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June 21 - 30, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 30 Jun 2006


She Might Not Be Open

see Longing, below

Ed Says:


Fred (or Frieda, if you prefer) is a pump and does not have an agenda to gain freedom, respect and love - and is not open for having a "relationship" with you.

You might consider taking your longings for a mate to the hot seat.

No pump thanks. As far as the longing for a mate is concerned, you're right to the point.


I have been flirting with a girl I wish to date. It happens so she might not be open for having a relationship with me. I am receptive though to whatever outcome.


With regard to the agenda, I acknowledge I have some codependent patterns in relationships. I have recovered a lot in the past two years but I am still on the path to freedom, peace and full recovery.


After all, "I" am the one who wants freedom, respect and love for myself. I owe a lot of my recovery to a special friend who gave me a lot of her attention, support and love in the past few years.


I feel like moving back to my home town so as to be near my family, near to her and other friends. I am living alone here and so I naturally wish I had a mate.

You might consider telling your friend your feelings - in this case, that you want to date her.  That is a nice compliment for her.


If sharing your feelings and / or talking to women does not come easy for you, you might consider joining or starting a Tribe.


See First Meeting, below




The Woman You Seek


might be running toward you,

waiting for you to let her know


your feelings.


Clip: http://www.trackandfieldnews.com/


Fri, 30 Jun 2006


First Tribe Meeting

Dear Ed,

I attend my first Trading Tribe meeting two days ago. Thank you for putting me in touch with [Name] and so making the process possible and available to

I enjoy the process and the men. I experience their openness and caring hearts. I feel welcome and participate easily.

The man working does so deeply.


I feel somewhat intimidated at times, thinking that at some point I too intend to share myself that deeply. During check out I express feeling intimidated and immediately feel empowered and lighter.

The following morning I wake up feeling lighter, more energetic, clearer about my direction. All this seems to come from supporting another man in his work.

I marvel at the wonder of it all and give thanks.

Another blessed day in the company of the divine. Thank You God.

Thanks Ed. Wishing you a great 4th.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Yes, reporting your feelings during check-in and check-out is a good step toward the hot seat.

Fri, 30 Jun 2006


Thanks (from my Son)

see: Curious Child, below


Dear Ed,

Thank you very much for answering my question ... it was fascinating.

You are welcome.

Thu, 29 Jun 2006


Longing for Love

Ed Says:


You can get answers to your risk and reward questions by back-testing.

You can get answers to your stomach questions on the hot seat.

A K-not in Your Stomach can interfere with following your system.

Yes. I already have a system running. I have been through a drawdown recently. My back-testing suggests it's not optimal, even though profitable. So I wish to make some adjustments in the parameters and script code before the equity curve starts gathering speed, for it's a long-term trend following system.

Then I had this doubt with regard to subsequent deposits and withdrawals. I see that the main hurdle for me in the moment is that my software doesn't have such a function as of now, even though the developers are thinking about implementing it. As the system is long term, I also don't think this is a major concern.

I see that the whole question of allowing or not for subsequent deposits and withdrawals isn't relevant, technically. I see though that's where Fred might find her playground ... She wants freedom, respect and love. And this can't be measured or tested.

I refer to "her" as, coincidentally or not, as I prepare my system and myself for this long (term) trend following journey, I also feel like engaging into a long term commitment with a beautiful girlfriend. Spiritually I am also happy and enjoying a good, peaceful relationship with God.

Fred the feeling pump is a personification of a tendency to keep replaying feelings until you are willing to experience them. 


If you are unwilling to experience a feeling you are also blind to the danger you might otherwise prevent by having the feeling on your emotional instrument panel.  Thus, you tend to attract further drama that excites the same feeling.


Extending the Fred personification, Fred, working with other Freds in the Under Fred Network sets up the dramas you need to help you experience your k-nots.


Fred has one mission: namely, to get you to experience your feelings and generate wisdom in the process.


Fred (or Frieda, if you prefer) is a pump and does not have an agenda to gain freedom, respect and love - and is not open for having a "relationship" with you.


If you are considering having a relationship with a pump, you might first consult FAQ:  Pumping Up, below.


You might consider taking your longings for a mate to the hot seat.




Soul Mates


connect on many levels.



Clip: http://www.laura-art.com/PSP/


Fri, 30 Jun 2006




Is it essential to have kids?


I do not know if it's essential for you to have children.


It is, however, essential that someone have them.



If You Want to Have a Race


you need runners.



Clip: http://www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca/~museum/


Thu, 29 Jun 2006


A Change of Heart

Hello Ed,

I notice a change in your FAQ responses. Before, I feel that sometimes you push buttons and at times almost touch the third rail of TTP ("telling off').


Now, I sense a great, receiving soul behind your responses -- responses that so often begin with "thanks for sharing your process."

Do you notice this change?

With an enormous amount of thanks, appreciation, and love,

Thank you for noticing. 


Maybe this TTP stuff actually works.




Thank You for the Note



Clip: http://www.giseis.alaska.edu/


Thu, 29 Jun 2006

TTP Flashcards Efficiency
see: TTP_Flashcards, below

Hi Ed,

I was asked by the chief to provide some insight into my comment regarding TTP Flashcard efficiency. If you would prefer a word other than efficiency (time based), perhaps efficacy might be more suitable.

First, on a micro level there is no storytelling or searching for a feeling, since you are provided a feeling via the flashcard. Also, the intention to stay on task with a single feeling is included as part of the process.

Second, you know this feeling resonates with someone else in the tribe, since they supplied the feeling at the start of the meeting.

So, if this is a feeling you are more comfortable with, you know you are providing an example for another tribe member.

Third, I found the feelings I was given to take to the hotseat were feelings I ignore due to the fact that they are either so far removed from what I regularly take to the hotseat or that I feel are less important as compared to those that I take to the hotseat.

