (with regard to supporting personal feelings), let this engineer grow into adulthood, have lots of success with math, causation, etc. All along the void of support with personal feelings knows at the engineer. It is a painful scratch that the engineer one day begins to spend a lot of time and energy on to understand. Being highly intelligent, he figures out some simple relationships concerning fully receiving his (and others) feelings. The engineer shares these insights with others. The engineer makes valuable contributions in a field he supposedly had no training in, but he just so happened to have all the resources to the testing lab he could ever wish for, and the patience, perception, and persistence to just plain figure it out.

Does this theory sound plausible? I have not made many valuable contributions yet, but I have the first parts down pat. I now clearly see the mechanisms, because of TTP and your workshop, to make a few valuable contributions regarding my and otherís feelings and look very much foreword to doing so. Thank you for the education and the insights.

Yes, I hold a degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT.




The Best Engineers


keep the wonder.



Clip: http://www.yacwa.com/bycx/Lil-Engineer.jpg

Tue, 8 Aug 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Living Free of Cancer

Ed, I personally thank you very much and the rest of the participants of the Cambridge workshop. Charles is a very sharp man and Jason added a very real and perceptible example. The workshop completed a long personal journey for me.

A little background is in order here. I read a book ďThe Teachings of Don JuanĒ a mere 29 years ago, as a young teenager struggling to adapt to the challenges of adulthood. I experienced real, perceptible, physical changes in my mental processes as I read this book while also working diligently at thinking in the ďnow.Ē


These physical changes were unlike anything I had experienced before. Popping and cracking sensations in my mind accompanied by simple and clear insights are the best way for me to describe them, and a very powerful tonic for a struggling young man.

Twenty-nine years later, after reading and thinking, practicing meditation, thinking a lot more, and all the time pursuing and wondering, I have fortunately come upon another simple, clear and concise message.


This message is from you, the basis of TTP, the relationship between Fred, the conscious mind, drama, k-nots, and most importantly how things work. I cannot say I canít thank you enough. I can clearly say thank you for making a very valuable and highly treasured contribution to my life.


I also clearly see why so many other tribes have participated in their group gatherings for so many centuries worldwide, but for some reason this is lost in so many of our ďmodernĒ cultures, dominated by the causal world.

The snapshot you helped me with, to live cancer free for the rest of my life, now seems to me, a certainty. I do not wonder about that aspect of my health at all, except to fully feel the feelings of successfully accomplishing the snapshot, then I am on to other endeavors with renewed vigor. It is so easy. The grandest thank you is in order.

Since the workshop, I have completed a 29-year long wondering by reading your book and more importantly attending the workshop. Your communication style is very admirable, effective, and very fundamentally rooted in science. Your simple description of the dynamic relationship that exists between our subconscious and conscious minds is a great accomplishment. Your concepts are not theories, they are too well founded.

If a reader out there is wondering about TTP, I can only say if you are ripe for it, or even if you are not but very intelligent and personally honest / responsible with yourself and your thoughts, then you will experience and learn something as important to the rest of your life (now) as anything you have accomplished or experienced in the past (now).


I would encourage you, put aside a moment what you are doing, get the book, find the workshop. You will begin to fulfill yourself like you can barely imagine. You will function in ways you did not know you could. If this sound too good to be true, I can assure you it isnít (but perhaps you are not really committed to yourself).


Ed isnít really looking for your interest, and he doesnít make any real money off of this. Still donít believe me? Step back take a look at this website, the chart server, the trading systems project, all the work and messages being broadcast for free to you (except for your efforts to responsibly read and understand).


Many firms charge big dollars for this. This is very, very real and you should make it to a workshop to learn firsthand and discover things about yourself, your friends, your partner, as fast as you can. The workshop is the book and this website on steroids, all condensed down to a clear, direct and undeniable message.

Thank you Ed. Your efforts are very BIG.

Thank you for sharing your process and for the endorsement.

