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July 21 - 31, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Mon, 31 Jul 2006


I'm Interested in TTAP but ...

Dear Ed,

I am interested in submitting my system to your TTA program but I believe that some of its rules are not rigorously defined.


However, it has met my personal goals (profitable [42% gain] with 1-2 hrs. of weekly work) since it was put into production three years ago. My concerns are that a rigorous system definition might break a good thing; or like the the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."


Yes, The Associates Program requires system definition.


If you sign up for the program, we might ask you to take your feelings about "breaking a system by defining it" to the hot seat.






Mon, 31 Jul 2006




Here is some drama for you. This video makes me laugh so hard!



I wonder what feelings his parents are unwilling to receive from this child.


Demanding that a petulant child calm down rarely works.  Advising the parents about how to calm the child down also rarely works.





Giving Advice Without an Invitation


typically extends the drama.



Clip: http://www.ideacenter.org/stuff/contentmgr/



Sun, 30 Jul 2006

Airfoil Lifting Force Misconception

see Plane Truth #2


I went back to the "Airfoil Lifting Force Misconception" web site and study up some more on lift. I'm no longer confused about lift being a process of angle of attack. Now I need to figure out why they put those humps on the top side of the wing. I know it speeds the air up but what else is happening there.

Plus I want to explore boundary layer effects, I've been studying golf ball dimples and bird feathers. I would like to build a plane with golf ball dimples on the skin in various places and one with the micro ridges like on the feathers of birds. I think this would have and effect on the boundary layer.


The "Airfoil Lifting Force Misconception" web site has helped a lot and I haven't been half way thru it yet. I figure that these next couple of planes to be built will keep me pretty busy. If you have any suggestions on web sites to go to I would appreciate it.

Thanks for all of your feed back


Experience is a hard teacher
because she gives the test first,
the lesson afterward.



Numerous high school and college text books have this wrong. So does NASA on its educational site.

Sat, 29 Jul 2006


Workshop Feedback - The Pain is Gone

There are no words to describe the impact the
Cambridge Workshop has had on me, I continue to feel lighter & the pain I had on my chest is gone for good.

It is strange, you can address that which you are
aware of, as I did with the many chronic ailments
with Yoga, Meditation, etc. but you can not
address pains which are so deeply submerged that they have become part of my body. The pain must have been present for at least 30-yrs, it is now permanently gone. Thank you, you are a true genius! I have tears in my eyes, as I write this.

Thank you for sharing your process.






generally indicates a k-not



Clip: http://www.listenforjoy.com/gallery/


Sat, 29 Jul 2006


Associates Program #2

see previous

Ed Says: Achieving zero variance is a high standard.

Outside the Associates Program, I do not know of another program in which people are even attempting this.

It requires (1) defining your system rigorously and (2) sticking to your system.

There are a small number of managers who seem to be sticking to their systems over the long term: [Traders]  come to my mind. You yourself didn't a have a tribe or an "Associate Program" to support you. So, do you think that some people can handle it better than others? Or, perhaps, the clarity they have about the nature of their system, how it is designed and how it works supports them in sticking to it?

The Associates Program is an attempt to train traders who are willing to master the essential elements of successful trading.


They have a good system and they have the willingness to stick to it.



Successful Traders


combine two essential elements


Sat, 29 Jul 2006


Deep In Drama

see previous

Ed Says: Your unwillingness to experience your feelings and / or to join a Tribe is consistent with your inability to transcend this on-going drama.

I have already untangled one part of the knot. Yesterday I wrote again the girl who broke up with her boyfriend and expressed her all my feelings. And she stated that she doesn't want an intimate relationship now. Now I have the other to clear things up as I am not sure about her intentions or feelings about me yet.

A k-not is a feeling intertwining with a judgment about the feeling.


You untie it by experiencing your feeling and the judgment in a Tribe meeting.


The k-not generally attracts a k-notty situation.  Your attempts to deal with the situation constitute your dramatic role.


You seem to think that acting out your role in the drama = untying the k-not.


This is further evidence that you (1) don't get it, (2) don't want to get it and (3) are unwilling to experience your feelings.