Last, if your tribe's intention is to promote the personal growth of all members. This process may help your tribe collectively gain experience and wisdom.

Thank you for sharing how you conduct the Flashcard Process.



Thu, 29 Jun 2006


More Slippery Slopes

see Slippery Slopes - 2

First of all, the "why" question was rhetorical.


Additionally, I have found that people who object to "why" questions are:


1. rigidly authoritarian (i.e. parents who say to their kids "because I said so, that's why")


2. those with something to hide (i.e. purveyors of junk science who don't want anyone poking holes in their unsubstantiated theories)

Second of all, the only feeling all of this evokes is a mild annoyance at having someone decide FOR me and then tell me what I'm feeling. Especially when it misses the mark.

This scenario reminds me of the patient who arrives at the hospital during a power outage when no lab tests can be performed with a vague non specific complaint -- let's say, fever.


The patient is assigned specialist after specialist each of whom finds that the most likely diagnosis is one within their area of expertise.


The ENT specialist thinks the patient has sinusitis.

The cardiologist thinks it's endocarditis.

The urologist things its nephritis.

The neurologist thinks its meningitis.


Are these clinicians evil, driven by profit motives, trying to grab the patient (and his/her insurance dollars) for themselves?


No, not necessarily ... maybe they truly want to help the patient, but what they are most likely to see is what is in their narrow focus. They make the patient fit the diagnosis rather than the other way around.

Hmmm ... after carefully re-reading your letter, I am willing to revise my "diagnosis" from anger to mild annoyance.


So you might consider taking mild annoyance to the hot seat - or at least becoming mildly annoyed by my suggestion.



Mild Annoyance


Note to Receivers:


If the other person says

they feel mild annoyance


and you are absolutely positive

 it's at least irritation,

or anger, or even volcanic fury,


go with what the other person says

even if you find doing so

is mildly annoying.



Clip: http://www.truthtree.com/rat.shtml

Thu, 29 Jun 2006


The Wondering Surgeon

Dear Chief,

Two months ago I discover that I have a rare heart tumor. I choose to wait a month before my open-heart surgery.


I present to my tribe a snapshot that includes a work related commitment, a relationship challenge, a commitment to enjoy my birthday, and a commitment to significantly increase my workout practice.


By the end of the first month I accomplish the work-related commitment, struggle with the relationship challenge, greatly enjoy my birthday and fail to maintain my former workout schedule.


Using the causal model, I can blame the outcome on constant disruptions of my "good intentions".


After surgery, my surgeon informs me that a large and dangerous clot that he finds sitting on top of my tumor and removes, is an extremely dangerous formation. He expresses wonder that I am still alive.


I think that Fred knows better. I believe in positive intention! One month later my recovery astounds and delights me and my cardiologists.


Life is good!

Thank you for sharing your process.




Heart Surgery


like TTP,


is something that works better

with the help of others.



Clip: http://encarta.msn.com/media_461516409/


Thu, 29 Jun 2006


Cannot Be Present at the Open

Hi Ed,

I hope you are well. Please note that I cannot attend the opening evening of the Workshop on Friday 21st as I plan to arrive to Cambridge late on Friday evening, mainly due to work commitments / travel schedules.


I am committed to attending the workshop and look forward to actively participating on the following days. Please confirm this is fine with you.

Friday evening, we cover essential material and complete several essential exercises.


I wish to to protect the interests of the other participants, so I cannot interrupt Saturday to bring you up to speed.


All the other participants, so far, seem to have various commitments and are able to control their travel schedules to honor all of them.


You might consider taking your feelings about assuming conflicting commitments and then trying to wiggle out of them to the hot seat.






may indicate k-nots about fear.


Fear k-nots

tend to entrain to situations

involving over-commitment

and high risk.



Clip: http://www.arrakeen.ch/asia97/



Thu, 29 Jun 2006


Pumping Up Our Justice System

These guys judge people?

Story about a Judge

using an impotence pump in the courtroom:



As governments grow bigger, they tend to to grow more out of touch with the citizens and more in touch with themselves.



Impotence Vacuum Pump


A manual or electronic pump gradually withdraws the air from the cylinder, creating a vacuum and drawing blood into the penis. Once the penis is rigid, an elastic band or "tension ring" replaces the cylinder to maintain the pressure.  Warning: be sure to remove the ring after 30 minutes.


Recently, drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Uprima are having a softening effect on the vitality of pump manufacturers.


Personal note: The common nickname for Erectile Dysfunction is, "ED" so I can now say that I appear in more Viagra ads than Bob Dole.

Clip: http://www.impotence-guide.com/


Thu, 29 Jun 2006


Wants an Ad on FAQ


My name is [] and I am the affiliate manager for [Firm], LLC hosted at [URL].

I have visited your site and noticed that at
FAQ/2004_Sep/Sep_1 you link to a vendor that sells merchandise very similar to ours.

Since it looks like you've got the traffic - yet are of no competition to us - we would like to collaborate with you and your website. We'd like to invite you to join our affiliate program, and start earning cash from a similar link to us (as your customers / visitors buy gifts for their loved ones). Here is the link to the description of our affiliate program: [URL] ... your commission level can be increased as high as 14%.

Let me know if you're interested; or just go ahead and sign up with the affiliate program online. If you're not interested in the affiliate program or cannot join it on some reason, we would be happy to at least  exchange links with you. So do get back with me.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you - and working with you - at your earliest convenience.

FAQ does not endorse products.  See ground rules.

Thu, 29 Jun 2006


Kid Raising


I have a one and a half year old kid.


Sir, would you please share some of the vital aspects on kid raising. I want to learn this from a learned person like you apart from my parents.

One nice gift you can give your child is your commitment to work on yourself.



A Happy Child


is a common symptom

of evolving parents.


