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February 1 - 14, 2007


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Wed, 14 Feb 2007


War on a Feeling

Hi Ed,

I noticed while walking past a London Police Car, this message written on the side of the vehicle, “Working to reduce fear of crime”.

I recall thinking hmmm ... Fear - that’s an emotion, attempting to reduce fear is another way of creating a K-not about Fear, in fact fear of crime is a very healthy feeling!

This message also appears on the official Thames Valley Police website:


Our Aim

Working with our communities

to reduce crime,


and fear of crime


Site: http://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/


Yes, one positive intention of fear is to maintain risk control.




Burglar Responding to Sign in Yard



Attention Burglars !

We are not afraid of crime.

Come on in.

Help yourself.

Mi casa es su casa.



Note: A police campaign

to reduce fear of crime

might entrain even more

burglar business

for the police.



Clip: http://www.cusu.cam.ac.uk/welfare/


Wed, 14 Feb 2007


Wants to Fix Son


I think my “Fred” is still processing everything that happened over the weekend there in January. There are things in my life that are changing slowly, which is fine with me…the trend is in the right direction with my trading and my life.

I have a situation with my son though that I want to ask your opinion. My son just turned 20. He had a 4.0 in high school, skipped his senior year and went to college.


He had plans when he entered college to become something in life. He found alcohol and parties on campus his first year in college … started drinking the first time about November of his first semester. He still maintained a 4.0 even though he was getting stoned almost every weekend.


Since his first year has has moved on to benzo’s, cocaine and marijuana and other prescription drugs. He has now had 2 dwi’s … totaled 2 vehicles. He went to rehab and got kicked out because he was caught using there … got drugs from someone in with him.


How can I apply TTP to this situation … I know he has a mess in his subconscious mind and a lot of pain. How can I as his father help him to get in touch with these feelings?


I never really saw this coming with this child … he was the perfect son through high school…perfect grades, responsible, reliable … all that is out the window now. He can’t be trusted with a $5 bill now. I am ready to get on the hot seat myself about this situation. What can a father do?

You do not apply TTP to a situation - or to another person - you apply it to yourself.


You might consider taking your feelings of wanting to control your son to the hot seat.


So far, your son seems to be doing a pretty good job of controlling you.




Sons Typically Turn Out Like Fathers


including using the same medications


like, say, the need to control others.



Clip: http://www.madd.org/docs/


Wed, 14 Feb 2007


Fear of Brain Washing

Dear Ed!

To tell the truth, first I was concerned about the idea of attending a rocks process as it is evocative of “brain washing”. Though my concerns are not completely gone I begin to realize that my concerns come from the fear to change the person who I am, but I also realize that we are changing through our whole life and that without change I would always stay the same what isn’t desirable either. Another fact is that I seem to react with a weird feeling in my stomach in several situations.

On the one hand I feel anxious about using this process but on the other hand I see it as an opportunity to learn more about myself and to improve my life as well.

I bought your book “trading tribe” and found it quite interesting. Currently I am reading “Emotional Intelligence” from Goleman which is also very interesting and includes many aspects of your trading tribe book too.

The Rocks Process is a method through which  you can wash your own brain.




After The Wash Cycle


 be sure to replace brain.



Clip: http://www.forcesitaly.org/italy/


Wed, 14 Feb 2007


Apprentice Program

Dear Ed!

Now I come to the question, when you are planning to conduct the program and how long the time-span for each apprentice is planned. First I thought that the coordinator will arrange the dates and I am also busy in learning for the assignments that take place within the next three weeks and so I decided to wait for another reply. I know that I will have vacation from mid-September to mid-October. Is it possible to conduct the apprenticeship in this time-frame? I also would like to know what things I have to bring along (laptop and so on?!) and if we are able to use the internet and telephone?!

As I am only at the beginning of the system development there are many topics I have to work off, like a computation of the expectation value, implementing margin calls, better position sizing, dynamic portfolio selection, pattern recognition and so on and so on. I will resume working on the trading project after my assignments.

Please address your scheduling concerns to the Program Coordinator.  See this.

Wed, 14 Feb 2007


Building the New Rock

see previous

Thank you Ed.

I did not realize this aspect of the Rocks process and I will make every effort to "assimilate and conquer", with the help of the tribe.

I mentioned in my earlier email to the tribe that I do feel 'some' conflict, one that I am not able to describe well.


I have noticed (just yesterday actually) that I was again reaching out to my old rock by hitting the fear response button, so to speak.


I became aware of it almost immediately and clenched my left hand to form a fist, as if holding the new rock. The fear did not die down but I was very aware of my fist and remembered some of the instructions from the new rock. It was not an automatic response for me but a conscious effort.

Be sure to assimilate the positive intention of the Medicine Rock into the new Response Rock.


Otherwise, you may find yourself "reaching" for a valuable response you no longer have.


If you are making a conscious effort to "force a response,"  you may be holding the new rock as a conscious idea, like advice. 


At the IV-TT we make sure the sender fully develops his form before continuing - so the learning occurs on an emotional level as well as intellectually. We also make sure to assimilate the Medicine Rock into the new Resource Rock.



Reaching for a Response


may indicate you no longer have it.



Clip: http://www.reachingupforair.com/


Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Magazine Cover


Here's a recent magazine cover that proclaims low interest rates are here to stay.




Thank you for the catch.

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Reminiscences of a Trading Tribe Member

Dear Ed,

I want to thank you for creating the Trading Tribe organization.


I have found the TTP process tremendously beneficial and useful. I have been a regular attendee of the [City] tribe since your presentation at the local technical society chapter over a year ago. My original intent for attending the Tribe was to improve my trading skills.


I have discovered that the quality of my life has improved and the goals I have set have been more easily attained. I also feel that Tribe has helped me to become more supportive and less judgmental.


I know my family has benefited from my growth. I seek less drama in my life and am more conscious of my k-nots and judges. The snapshot process has especially helped me focus on the important issues in my life. When I receive a no-pass on a snapshot commitment, I know that there may be an insight about myself to be found.


Tribe members can also be helpful in this discovery process. I have found the snapshot commitment process useful for strengthening the commitments I keep with myself. The hotseat forms help with the acceptance of previously denied feelings.