Tue, 8 Aug 2006


Initial Breathwork Feedback

Achieving Intimacy

Hi Ed,

thanks again for a fantastic weekend. I hope your party is fun!

My girlfriend picks me up at the airport. We share our feelings, she has a few reservations about TTP (she never experiences it) but supports me 100%.


I acknowledge her feelings. At some point she says:


"I want you to share your feelings with me more openly. I think it is the only way to have an intimate relationship, which is what I want to have with you."


This is before I tell her that my snapshot from this weekend is "I am intimate with my girl friend."


Seems like our intentions are aligned.


More feedback to come.

Thank you for sharing your process.


In The TTP Intimacy Process, we identify what is standing between the partners and take it to the Joy Point.




Intimacy Occurs


when what is standing

between the partners


is zero.



Clip: http://www.cs-varga.com/carving/intimacy/


Tue, 8 Aug 2006


Update on the TTID

Hi ED:

Please update the TTID for our Tribe. The changes are very accurate and significant. I thank you for your cooperation and attention on this matter.


Mon, 7 Aug 2006


TT 4-Month Update Report


Our listing is still current.

In past 4 months, We had 8 people inquire with 27 emails back and forth, and a couple of calls. One did attend and experience the Hot Seat.


And his after report to us was he needed to work more on his issues ready to continue with us.


All I could do is wish him the best. I love how now I can relax knowing he doing what is best for me and I no longer feel the need to work hard trying to sell him on something that he doesn't want to do.

Our members continue to gain from TTP. I love seeing and feeling how it makes a difference in every area of my life.


Thank you for the update.

Tue, 08 Aug 2006


Happy Birthday, Ed !



We never meet, but I really appreciate what you're doing with FAQS and TTP; so I sincerely want only the best for you, Ed. Have a great birthday.


Thank you.

Mon, 7 Aug 2006


Happy Birthday





Thank you.

Mon, 7 Aug 2006


Happy Birthday!

Hi Ed,

I wish you all the best on your big 'Six Oh' .

I miss the IVTT meetings and the support and encouragement I receive from the bi-weekly meetings.


I feel that not attending also serves me as well and I continue to reap the benefits of TTP.

Warm regards,

Thank you for your good wishes and acknowledgment.

Mon, 7 Aug 2006


Happy Birthday and Snapshot Support


Happy Birthday!

I continue my support of your Body in Shape and Edís Trading Book snapshots. How are they going? Are you still on track? How do you feel about them, and whatís standing in your way now.

Thank you for your support. Both projects are moving forward and nothing is standing in my way.

Mon, 7 Aug 2006


Worst Case Scenario

Hey Ed,

First of all, even though you are probably well sick of hearing it by now I would like to thank you for all the time you spend on helping others with their journey!

Just wondering what are your thoughts on account stop losses? Like do you plan to stop trading if you loose a certain amount of your account?

I know Richard Dennis had a limit of 50%, which he stopped trading after, of course it turns out that if he hadn't he would probably still be in business trading today, but this is always easy to say in hindsight. But traders like Bill Dunn have also had drawdowns larger than 50% however he continued on and is still trading today.

My systems tested maximum drawdown is 40% and this was followed by a quick recovery.

Personally I have set my limit to 80%, if I loose more than this I plan to stop. What are your thoughts on this?

Secondly, you seem to practice methods similar to psycho-cybernetics ... I love surfing, and if you haven't tried I recommend you do, its one of the few things that will get me up in the middle of the night so I can be at the beach before the sun rises, and get the best waves before the wind gets going.


However, once the waves get more than 2-3 meters my level of fear go up unreasonably. Fear of course is vital, without it we couldn't survive, but I feel that fear of this magnitude should be reserved for waves twice that size.


I am going to try use psycho-cybernetics to see if I can change this. I will let you know how it goes...

Looking forward to your reply and thanks a lot for you help.

Psycho Cybernetics promotes visualizations, and improving self-image.


Like many personal growth disciplines it seems compatible with TTP.




Maxwell Maltz (1899-1975)


cosmetic surgeon

and developer of



The "self-image"

is the key to human personality

and human behavior.

