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March 21 - 31, 2006


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 31 Mar 2006



Hi Ed!

Here is the new format tribe directory listing for Austin.

We are having great results here, and our membership is continually increasing.

Keep up the good work in Incline Village.


I feel like the Incline Tribe supports us via the Under Fred Network in some magical ways that defy standard communication channels.

Geography is no barrier when intention is clear.





Communication is Immediate

and typically transcends understanding.





The Essence of Communication

 is Usually the Form ...





... Rarely the Content.













Fri, 31 Mar 2006



Hi Ed, I feel like I have so many knots tied so tightly (likely due to the way I was raised) that I do not know where to begin.


I feel like I have so many emotions twisted and bottled up inside me. It is painful.


I feel and think that my “family” looks down on me and criticizes everything I do. I know I am a good person. But I only have 1 family right now. They make me feel so awful I just want to trade so I don’t have to be around there negativity. This reality causes me great pain and sadness.


I feel embarrassed ashamed and vulnerable to show these feelings to anyone. I have lost 90% of my equity due to overtrading, and not sticking to my original systematic plan (which would have been profitable).


I have stopped trading at present. How do I untie the knots? I have so much rage I am afraid to let it out around anyone. I also often think my emotions are irrelevant. Which is probably just an excuse for tying more knots. I also seam to be doing things which I know are destructive (overtrading and frequent drug use).


I also do things which are constructive in reality but are destructive emotionally (being distant from people around me).

This is probably what you would call a drama. In reality no one can help me but me. I guess I just wanted to let my feelings out to someone who might understand.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Thank you for the resource section on your website. I appreciated the information on risk management and EMA crossover systems.

How do I untie the many twisted knots?

A property of K-nots is that you cannot untie them yourself - it takes a Tribe to untie a K-not.




A Marlinespike and Knife


can help you untie knots in ropes.



The ropes cannot untie

their own knots

by themselves


and neither can you.



Notes: To marl is to wrap a small line (the marline) around a larger line, typically to prevent fraying.  A sailor uses a marlinespike to work the strands of a rope.


Clip: http://www.woodenboat.org/media/


Fri, 31 Mar 2006




Ed Says:
Notice to Tribe Leaders
It's Time to Renew Your Listing
New Format for the Tribe Directory

As of this writing the above statement has no link associated with it, neither did it link to anything last night. Not finding a link and seeing no mention of renewal or new format for the tribe directory. I emailed you information about our tribe. I thought this a reasonable thing to do since you had not published guidelines for the new format in any obvious place.

You replied in FAQ with the following:

You might consider taking your feelings about following directions, compliance, discipline and obeying rules to your Tribe as an entry point.

I thought your response a bit snide, but it led me to think I may have missed something. I had sent the information late Wednesday evening after returning home from one of the most extraordinary tribe meetings in which I have yet participated and had felt a bit tired, energized, and lightheaded all at once at the time.

I thought about it and managed to decipher your intention that we go to the Directory page.


The word document that opens describes your new rules, but the links to MS_Word files don't work on my browser.


Please find attached TID document.

[City; Name; Email; # of members; meeting frequency]

TID's now appear as plain text files (.txt) that open more easily on most browsers.


Your TID still does not conform to the specifications.


See Tribe Directory.



Thu, 30 Mar 2006


Bohm-ian Twist


Ed says: "TTP practitioners notice that when we get an AHA about some issue, other people central to our dramas, who are not present at the meeting, seem to have their own resonant epiphanies.

The Bohm-ian twist is that all these AHA's seem to occur simultaneously."

Nice to notice experiencing our feelings is the best gift we could give to the world. The experience is the gift, not the willingness.

When you experience your feelings, you advance yourself (and everyone else, by association) toward Right Livelihood. 


The willingness enables the experience.


Both are gifts to yourself and to others.




The Gift is the Present


Staying present in the present

is a gift.



Clip: http://sergecar.club.fr/Dessins/


Thu, 30 Mar 2006



Hi Ed,

I am interested in attending your Breathwork weekend in August. I attended your November 2004 workshop.

As I continue to gain experience in trading and in life I find the observations and teachings contained in your FAQ's have more and more significance to me.