I also find I enjoy the supporting of other Tribe members in their quest for development as well. The Tribe meetings have helped me discover insights into myself I might never have otherwise known.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Valentine's Day


I just wanted to be the first to tell you I Love You! Happy Valentines Day.

As far as reminding each other who we can be ...  feel like I'd be trying to telling a star how to shine. You're doing great ... keep on shining. I'm riding the wave of intention. Thanks for showing me how to surf.


By the way, I recently finished reading Trump and Kiosaki's book, and a lot of it coincided with your philosophy. My intention is for the three of you to meet and spend some time together. Would you be willing?

OK.  Donald is certainly welcome to apply to my apprentice program.


Speaking of lovely Valentines, here's a recent photo of my daughter.




Aziza Seykota



Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Trend Detergent

I guess it all comes out in the wash.


Clip: http://www.dialdmd.com/


Hmmm ... That may to be one way to clean up while you clean up.

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Super Cycle

G'day Mr. Seykota,

Great to be able to chat with such a legend!

I have been studying commodities markets and am convinced that these markets are in a what people are calling a super cycle.


I am also convinced that trend following is the most productive way to take advantage of these events. I have been investigating a Mr. Richard Donchian  trend following system. It uses a 12 week break out system to filter non trending markets in conjunction with a 40 week MA following method. Exits consist of waiting for meaningful reversals in price, signifying the end of the trend.

An associated author suggests using low levels of leverage of 2 times. I'm not greedy but I am sure there could be instances where greater leverage could be used in this bull market.


Could you please advise of the effectiveness of such a system and methods and study to improve?

Thank you for the use of your valuable time, sir.

p.s. Are indicators used in your systems?

You can find information on Richard Donchian at the the Chart Server link above.


FAQ does not recommend specific trades or trading system parameters.  See ground rules.



Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Moving On

Hi Ed,

Now that I am feeling better, I am drawing 2007 snapshots. I plan to continue with the [City] tribe, and plan, with your permission, to visit and pollinate on an as-inspired basis to IV and Austin, rather than continue a regular bi-weekly commitment with the Incline Tribe.


I hope you accept this change of intention and allow this pollination. This seems to fit with your intention to move to Texas.

I recall attending the Incline Village tribe for over three years, by far the longest-attending member, helping you teach five workshops, reviewing hundreds of FAQ contributions, and proofreading many versions of your first book.


I recall sponsoring the [City] Tribe for over a year now, with excellent results. I feel exceptionally well-trained in the TT processes, and willing to continue supporting your overall Work as needed by proofreading manuscripts, or if your business development man in Austin needs an experienced tribesman to work in a certain place or time, for example.

During this long association I'm aware of opening up many areas of the mind and heart, and extensive learning about math, programming, testing, trading, puzzles, music and magic. You inspire me. I have a permanent heightened perception of the inner and outer world as a result of TTP. And I have not forgotten your hospitality, so much so that your guest room was known as my room for awhile. You practice true generosity.

I plan to find magical and musical opportunities we can participate in, and continue sending you stocks in up trends.

Thank you for your support over the years, musically, spiritually and Tribally.


All the best to you and your Tribe.


You are welcome to pollinate at any time, particularly if you bring some of your latest magic tricks with which to dazzle us.






at the Bowers Bluegrass Festival

Washoe Valley, Nevada, 2006



Photo Credits: Bob Piechocki and Doc Leary

Clip: www.nnba.org


Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Wants to Make Good

Dear Ed,

I apologize again for all the time and effort to make the arrangements to come to Singapore, which fell through.

I sincerely hope that in time, I will be able to make it up to you.

PS. As I am no longer a part of [Firm], this is my own email address that I can be reached at.

I wonder what you are proposing.

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


[Firm] Tries to Deal with Volatility

(from an announcement email)


[Firm] is pleased to announce that significant enhancements have been made to the [Firm] trading program. Complete details are attached, which we encourage you to read. Should you have any questions, please contact [Name].


Hmmm ... I see no "complete details" attachment.

I do see some indications you are trying to cope with volatility by trading 50 instruments rather than 29 instruments.


You might consider dealing with your feelings about drawdowns and whipsaws.


If you think the answer lies in the math, you might like to prove it by sending me:


1. Comparative performance back-tests for the 29 and 50 instrument portfolios.

2. Comparative performance between your 29 instrument back test and your actual trading.

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


More Conflict after Rocks Process

see: previous


Hello Ed,

When I find myself in situations where I feel stuck / directionless / confused, I would go to the rock my mother gave me. It says panic, fear and imagining the worst possible outcomes are the best ways to deal with such situations.

We role played a moment from about 20 years ago, where I am studying late into the night and am stuck with a physics problem for a long time. I am studying for a crucial exam, one for which I have taken the whole year off to prepare. My mother would always be sleeping close by to make me tea, snacks and provide support. After many hours of being stuck, I clearly recall being engulfed with the fear of failing the exam, imagining my relatives mocking me and worst, seeing my parents, especially my mother, saddened by disappointment.

The Tribe and I have found new resources and squeezed them into a new rock. These resources are:

a) Ask for help if you need it

b) Go back to familiar problems where you were successful and use that approach

c) Go for a walk

d) One problem does not mean a thing in the grand scheme

e) Stay with the problem without worrying about the consequences

f) Take a deep breath and meditate

g) Picture what a tribe member might do

h) Continue to feel fear

i) Realize you are not alone and that many people love you

j) Be open to other options


You might consider making sure that your new Resource Rock contains, as one of the resources, the old Medicine Rock.

Your old Medicine Rock - "imagine the worst" - is a pretty good resource in some situations, say five percent of the time, particularly when you are in real danger.

If you do not include the Medicine Rock as a "five-percent solution," you may subsequently feel a sense of dis-orientation and vulnerability and / or an urge to go back to the old Medicine Rock and / or host some kind of fight between the rocks.

In the TV series Star Trek, the Borg, a race of cyber-beings, have a motto, "assimilate and conquer."

In the Rocks process, the new Resource Rock
assimilates the old Medicine Rock as just another resource.




When You Create The Resource Rock


remember to assimilate

the Medicine Rock


Clip: http://www.familyrightsassociation.com/




Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Receiving is an Art

A man asks his wife what she'd like for her birthday.