Change the self image

and you change the personality

and the behavior.


- Maxwell Maltz



Clip: http://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/images/maxwell_maltz.jpg

Sat, 5 Aug 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Feelings in a Different Light

Hi Ed,

I am very happy that I attended this great workshop in Cambridge.

It helps me very much to get in touch with my feelings especially the so called `bad ones like anger, jealousy etc. that I usually would not be willing to feel or even notice until the drama leaves me no choice.

I am not saying that I am always willing to feel them now but I am definitely noticing them and that is already a great achievement for me.

I am able to see them in a different light, not as enemies but more like allies and that makes life a lot easier.

I am looking forward to join a tribe and be able to fully experience my feelings.

Thank you Ed for showing us this powerful tool to improve our lives.

Thank you Charles, Jason and the entire group for the strong support.

Lots of Love

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 5 Aug 2006



After tribe meeting, I make commitments which I think are supportive of my snapshots. Soon afterwards, I get aha's or my behavior changes which are more powerful than the commitments I originally thought up.

For example, I replace my original commitment to avoid "all-you-can-eat establishments" with willing to feel hunger and not eating as much as others at the table.

It seems to me that Fred knows better way of getting results that are equal to my intention.



Clip: http://www.ramadaexpress.com/


Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 5 Aug 2006


Workshop Feedback

Hello Ed,

I still feel the energy of the workshop - it was a great weekend. I learned so much about TTP and myself. Thank you for the great time. Also a big thank you to Charles and Jason for their work and commitment.
We applied the techniques from the workshop at tribe meeting last Saturday. Especially the drumming as a way of acknowledgement enriched the hot seat sessions a lot.

How are you doing with your book? I'm fully committed to support you with what ever I can do. But right now I'm not clear on how to support you.
What I can offer is proofreading and layout - proofreading not in terms of typo and grammar but to give you feedback on the content.
I have experience with desktop publishing (PageMaker, Frame maker, Microsoft Word) and I would be pleased to do the layout of the book.
Please let me know what your plans are.

I attached the TTID for our tribe. Please put it on the website.

Thank you.

All the best.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sat, 05 Aug 2006


How Many Solutions

Chief Ed,

I am asking: how many complete solutions to the TSP EA are sent to FAQ so far?

I am guessing less than 20 in total.

So far I have about a dozen.

Sat, 5 Aug 2006



Dear Chief,

I notice members of my tribe and nearby tribe do much storytelling before and after hotseat and even some storytelling during hotseat.


When I get into my feelings on the hotseat, some members say they are disappointed that I do no storytelling. It seems to me that the receivers want some storytelling as feedback/framework for their receiving me and also as an external confirmation that I am sending my feelings.

This is a multi-tribe drama and I commit to taking feelings I have associated with this drama to my next hotseat (without telling the receivers the context).

In the Incline Village Tribe, we generally tell enough about the drama so that the Process Manager can challenge us about the situation at the end of the process to test for completion.




Some Cultures use Storytellers


to radiate

the values and ethics

of the Tribe.


Other cultures


use TV.



Clip: http://www.kcspeaks.com/1-compelling-stories/


Fri, 4 Aug 2006


Good Breathing! Good Birthday!

Ed !

I am catching up with the last couple of weeks of FAQ. I sense a real shift of mood and intention of what is written (or is it how I read) in the month of July. A seriousness I haven't sensed before.

I continue to surprise myself by taking up interpersonal and professional issues and simply deciding them.

Memories of my breath work experience are in my mind and body as I realize it's Friday night. Good Breathing! Good Birthday!

Thank you for your good wishes.

Fri, 4 Aug 2006


K-Nots about Rules and Regulations

Hi Ed.

I hope you are well. I hope you had a great workshop. Unfortunately I missed attending, however one of my snapshot on right livelihood is to attend the next workshop (Only if you decided to have one that is) so that I could put red W next to the tribe directory.