Subtle effects I might not have even consciously noticed in the past are more easily identified and addressed because I am aware of the influence of feelings

Thanks Ed,

P.S. I recommend you see the Neil Young movie "Heart of Gold" It is a documentary. Days before he was to undergo surgery for a brain aneurysm, he wrote flurry of songs and recorded this acoustic concert in Nashville As an anthem leader for civil rights and against the Vietnam war. Young is a warrior, and in this movie, he faces the end of life with some very reflective, moving songs.

Incline Breathwork is a once-in-a-while meeting for Workshop Graduates, Tribe Leaders and others who are actively developing and extending the work.


We meet to explore strong winds that blow lonely, and other emotions as well.




Neil Young - Woodstock


Four Strong Winds

by Ian Tyson


(Neil Young's Favorite Song)

Four strong winds that blow lonely,

Seven seas that run high,
All these things that don't change,

Come what may.

But our good times are all gone,
And I'm bound for moving on.
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way.

Think I'll go out to Alberta,
Weather's good there in the fall.
Got some friends that I can go to

working for,

Still I wish you'd change your mind
If I asked you one more time,
But we've been through that

a hundred times or more.

If I get there before the snow flies,
And if things are going good,
You could meet me

if I send you down the fare.

But if you wait until it's winter,
It will be no good
'Cause that wind sure can blow

way out there.



Clip: http://www.woodstock69.com/


Thu, 30 Mar 2006



This is the culmination of several hot seats over
several months without reporting feedback. I have been procrastinating.

What is the feeling of procrastination? The feeling is a contraction of the upper chest and throat that cuts off my air supply, procrastination. It is the feeling of choking in the literal and figurative sense.

I have had several spurts being successful in my life in many areas only to ultimately choke, in the figurative sense, and not allow myself to become successful beyond comprehension. There has always been a barrier which I have been unable to get through and I hated it. I have had no idea what it was until now.

When I take the hot seat I sit on the carpet and spread my legs and stretch forward grabbing the carpet pulling myself down into a deeper stretch while tucking my chin into my chest. The further I stretch and the further I tuck my chin the less I can breathe.

It feels like someone has their hand on my neck and
the more I lean into it the more it chokes me. It is
not squeezing, it is just stopping me from going
further, thus when I lean into it I am choking myself.

I engage in the form a few more times and I do find a point that when I get to far and it squeezes and I let go and come back out of the stretch gasping for air.

I start to see images of my childhood where I experienced rejection with friends. I go again and get into the stretch and I go deeper this time seeing a time where many of my friends rejected me for a period of months, but I still can't see everything clearly. I know that I am not going all the way and that I am not wanting to look at something and I don't know what it is.


I am seeing some black spots and I can see glimpses of other things going on but they are not clear images. I go again and get even deeper and right before I let go I see my parents. Again, I only see a glimpse of them and I still know there is more in there as it is still not clear.

The process manager asks if someone is rejecting me right now? I think about it and respond that my parents are rejecting me. He then asks how that makes me feel and I say sad.

I then start feeling tears come up and move into a position where I wrap my arms around my knees and tuck my head down where no one can see it. The tribe encourages me to go with it and I move into squeezing my arms around my knees and tucking my head into my chest cutting off my air supply and I get into the same images that I was seeing before. It is becoming clear to me now. I am allowing people to control me and not allowing myself to succeed. If I start to succeed too much they take something away from me and then I choke. Then they seem to feel bad and give it back.

I realize that I have  been unwilling to experience choking in both the literal and figurative sense, yet I keep finding myself ultimately doing it. I have succeeded wildly at times only to mean revert back to some sort of failure point. I also notice when the mean reversion happens I get all sorts of support from my ex-girlfriends and family. They do all sorts of things to comfort me and get close to me.

I get back into the process and squeeze my knees even tighter and tuck my chin more and this time I go all the way and fully experience the feeling of choking.

At the very end right as I want to let go I notice that I break form, again literally and figuratively, as my head comes up and my body starts to shake as my face turns purple and I go past the point of no oxygen and get to a place where I seem have more air and everything opens up and gets brighter. I see almost a bright white light as I can't see anything in particular. I have broken through the barrier and allowed whatever was in my chest and throat to come up and out and mysteriously I have more air, yet I have not taken a breath and do not feel like I am choking anymore.