"I'd love to be eight again" she replies.

On the morning of her birthday he rises early, makes her a nice big bowl of Coco Pops and then takes her off to the local theme park.

What a Day!

He puts her on every ride in the park:

* The Death Slide

* The Wall of Fear

* The Monster Roller Coaster

Five hours later she staggers out of the theme park. Her head is reeling and her stomach feels upside down. Right away they journey to a McDonalds where her loving husband orders her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a refreshing chocolate milk shake.

Then it's off to the movies: the latest Star Wars epic, a hot dog, popcorn, all the Coke she can drink, her favorite lollipop and M&Ms .

What a fabulous adventure!

Finally she wobbles home with her husband and collapses onto the bed exhausted.

He leans over his precious wife with a big smile and lovingly asks "Well Dear, what was it like being eight again?"

Her eyes slowly open and then narrow into a glare. "I meant my dress size, you idiot.

The moral of this story: Receiving is an art.

Don't you just eight it when that happens?

Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Poker and Hiding Feelings

A friend of mine has started playing poker online in his spare time. I notice the similarities to trading more and more the more I talk to him.

I have no knowledge of poker and don’t really have an urge to play even though he seems to be doing well. I’m pleased I don’t follow him in learning the game. I guess when I overcame my day trading addiction it put an end to short term speculation for me and paved the way for building a lasting system and life style.

I pass on ‘The Trading Tribe’ to him.

He reads the first few pages and comes into my office looking at me like I’m mad; it doesn’t apply to him.

I know he’ll be back for it.

You can hide your feelings but you can’t hide the results of hiding from your feelings.

I feel part of the TTP world although I still stop myself from becoming further involved and joining a tribe.

To quote a TTP user ‘This stuff works!’

Thanks Ed for TTP.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Poker is a Game


in which you try

to hide your feelings


while you also try

to read the feelings of others.




Clip: http://filebox.vt.edu/users/amadden/


Mon, 12 Feb 2007


Dealing with a Bossy Sister

Hi Ed!

I have a sister that always tells me what to do. I get irritated by this, but I don't want to get into her game of always telling her in reply what she should do - like stop telling everyone what to do.

Instead I try to just feel the feeling when I feel hurt, but much too often it affects me and in some "Karma-way" I often sooner or later continue the drama by giving words to my feelings, trying to defend me.

Is it a matter of self discipline to learn live with hurt feelings or is it more right to immediately respond to someone's negative behavior?


When I write this I still consider the right thing should be to accept the feeling without the need to defend me.


If I can do that, I will be more free. If I let people think whatever they want of me without my need to explain, I guess I will find some peace.

I will try to take this to the Trading Tribe and do some roll-playing. I also think about the rocks-process when I write this but forget it while it happens.

I now write up my rocks: They seems to be "The unaffected", "The Hard Worker", "The Explainer" and "The Defender".

You might consider thanking your sister for helping you identify your issues with setting your boundaries.




Brother and Sister


can transform their relationship

by receiving each other.



Brother can start it off

by receiving sister.



Clip: http://www.cqcapd.state.ny.us/Danweb/


Sun, 11 Feb 2007


TTP With Mom

Dear Ed,

The reports from your workshop are very inspiring. Funny enough I had some incredible serenity and contentment over here, too. No wanting any more, everything was ok.

Status is gone when I have contact with a guy. Nevertheless I am very grateful, that I experienced it.

Meanwhile, I have plenty of time to discover that I am the "day trader", not my dear friend. You don't even need to day trade to do this sort of addictive trading. Staring hours and hours at your charts, watch lists and percentages of gains and losses is enough to get the effect ... I am about to buy a faster computer, use your ten-percent-rule concerning leveraged investment and find less time-consuming ways to select stock.

I also notice that I am still rowing around the more important issues of life. It goes backward and forward. I am most inspired by your book then again regress and frustration. I know ...

We have plans doing TTP and now I get the idea to move back to my hometown. This idea of moving is in my head for years. Now it turns out to be my hometown. I see that I really like the town and I have more friends there than anywhere else. On the other hand it doesn't make me content right now. Actually, this is it again, the form of pouting or being not content as I see now.

Just wanted to say "hello" and now I am writing such a story.

Looks like we should try TTP here ASAP. Did it with my mother already and loved the results.

Actually, I am really inspired by those lovely pictures of kids as of January 19 and January 22. LAUGHTER. Fred likes them very much.

And I have ideas like: to get in contact with your inner child there has to be something else in the head, some sort of grown up parts so to say. Hmmm, what are the advantages of growing up? I found some, but also suspect that our civilization is not always supporting this sort of progress. But thinking about it seems to promote the process.

I hope you find your home.

With love,

PS: I like your book a lot especially the chapter about intimacy.

Not to forget the banjo joke :-)

Thank you for sharing your process.




Mothers and Daughters




Can Have Their Moments






Sun, 11 Feb 2007


Fractal Video

Dear Ed


I come across this and your fractal poem immediately springs to mind.

Kindest regards,

Thanks for the URL.

Sun, 11 Feb 2007


Visitor to IV Tribe

Deals with Emotional Hunger

Dear Ed,

I want to thank you and the IV Tribe for helping me with my recent "gut" problem.

As you recall, I was experiencing a deep, gnawing ache in the center of my body -- a kind of "super hunger" that felt like I hadn't eaten in weeks. I was certain this was a physiologic state -- and I kept eating to try to alleviate the gnawing sensation. No amount or type of food helped.

I am one who finds it easy to gain weight, so my weight (which was already at it's usual annual post-holiday peak ) went up another 6 pounds in a month. I overshot my stop!! Yet the ache continued.

Additionally, I was having difficulty finding my voice in my interpersonal relationships. A close friend was trying to control a situation that I was responsible for, and a person whom I was interested in romantically seemed to be leading me on -- calling frequently, but never arranging any face to face contact.


A month after Christmas, he still had not been here to exchange gifts. I felt annoyed at my controlling friend, and saddened by the reluctance of my new lover to want to see me ... it was during this time that the "hunger" started ...