Clip: http://fpicn.org/j01490181.jpg

Wed, 28 Jun 2006


Grouchy Child

>In this case, you might take your feelings about wanting to control your child's behavior to your own hot seat.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the response (FAQ: Grouchy Child). I am unaware that I have a knot in controlling my child, but thanks for reflecting it to me. In any case, I just got married two months ago and am not planning to have a child any time soon :-)

My original question actually comes from an observation I have on my commute back home. I see this mother taking her four children, and the youngest girl seems very upset, uncooperative, and very grouchy.

So I start to think, if I were the mother (sounds odd as I write it, ha ha), what can I do to receive [my daughter's] act? I think about your wonderful example in "More TTP 4 kidz" (FAQ 11/13/03), where it shows how the father ties knot in his daughter, and how instead he can also validate his daughter's feelings.

It is in light of that I ponder what I'd have done in the situation with the grouchy child if I were the mother. I definitely don't want to tie knots in them or control them, like yelling at them to get them to cooperate. But I don't know how to receive or validate her feelings, when she isn't even talking or listening.

The interesting thing I notice is that - despite not talking and acting exactly the opposite of what her mother suggests, in a way the child is actually sending. Yet I don't know how to receive it if I were in that situation, so I try to seek your wisdom, which is what get me to send you my earlier email, sir.


If you were the mother and if you were to write to FAQ than I might also were to answer the question.




If Pigs Had Wings


people would buy stronger hats.




Clip: http://mariah.stonemarche.org/


Wed, 28 Jun 2006


Wants Advice on System Design

Ed, I have been doing some simulations on my system and I am not sure about one aspect: I design my system choosing a method which I feel is robust.


I test it and optimize it choosing parameters which I feel are robust enough (not too sensitive to parameters variation), and give me the best reward/risk probabilities. Then I do some portfolio simulations to assess the probabilities of drawdowns and rewards.


I determine my optimal bet fraction with my "stomach" as I assess the drawdowns, equity curve, break-even( or loss), and reward probabilities. Then I feel I have my system ready to go online.

At this point I have to decide how much I can invest and if I am going to allow myself for subsequent funds deposits and withdrawals.


Out of hunch, I feel that I would better have the system "closed" for subsequent deposits and withdrawals, i.e., I determine the probabilities of reward and risk, the time frame to run the system, how much I am going to invest and run it from start to end of the time frame period (I am thinking about at least 15 years of so).


I don't know why but I feel that this is best. What do you think?

Thank you for sharing your process.


You can get answers to your risk and reward questions by back-testing.


You can get answers to your stomach questions on the hot seat.




A K-not in Your Stomach


can interfere

with following your system.



Clip: http://www.fotosearch.com/BDX118/bxp27148/

Wed, 28 Jun 2006


Seeing the Light of Day Trading


I work on the TSP (exponential crossover system) exercise in excel.

After three days I match the trades and the equity to the penny and feel great.

I calculate the figure for ICAGR and it matches the exercise figure.

From chart inspection I find the largest draw down and calculate it and it too matches the exercise figure, this allows me to find bliss (the figure not the feeling!)

I find it hard to program excel to find the Max draw down figure, I find many parts of this exercise hard but overcome them one by one and feel happy I am making progress towards developing a trading system.

I feel now I am wasting time trying to solve this problem and seek help from someone who may choose to save me some time and help me program excel to find PDD.

I see PDD in my mind as the largest number when all subsequent values of equity are subtracted from a starting value, and each equity value is used as that starting value once.

I.e. the largest positive number of A1-A2, A1-A3, A1-A4, A1-A5, A1-A6 and so on then A2-A3, A2-A4, A2-A5 and so on. Where cell A1 is equity, A2 is equity the next day and all equity values except the last one get the chance to be the starting value.

When I have that figure I show it as a ratio of the starting number, I now know PDD and am able to find bliss again (This time the feeling!)

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

My copy of your book arrives today and I feel excited about making time to read it.

Overall I feel very positive about trading and my future and as I am busier with exercises I (day) trade my existing system less. It seems I was (day) trading for excitement and to fill time, not too make money. This explains why I was happy to trade a losing system as I was still getting what I wanted from it.

Thanks for sharing your insights, it leads me to insights of my own.

I consider if it is too late to introduce the England football team to TTP and help them win the World Cup? I feel they enjoy the drama of the competition and wonder how many of them have snapshots of them winning the final. Perhaps what they want from the experience is not what they tell themselves and the fans it is.

I’m off to take my feelings of others not doing what I want to the hot seat.

Thank you for sharing your process - and your

AHA about day trading.


Wed, 28 Jun 2006



Sir, In the question of FAQ of 26th June regarding Curious Child, it is mentioned that you have helped someone get to the decision of having kids.

My question to you, Sir, is that why should we have kids ?

FAQ does not answer "why" questions.  See Ground Rules, above.


You might consider taking your feelings about having children to the hot seat.




Parent Carrying Child


If you want to find out

about raising kids


you might try asking your parents.


Clip: http://www.neystadt.org/john/album/



Wed, 28 Jun 2006



Sir, Do you believe in astrology ?


Astrologers study the relationship of celestial bodies to events on Earth.


To believe is to put faith or trust in the validity of something.


Perhaps you see the act of believing somehow applying to the act of studying.


You might consider taking the feeling of wanting to believe in something to the hot seat.




W. C. Fields

(1880 - 1946)


Everybody has to believe in something.

I believe I'll have another drink.



Clip: http://www.nndb.com/people/256/000032160/

Wed, 28 Jun 2006


Cause and Effect & Responsibility Mix Up

Hi Ed,

Are the following statements interchangeable?


No effect can exist without a cause.

No result can exist without an intention.


Also, are guilt and blame just feelings to be experienced?


On the rare occasion when I screw up (Ha-ha), I like taking the blame (responsibility), it's cathartic. If I am cause (intention) I own up to it and learn from my experience (result).

P.S. Thanks for the best site on the Web!

You may certainly interchange any statements if you wish.


By mixing these particular statements, you are intermixing the causal and responsibility models.