In TTP, we do not attempt to process someone who is unwilling. When someone is unwilling, we simply pass on to someone else who is.




Effective Process Management


requires knowing

when to skip it.



Clip: http://www.sickkids.ca/


Sat, 29 Jul 2006


TSP Question

Please share the procedure and actual values for obtaining the ATR value 1.536 for the 2nd date (84-04-22) in the EA system CSV data file.

In the System Math DOC for EA system, ATR is defined as: "the Lag of True Range. Also: The Moving Average of True Range."

I notice the definition for 'Lag' in System Math DOC refers to an undefined term: MovingAverageTime.

I have no idea how 1.536 is calculated for this date. I thought averaging 1.55 (TR of 82-04-21) and 1.4 (TR for 82-04-22) produces the ATR.

That assumption is incorrect, since (1.55+1.4)/2 = 1.475, not 1.536.

The ATR for the EA study is the 20 day exponential average of the true range. The seed value is the first day's true range. The time constant = (n + 1)/2 (This TC produces the same ramp response as an n-day simple moving average.)

Thus, the formula is:

Atr(n+1) = Atr(n) + (TR-Atr(n)) / 10.5

where Atr(0) = TR of the first day.

The C# code is:


public class Atr

double prev_close;
double time_const;
double val;


public Atr(int period) // constructor
time_const = (period + 1) / 2.0;
prev_close = -1; // init
val = 0;

public double Update(Structs.Bar bar)

if (prev_close == -1) // test for first day


prev_close = bar.Close;
val = bar.High - bar.Low;

// true range computation
double tr = Math.Max(

bar.High - bar.Low, Math.Max(

prev_close - bar.Low, bar.High - prev_close)


val = (val + (tr - val) / time_const); // lag
prev_close = bar.Close; // store for next cycle
return val;

public double Value // C# convention
get { return val; }

} // Atr - end of class


Sat, 29 Jul 2006


Positive and Negative

Hello Ed -


For some reason I have great difficulty sitting down to write an email to you. I think I am afraid of looking stupid, then I have so many things I want to say it is overwhelming. I have a lot of issues to take to the hot seat. This is all manipulation so that you won't be to hard on me. Having said all that I feel better. In any case here goes.

First of all I send my regards to everyone at the Reno workshop, I am blown away by the honesty and willingness of everyone in the group. You all are truly an inspiration. I believe it is a rare breed that will work at the level of the people in Reno. I can honestly say that it is by far the warmest group of people I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. As I write this I feel hungry for that in my every day life and as I write that I realize it starts with me and as I write that I realize that is good news.

Ed, your work, your energy, your book have all had a wonderful and huge impact on me. I would love to say that that means that everything is falling into place but it doesn't seem like that and that is okay, those are my issues - I still have work to do. Actually I love that you take the time to help others see what issues they might take to the hot seat and welcome any feedback you have for me. What it has done is allow me to accept myself and all of my feelings which puts me in this state of underlying bliss. It feels great to operate from this place.

Our first conversation at the workshop you ask me what I expect to get out of the the weekend. I tell you several things and you look at me and ask if that is all. I tell you that seems like a lot and I don't want to ask for to much. You ask me why not. I explain that I don't want to be disappointed. You say to me, "What if you are okay with feeling disappointed? If you are okay with that then you will ask for more and my experience is that people who ask for more get more." I can't explain what happened to me but that statement opened me up for a whole new level of experiencing life. I have asked myself that question so many times and every time it is an opening. A box that has been nailed shut takes a while to pry open.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts I had about positive and negative feelings and experiences. I have often wondered why when I push away (Say no to) negative feelings or realities they intensify but when I push away (no) to positive feelings they don't intensify. ie. when I push away abundance it doesn't push itself on me more intensely. (I realize when I re-read this that I do a lot of pushing away). The other day I got this feeling of euphoria, which I judged as bad, that felt very uncomfortable in my stomach. I told myself that if I just sat with it and was okay with feeling it, it would just go away. Amazingly as I relaxed and allowed it the feeling got incredibly intense in a positive way without the discomfort in my stomach.