I relayed this during a tribe meeting, and thereafter took the hot seat. After experiencing the hollow gnawing feeling at it's peak intensity, The PM asked me to recall the first time I had experienced this. The following scenario popped into my consciousness from my childhood:

At around age 9, I had requested and been allowed to take my sisters new puppy across a busy street one late afternoon just prior to rush hour. I wanted to show the dog to my playmates. The puppy had not yet been trained and was wild and incorrigible. He was also quite strong. He wrenched free from my hold on the leash, ran into the street and was killed as I looked on in horror.


In the ensuing drama, I was callously attacked and blamed for the dogs death by my sister, and I watched as my father called the hapless driver on the phone and yelled and swore at him for his part.


My mother, who had set the drama in motion by failing to use good judgment and also giving ownership to my sisters possession without her knowledge or consent, watched passively as all this took place.

I relayed this scenario to the PM and with the help of another tribe member we replayed it. I felt the pang of horror, sadness and guilt as the puppy was crushed by the wheels of the car, and emerged bloody and lifeless.


A tribe member emerged at that point, and pressed a rock into my hand. He represented my mother, first on the scene and who, it may be noted, was one who had used food to medicate and stuff her emotions for most of her life. She was, at this point, quite obese. "Take this rock and use it when you feel like this" the tribe member / mother said. "It's how we do it. It will work to take away that pain you are feeling." I took the rock.

We took a short break, and after resuming we replayed the scenario. The role player asked me to relinquish the old rock, and instead gave me a new rock. Into the new rock I had pressed a whole new set of tools to use when I felt like this, such as:

1. don't numb out - say how you feel.

2. allow the other person to reveal their feelings.

3. negotiate compromises.

4. ask for help when you need it.

5. don't allow others to decide how you feel - speak up

6. if need be, remove yourself from the situation etc etc.

After taking the new rock, we replayed not only the original scenario, but a number of recent ones in which I was having trouble "finding my voice".

When the PM tried to role play a misogynistic middle manager at my job and was swiftly and effectively dealt with, we knew the process was not only successful but complete. We left to go to dinner, and my hunger seemed appropriate. I had not eaten since breakfast. It did not seem like the perverted "super hunger" that I had been experiencing.

Though impressed by the apparent change in my responses, I wasn't sure how durable this would turn out to be. Imagine my surprise when, the very next day, I let go out the trip I had been planning (and my friend was trying to control).


I didn't recognize that this was new behavior for me until after the fact. Two days later, I wrote my lover, expressing my sadness at his reluctance to put any sort of meaningful effort into seeing me and asking that he not call me for now, so I could transition the relationship into a friendship without being muddled by direct contact with him. The same day, I sent back his Christmas and birthday gifts. I also changed the reservations of a dive trip that we talked about going on together to something that I could afford to do my myself.

I put a profile back up on a dating site, and went out on three dates last week. Interestingly enough, I also met a man in the very same town that my lover lives in, better educated, more available, great at communicating, who has invited me there to ski next weekend. So, it seems things have taken a 180 for me!

Frankly, Though I have gained benefit from TTP, I was skeptical of ROCKS. But I have to quote an old adage that says: " the proof of the pudding is in the eating."  In that regard, my "super hungry" feeling is gone.

Many thanks to you and the IV Tribe.

Thank you for sharing your process.




When Eating Medicates Sadness


dealing with the sadness

removes the need to eat.



Clip: http://www.meltfat.org/index2.htm




Thu, 08 Feb 2007


Sure Thing Trade #2

see:  previous

If you got in on [Stock] when we called it for Wednesday then you are Enjoying your 110% gains! Well done!

But the rally on this High Tech Winner is not over! What we have seen is only the accumulation period before the smashing earnings report is released!

Watch [Stock] easily run up to Fifteen cents.

I include this letter as another example of a FR/CT (Free Recommendation / Confident Tone.) 


Notice the letter arrives well after the move. Curiously, I don't recall getting any letter before the move.  I see no way of getting 110% gains, even by following the impossible (you have to act in the past) instructions.




Stock Chart


Black circle indicates

date of arrival of recommendation.


Red oval indicates

date of claim to recommend.


Buying on this recommendation

results in about a 33% loss

over the next few days.


Thu, 8 Feb 2007


Feelings Coming Up


Reno workshop is one month ago. I feel great within this month, peaceful, creative and energetic. Intimacy with my love ones is getting better. My process in the trading system development moves forward dramatically.


I learn a lot about trading by doing research, coding and testing. Even my mediation practice improves quite much. I am able to go into a mindful state, neither awaken as normal nor falling into sleep, after ten to twenty minutes deep breath. I can stay in the mindful state for about thirty to forty minutes. Overall, I feel that my life is in a healthy uptrend.

But within recent a few days, I feel that both my physical and mental state shift dramatically. I feel pain in low right side of my stomach. It is very tight and tense. It seems that energies amass there and try to burst out.


My emotion is also not stable, easy to be angry. I am totally aware of this and try to fully feel and experience it by myself, but I can't. So I try to control my emotion, it is even getting worse. Finally, I act it out as a drama last night. It hurts my loves. I feel guilty and sad, very strong. I am so eager to take a hot seat in a tribe. I feel that my life is now shifting to a downtrend, I choose to find a way to cut loss short. I try my best to stay with my feelings, expecting to experience more.

I apply for the entry to a local tribe right after the workshop. The process is still ongoing. As a part of the process, I join one session as an observer. I enjoy the experience very much. The tribe leader and its members are excellent TTP practitioners. I wish I can join them soon.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider identifying the positive intentions of your feelings.


Trying to "control" your feelings may be like trying to "control" a person who is attempting to being you some valuable information.



If You Try to Control Your Feelings


you might wind up

making them tighter.



Clip: http://ifec.open.ac.uk/images/wrench.jpg

Thu, 8 Feb 2007


Rocks Process - "It's all Bulls---"

Hi Ed,

As promised I’m submitting my recap of the Rocks process we did two weeks ago in Austin.

I can’t say I’ve had any real changes or Aha’s since then but am still very grateful for your insights and help.

The recap is below. I'm not sure if I've got the complete sequence down correctly (especially how we got onto the subject of Bulls--- but I'm guessing it's not too serious because it's all Bull--- anyway :-)

Rocks Process – January 25th 2007, Austin, TX

The Process Manager asks me if I would like to do a hot-seat session. I begin to ramble on about definitely being willing but not sure if I would like to go ahead with a session now (this is not the first time I've hemmed and hawed and hesitated indecisively when given the opportunity to go on the hot seat).