I realize the only way for  me to get to this point is to be willing to choke and go with the feeling as it comes up and out. Once it passes through I feel an extreme sense of euphoria and release, the zero point.

I finally realize that I am in full control and I have been holding something back, myself, and I have been attracting people into my life to help me choke myself.


I am not holding anything back anymore nor am I engaging in relationships with people that want to help me hold myself back. I am willing to experience the choking feeling and willing to release people that want to help me choke myself and it is ok.

Thank you for sharing your process, your intensity and your willingness to push through your issues and achieve freedom.




Experiencing Suffocation ...




... Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air










Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Breaking Out


Nikkei 225 Breaking Out





Breaking Out






Thu, 30 Mar 2006


Incline Village Meeting

Snapshot Commitments

Dear Ed:

Enclosed is my snap shot, signed letter from personal trainer, pictures, and work out log. Also, enclosed is the signature page of my partnership contract.


I'm flying to Mexico City later today. I feel sad that I will not be with you all. Ed, what you have shared with me and the rest of the tribe has transformed my life. THANK YOU!




Thank you for sharing your process and for keeping your agreements.

Thu, 30 Mar 2006


The Limits

Ed says: The choice of what components to include in a model depends upon the purpose of the model and the level of aggregation. For example: A driver's model of his car generally ignores the interplay of pistons, valves and cams in the engine. A mechanic, however, may find these to be key elements in understanding how the engine operates, although he may ignore the elastic properties of steel. A materials design engineer, however, may consider how the individual molecules behave under various conditions of pressure and temperature."

It's an exhilarating experience to notice most phenomena in life are in fact open systems exchanging information with their environments.

I feel and clearly see the source of futility at the attempt to understand systems mechanistically.

What an unbounded admiration I have for the structure of the world. What a humbling experience.

I also notice the limits of any principle at attempting to describe any system. Science and reason can only reveal some of it.

"Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mold without being caged in it. Obey the principle without being bound by it.  -- Bruce Lee

Thank you for sharing yourself so freely with the world.




The Irresponsibility Model


No single raindrop

believes itself responsible

for the flood.


Clip: http://www.posters-artprints-


Thu, 30 Mar 2006


Following the Rules


The [City] Tribe continues to meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM ... We have 10 active members, two of which also attend [Another] Tribe.

You might consider taking your feelings about following directions, compliance, discipline and obeying rules to your Tribe as an entry point.


Meanwhile, you may consider the notice to the left to be your new listing.






can support you in staying on the path.


K-nots about rules

can attract compliance dramas.



Clip: http://www.gov.calgary.ab.ca/


Wed, 29 Mar 2006


Wants to Publish a Second Edition

Hi Ed,

We're about to release a second edition to Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom. The first edition sold about 50,000 copies and my guess is that a second edition will do just as well. It seems to be a timeless book.

I've always respected the work you've been doing with traders and thought of you as one of the three people who taught me the most about position sizing (which at the time was called money management).


As a result, I'd like to include a very short interview with you (perhaps 1000 words) on the concept of market's money which was not mentioned in the first edition. [My Assistant] already sent them to you, but I've attached them just in case you didn't get them.

I'd be happy to include a reference to your website and have you put it on your website at the same time the book comes up.

However, the book is due May 1st (for a November publication), so I'd need your answers back within the next 10 days or so if you're willing to do it.

Hope you are doing well.

All the best,

If you want some information on money management, see the link to Risk Management at Resources, above.


The concept of "market's money" seems to be some sort of psychological palliative, in conflict with the notion of private property.  You might consider taking this notion to your Tribe as an entry point.


You might also consider adding a chapter to your book about your own personal experiences with Trading.  Otherwise, you might consider amending your title to Writing Your Way to Freedom.




Expectation for One Coin Flip at 50% Luck

for various values of Bet Size and Payoff


Source: Resources Link, above


Wed, 29 Mar 2006


Can I do TTP On Line ?

[Correspondence To and From a Tribe Leader]

Hi [Tribe Leader],

I would like to ask you about your TTP experience and also for help.

Back in 1998 I studied with [Psychologist] while on the floor of [Exchange].

I got out of the trading scene for various reasons and moved to the Caribbean where

I ran into the founder of a pretty large fixed income fund.