What I got from this is that positive and negative feelings, experiences, people have a real charge and what we meet them with, yes(+) or no(-), has a real charge. When negative meets negative we get more negative, positive and negative or vice a versa is neutral and positive and positive gives you more positive. We actually have to say yes (which can be an action in that direction) to positive feelings, experiences, people to have that in our lives. I think there is some scale or degree that operates here, this is not a one to one thing. ie. An extremely positive person can lighten up a whole room.

Ed, I appreciate you and your work so much. Thank you and I am anxiously awaiting reading your next book.

Bye for now,

Thank you for sharing your process.


Positive and negative are judgments that we bring to our feelings.  Positive is a name we give to feelings we are willing to experience.  Negative is a name we give to feelings we are unwilling to experience, the ones we have in k-nots.


TTP helps us to untie our k-nots, experience our feelings and convert Negative feelings to Positive feelings.


In the process, we gain freedom from drama that our k-nots entrain.


For example, you might have a k-not about looking stupid.  If so, you might consider taking your feelings about looking stupid to your Tribe as an entry point.





In this Piece of Artwork


you might instinctively know

which items are positive

and which are negative


or you might not.



Clip: http://www.sbef.org/Graphics/Painting-Pics/






 Fri, 28 Jul 2006


The Right Match

Ed Says: Fred is very skillful at finding you the right partner.

Ed, do you think that couples are always the right match, in the sense that intention <=> results?

I have just found out that I am into a love triangle with two girls. I have an unrequited love towards one and I feel like the other is getting in love with me. The seat is getting very hot indeed.

Actually, it looks more like a rectangle instead. The girl whom I have an unrequited love for recently wrote me a letter telling that she broke up with her boyfriend about two months ago (about one month after receiving my letter in which I told her about my feelings). Then I had already asked the other girl out.

You tell me that Frieda doesn't have an agenda. Yet it looks like she does, she's mean and has a lot of fun.

Your unwillingness to experience your feelings and / or to join a Tribe is consistent with your inability to transcend this on-going drama.



A Love Triangle


is geometry

with the design


to evoke feelings

that lie deep in k-nots.


Clip: sandyfeet.com/sand/lovetriangle2/index.html

Fri, 28 Jul 2006


The Plane Truth #2

See previous

See Radial Momentum at www.Seykota.com


Thanks for getting back to me.


I got this idea from the web, there was just pictures and a small explanation of how it was supposed to work. Which made some sense, the theory goes that when the air passes over the chamber it creates a vacuum in each of the small chambers, the Venturi effect comes to mind. Because of the shape of the chamber it provides a stabilizing effect.

This mod works when I would fly the plane. Without the mod it would start turning as soon as it got airborne, with the mod it would climb at a very steep angle (not turning while it climbed) then stall out and come down, level off then straight in to a perfect landing every time.

So with a successful modification and test I wanted to go try another modification. This time I modified the wing with a wide vacuum chamber. Looking back now I think I should have put more slates in to make the chambers more narrow.


I think if the chambers are to big you don't get the same effect. I know with a Venturi, if the hole where the vacuum is created is to big it will decrease the performance.


Well when I flew the plane with the new mod it would not climb at the steep angle as before only a shallow angle. About 45 degrees verses 75 degrees. The plane would turn slightly if it was going into the wind but not much and it always landed perfectly. A couple of times when I flew, it seemed to go just a little bit further than with just the vac chamber mod. I flew the plane early in the morning when there was hardly any wind, in a parking lot.

Well now I'm really feeling good about my mods to the plane and how well it has preformed. So it was time to try another one that I have been wanting to do and that was wing grids. After reading up on wing grids for planes and birds and looking at a lot of pictures of vortex's coming off of the end of wings I finally came up with a design that looked promising.


The way I think it works is the high pressure on the bottom of the wing is moving to the top where there is lower pressure. When the flow of air gets to the end of the wing it moves upward and starts spinning forming a vortex behind the wing and to the outside.


The vortex's always spin towards the plane. The wing grid was installed on the bottom of the wing will capture some of this energy and give the plane a push forward then when it gets to the end of the grid it will give it some more lift.