When the process manager tries to clarify if I have any feelings I’d like to take to the hot-seat I immediately respond that I do have problems but defend my indecision to go on the hot-seat. When asked what my problem is, I'm indecisive again, saying that the problem is I'm stuck - I'm not moving forward in my life.


Ed steps in and is persistent in questioning me, probing to find out exactly what my problem is. He doesn't see any problem - he's not buying into my drama. He asks for evidence of being stuck. I respond ‘I’m just not getting ahead, I’m stuck’ He asks me what I want to do that I'm not doing. I respond 'there is so much I want to do'. I list a few things. He picks one - 'travel to India' and asks why I'm not doing it. I blame my stuck ness - 'that's my problem'.

We have a discussion about problems, about avoidance of problems and how everyone has problems. Even Bill Gates has problems - he chooses to get rich, follow his vision, move forward and deal with the problems along the way. Ed likens my situation to a Mobius strip which feels very apt. The mind feeds on the mind and gets into an irresolvable loop.

The conversation is moving fast and I complain that it's all Bulls---. The tribe members agree. Yes, it's all BS. Everything is BS. As I accelerate and get more animated about the BS my Tribe affirms my feelings and agree with me.

Ed says 'you like to complain a lot'. I admit it. I'm asked who in my family complained a lot. I see that it was my Mother. I see that my Father just tolerated his 'lot', put up with the complaining and didn't do anything about it. He just worked hard, sucked it in and tried unsuccessfully to lessen the complaints.

I'm soon asking to take this 'BS' form to the hot-seat.

I take the 'Bulls--- form to the hot-seat. Twisting my hands, flinging my arms out and shouting "It's BS, it's BS it's all BS". I'm encouraged to turn it up. I really get into it. Shouting all the time "It's all BS". At the peak I'm asked to freeze and then recall a time when I am young that feels the same.  Although before I had started the hot-seat session I had expressed my concern and anxiety about finding the right 'scene' to take to the rocks process (Ed cleverly reminded me that it doesn't matter because it's all BS anyway) I have no difficulty at all in coming up with a scene in the classroom.

My teacher is teaching us writing skills. I start to cry. I sob uncontrollably. I calm down. I’m asked what I’m feeling. I'm 6 years old. The sun is shining, the sky is a beautiful blue and I'm stuck in this classroom doing this BS, writing 'l's over and over and over. I'm bored. I want to be outside and instead I'm having to deal with this BS.

The Process Manager chooses some role players and we begin with me in the classroom being bored, irritated and frustrated and the Teacher droning on and on. I go home and my Father and Mother hand me a medicinal rock.


My Father explains that there is no solution for these feelings - the best is just put up with it and be a 'good boy'. My Mother shows me how to complain - that's what she does to cope with those feelings.

We role play later events where I'm stuck doing work that I feel is 'BS' and that I'd rather be enjoying myself elsewhere. From real life incidents such as moving hay bales, to shoveling pig s--- to being trapped in a College classroom I consistently use my medicinal rock and am a good boy yet moan and complain. I see the pattern clearly.

I'm asked if I'd like to let go of the medicinal rock. I open my palm and there is a slight hesitation but I let it fall.

The messenger (Ed) then approaches me with a different rock and explains we are going to charge this rock with some new resources. I will then be able to use it in similar situations and be far better equipped to handle those feelings of boredom and frustration. All tribe members contribute with a variety of resources that include:

do nothing (put up with it)


complain (the old rock)

ask for explanation (seek understanding for reasons)


ask about other persons feelings

relate my feelings

explain my point of view

ask for help from someone else

discuss / investigate alternatives

create new challenges

re-structure the work

use time effectively (do something more enjoyable during boring periods)

I accept the new resource filled rock (although I do show some resistance saying 'this is BS' and accuse the messenger of being the biggest BS'er).

We role play the scene in the classroom again but this time I put up my hand and have an interesting dialog with the Teacher and I'm supported by my classmates. I also have a useful discussion with the Principal who agrees to talk to my Parents and Teachers and find more challenges for me. Similarly, when re-role playing the later dramas I draw on my new resources and have interesting and fruitful discussions with my Father and College professor. I feel empowered and energized.

We all check-out and I release my fellow Tribe members from their roles.

Thoughts and Feelings After the Rocks Process

I’m writing this 2 weeks after the Rocks process and am not sure if anything has changed in my life from a holistic or energetic perspective (I guess I was hoping for some type of ‘shift’).


However, I am very thankful and feel positive from an intellectual standpoint. I understand my family of origin dynamics better now and am being alert and aware about these old patterns playing out in my daily life.

Thank you for sharing your process.






can have a positive intention.



Clip: http://www.funlol.com/funpages/


Thu, 8 Feb 2007


Austin Workshop

Even though I just finished the January Reno workshop last month I am interested in attending the Austin workshop to work on more issues.

We are currently planning the Austin Workshop.

Thu, 8 Feb 2007


Feeling Conflict after Rock Process


(Inter-Tribe Communication from [City] Tribe)

I am feeling some internal conflict. I have noticed this only in the last few days and the intensity


Your conscious mind may be uncomfortable and disoriented with your gut reactions (your new rock) and is trying to force yourself to revert to the reactions you are more used to (the old rock). At the same time, your new gut reactions are saying “GET THE F--- OFF ME” to your old rock.

I am recognizing the sense of conflict and disorientation you are experiencing. I believe it is a sign of adapting to a lasting change. We are used to the “medication” of TTP which can wear off sometimes. Do you have your new rock with you? Put it in your pocket and/or hold it in your hand. Recall the wisdom and caring of the Tribe and yourself that was put into that rock to supplement your fear controlled state. If you do not have the rock right now, go get it when you can and in the meantime, reflect back on the last Tribe meeting and the sense that you had after our role play at the chalkboard.

I wonder if you can tell me the medicine in your original (medicinal) rock and the resources in your new (resources) rock.