We have been working on macro and I have been learning a lot about fixed income and I got the trading bug back. Ed makes lots of sense. I had dealt with my k-nots through NLP, reading, meditating, etc. I have made a big progress however I do know I have k-knots. What could I do on my own to work on them [k-nots]. Unfortunately I have no access to any TTP since I still live on a small island.

I see the benefits of TTP (read Ed’s book) and would love to do something in that area.

Is it possible to deal with k-nots on my own?

I believe that there are other ways to deal with one’s k-nots however I have not run into anything that I could use.

Maybe there is an on –line TTP somewhere or similar support group?

I would appreciate your feedback.

All the best,




[Response from Tribe Leader]



You are welcome anytime.

The problem is TTP cannot be done via internet .

You rather create a tribe or join one.

You can get a pretty good idea how to practice TTP via the site of ED and or by reading the FAQ.

Kindest regards and if you are trading good luck.


Tue, 28 Mar 2006



Thank you for clarifying the snapshot process.


Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Snapshot & Hotseat  Processes


Our recent tribe meeting began with the Snapshot Process in which each member presented her or his snapshot, followed by a “critique” of the snapshot by the other members in turn. The presenting member makes notes on the feedback received from the other members, then reports what she or he heard, without justifying or commenting on any of the critique. If anything important was “missed” or “omitted” that point is reiterated. We have found that “omitted” issues may be significant entry points for TTP.

After every member has presented his snapshot and reported on the critique, we take a ten minute break during which time the snapshots are modified to encompass changes suggested by the tribe. A second round of presentations and critiques then commences. Following this round, further changes may be made. Then, we have a Champion Round in which each member quickly presents her snapshot, hands the snapshot to the person next to her, and each member in turn presents the first member’s snapshot, and champions it as if it were his own.

Critiques may include issues of the actual picture such as who, what, where, and what those imply, but also the feeling of the presentation such as confidence or lack thereof, fear, embarrassment, lack of eye contact, mannerisms (possible forms), etc. The feelings that the presenter produces in the other tribe member scan be important.

Through the snapshot process, an important issue may be clarified. The wisdom of the group allows the presenter to “see around” knots. This may allow the member to understand a larger, more important and profound issue. The question, “What is standing between you and your snapshot?” may bring insight, or produce feelings which serve as entry points for TTP.

By this process of clarifying our intentions, and by learning to be willing to experience the feelings our subconscious wants us to feel, through TTP, our snapshots come true. Results = Intentions.

In my own search for my path to right livelihood, I focus on what is standing between me as I am now and me as a more loving and generous person.

I evolve in a direction my heart knows is good. In this snapshot I receive another person’s feelings. Receiving is loving kindness and compassion.

During the process vague feelings of inadequacy come up which I take to the hotseat in the Tribe meeting later that evening. Other similar feelings arise from episodes in which my teachers or bosses have criticized my behavior and produce a tightness in my chest.


My arms flex and extend and my hands shake. My torso flexes and extends. The tribes encourages me to amplify the forms with vocal sounds and words, and with drumming. The process manager (PM) asks me to freeze at the maximum feeling point, and to stay with that feeling for longer than possible. I hold my breath and glide down an uncertain tunnel with the feeling. I want to quit, to breathe, but I hear the tribe’s encouragement, through the trance, and I continue sliding, gliding. At first it is painful and scary, but after a moment, it is less so. Eventually my body sucks in a bunch of air, and I relax.

The PM asks if I enjoyed the feeling. I answer that I am not sure. He asks if I am willing to experience it again, and I say yes. He says, “OK, do it NOW.”

Again I go with the forms and, more quickly this time, get to the freeze point. During this freeze I experience the criticizers and the feelings of pain, dislike, irritation, etc., evolve into love. The PM asks if I enjoyed that and I answer, “Yes.” He checks for willingness to do it again, and I say, “Yes.”

This time I cannot locate any feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, chest tightness, etc.

The PM tells me that when I get to really enjoy the feeling, I will smile a little at the end of the freeze. As he prepares to take me back into my forms, I begin to laugh, at first gently, then more deeply as I realize what is happening. Most of my hot seats seem to end in uncontrollable laughter as I delight in the AHA’s.