Then when the air pressure moves upward and starts spinning the extension on the grid should capture just a little bit more energy for some extra lift. I wish I could say that this last mod caused the plane to fly further but I can't on my second attempt it crashed into a light pole and broke up.


Oh well, I will build another one this time out of Depron foam and carbon fiber. This time I will build one each with the different mods so I can see which ones have the most effect on performance plus I have another mod I will be trying which I call the Humpback Whale flipper mod.


I don't have pictures of that one but after I build one I will send it to you if you want.

This has been the longest e-mail I've ever written on any thing, I hope that I haven't burnt you out with my ramblings. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

From your friend in the desert.

"Where there is an open window there exists limitless opportunity."



Wing Modification 1


Wing Modification 2


Wing Modification 3


Chamber Modification 1


Chamber Modification 2


Grid Modification 1


Grid Modification 2


Grid Modification 3


Thank you for your note and photos of your models.  I support you in continuing your experiments.


I have some gut reactions about your work that I can share with you - on the basis that you might find them interesting.


Without seeing the planes fly or bench testing them, I cannot say my reactions are any more than wild hunches.  Perhaps some of these ideas might ring a bell with you, or set you to thinking.

Here are my wild hunches:

The vacuum effect you cite is most intense just behind the front lip of each chamber. That is where the air "separates" due to its upward momentum that the windshield in front of it imparts to the flow stream.


Within each chamber, then, you create somewhat lower pressure and a vortex that, viewing from the left side of the plane, spins in a clockwise direction, providing a "virtual roller bearing" for the air passing over the top of each cell.


This might have an effect on drag. The vacuum effect might be most intense in the first chamber - and might also provide a small "pull out" effect - raising the nose of the plane relative to the tail.

This vacuum effect likely depends on velocity, so it might have different strengths at (1) the stall at the top of the flight and (2) the end of the dive where the plane pulls out to level flight.

The overall lift of the plane has very little to do, directly, with wing shape or with the vacuum chambers or with grids or flow shapers at the wing tips.  Lift has to do almost entirely with angle of attack.

Your modifications can change the direction of the plane, the stability of the plane and they can also effect the air flow profile, converting the stream between turbulent flow and laminar flow.

To see this effect, you might try watching a stream of smoke rise from a cigar in a quiet room. At first the smoke rises in a laminar fashion. As it continues higher, it becomes turbulent.

Flow shapers can keep the air flow laminar. This can reduce drag and increase velocity and  contribute, indirectly, to lift.

Another effect is that the air behaves very differently at different velocities. In a swimming pool, you can walk through the water at slow speed and feel almost no drag. If you try to run, you can feel the drag of the water.

Golf balls work better with dimpling. A smooth golf ball in flight behaves erratically. While dimpling might appear to increase friction, in flight, a spinning golf ball with dimpling changes the air flow so it is more regular and the ball goes further.

Note: My own personal preference for golf ball design might also include a propeller and a homing device.

All in all, I think your modifications are operating to change the air flow characteristics over the surface of the plane. You are thus able to convert between laminar and turbulent flow.


The result is to change the overall amount of drag.  None of these modifications directly change the lift. Lift is a function of the angle of attack of the plane, mostly the wings.

If you want to test some of these effects, you might have a friend drive you along a straight road at different velocities. You can hold your planes out the window and measure the air flow characteristics at key points with a piece of thread that you glue to the end of a knitting needle.




Cigar Smoke Rising


Physicists can explain,

with high precision

the interactions of all the components

in electrical devices such as computers

and cyclotrons.


They cannot yet explain

the behavior of rising smoke

two inches above the end of a cigar.



Clip: http://www.citycigarcompany.com/


Fri, 28 Jul 2006


Associates Program



Ed Says: Yes, I intend to post details of the systems, ongoing performance and links to the associates - for any associate who demonstrates consistency in attaining zero variance.

This is your response to my question, thank you. Since I don’t see any links or details of the systems, I assume no associate yet demonstrates a zero variance.

Yes, at this point no one is demonstrating consistent zero variance. 


Achieving zero variance is a high standard.