If you are dealing from this mix-up,  you might then  associate blame with responsibility, cause with intention and experience with result.


Blame and guilt are artifacts of the causal model.


You might consider taking your desire to know the answers such mix-up questions to the hot seat.




Drum Machine


If like mixing differing statements

you might consider

programming a drum machine

with the sound of one hand clapping.



Tue, 27 Jun 2006


Slippery Slopes - 2

see Slippery Slopes, below

If my intention is to hurt myself, and I accomplished that - why would I then be angry?

Maybe hurting myself allows me to have time off work during the summer, or provides additional time to work on another venture, or gets me some much needed attention ... in which case, I'd be delighted, not angry.

FAQ does not answer "why" questions.  See ground rules.


Why questions ask for causal-model reasons such as posting your desire for time off and/or attention as the cause for your skiing injury.


You might consider taking your desire to find reasons and causes to the hot seat.




Rube Goldberg

(1883 - 1970)


Rube Goldberg gains fame

as a cartoonist who draws

fantasy machines

with complex causal linkages.



Clip: http://www.anl.gov/Careers/


Tue, 27 Jun 2006


Doesn't Understand

HI Ed. Mon 26th June 2006 FAQ (Curious Child) probably tells a lot. However I don't understand a bit of it. I keep reading it over and over, hopefully I get it.


Anyway thank you for responding to the FAQ on May 26th June FAQ. I thought I got a grip of my emotional instrumental panel, however my understanding is that when you got a k-not (I don't know what kind) and your drama is total destruction my understanding is that drama occurs.


It happened this morning too. But I don't get frustrated anymore. I probably just have to go to the hot seat but I wonder what feeling I should take to the hot seat. May be feeling of wanting to be totally destructed?


That's probably it. I appreciate your opinion. TTP gets confusing sometimes. By the way I got another committed member for my tribe all the sudden and we are going to have our first TTP meeting on July 13th.


Thank you for all your support. These guys all admire you very much and appreciate your sharing. Thank you for everything.

You might consider taking your feelings about not understanding it to the hot seat.

Tue, 27 Jun 2006


Causal Model and System Model

on the Slippery Slopes


Okay, I'm confused about this, but it would make a good master card ad, eh?

28 days on skis

toned abs, gluts and quads, 13 lb weight loss.

2 days on snowboards

1 probable rotator cuff tear, 1 meniscus tear, 1 arthroscopic surgery (pending).

Tape of me babbling about snow while under anesthesia


Announcer: Don't forget to bring your MASTER CARD to the surgi-center for the 20% co-payment.

So, I understand that the snowboard didn't CAUSE the injury, and the 19=year old instructor didn't CAUSE the injury (I did sign the waiver establishing this.)

Is it the SYSTEM of promoting eternal youth that entrains geezers to think they can act like kids and not suffer the consequences?

Thank you for sharing your process.


In the causal model, a waiver can, curiously, "cause" the instructor to stop being a cause.


In the causal model, wanting to be young can be a cause of your injury, as can the snowboard, your goggles, the moguls, having your mind on other things, etc.


Professional causalists such as some politicians, extortionists and petty manipulators specialize in finding ways to link things together in cause-effect chains. 


They generally try to make people feel guilty in hopes they can extract something from the "guilty" party in exchange for absolution.


You can generally stop a petty-manipulator by stating, "Thank you for helping me feel guilty - I rather like the feeling."


In the system-responsibility model, your intention = result = hurting yourself.


In the SR model you are not to blame, nor is anyone else or anything else.  Blame and guilt do not support the SR model. 


Blame and guilt rest on the notion of cause.  If cause disappears, so do blame and guilt - and so does the basis for the corrupt aspects of our legal-political system.


You likely have feelings about your incident, perhaps anger.  You might consider taking your feelings to the hot seat.




Angry Wound


If you are willing to experience anger,


it becomes an ally

and helps you set boundaries

such as how much risk to assume

while skiing,

or trading,

or just hanging out.


If you are unwilling to experience anger


Fred has a way

of entraining you in dramas

that assists you

in experiencing your anger

and any other feelings

you might have in k-nots.



Clip: http://www.highway60.com/mark/


Tue, 27 Jun 2006


TTP Flashcards

see references, below: 1 2

Hi Ed,

I'm unsure about the usage of the TTP flashcards, how we can artificially experience a feeling, and how that can extend the TTP work.

Say I consider "hunger" as a negative feeling. I don't like it when I feel hungry, so I put it on the card. Someone draws the card, and now he has to experience hunger on the hot seat.

He doesn't have a k-not in hunger, and he is willing to experience hunger and use it as a signal that his body needs food. Moreover, say he has just had a full dinner? And now he has to feel make himself experience hunger from a full stomach? Even suppose that he can somehow fool his mind to believe that he is indeed hungry, so what? How is it untying knots when there isn't a knot in the first place? Or in general, how is experiencing other people's knots - which is what this exercise seems to be about - complement TTP?

"One member states that this is very efficient."

I wonder what is very efficient and in what sense.


TTP is largely empirical.  It evolves by experimentation, by trial and error and by accident.


The experiences that people report to FAQ help motivate others to apply TTP in their own lives.


Occasionally someone comes up with a clever idea or an extension of the process and sends it in to FAQ so people can experiment with it.


You might be able to find out more about the Flashcard Process by trying it out.


Let me know what you learn.

Tue, 27 Jun 2006


Grouchy Child

Hi Ed,

How do you receive a grouchy 4-year-old child?


She is clearly upset and grumbling.


She sits far away from her mother as a kind of protest. When her mother invites her to come sit next to her, she turns her head and pretends she does not hear.


So to validate her feeling, does one just "go with her game" and keep ignoring her?


After all, that is the feeling she is creating a drama to experience, correct?


If so, then how does one even "crank it up"?



Thank you for sharing your process.


I am unclear to whom you refer with some of your uses of her and she.