The sender has the last word in the checkout, following the hotseat. A tribe member told me that I had set a new record for the hotseat time to checkout time ratio. Short hotseat, long checkout. During the freeze, and then especially during the checkout,
the insights kept coming, one following another like pages of a book flicking open under the influence of a gentle breeze.

I understand the positive intention of criticism. It is a manifestation of love. I appreciate and am thankful for the criticism I have been given in my life. My anxiety about being inadequate as a receiver dissolves. What seems to be important is that one “shows up.”

Being there and making a genuine effort matter, and are effective. People recognize and respond to loving kindness and compassion even if the giver is a bit clumsy.

Many thanks to my fellow tribe members for their unceasing support.

Thank you for sharing your process and for your informative presentation of the Snapshot and TTP processes.





Laughter and Smiles


often hang around


the Zero Point




Clip: http://www.pbase.com/



Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Lack of Response from TT Tribe Leaders


I have e-mailed you, [Name], and [Name-2] in the last year regarding my interest in joining the [City] trading tribe ... and have never received a response from anyone. I completely understand if you are not interested in looking into any new possible members, but I do find this lack of even a courtesy response to be quite unprofessional (not to mention detrimental to your organization's supposed hope of continue to expand the tribe network.)

I apologize if this e-mail is another intrusion, but I thought that this was something you should know. I will not attempt to contact any of your people again.

Thank you for the catch.  I periodically implement quality control.  See Notice to Tribe Leaders, above.


You may also start your own Tribe if you wish.

Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Stock o' The Day

Hi Ed !

This morning I buy LBIX, which appears on my Friday list of strong stocks.

This morning LBIX is not only the highest gainer on the 20-stock list, it is also the highest percentage gainer in the entire stock market as of this moment.

This highest gainer phenomena seems to be contagious and repeatable.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Yes, LBIX appears at the Charts link, above.


Some Short-Term thrusting stocks, such as LBIX, may continue to thrust for several days. 


However, many don't - and almost all of them continue to be very volatile, in both directions.


Please be careful and trade within your means.

Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Tribe Member Gets a WOW Job

A tribe member who has been a member of the [City] Tribe for a year takes the hot seat and we work intensely for over two hours. He goes through many feelings knotted up with intellectual judgments about his job, his trading, his life in general. Then suddenly he gets very sleepy and yawns.


I suggest sleepiness might be a way to avoid looking at his stuff. He notes an "aha". He lies down ... and works some more. Then he lies quietly and slowly softly repeats "wow" over and over. I ask what's happening and he reports seeing bright yellow beams of light in his head. He enjoys this state as we do checkout.

He calls the next morning to say he just got a telephone call offering him a great job at a prestigious firm, where he will be in charge of designing and researching new indicators and analysis products ... It answers all his complaints about his job and trading system design. The next meeting he takes the hotseat again to go through his fears of this new high-pressure position.

Thank you for sharing your process.



TTP Regulars Learn To Hang Out


with the feeling


of amazement.



Clip: http://www.idlethink.com/media/


Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Wake-Up Call

Hi Ed !

While noticing I waste much time every day on frivolous things that have nothing to do with my life goals, I take the hot seat with a feeling of disgust at myself for squandering so much time. Ed manages the process. I do a disgusted form. Then anger comes up and I shout and do an anger form.

For the meeting, Ed has placed a very large futon in the middle of the room. On the futon I combine the forms and freeze them, feeling all the feelings at once. Ed encourages me to hold that as long as possible, even to the point of losing consciousness. I hold it way past the point where my conscious mind says "enough". I feel the congestion in para-sympathetic nerve system clear. I feel clear as I melt into zero point.

As an exercise, I commit to doing very specific difficult things at precise times each and every day until the next tribe meeting, recording a log and variance report of each item and time performed.

For example, one thing is to wake up each morning for the next two weeks at exactly 4:44 am without an alarm clock. I feel this is a direct way to demonstrate to my conscious mind that intention equals results. I announce my intent, and results follow. ( Of course, from a wider perception, if one depends on an alarm clock, one is also demonstrating that intention equals results. One intends to depend on a mechanical device to wake one up, and gets those results. )

The little magic part is the conscious mind wondering how intention knows what time it is. As repressed feelings clear away through continued TTP, we discover our mind knows many things we didn't know it did. To date, I report complete success with this commitment.

Thank you for sharing your process.




When You Intend to Stay Awake


you can let your clock sleep.