Outside the Associates Program, I do not know of another program in which people are even attempting this.


It requires (1) defining your system rigorously and (2) sticking to your system.




Finding The Zero Point

in a tangle of k-nots


is the essential operation in TTP

and in the Associates Program.



Clip: http://www.matt-mcdonnell.com/art/


Fri, 28 Jul 2006


Wants to Pick Future Winners

Dear Ed,

Many times you have suggested that, in order to obtain good trading performance, a trader should stick to the winner stocks.


This is ok, because their potential growth in price may be relevant.


However, can you suggest me how can I recognize a potential winner?


Maybe better, how can I measure the strength of a stock in order to understand that, that stock is likely to grow in price even much more and that it is a winner?


I know that I can win in a market only if I can measure mathematically the psychology of that market. I mean that I am used to measure something which is not objective (psychology) by the means of something which is objective in every language of the world, except for politics, (mathematics).


But, to find out good winners is not only a problem of psychology interpretation of a market. I think it may be something more.

I have developed some mathematics algorithms in order to measure the strength of a stock but I would need a little piece of advice in order to understand if this is the correct direction.

This is the main problem which I am facing now.

The problem of entering a position is not so much important if compared to the previous one. In fact I have solved well the last one problem with these two tricks:

1. by valuating the long term trend by the means of the three main principle of dynamics;

2. by the application of laws of fluid dynamics to stock trends.

I like the system I have built but the main problem for the moment lasts.

If you like, can you directly suggest anything to me?

In fact, this is not the first time a have written to you. When I have a problem that I can't solve, I am used to write to you. And your wisdom has always help me until now.


You might consider taking your feelings about wanting to predict the (non-existing) future to your Tribe.




It's still and always







Clip: http://www.goodhandarts.com/


Thu, 27 Jul 2006

Trading Tribe Information Document

Dear Chief,

I attach to this email new TTID.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you for keeping your information up to date.

Thu, 27 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback


I remain amazed, delighted and inspired by this wonderful Workshop.

I address several key issues and make one totally unexpected discovery. I learn how to stick to my system, maintain its ongoing process of development, and even enjoy my jealousy. Holy Moly!

I discover I have no idea of my right livelihood - I am stunned and experience excruciating discomfort.


Through TTP with an unrelenting field of acknowledgement I realize I have the tools of discovery. I make a commitment to fully receive my beloved partner. I look forward to the support of my local tribe.

Thank-you Ed, Charles & Jason for your care, dedication, uninhibited vulnerability and fantastic support.

This is SO worthwhile and I feel both blessed and privileged to take part.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Thu, 27 Jul 2006


Breathwork Weekend


I intend to join the Breathwork weekend and my girlfriend enlists herself onto my support team and helps out on my travel and US visa arrangements. I am all set now and will have my visa first thing Friday morning.

I notice on FAQ that Breathwork participants are welcome to the tribe meeting and birthday party. I factor that into my IV visit. You make no mention of a hotel for accommodation, please advise on this and any other things I may need to be aware of for the Breathwork weekend. I intend to write the essay and prepare my snapshot and email it by the weekend.

See the link to Breathwork, above, for details.

Thu, 27 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Hi Ed,

The workshop is an amazing experience! I feel in touch with my emotions and finally feel my anger and enjoy it! I feel so much lighter and liberated from issues I carry for many years. My girlfriend notices how much calmer I am and how I am more expressive with my feelings and able to discuss them with her.

I would like to thank you, Jason and Charles for the excellent weekend in Cambridge. I feel something clicked during the Workshop. I am ready for change and ready to receive and support my team to make their commitments real.

I describe below my life and career path to date in the song you request at the open of the Workshop.

Here I go again - Whitesnake

Here I go again on my own

goin' down the only road I've ever known.

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

'cos I know what it means

to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

Here I go again on my own

goin' down the only road I've ever known.

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.

An' I've made up my mind,

I ain't wasting no more time

but here I go again,

here I go again,

here I go again,

here I go,

here I go again.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Thu, 27 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback


Hi Ed,

How did that happen? It’s just amazing how Fred sent me over to meet you, Jason and Charles again. I have really nooo idea how I got there.