In the mean time our tribe is doing well even though members encounters hard K-nots (including myself) and experiences some dramas like not showing up or changing the meeting dates.


One of my snapshots on right livelihood is to come up with detailed business plan on what legal entity that I would set up to deliver my life long ambition.


I've been working hard on my snapshots. Also started to understand the importance of balancing the four snapshots. Life all the sudden is fun after all. Thank you again fro sharing the process.

I like to refer to the Follow the Rules FAQ on March/30th/2006. I seem to feel that this is the FAQ from old tribe that I used to attend. All the best to him and the tribe, however I am not sure your response to this FAQ and the relation to his email.


In any event, my current right livelihood event deals tremendously with rules and regulation. I realize that I have a tight k-not about rules and regulation.


So I am going to take my feeling about following directions, compliance, discipline, and obeying rules as an entry point. Pure and simple, I hate rules and regulations.

I guess my intention for this email is to thank you and share my progress for FAQ.

Thank you for everything.

You might consider breaking all the rules by taking your issues about breaking rules to the hotseat, or not.




Polarity Process


In the polarity process, we endow one hand with one feeling and the other hand with the other.  Then we bring our hands slowly together while we experience what is between them.


When what is between them goes to nothing, the polarity discharges and typically energizes an AHA.


Clip: http://www.guessaurus.com/wp-content/


Fri, 04 Aug 2006


90% Drawdown and Still Trading

Hi Ed,

I am in a 90% drawdown, and I am still trading and executing my system.

I wonder (1) if you have a back-test for your system, (2) if you are following your system and (3) if your back-test is showing the same size drawdown as you are experiencing in your trading.


Alternatively, you might consider taking your feelings of sadness / loss to the Hot Seat.




Some Systems


Intend Steep Declines


Clip: http://www.dgarrick.com/cliffedwards/



Thu, 3 Aug 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Feeling Feelings

Hi Ed,

My deepest feelings sent me to this workshop in Cambridge and l am really glad that l meet all this wonderful people.

My experience:

One of my first AHA experience during the workshop was the understanding of my feelings e.g. anger - positive intention: set boundaries etc..

From this moment, l felt, my Conscious Mind started to understand Fred and also started to communicate with Fred.

With all your explanation and exercises (TTP, Hotseat, Snapshot) Fred and CM built a stronger and deeper relationship.

Now, l really realize, that a have to feel more my feelings and also to live (enjoy) more my feelings.


And l also recognized that l have to train over and over again my feelings. As you said during the Hotseat .... keep going, some more.....

Finally l would like to thank you, Charles and Jason for sharing all your knowledge and feelings. It is great to meet such people!

Thanks for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wed, 2 Aug 2006


Workshop Feedback

Hi Ed !

I find myself ... standing up more for my outcomes - even when they ... challenge authorities.

Thank you for helping with my willingness to show up more fully.


Tue, 1 Aug 2006


Grand Canyon

The last tribe meeting we had we worked on snapshots.


This was the first time I had done it and didn't think I had any snapshot to contribute. Instead all I felt was unmotivated. While all the others were describing their snapshot I became aware of a picture in my head of me standing on the edge of a cliff which looked like the grand canyon with all the colors to go with it and on the other side was my hopes, dreams and things I'd like to accomplish.


The distance across the canyon looked at least a quarter mile wide and the emotion I felt was lost like I was there and didn't know exactly how I got there and had no idea how I was ever going to make it across or if I ever would.


I also felt that I did not know which way to go from here. After describing and talking about the snapshot I saw with the tribe I drove home feeling better. The next morning I woke up and while brushing my teeth I saw a picture in my head of the same picture only this time the distance across was only a couple feet-short enough to step over.


This seemed strange to me and I found myself wondering what happened and the next picture that showed up was me with a rope and hook that I threw across the divide and just effortlessly pulled the entire earth to me. Still seems strange but I no longer have that lost feeling and feel everything can be accomplished although I still don't know quite how yet.

Thank you for sharing your process.