Conflict Indicates


Objects not yet in settlement



Clip: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/reviews/


Thu, 8 Feb 2007


Wants to Know the Cause of the Trading Tribe

Dear Ed,

I have read your book on the Tribe Meetings. I have a question: what motivated you to start the meetings?

In the system model, we hold that all things influence all other things and co-evolve in the everlasting moment of now.


In the causal model, we have an isolating one-on-one cause and effect.  The causal model finds use in simple physics and in law and politics where one party wants to establish another party as the "cause" or "guilty" and thereby gain advantage.

Wed, 7 Feb 2007


Dead Link


the link that seems to be dead is



Thank you for the catch.


Try it now.

Wed, 07 Feb 2007


More on Course of Miracles

see: Previous

Ed Says: If you follow Course of Miracles, you might consider examining your feelings about the positive intentions of fear and guilt.

I've been mulling this over. From my understanding of "A Course in Miracles", the ego's intention for guilt is to keep the mind focused on negative events of the past. The ego's intention for fear is to keep the mind focused on possible negative events in the future. In both cases the ego's intention is to prevent the mind from focusing on Now.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wed, 7 Feb 2007


Wants to Know what He Should Do

Dear Ed,

According to many traders, the systems that we develop should work in all markets in order to be robust.


But on the other hand, each market has its own characteristics and therefore it is very hard to come with a system which works in all markets. This is especially the case for the stock market (individual

At this point, should I use a different system for stocks in general and another system for futures etc.

Thanks for your comments.

To paraphrase your contribution:


1. Many traders say something "should" work.

2. You have difficulties doing it.

3. You ask me what you "should" do.


FAQ does not tell people what they "should" do.  See ground rules.


You might consider:


1. asking "many traders" how they do it.

2. taking your questions to your Tribe.

Wed, 7 Feb 2007

Wants to Follow the Rules

Hi Ed!

Now I have made my backtest on the system I have presented to you. The risk was too high! I sold out everything and before I start all over again I start with back tests. The results were +10% since the start two months ago so I feel lucky. The system I closed is only one of my three different trading models I am trading simultaneously and only around 10% of my capital.

I have always wanted to be able to trade all markets but maybe my ranking makes me trade fully when markets aren't that good for trend following systems. I am influenced by the trading turtle program on that point. I think it might be better to trade only a few markets and wait for the signals in these markets.

One of my snapshots is: "I can trade any market profitably without even knowing the underlying instrument". In my model I make a transition for all markets so they can be measured equally and therefore ranked, but my money management principle of always having 40-50% of my capital as Stop-Loss risk was to high, both for the system and probably also for my gut feeling.

There are so many things I want to test regarding trading and I really love to do it so the ambition is all right. Sometimes I consider my systematic approach is a little bit inefficient. I mostly use excel nowadays.


My plan is to trade the best system I can come up with until I find a better one. Then I wait for my system-change date, and change it all. The end of this system was made after the system-change date but I did addressed the issue if the risk was proven too high (with back tests). I am trying to convince myself that I actually followed my model when I closed all positions.

Further on I also have a plan of a new snapshot whenever someone wants to invest "I can clearly present my model, show track record and offer a way to invest." In my snapshot I plan to open up an account in which I trade my model without breaking the rules.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Sometimes, Following The Rules


may have associations

with deep feelings,



CLip: http://theredletters.mlblogs.com/


Tue, 6 Feb 2007


Trading Tribe Apprentice Program

Hi Ed,

Today I find out some very good news with regards to my work.


The last year is an uphill struggle, tough and challenging but I stick it through and insist on staying the course even though I have many thoughts of jumping ship or running away.


What feels good is not the best thing to do! I keep this in mind and persist. I notice how I stop running away from situations and have built more confidence in rising up to challenges that I would usually just walk away from.


I also stop running / jogging a couple of months after the Breathwork. Doing this comes naturally as I mull over [Name's] comments about me wanting to hurt others and running away. I don't want to hurt anyone and I am clear about my intentions towards others. I also retire my marathon snapshot - no more running! Funnily enough I have picked up a new activity at the gym - cycling / spinning. Staying put and sweating it out rather than running away to no where. It feels good to stay put.

Ed I have yet to hear from you with regards to the Apprentice program and wonder if this is still on and how I can get going with this. I am very keen and determined to progress with TTP and personal growth. Are you also open to discussing the possibility of an apprentice spending some time with you in Incline at some point of the program?

Thanks again Ed for FAQ the insight and wisdom you provide to us all.

We are currently contacting all apprentices, aligning interests and scheduling projects.


For more information, see Associates Program.

Tue, 6 Feb 2007


Loneliness Could Boost Alzheimer's Risk


TUESDAY, Feb. 6 (HealthDay News) -- Being lonely may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later in life, new research suggests.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20070206/


Yes, one way to "medicate" sadness is to forget about it.



Clip: http://www.nevtron.si/borderline/forget.gif

Tue, 6 Feb 2007


Cold Winters = Move to Warm Climate

I hear you’re going cowboy, is it true?


Yes, I am considering a move to Austin Texas.




Shoveling Snow


is a popular pastime

in Incline Village




Waiting For the Snow to Fall


in Barton Springs, Austin Texas



Clip: http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/swcbd/


Mon, 5 Feb 2007


Heart Disease Results from Loneliness


CHICAGO (Reuters) - Depression, severe mental illness and loneliness are linked to illnesses such as heart disease and dementia, according to several studies.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070205/


Yes, disease can "medicate" sadness.




Heart Attack is Generally Effective


in "medicating" loneliness.



Clip: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/


Mon, 5 Feb 2007


Counter Trend Risk Control in Open Positions

Dear Chief Ed,

Ed says: Lightening up in response to your feelings might be less of a counter-trend strategy than a counter-risk-strategy. (and)  I like the rule : manage risk. (and) Remember to keep position size proportional to volatility.

So as the bull trend progresses, and tends to increase in volatility, should the rules read,

Manage initial risk (and) keep initial position size proportional to volatility ?

Thank you for your guidance in tackling these issues as they tend to test the stomach lining - and dealing with these feelings whilst in a trade, seem to be the real test of one's trading system ...

FAQ does not tell people what they "should" do.  See ground rules.


Another set of trading rules:


Buy some good stock that goes up a lot and then get out near the top and if it doesn't go up a lot then don't buy it in the first place.