It feels really good to get back into the flow again. Very much alive. The feelings associated with my recent drama are stepping out of the dark and it is a big win to like those feelings and use them in a productive way. However it is quite confusing to feel things that I wasn’t event aware off. Even though I still do not know what my real issues are (those behind the most obvious), I am very happy to work through that.

The seminar was just fantastic and I can’t wait to do TPP again. Having others receiving me is big gift. What surprised me even more is that receiving someone else fills me with so much joy and energy. I want to thank everyone for sharing that. I really look forward to meet all of you again and beat the drum for you.

Now this seminar is only the first step on my way. But were a lot has to be done there is a lot I can improve on and I love that! Let’s work.

See you soon,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Wed, 26 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Dear Ed,

at the workshop in Cambridge I tell the participants about my boundary problems. E.g. I answer all questions asked even if I don't want to or think: 'none of your business'. I don't hold people accountable; let them miss deadlines, etc. You tell me about my anger k-not. You tell me that the positive intention of anger is to set boundaries.

First I don't get it. But at the TTP on Saturday night I get to the Zero Point and have some AHAs.

Now the first week after the workshop I talk to a business partner who does design stuff for us. He promises me to do something on Monday, then promises to deliver on Tuesday and on Wednesday still nothing but he will do so till the end of the day.


On the phone he tells me how he is all on his own and that he worked for 2 days without any sleep.

I tune in with my feelings and feel anger. I suddenly realize that I did not express this anger as I did not want to feel it and that I wanted to avoid the confrontation. I realize that he was using my (still) anger k-not to drag me into his drama of being on his own and not holding any deadlines.

There is clarity and I pick up the phone and ask him about the things he promised to deliver.


He starts about how he will soon get to it. I tell him that he has to hold his deadline. I tell him that I will not accept excuses and that it is his responsibility to stick to the deadlines that he has committed to. His voice gets a bit louder and he immediately becomes offensive about him being on his own etc. I don't let him drag me into his drama again and reiterate that if he says today it has to be today, period.

Half an hour later I get my stuff.

I feel that this is a k-not that influences many more parts of my life than I would have ever thought.


Suddenly at home and in the office I get feed-back about how my k-not in anger was used to manipulate me (although they call it "being too nice to people" "letting them get away with everything").


As if people close to me suddenly say, now that you finally get it, we can as well talk about it, be with you when you go with the flow.

As you say: "this stuff really works"

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Tue, 25 Jul 2006


Posting Returns


Will you be posting the returns of the associates in the associates program?

If so, what is the link.

Yes, I intend to post details of the systems, ongoing performance and links to the associates - for any associate who demonstrates consistency in attaining zero variance.

Tue, 25 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Hi Ed,

In line with my commitment to you to report back to FAQ about the workshop, please see the below.

When I arrive at the workshop I am live with feelings relating to experiencing drawdowns. My confidence is low since I have a string of consecutive daily drawdowns, I notice my thoughts about some of my drawdown trades have started a “loop” pattern in my head. I keep triggering negative thoughts and criticizing myself. This sums up my state upon arrival at the workshop.

Ed starts us off with an exercise to get to know each other. We think of a song that best describes our lives, tell the persons either side of us, then present their reason for their songs, to the workshop.


Ed adds that this is a quick exercise and that we might like to log any feelings that come up during the exercise. As soon as Ed requests this, my mind is blank - I just cannot think of a song. Fred is at work because I notice my heart rate increases and I feel uncomfortable in my chair. Out of nowhere I can only think of one song "Things can only get better." I don’t know who wrote it and strangely I would not in a million years add this single to my CD collection, but it’s the only song that my mind will retrieve. Through this process we soon get to know a lot about each other.

ED brings us to the NOW.

The workshop splits into pairs, and we carry out an exercise where one person asks "Tell me what you are thinking?" When their partner finishes stating what they think, the person asking the question only replies “Thank you.” This process is repeated for several minutes, and the questioner does not deviate from this question and response process.

The exact same process is then carried out using "Tell me what you are feeling" and then after this "Show me what you are feeling."