Clip: http://jimmyakin.typepad.com/


Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Cambridge England Workshop


what are the requirements for attending and are you delivering the July 21 Cambridge workshop?

thank you

See the Workshop Link, above

Mon, 27 Mar 2006


Being Honest with My Self

The honesty issue follow-up: A week after tribe meeting hot seat -- I originally think the issue is about honesty in others.


Sudden insight this week while driving and my feet stop hurting. (I know this sounds weird) I see that for me this is really an issue within -- honesty to self.


Sometimes this is still hard and sometimes it hurts and it takes a friend to call it / push me; however, I now want this and I am open and willing to feel things I ignore before.

Thank you for sharing your process.



You Get the Truth From Your Mirror

(and from your friends)


when you are willing

to experience your reflection.



Clip: http://www.angrylambie.com/


Sun, 26 Mar 2006


Inconsistent Rounding

I was going thru the TSP / EA / index page again. In the overview section under position sizing, you write: ... rounds to the nearest 500 lots

Further down you round to the 250s: The Position_Size, then, is 100,000 / 15.575 = 6430.5+ and rounding to the nearest 250, we get 6500 units.

Seems to be the same finish line in this case.

Thank you for the catch.

Sun, 26 Mar 2006


Matching Trends

M. Seykota,

I am trying to match your recently introduced lists of daily charts in Up-Trends. I am using Worden Bros data. Using YPROC as one method for finding strong stocks discussed in your article TRENDS, I do match the short term list of stocks using a 10 day lag but slightly differ on the medium term and long term stocks.


So far I am using a 50 day lag for the medium term list and a 260 day lag for the long term list. It would be great to know what lags you are using so i can match your lists. As always, thank you for any input.

The Charts Page is under construction. I am still experimenting with the formulas.

Sat, 25 Mar 2006


Peak Oil

Peak Oil ?



The Laws of Thermodynamics:

1. You can't win.

2. You can't break even.

3. You can't get out of the game.



The Law of Trend-o-Dynamics:

1. Trends tend to persist.

Sat, 25 Mar 2006


Weighty Topic

My weight this morning was 251 lbs.


March 20, 2006: 259

Mar 25, 2006: 251

Loss to Date: 8 pounds


Sat, 25 Mar 2006



Hi Ed,

In my last post to you on March 6th (Commitment and Frustration) I say "I commit to taking this feeling (of commitment) onto the hot seat in our next meeting on March 13th and reporting back to you."

Well I do. At the meeting I go through several forms, some of them familiar, some of them new until finally I realize I really don't have an issue committing to things and people.


My real issue is my feelings of being stuck, frustrated and not going anywhere. I am stuck in the development of my trading system, I feel my relationship with my girlfriend is not going anywhere. I just have an overall frustration that I should be at a different point in my life. I excited to experience this issue on Monday at our next meeting. Thank you for your work.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Experiencing Being Stuck

is the first step



to getting free



Clip: http://www.raphaelk.co.uk/web%20pics/Chile/first/Car%20stuck.JPG

Fri, 24 Mar 2006


Cool Link

Hello Ed,

Hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to share
a great link with you that I believe you and the
readers of FAQ will find interesting ad informative.
It is a blog by a gentleman ... it is dedicated to personal development.

FAQ does not generally post informational links to other sites - except as such a link might relate to your personal process or some feelings your are working through.

Thu, 23 Mar 2006


To All My Irish Friends

and to Those Who Wish They Were Irish



Crowds Panic as Floods Threaten Ireland


Yes, you generally need a pretty active government to turn an event into a crisis.

Thu, 23 Mar 2006



Ed, can you explain your intention in providing the graphs you show in the chart section?

Ed says “These charts are for amusement purposes only.”


BTW picture of bat dog is for amusement purposes only. Any likeness to Batman real or implied is unintentional.

Clip: www.visualjokes.com

Thank you for the catch.  The intention now stands as:



These charts show

examples of trends.


Inclusion of a chart

as a trend example

does not imply

any kind of recommendation

to buy, sell, hold or stay out.

Thu, 23 Mar 2006


I Want to Improve My TTP Skills

Hi, Ed,

How are you?