Sun, 04 Feb 2007


Trading Tribe Book - Wholesale ?

Wholesale on a book is 40% of the cover price.

There are no copies of the book for sale on www.Amazon.com . If you wanted, you could sell the book there. If you don't want to deal with the hassle; I could buy wholesale and see if some copies could be sold there.

Yes, you may buy the book wholesale, at the same price as retail.


The book continues to sell nicely. I expect it to sell out soon.  I am working on another one.

Sun, 4 Feb 2007


New US Emblem






New US Government Seal

Official Announcement:

A bi-partisan committee announces

effective immediately,

the country's emblem changes

from the Eagle to the Condom

since it more accurately reflects

the spirit in Washington.


A condom allows for inflation,

halts production,

destroys the next generation,

protects a bunch of pricks,

and gives you a sense of security

while you're actually being screwed.


You might also consider "wrapping the rascal" in red tape.

Sat, 3 Feb 2007


The Liberal Mind:

The Psychological Causes of Political Madness


(book review)

Certain neurotic themes are dominant in the radical liberal mind’s perceptions of the world. All of them portray the citizen as a suffering child who is victimized, helpless and in need of rescue. All are evident in various liberal platforms. They represent the liberal mind’s transference of childhood dynamics into the world of adult relationships. As expressed in his most passionate political pronouncements, the radical liberal mind believes that:

A very large portion of the population is suffering; from injustices inflicted upon them.

They are helpless to stop their suffering.

Bad people, such as capitalists and the rich, cause the victims to suffer by depriving, neglecting, exploiting and abusing them.

The bad institutions supported by the villains are economic, social and political in nature; they include free market capitalism, basic property rights, strict moral and ethical accountability, reasonable social decorum, personal and financial responsibility, individual sovereignty, and justice based on merit and desert.

Modern liberals are heroes whose mission is to rescue the victims from the villains.

Most citizens need a powerful liberal government to direct and manage their lives.

The Modern Parental State is the answer to problems created by the villains.

Much of the suffering of the victims comes from too much freedom in economic markets, which allows the villains to exploit the victims for unjust gain.

They are the liberal’s projections of a painful neurotic disorder; they are the legacy of his childhood.

They represent his desperate longings for attachment, attention, affection, empathy, significance, esteem, adoration, recognition, indulgence, relatedness, guidance, direction, belonging and love.

They represent his desperate efforts to heal real emotional wounds that he suffered when he was, in fact, significantly deprived, neglected, exploited or abused.



Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr, MD receives his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Chicago and serves for two years as a psychiatrist in the United States Army. He is currently in private practice in the Chicago area.

I feel that extreme liberal and extreme conservative views are both forms of medication for sadness.




Modern Politics


has less to do with finding solutions

to underlying problems


than with finding

ways to medicate sadness.





Clip: http://www.burningchrome.com/


Sat, 3 Feb 2007


Alcohol and Drugs and Addiction and TTP

Something I am thinking about is "alcoholics" and "drug addicts." Something that seems frightfully ridiculous is the forceful use, in some groups, of the acknowledgement of I am an "Alcoholic" or "Drug Addict."


I heard someone say I am an alcoholic and I felt so much sadness immediately and felt no release from them.

I still maintain it is all about sadness and this yet another dose of medicine and most likely why the rehab ratio is no better than 3 percent.

If you look at the actions of drug addicts and alcoholics as they venture down the path it is obvious it is about losing, or sadness that they are trying to feel. The further they get into it the more they lose people, money, possessions, and health.

I think this is potentially one of the most amazing breakthroughs of our time that has the ability to change the lives of tens of millions of people.

The human emotional processing engine sits on top of an organic servo-system that regulates our internal state.


As servos, we respond to an "error signal" or a delta change from normal.  When we are too dry, the error signal generates "thirst" and we find water with which to "medicate" the feeling.


When we sense loss, the "error signal" appears as sadness.  Some forms of loss require complex remedies, or in TTP parlance, an effective Resource Rock.  The Resource Rock responds to the sadness and provides a number of effective strategies for dealing with the situation precipitating the loss.


Sometimes, during our formative years, an important role model gives us a Medicine Rock.  The Medicine Rock responds to sadness with ways to mask the sadness, without dealing with the underlying situation.


The TTP Rocks Process helps identify Medicine Rocks and to replace them with Resource Rocks.


In some cases, the Medicine Rock may indicate consuming drugs and / or alcohol as a way to mask sadness.  TTP provides a way to re-program gut responses to sadness so that we have many other healthy ways to respond to sadness.



Too Drunk to Send


One of The Main Concerns

with using TTP (or other methods)

to treat substance abuse


is how to keep the user

from sliding off the chair.


Clip: http://www.duncancumming.co.uk/


Sat, 03 Feb 2007


TSP project: Matched Results to the Penny

for the simple exponential crossover system

Hi Ed,

I was able to write a program to match the results of the 150/15 and the 325/85 runs for the simple exponential crossover system, to the penny. Thanks for providing us with these exercises.

Congratulations !


If you would like to help extend TSP and add some more exercises, you might consider joining the apprentice program.

Sat, 3 Feb 2007


Wants Less Volatility and More Robustness



I am using strength filters to pre-select futures contracts to trade with my system.

Testing shows these filters appear to add no value at all!

I now feel I might find better results in focusing on identifying and selecting products that have the least correlation.

I wonder if this might make results less volatile - or perhaps more robust.

You can get increasingly better back-test results,
with higher returns, less volatility and more "robustness" by various and subtle forms of curve-fitting.

Ultimately you can wind up, theoretically, buying at the bottom and selling at the top of every little historical wiggle.

If you work within the condition of long-term trend following, you pretty much have to accept the whipsaw and the drawdown as essential parts of the way things work.

At some point, the solution to the whipsaw /drawdown problem

Lies less in the math than in your gut.  You might consider optimizing your overall trading by making peace with the nature of Trend Following.




Dust Devil


An Essential Step in System Design


is to acknowledge your own gut reactions


to volatile situations.


Clip: http://www.burningman.com/


Sat, 3 Feb 2007


Longitudinal TTP - 4 Years Worth


Hi Ed,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

I hear the latest workshop was very effective and powerful. I am excited to experience the rocks process myself.