This is an excellent exercise; very simple to do and really gets the mind, feelings, expressions and awareness right in the now.

We form small tribes and work on how to be a process manager, experience the hotseat and act as a receiver. Already most attendees have very strong feelings they are experiencing, I believe this is due to the NOW process that we work on, it seems to open doors for Fred to come out.


The Snapshot process is unbelievably difficult for me, it sparked off many “unwanted” feelings. I feel my heart beating hard and fast, hands sweaty, heavy head, dry mouth, hollowness inside my stomach. Before the workshop I might have labeled these as angry, rejected and experiencing some form of loss.


The feelings are so strong that I am tempted to leave. Thankfully I remind myself that Ed did “commit” to get us in touch with the feelings we least want to experience. Boy, I am glad that I decide to stay. Going through the process requires WILLINGNESS, everyone who decides to use TTP and snapshots must have this, no matter what comes up. I decide to fully embrace and experience my feelings during my hotseat.

Hotseat with Drums

I have practiced TTP for 18 months (without using drums). I now realize that the sound of drumming is “Fred’s favorite sound.”

Before we begin tribe hotseat Ed gets us into a jamming session of drumming. It’s incredible how the sound of drumming induces a trance state for every one. When the drumming stops, Ed instructs us to start the hotseat process. My tribe shows incredible support to me and each other, they have all mastered TTP in a day and some had never done TTP before. Using drums loudly and shouting support (do more of that!, crank it up, good job!) when receiving seems to awaken Fred, excite Fred, and sets Fred off BIG time, allowing Fred to pull the feelings, pump and get it all out. Everyone in my tribe went all the way, they show enormous courage and support.

Ed teaches me two excellent techniques that work amazingly when acting as a process manager.

1/ I see sender in a repetitive looping form / motion, I use a “freeze” process and encourage the sender to hold onto the feeling / form as long as possible and try to fully experience the feeling.

2/ I notice a strong feeling / form in the sender and I suggest to the sender to try to “ENJOY” the feeling, by shouting Enjoy, ENNNNJOY along with all the receivers and banging our drums. This seems to knock out all the judges that stand between you “just feeling” and you “fully experiencing the feeling, embracing and converting feelings we might be unwilling to experience into allies”

Ed breaks new TTP Ground in Cambridge

Something really cool happens in the workshop. Ed takes the first “Couple” Hotseat, his partner is a fantastic woman who shows us all enormous commitment and courage going through her workshop process, and appears to be very willing to break new ground with Ed with this new experiment.


They get to work on their issues together and the result is pure Magic. TTP is now growing into new areas with “dual commitments” to take the hotseat. I have no doubt that it is the start of something big, for those people that “really want” to improve their relationships, this process seems incredibly powerful, and very quick.

Commitments (contracts) to each other

Ed invites each attendee to communicate any snapshots or commitments they would like to achieve to the workshop. He invites anyone who is willing to assist the attendee to exchange contact details to provide support and ensure they commit to completing their snapshot/commitment. Everyone in the workshop is amazing, they all show willingness, courage and determination throughout their process and I believe they all can make their snapshots / commitments real and in the now.

Charles and Jason

Along with Ed, Charles and Jason are both masters in their professions. They both show enormous support for the workshop attendees; their openness, honesty and commitment to get you through your process during the workshop is a huge driving force acknowledged by all.


The End - The Beginning

The workshop ends, I feel fortunate to meet so many excellent people with high integrity, openness and willingness to work on themselves, to help themselves and others. I notice that I am willing to feel anything that comes up now, my thoughts are in the now. I am willing to embrace my feelings and I understand their positive intentions. “Bad” feelings do not exist anymore, I appreciate all my feelings in all their forms, textures, shapes, temperatures, densities, sizes, and tensions.

Thank you Ed!

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Mon, 24 Jul 2006


Workshop Feedback

Dear Ed,

What a great week-end!


Before coming I am concerned that we actually only have one full day. On Saturday, close to 3 in the morning I have to laugh about that. This day I get to the Zero Point the first time (or Joy Point).