I have a question about how to improve TTP skills. As a receiver, I tried to encourage the sender as much as I can. But I felt lack of skill. For example, I will say "stick to your feeling" "Experience your feeling" etc. But I felt that they are just routine words and cannot fire up the sender's true feeling (based on my impression). I paid attention to sender's response, however, I felt clueless in most time.

As a sender, I want to experience my deep feeling and work hard for it. However, I cannot get there. I felt better after the hot seat, but not as great as I expected. I am wondering whether this is common or a newbie to master a new subject. Do you have any suggestion for improving TTP skills? Thank you.

People tend to improve their sending and receiving skills by practicing sending and receiving.


If you want to accelerate your learning process you might consider taking your feelings of wanting to improve your skills to your Tribe as an entry point.




It Takes a Lot of Practice


to convince your mark

that you are not very good.



Clip: http://www.bestfineart.com/maxmannix/


Thu, 23 Mar 2006


Hot Seat Follow-Up

Hi Ed,

Hope you're having a good week!

Last Friday upon check in I feel relaxed and calm
and notice few feelings. After a few other members
have taken the hot seat, my left leg begins to bounce in place. This is a habit I have had for some time.

The process manager encourages me to get into my
leg bouncing. I notice tension in my arms as the come in and tighten around my chest. I feel a strong urge to yell. I yell and feel awkward about doing it. It's not something I'm comfortable doing. I begin to yell over and over again, louder and louder and enjoy the release. Without the encouragement of the tribe I would not keep doing this let alone with greater intensity each time. I recall in the past several instances of feeling frustrated and angry. I feel vigor and the need to be more aggressive and proactive in my business life.

I appreciate the encouragement and support of the

Thank you for sharing your process.



You Can Shout Yourself Free


just for the yell of it.




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Thu, 23 Mar 2006


Workshop Results - Long Lasting


Dear Ed,

The January Workshop was wonderful but also hard work! I decided to really go for it on the Hot Seat, even if it meant me feeling funny about people watching me have the "heeby geebies" or seeing me act "foolish". I think it has paid off. I waited so long to write because I wanted to see if the results that have manifested in myself would last. Yes they have lasted!

It feels like having a beer buzz but with more awareness and control. It also feels like chewing tobacco or smoking a cigar but without being nervous. I am less emotional and feel like I am in more control. I guess the feeling is relaxed.

I can make decisions more quickly and I seem to worry less.

I cannot wait to get some more work done (Hot Seats and Receiving). I am very willing to get through many hot seats. I can see that if I get through many more issues / feelings that it may increase my power greatly.

During my "Hot Seat" the command to intensify my feeling or movement really seemed to work for me.

A few people have e-mailed me to join a Tribe but none have committed yet.


Thank you for sharing your process.



Being Willing to Act Foolish


empowers full self-expression.



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Thu, 23 Mar 2006


Breathwork Song


Hi Ed !


Here is an original song by my band.

Source: http://members.shaw.ca/thebelievers/ 

Yes, breathe in, breathe out and love one another.

Thu, 23 Mar 2006


Afraid to Start


clarification, please

I need the TT Process. I am afraid to start a local Tribe. I am not experienced in the process. Do Tribes form successfully when initiated, led by the un-indoctrinated? I am fed up with the discomfort of fear living in my stomach. Fear is the engine that drives most (if not all) of my dramas. It is my stomach after all. I am in Birmingham, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit. BTW, I have one hell of a nice drum and am sincere.

See How Do I Start, below.




The Positive Intention of Fear

is risk control.


Fear in a k-not

can entrain dangerous drama.



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Thu, 23 Mar 2006


How Do I Start


I am twice through the TT book. While I do not trade, I want what you have. Can you lay down a trail of breadcrumbs that assist in my progress toward becoming an active member of the Tribe? The only Tribe meeting in our state does not respond to emails. I do not currently have the funds to come to IV. What do you recommend that an entrenched DIM-mer do to progress toward Tribe participation?


To start on you own, you might consider telling a friend about your feelings of wanting someone to lay down a trail for you. 


You can also apply for membership in an ongoing Tribe or attend a Workshop.





If You Are Following Crumbs


you might be on a crumby trail.



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Wed, 22 Mar 2006



Your Van Tharp FAQ is hilarious and insightful, as FAQ's always are !