TTP is not a tool to change other people - or to subject them to process without invitation.


In public, receiving another person (active listening) usually strengthens the relationship, while attempts to manage process ("OK, great, crank it up.") usually offend.


If you want to use TTP to control others or intervene in their lives without invitation, you might consider taking your own issues about wanting to do so to the hot seat.




Petulant Children


are generally signaling,

with their naughtiness,


that their parents have k-nots,

about trying to control others.



CLip: http://www.fotosearch.com/


Mon, 26 Jun 2006


Curious Child

Hi Ed!!

How are you, my friend??


I hope all is well up in the mountains.

Not much new to report here, but we are all doing well this summer ... lots of swimming and hanging out together. We are so glad you helped us get to the decision to have kids! It is truly a life changing experience.

Do you have any plans to come down this way? If so, give us and ring, so we can hook up.

My son has a question to which I think you may know the answer. " how fast does the electrical signal travel from my brain to a part of my body to make it move?"

Thanks much.

I am glad you are busy being great parents and bringing up insatiably curious kids.


My favorite questions seem to come from children, of all ages.




To my young friend:


Your brain sends signals to your muscles through pathways of tiny neurons, with a combination of electrical and chemical reactions.


These signals travel along the neuron pathways at a speed of anywhere from 1 to 120 meters per second.


Your response time depends on which brain you use.  You actually have several brains, including a small fast brain and a large slow one.


Your Cerebellum (Latin for little brain) helps you do things quickly, by reflex, like moving your hand when you touch something hot, or contracting  your irises when you flip on the lights or balancing on your bicycle.


Your Frontal Lobe is your larger "thinking brain."  This one is slower and it helps you with reading and writing and arithmetic and with figuring things out.


When your hand touches something hot, stopping to think things out with your Frontal Lobe is not such a "hot" idea.  It's way too slow. Your Cerebellum gets your hand safely away before you even know about it with your Frontal Lobe.


When you first try to ride a bicycle, you use your Frontal Lobe. You try to think about everything you are doing, and you fall off your bicycle a  lot. 


After a while, you train your Cerebellum and you "get the feel of it."  Then you can ride your bicycle without thinking about it very much at all.


By the way, the same thing goes for skateboarding, skiing, and in my own son's case, kite surfing.




Some Parts of The Brain



To find out how fast your brain works, you can try this experiment:


Have your dad hold a ruler by one end so it hangs down about half way between your thumb and index finger. 


Without telling you, he drops the ruler and you try to catch it by pinching your fingers together.  Do this a few times to find out how far the ruler falls before you can catch it.


This distance is your "reaction distance."


Now, with a little math1, and maybe your dad's help, you can use your reaction distance and your Frontal Lobe to figure out your reaction time.


Your reaction time tells you how fast your fingers can respond to what you see with your eyes.


Your reaction time is a very important factor to remember when you are driving a car.  Safe drivers keep a lot of distance between them and the car in front, in case of emergency.


1. Math Note:

gravitational acceleration = 32 ft. / sec. / sec.

distance from rest = 1/2 * a * t2

so time = sqrt ( 2 * s / 32), in feet and seconds


So, for a 6-inch drop,

time = sqrt ( 2 * .5 / 32)

       = about a fifth of one second.


Clip: http://ww2.heartandstroke.ca/



More Information on Neurons: http://www.people.eku.edu/


Mon, 26 Jun 2006


re: Programming

Ed says: Associates have access to the Trading Tribe Growth Engine - a software resource for back testing and optimizing trading systems.

You might consider taking your feeling or overwhelm to the hot seat.

Yes. Actually I don't find it reasonable to go through the whole programming learning curve myself, as there are many good, flexible scripts and software out there.

Yes, I do have to take this feeling of overwhelm to the hotseat.

I have been encountering it many times, not only in programming but in a lot of tasks and projects, and in relationships.


Mon, 26 Jun 2006





I programmed and run my system using a third party software with built-in script language.


Sometimes I feel like learning programming so as to write my own proprietary software. I think that C# might be a good choice and I have the necessary learning resources.


However, I feel overwhelmed at beginning the task of learning programming so as to write a windows trading software, capable of displaying charts, handling data files, doing portfolio simulation, issuing alerts, money management and portfolio back testing.


Do you write your own software? Which language do you use?

Associates have access to the Trading Tribe Growth Engine - a software resource for back testing and optimizing trading systems.


You might consider taking your feeling of overwhelm to the hot seat.




The Feeling of Overwhelm


in a k-not,

can attract frustration drama.


On your emotional instrument panel

it can help you avoid

the same kind of drama.



Clip: http://www.nevrona.com/portals/


Mon, 26 Jun 2006


Avoiding Using

Weapons of Self Destruction

HI Ed.

Hope you are well. The recent tribe meeting experience have been unbelievable.


Deep AHA's and significant improvement in trading. I focused hard on experiencing Frustration, Why Me and little bit of Should I ?.


I thank you for your observation wholeheartedly. At the last meeting I have refined my snapshots and working hard on the right livelihood. Interesting development have occurred and decided to share this with FAQ.


My recent snapshots on Right livelihood is to partnership up with my business associate who is extremely successful businessman. We have been talking for a while to be partner for our financial advisory LLC.


The situation evolves into exactly as my snapshots except the outcome experiences a set back. That is my friend wanted to check the company that I established 3 years ago to see if its properly filed or missing any documentation and further investigate the liability aspects of the business.


I was fascinated by his view because I never thought of doing that. He explained to me the importance of the issue and I waited for the result. Turn out this LLC was dissolved two month ago for non-filing and non-payment of some kind of fees that I did not exists.


Plus I was not correctly understanding the solicitation filing and regulation for this matter. Basically I was setting up for a total disaster and destruction.

Thank God I got only one customer. So we are starting all over correctly this time which I am extremely thankful of.