When reaching that point I am there with the experience. So many different people at the workshop and after two days they are all so much closer. So many different people but all one big field of acknowledgment taking me to the zero point. I am still amazed what one man with a snapshot can do and how many people in so many different places around the world he reaches.

Already at the airport on my way home, things are different. I stand in the cue and nothing is moving. People around me are complaining. I tune in with my feelings and I feel uncomfortable. There is a tension in my stomach and the skin on my neck is tingling. I have to smile and it is ok the way it is.

Meanwhile, people behind me are looking for causes for the non-moving of the line and are still complaining. I have to smile more.

Thank you Ed, thank you ... and thank you my fellow workshop attendees.

I commit to setting-up my own tribe. The TTID will follow.

Thank you for sharing your process.




A Body in Tension


gets results.



Clip: http://www.kokoom.com/megamaths/



Mon, 24 Jul 2006


Cambridge Workshop Feedback

Dear Ed,

what a great week-end. Before coming I am concerned that we actually only have one full day. On Saturday, close to 3 in the morning I have to laugh about that. This day I get to the Zero Point the first time (or Joy Point).

When reaching that point I am there with the experience. So many different people at the workshop and after two days they are all so much closer. So many different people but all one big field of acknowledgment taking me to the zero point. I am still amazed what one man with a snapshot can do and how many people in so many different places around the world he reaches.

Already at the airport on my way home, things are different. I stand in the cue and nothing is moving. People around me are complaining. I tune in with my feelings and I feel uncomfortable. There is a tension in my stomach and the skin on my neck is tingling. I have to smile and it is ok the way it is.

Meanwhile, people behind me are looking for causes for the non-moving of the line and are still complaining. I have to smile more.

Thank you Ed and thank you my fellow workshop attendees.

I commit to setting-up my own tribe. The TTID will follow.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Sat, 22 Jul 2006


Price and Time Relationship

Dear Ed,

This is regarding the "Price, not Time is of Essence in Trading" post in the April 11-18 2005 FAQ.

Price is a time domain signal and therefore any logic that uses price has to be over a period. This means that there has to be a time component involved in a system's decision making. Even in a point and figure chart the trend is up or down based on the last n points (a point maybe a day, hour, etc.).

I would like to have your comments on this. I am from [C0untry], you got a wonderful site Ed.



When you look at a chart, you do not see time, you see marks on a page with spaces between them.




Magritte's This is not a pipe


A drawing of a pipe

is not a pipe.


Clip: http://www.vrc.iastate.edu/magritte.gif

Fri, 21 Jul 2006


Not a good day for Steven in Chicago

...this is on the Ontario Street feeder to the Kennedy expressway in downtown Chicago.

I feel sorry for any other Steven / Emily couple though who this is not.



Hi Steven,


Do I have your attention now?

I know all about her, you dirty, sneaky

immoral, unfaithful, poorly-endowed slime ball.

Everything's caught on tape.


Your (soon-to-be-ex) Wife, Emily


ps. I paid for this billboard from OUR joint bank account.

Emily and Steve are working out their drama in public.


An alternative is for them to take their issues to Tribe, untie their k-nots and get free of this drama.


When both Emily and Steve come to see their responsibility in the matter and come to support each other in experiencing their feelings, they may be able to evolve to the next level.


Otherwise, they are likely to keep repeating this drama - perhaps with new partners.


Fred is very skillful at finding you the right partner.


Fri, 21 Jul 2006



Hi Ed,

I was just on your site reading about communication
and TTP.

You are so on mark. Thank you.

I wanted to make sure you knew of this guy just in
case you did not.

You should find his ideas very beneficial to you.
Great reading and videos ...

TTP provides a way to attain some of the states that Krishnamurti describes.




Jiddu Krishnamurti


"It is the incapacity to observe that creates pain. I cannot observe if I think, function, see from a center - as when I say, 'I must have no pain, I must find out why I suffer, I must escape.' When I observe from a center, whether the center is a conclusion, an idea, hope, despair, or anything else, that observation is very restricted, very narrow, very small, and that engenders sorrow."

-- from Book of Life


Clip: http://doormann.tripod.com/krish02.jpg