TTP Can Help You


Move Mountains



Clip: http://cs.anu.edu.au/~James.Popple/


Tue, 1 Aug 2006


The four liquid stages of life



You might consider this alternative to stage #1.




Clip: http://www.vitalchoice.com/imageuploads/


Tue, 1 Aug 2006


Banjo Joke



I understand that you play banjo at TTP meetings, but are you also the Secretary / Treasurer? I guess what I am asking is: Are you the Dues Dun Man ?

Hmmm ...

Tue, 1 Aug 2006


Next Workshop

Do you have plans for a TTP weekend in the United States soon? I would like to attend one soon for more training. I am now attending a trading tribe every other week out of town but intend to start a tribe in my area soon. The one I am attending is 200 miles away.

I am thinking January 5, 2007 in Reno, Nevada.

Tue, 1 Aug 2006


Breaks Long-Term Down-Trend


I enclose updates to my previous FAQs regarding my long term down trend in equity during six years of discretional trading versus my short term trend of three months of rising equity since adopting a systematic approach.

My interpretation is that my long term down trend has been broken since adopting a systematic approach.

I do not reach a zero point for variance but feel I am getting closer.

I am going on holiday in four weeks time and commit to closing my account down before I go for a fresh start when I return.

I recall a quote or anecdote I think might be about you not having a real time quotes server on your desk as it was a kin to sitting in front of a one armed bandit and you feed it all day.

I now feel the same and the sophisticated intra day service I trade through begins to feel more and more like a cynical way to increase commissions for the provider and not in line with end of day trend trading or my right livelihood.

Aside from this development I progress in acknowledging my unwillingness to practice TTP and attend the Cambridge workshop. I continue to work on myself to overcome this hurdle.

I also progress through realizing I repeatedly fail to submit to the associateís scheme because I donít share a snapshot of large scale money management for others.

All the same I wish to work on this as I feel my snapshot could change once an unwillingness to try the London tribe, practice TTP, stop day trading and feel feelings of Ďnot being good enoughí, Ďnot being taken seriouslyí are addressed, hopefully on a beach ... with my mini tribe of me and long term girlfriend.

I find it interesting that we are staying on Turtle Beach where the turtles come in each day and are protected.

Perhaps Iíll learn a thing or two from those turtles and maybe I can hatch when I come back.

Thanks for your work.

This is account equity for twelve weeks of systematic trading (

FAQ/2006_Jun/11/index.htm  (Encouragement Mon, 12 June 2006))

Thank you for checking in.

Tue, 1 Aug 2006


August 1 Breathwork Update

Hello Breathwork Support Team!

As of August 1, 2006 AUM are $1.06MM. I am continuing to raise money (another $50K in July), and fund performance continues to be negative through July. I am sticking to my system through the drawdown, and my clients are sticking with me.

My fitness plan is on track and I have dropped about ten pounds since I recommit to my fitness routine one month ago.

I commit to continue to report my assets under management to you, my Breathwork support team, on the first of each month until I reach $5 million under management.

Thanks for your support!


Tue, 01 Aug 2006


TSP EA code

Chief Ed,

I appreciate the detailed answer, with code, regarding the steps in calculation of Average True Range in the TSP EA project.

I believe other FAQ readers are encouraged by the posting of this code; I know I am.

Other FAQ readers working to complete TSP/EA may find the following function useful, for rounding the lots:

public double RoundToNearest(double nearest, double value)

//Round any number to any precision;
//assumes "nearest" is greater than zero
//assumes "value" is greater than "nearest"
//value: the item to round
//nearest: the rounding precision

// PLAIN - 3 lines

// how many units of 'nearest' are in 'value'??
// double x = value/nearest;
// round the result to the nearest int

// x = System.Math.Round(x);

// return the rounded number
//return x * nearest;

//FANCY - 1 line
return System.Math.Round (value / nearest) * nearest;



Tue, 1 Aug 2006

Dear Ed,

Can you help me improve / optimize my system. If yes what do you require me to send.

Kind Regards,

See the Associate Program, above