Going back to trading I no longer engage in frustration drama. However I notice that partial self sabotage, self destruction occurred this morning. So I sit back and investigate my drama for a while and I feel that my Total Destruction/Self Sabotage drama occurs in medium waves and quietly preparing for the Big Ones especially when things are going well.

It occurs in trading and real life to make sure it is satisfied ultimately. While I am writing this I am trying to figure out what the feeling I should take it to the Hot Seat. I feel it would be a breakthrough to take care of this K-not.


However I feel my conscious is being extremely cunning to avoid this issue. I would appreciate your observation from bottom of my heart. I thank you for your contribution and sincerity.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You now seem to be detecting and avoiding dramas - rather than attracting and living them.




The Feeling of Frustration


in a k-not,

can attract frustration drama.


On your emotional instrument panel

it can help you avoid

the same kind of drama.



Clip:  http://www.crystalinks.com/



Sun, 25 Jun 2006


Oldie and Goodie


I am reading all the back-postings of FAQ. I celebrate your Sun, 17 Oct 2004: TTP in the News.

I dream of such things, amazing things, happening as we get 100 tribes up and running. See 100-th monkey.

Until then, it's just more washing potatoes, celebrating the way it is right


Sun, 25 Jun 2006


FAQ Poem

Ed’s Tribe

I thought I could do it all myself,
Aha, aha;
But my Fred was my little elf,
Aha, aha;
Then I saw Ed and Easan sing their song,
Aha, aha;
And I realized I could achieve more wealth,
Aha, aha;

Ed said you need to show a willingness to commit,
Aha, aha;
K-nots prevented me from seeing it,
Aha, aha;
If my intentions equals my results,
Aha, aha;
Then my dramas were my insults,
Aha, aha;

Bottled feelings began to percolate,
Aha, aha;
Tribe members encouraged me to relentlessly validate,
Aha, aha;
Forms which made Linda Blair look normal,
Aha, aha;
Allowed me to be less hormonal,
Aha, aha;

The tribe’s encouragement means a lot,
Aha, aha;
Hot seats burn away those knots,
Aha, aha;
Judges are found and dismissed,
Aha, aha;
The processor helps you achieve bliss,
Aha, aha;

Snapshots help tribe members focus,
Aha, aha;
Intentions equals results is more than hocus pocus,
Aha, aha;
Happy families say “Good Job” to Ed,
Aha, aha;
Sons and daughters are way ahead,
Aha, aha.

Thank you for sharing some fruit from your  poet-tree.

Sun, 25 Jun 2006


Flash Cards - 2


I thank you for your suggestion

re: Flash Cards,  FAQ 24 Jun 2006


Chief Ed writes: "...You might consider writing down "positive" feelings as well - some people, particularly workaholic types, might have more trouble showing forms of happiness and excitement than forms of fear and anger ..."

I thank you for your suggestion. There are so many emotions therefore I also consider how to prioritize which ones we do at the meeting. I believe because of our collective intention to feel our feelings and work toward right livelihood we clarify and make efficient the process extension.

In the TTP flashcard process, 25% of other members' "negative" emotions I feel are "positive" emotions for me. I feel that when I am on the hotseat with this member's card, he cognitively does not recognize my (animated, smiling) forms as corresponding to his "negative" emotion. I have a hunch that his subconscious might be "feeling?" the judge that he associates with that emotion.

"...The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep ..."

-Robert Frost









Robert Frost

(March 26, 1874 - December 23, 1962)



"Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"

November 1, 1950



Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-- Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom.
--Robert Frost


Clip: http://img.timeinc.net/time/magazine/



Quotations: http://www.quotationspage.com/


Sat, 24 Jun 2006


Trading Tribe Associates

Congratulations Ed on launching such innovative project as the Trading Tribe Associates. I have already applied for membership and I feel enthusiastic about it.

See TT Associates link, above.

Sat, 24 Jun 2006

Associate Program 

My partner and I would like to become a part of your associate program.


Although, we have a few questions which will hopefully help others in determining their interest in this program as well.


Due to certain constraints we are currently using Excel as our mode to backtest/trade our system. Yes it's archaic, but it works for us - for now.


My question is, given the size of the file, what would be the best method to send our model to you? Secondly, to what extent are the parameters of each system published/released?


We agree with the premise that our rules could be published in the wall st journal (circa Richard Dennis - Market Wizards) due to the discipline needed to follow your system, but we were just curious.


We are both looking forward to participating in this program. Thanks.


See TT Associates link, above.

Sat, 24 Jun 2006




People have to be:

Strong enough to be weak
Successful enough to fail
Busy enough to take time
Wise enough to say, “I don’t know.”
Serious enough to laugh
Rich enough to be poor
Right enough to say “I’m wrong”
Compassionate enough to discipline
Conservative enough to give freely
Mature enough to be childlike
Righteous enough to be a sinner
Important enough to be last
Courageous enough to fear God
Planned enough to be spontaneous
Controlled enough to be flexible
Free enough to endure captivity
Knowledgeable enough to ask questions
Great enough to be anonymous
Responsible enough to play
Assured enough to be rejected
Stable enough to cry
Victorious enough to lose
Industrious enough to relax
Leading enough to serve.

Source: http://www.wfa.org/newsletter/




Willingness to experience a form empowers you to experience it's opposite as well.





Sat, 24 Jun 2006


Wants Advice

Dear Ed,

I need recommendations on the best options for getting started.

Which is the best program to use to chart stock movements and then to put pricing data into to test my system?


FAQ does not recommend products.  See Ground Rules, above.


You might consider taking your feelings of needing recommendations from others to the hot seat.



Free Advice About The Markets


usually isn't.



Clip: http://www.leicesterstudent.org/system/


Sat, 24 Jun 2006


Responding to Demands

Hi Ed,

I take the hot seat with an issue revolving around my response to demands made by others. I seem to submit to these demands, even if it is not in my best interest.