Wed, 22 Mar 2006

Sharing Feelings Really Works

Hi Ed,

I am going to Asia for three weeks for my wedding. I am making the biggest commitment of my life, and I feel good yet a little bit nervous. Recently, I feel overwhelmed by the preparation, and I feel myself getting irritated very easily. (Some k-nots there)

My fiancée and I have been dating for over 9 years, and we rarely have a dispute. Last week though as we talk about the various wedding plan, we got into a fight. She says things that I feel repelling, and in return I very naturally just say things that I know hurts her feelings. When she becomes upset and storms out, I have a quiet moment to reflect, and I am shocked to realize how unconsciously I just know what's best to say to hurt her (e.g. I know she is VERY eager and highly anticipating our honeymoon, and I just act as if I don't want to go).

So I tell her what I notice, that I don't mean to say what I said but I do so in a way to make her feel bad. (The chapter on manipulations comes to mind) I share my feelings with her. She cries, and I cry too. It actually feels good.

Another interesting thing I notice. For several days she has been vehemently opposing someone playing a piano in the banquet, while my mother and I want it. When I ask her why she never really answers but just says it is subjective and she doesn't like it. And I just don't understand. Finally, as we are crying and sharing our feelings, she says when we talked about the piano, it feels like something stuffing against her heart. At that moment, I finally get it.

Just like you ... mention in the workshop, I now experience personally how much easier it is when she describes how she feels. It is amazingly clear when we communicate on a feelings level. Feelings are great. I love feelings. They are straight-forward, direct, genuine. Words can have many meanings, as I can interpret "You can do whatever you want" in several ways depending on the speaker's tone of voice. But when she tells me how she feels, I immediately get it.

In any case, after a long talk and some good cries, we feel so much better as we are on the same page again. I share with her not even my feelings on the wedding, but my frustration on not knowing what I want to do in life, and many other feelings. She apologizes for making me upset and driving me nuts, but I tell her I actually feel very good, and I like what we've gone through.

Thanks Ed!

Thank you for sharing your process.



Sharing Feelings


can keep you out of the dog house.




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Wed, 22 Mar 2006


Wants a Bigger Tribe

Dear Ed,

I am happy to report that the new [City] tribe has its first meeting, with me and a new member. While my preference is to have more people so that the process does not degenerate into a one-on-one therapy, I choose not to use that as an excuse but to just get the group going. I believe as we radiate that intention, the right people tend to show up, at their own pace, just like trends emerge at their own pace.

I do miss the receiving crops that I had with another group. There are times while I am process-managing / receiving for the sender, it comes across my mind that "It'd be nice to have another person here to help receiving." I start to appreciate on how more people can help build a stronger supporting field of acknowledgment.

The sender is very willing and he bravely faces a lot of his feelings on his first hot seat. After the session he acknowledges that he has never felt his feelings at that kind of intensity, and that he now realizes he can do that.

Coincidentally, after a week with no new inquiries, this morning I find a new email from someone inquiring about the tribe. As I look at the time stamp on the email, it is right when we are having the hot seat :-)

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings of wanting a bigger Tribe to your Tribe as an entry point.




The King of the Jungle


has to deal with the lion-liness

of life at the top.



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Wed, 22 Mar 2006


Cannot reach March 15 FAQ's

Your site says that FAQ's were last updated March 15, but the latest link is Feb 25-28.

The Publication Dates show when I update the FAQ site.  The Date on individual FAQ's indicates the date I receive it.

Tue, 21 Mar 2006


Letting Life Choose for Me


If my only goal in life is to do the next right thing (as directed by my feelings), and I have no attachment to the outcome, do you think that life itself will lead me to the fulfillment of dreams greater than those that I could imagine?

Can life have a better plan for me, than I have for life?

You might consider taking your desire to turn control of your life over to others to your Tribe as an entry point.



Life is Full of Signs ...





... Many of Them Contradictory.







Tue, 21 Mar 2006

Short Selling

Chief, Is there a particular reason your TSP does not advocate short selling?

FAQ does not advocate any particular trades or sets of trading system parameters.  See Ground Rules. 


In general, long-term simulations on Trend Following systems tend to show better results on the long side. 


This correlates with the observation that volatility is proportional to price, so when you play from the long side you are starting with lower volatility and therefore a better reward / risk possibility.