After providing a few examples I recall one of these examples and experience the feelings that arise. My process manager directs me as my receivers encourage me by drumming.


I ask him to pelt me with the question "Why do you want to do that?" to trigger more emotions. As the process continues an aha emerges: When I hear a demand I need to just be quiet a moment to get my bearings and understand the situation, then respond accordingly.

Earlier in the evening I present a snapshot of me managing my own fund. This represents I have no idea how to attain this snapshot, but a fellow tribe member works for a fund. In the hotseat my process manager has him role play a prospective customer. I discover several questions I had not considered that a client might ask. My journey continues.

Thanks, Ed.

Thank you for sharing your process.



When People Interact by Demands


both parties, likely,


carry k-nots.



Clip: http://www.cncr04s.com/stewie/


Sat, 24 Jun 2006


No Title


Your Chart Server page does not have a title.

Thank you for the catch.

Sat, 24 Jun 2006


Advice on Tantrums - From an Expert

(from an email newsletterl)

Have a Defiant Child Problem? Get Your Child to Behave with this  Simple Step-by-Step Action Plan

This tip has been proven time and again to work and can make your burden as a parent easier.

The Tantrum Technique: The next time your child throws a tantrum, escort your child to a place that you have made tantrum proof and encourage him to continue his tantrum.

The reason this technique works is that many times children act out in order to irritate their parents.


This gives them a feeling of control.


By showing that this behavior doesn’t bother you, it takes away a lot of the incentive for your child to act this way.


However, when you employ these techniques you have to do them in such a way that that it comes across that their behavior really doesn’t bother you.


Make sure that you execute them lightheartedly and with happiness. Your child should not detect any spitefulness from you.


from: www.addadhdadvances.com

If you use artifice to manipulate your child out of his feelings, you tie his feelings in k-nots.


This procedure is consistent with your intention of "making your burden as a parent easier."  Another way to achieve your goal is to put your child up for adoption.


If you wish to "grow a healthy child," you might consider treating your child with honesty and respect - and taking your feelings about children being a burden to the hot seat as an entry point.




Parents Who Have Anger K-nots


tend to pass them on to their kids.


Some parents with k-nots

even set up businesses

to advise other parents

how to tie children

in k-nots.



Clip: http://vanderbiltowc.wellsource.com/


Sat, 24 Jun 2006


TTP Flash Cards / Tribe Meeting Report

After drumming and check-in, each member writes down 2 "negative (pre-TTP)" feelings (one on each of 2 flashcards).

Then taking turns, each member takes the top card from the stack of cards and if it is not one of his, feels that feeling on the hotseat.

Without process management and without telling (or guessing) what is on the card (no storytelling) the other members create a field of acknowledgement.


I feel annoyed (an entry pt.) when some members reveal the words on the cards after their hotseat. By elimination, I am able to figure out when a member picks my cards (the last 2 of the stack).

As a receiver I feel much "energy" and sensations in my body. When a sender picks one of my "negative" emotions, as a receiver, I feel very strong emotions, closeness to the tribe, and sensations in the center of my chest. We try to work to the "joy point."

As a sender, I feel my emotions and I display strong forms. Afterwards and still now, I feel content and overall joy of accomplishment.

I confidently know and feel that I am not "stuck" anymore.

We do 2 rounds of this.

One member states that this is very efficient.

Thank you!

Very nice process ! 


Thank you for sharing a very creative extension of the work.


You might consider writing down "positive" feelings as well - some people, particularly workaholic types, might have more trouble showing forms of happiness and excitement than forms of fear and anger.





Forms You Might See


in Tribe Meetings




Forms You Might See


from some popular

adult male role models









Fri, 23 Jun 2006





I feel a stinging pain sensation in my rear from being ‘kicked up the bum’ in FAQs. (see: Workshop for Mom )

I order the Trading Tribe book.

I download FTSE 100 OHLC data since 1984 in excel.

I put off doing both of these for a long time but smile when I do them.

I pass on details of www.seykota.com  to my mother to make her own mind up.

I feel warm, content and confident knowing these conscious intentions manifest themselves in results.

I take steps towards my snapshot.

Thanks for the "kick up the bum."




Sometimes a Kick-Start


is the first step.


Clip: http://www.activemeditation.com/



Thu, 22 Jun 2006


Hitting a New New High

Hello Ed.

I hope you don't mind if I call you Ed. I decided attend [City] tribe again and we had a excellent snapshot / TTP session.


I must say it took courage for me to share the snapshot process to other members the way I experienced in Incline Village, however the alternative that you mentioned on 6/14/06 FAQ: Frustration does not sound appealing.


The [City] tribe started to hit a new high after a brief draw down. Its been three days after the session and the AHA's are unbelievable. I thank you again for sharing this process to the public.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Thu, 22 Jun 2006


AT&T Changes Privacy Policy

They Now Own All Your Personal Data

I swear it wasn't 1984 last time I looked at the calendar.


Apparently, it's closer to 1984 than I thought it was. I may actually have to stop using the Internet at some point.

This really sucks. Your personal data is no longer yours. It's Big Brother's:

Article: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/


"Big Brother" is a euphemism, part of the double-speak that characterizes run-away government.


One antidote for double-speak: SVO-p (S-ubject, V-erb, O-bject - present tense).


You might consider taking your feelings about big government to your Tribe as an entry point.




George Orwell

(June 25, 1903 - January 21, 1950)


writes Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four


"[I wish to] escape from ... every form

of man's dominion over man."


-- from George Orwell's

 The Road to Wigan Pier (1937)





Nineteen Eighty-Four


"On each landing, opposite the lift shaft,

the poster with the enormous face

gazed down from the wall.


It was one of these pictures

which are so contrived

that the eyes follow you about

when you move.



the caption beneath ran."





Big Brother is Watching You


is double speak for this.





Big Brother is Watching You


is SVO-p for this.




Clips and Information:











Thu, 22 Jun 2006


Reading Requirement

Is it necessary for me to read the book first as I am considering attending the Workshop.

I rewrite your question in SVO-p and get:

I am thinking about attending. I wonder if [Name] requires me to read the book.

I support you in thinking.  [Name] is indefinite.  I gather that you believe the act of you thinking authorizes [Name] to tell you what to do.


You might consider taking your feelings about seeking permission, obeying orders and authority to your Tribe as entry points.




To Learn How to Tie Knots

get Ashley's


To learn how to untie them

get The Trading Tribe.


Clip: http://inter.multikulti.ru/offers/


Thu, 22 Jun 2006


Associates Program and

Workshop for Mom

I read about the Associates project and forward it to my Mom who has been the biggest support for me during six years of trading. She has been my receiver.

Her first comment is "That is exactly what you’ve always said you needed, like minded people to support each other and help you stick to your own rules."

She is right, I often think of a network exactly as you set up as part of what I need to succeed, and to help others to succeed. Thanks for your work in setting up the scheme.

I have some questions:

I wish to buy your book; FedEx website shows a cost from Zip 89452 to my House in the UK of $53. Does this sound correct from your experience. I don’t wish to over or under pay but if this covers it I will order it, adding this on to the purchase price.

The system I run now is intra day, are Associates expected to trade end of day systems?

I wish to trade an end of day system a part of my account and am finding it tough to find end of day data for the FTSE 100. I don’t have back testing software and enjoy testing in excel as I feel I learn more about the system and indicators, my completion of TSP in that format gave me the confidence to stick to a system. I appreciate FAQ will not endorse commercial entities but I need a spreadsheet of high, low, close data for the FTSE 100 similar to that used in the TSP, can you help?

My Mother is familiar with NLP, has some coaching training and has a strong belief of working on her self and helping others.


She is a retired teacher and looking to learn more about coaching for her own progress after attending some coaching and mentoring courses. She has no experience or interest in trading. Do you feel she would benefit from the Cambridge Workshop as a non-trader? I understand TTP runs deeper than the financial markets but am wary of encouraging her to go if a lot of it would be meaningless for her.

I have an idea related to my question 3. I think it would be good if your site could sell end-of-day data spreadsheets to help the associates. I feel it would keep people on track with good back testing and might generate a little income for a charity of the vendors choosing.

USPS Air Mail works fine to the UK and saves you $53.


I have no expectations for Associates' systems - as long as they can show method and good back tests.  My experience with day-trading is that is does not work in back tests and also does not work in actual trading and certainly does not work for large accounts.


Most data vendors are able to provide daily data and historical daily data in various formats, including CVS that you can use to feed your spreadsheet.


The Associates Program furnishes data, charts and trading templates with trading signals to traders on a daily basis and also follows up to assure the traders are following their systems.


In case the trader receives a positive variation report, we get busy and support the trader in improving his system and / or improving his ability to stick to it.


The value of the workshop to your mother depends mostly on her willingness to experience her feelings, hardly at all on her trading or non-trading history. 


TTP tends to support the practice of NLP and NLP practitioners tend to have a high degree of skill at reading forms.


If your mother is considering attending the Workshop, she can read about TTP on this site, about the Workshop at the link above.


You might consider taking your tendency to act as your mother's agent to your Tribe as an entry point and / or attending the Workshop together with your mother.




Umbilical Cord with Knot


Unwillingness to let go

can interfere with forming

other close relationships


in your personal life

and in your trading.



Clip: http://www-medlib.med.utah.edu/


Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Wants a Recommendation


Is there any software you might recommend that can help me back test a system. I basically trade by manually reading charts and/or the tape intraday . I have several methods to make money. I have been doing this since I was 18 and I am 38 now. I have only done programming at my old University 16 years ago.

FAQ does not recommend products. See Ground Rules, above.

Wed, 21 Jun 2006


Wants Clarification About

Zero Point and Joy Point

Dear Ed,

I am writing regarding the FAQ on 6/20 (Attaining the Joy Point). Somehow it sounds like the PM is "leading" the sender, that he suggests to the sender to add a form (smile) which may or may not be coherent to the sender's forms.


It also sounds more and more like NLP where we try to replace/merge a "negative/painful" feeling with a "positive/joyful" one, instead of simply going through the feeling that the sender perceives to be painful.


For example, if the sender is crying, then isn't experiencing the form fully would be to cry it out loud, cry from the bottom of the lung, and cry as much as he can/wants - and at some point during the crying, he may actually enjoy it?


If we place a "goal" to the sender, namely, to merge a smile into his "painful" form, aren't we derailing his process?

I also notice a subtle difference between this version and some sessions at previous workshops. I recall from previous workshops that you encourage the sender to enjoy the feeling by suggesting that "Try the idea that you may actually enjoy this feeling."


Whereas, in the example here, it sounds more like "Enjoy this feeling now. If you cannot enjoy it, get off the hot seat."

Also, regarding the FAQ on 6/20 (The Joy Point), if the Zero Point means the sender is already peaceful and bliss (as in the Glossary), doesn't that already suggest he is willing to enjoy the form?


In other words, how can one be peaceful and bliss yet unwilling to enjoy a form? It sounds to me that what we previously refer to as the Zero Point is now the Joy Point, and the Zero Point now is more like a Zero-Point-One Point where the sender is willing to experience but not at bliss. Can you please include the Joy Point in the Glossary so that we can have a better understanding?

Thank you Ed, I appreciate your teaching.

The Joy Point is a little past the Zero Point. 


If you get to the Joy point, you can settle back to Zero. 


If you stop when you think you are at Zero, you might be, like a calculus equation, approaching Zero asymptotically, never reaching it.


To experience how this works, you might consider taking your feeling of wanting certainty to your tribe as an entry point.  Try taking the feeling to the Zero Point and to the Joy Point.  Let me know what you find out.




Zero Point




Joy Point