I want to thank you for your teachings, guidance, and influence over the past 4 years. If anyone can attest to the power and effectiveness of your teachings, I can. When I first became involved with the Tribe and TTP, my life was a complete mess. My relationships were weak, my parenting abysmal, and I never seemed able to make decisions or move in directions that would take me closer to my ambitions and desires. Since my involvement began, there has been constant improvement, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, a few pullbacks along the way, but always trending higher.

On January 1st, I officially launched my managed futures fund. It has been a major milestone for me, and now that is has past, I focus my efforts on building the business. Without your teachings, this event would not have occurred.

Thanks again,

Thank you for sharing your process.




Before TTP -  A Complete Mess




After TTP - Constant Improvement









Fri, 2 Feb 2007

Sure Thing Trade


(junk mail recommendation)


Careful observation of the SP 500 Weekly chart MACD Histogram says "I must wait  for the NASDAQ 100 to lead the next Leg ... Up or Down".

I will buy the break of the NASDAQ 100 Long above $1810 and Short below $1770.

There were a lot of people who doubted many Bull Legs because they ignored Technical Analysis and followed Fundamental Analysis ... I RIDE THE WAVE of Price Action. The Market is always 6 months ahead meaning the Institutions control this Circus.

Paul Tudor Jones & Steve Cohen are Technical Analysis traders and have never had a losing year! Price Action speak ... Hidden Fundamentals & Theories stink.

Richard Russell has doubted this Bull Market for 1 - 2 Years. Robert Precther ... well ... his charts are worthless. He missed the entire 1999 - 2000 Tech run. He also said in 2001 "The Dow would hit 800 Points before it broke 12,000". He said in 2003 we "were in Wave 2 of Super Bear Cyclical that would lead us to 800 on the DOW."

WOW!! He should have lost 1/2 of his subscribers.

If people would watch price action they would stay away from predictions that are the "Slope of Hope / Wall of Worry" and focus on the Now ...

Bullish is Bullish. Bearish is Bearish. The Institutions Heavy Buy and Sell systems set the stage Short & Mid Term. They carry more weight that 1 - 100 Harvard/Yale educated analysts.

Price Action doubters do 2 things: Miss the profits and add Contrarian Fuel to the Fire that we can run further in Bull & Bear markets. Notice homebuilder Ryland Group (RYL) run of +15% in 2 Weeks.
The price naysayers missed this entire move.

Price Action will reveal to me The Market's conviction.

I have coined an anthem for my trading and I shall copyright it: Conviction, Vote & Momentum.

Earn on the Turn ... Period.

I include this letter as an example of a FR/CT (Free Recommendation / Confident Tone.) 


I receive a steady stream of such FR/CT's.


Note that since the recommendations, both items are substantially lower.


Also, the writer is looking for major secular trends and is not even waiting for the chart to take out the January highs at around 1850.





NASDAQ - Through 12/12/07


Date of Recommendation - Red Oval

Buy Point - Black Circle

Protective Stops - Black Lines


Sometimes the highest use

for a FR/CT


is to fade it.


Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007

Cleveland Tribe

Hi Ed,

I intend to start a new tribe in Cleveland.





Welcome !





Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2007

Lima-Peru Tribe

Hi Ed,

I intend to start a new tribe in Lima, Peru.



Welcome !





Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007


Feeling Blocks

Hi Ed!

Again I read your interview in "Market Wizards" and I recognize the following statement: "I was able to test about a hundred variations of four simple systems for about ten years of data on ten commodities."

Since you only tried four systems it seems you tried 25 different money management systems to come up with a hundred variations.

One thing I begin to understand is that the management system is what really is special about your model, not particularly the entry and exit. I wonder if I can come up with 25 different money management systems.


Is different bet sizes different money management systems in your opinion, or is it a similar test? I guess you can "pyramidize" your positions but I don't see that mentioned often in your writings. You can also expand the risk when your holdings show a positive return, but I don't think you handle "your own money" different than you view "the markets money", as I heard someone put it. One thing I want to try is to have five uncorrelated systems as input in one system, and they all show profits individually and they are uncorrelated. I've also looked into time-stops but I think you considered that it's not time, but drawdown that you should protect yourself against, and trigger a stop loss.

What's left? I feel so blocked since I have tested so many systems the last 15 years, and never ever, even in theory, had the results you have shown in real life.


You both need a good system and the strength to follow it, and even if both of these are improving, I'm not impressed since I know there are people like you who consistently can have five!!! times my performance. I'm really going to dig deep into different money management systems. I will start with one simple system and test 25 different money management techniques on that system. I'll get back with the results.

Best regards,

You might consider dealing with your blocking feelings.




If You Experience the Block


you might get

to the root of the matter.




Clip: http://www.atlantisplumbing.com/


Thu, 1 Feb 2007

Magic Follows Rocks Process

As of February 1, 2007 my fund has assets under management of just over $2 million. The fund has positive performance for January, and there are no adds, draws, or new investors during the month.

In mid December, Ed visits the [City] Tribe and leads me through a rocks process. My entry point is that I am dissatisfied with the speed I am raising money for my fund, and I am anxious about performance and not making sales calls. An outline of the process appears at /Rocks/6006_12_15_Cases.doc.  My session is labeled "Sales Call".

Results from my process are as follows:

After the process I find myself disoriented for a period of several days as I find myself using new resources that I am unaccustomed to.


Rather than withdrawing from situations, I find myself acting in a way that is more assertive, and it feels almost confrontational at times. After some experience, I realize this is the feeling of standing up for what I want or what I believe in rather than rolling over in order to go with the flow.

One day while sitting around making up excuses for why I can't make sales calls, I end up making about 10 calls. None of these calls lead to immediate sales, but they are well received, and I feel good about reestablishing these business relationships.

My wife helps me notice that drama in my relationship with my mother and father and their relationship with one another and the rest of the family has suddenly lessened dramatically. At the time my wife makes this observation she is unaware of the content of my rocks process, as are my parents. It seems that some kind of magic has taken place and Dad is being nice to others (including Mom) and Mom is asserting herself more. We go through the holidays with a conspicuous absence of clashing between Mom and Dad. This is obvious to everyone but me. I don't notice the difference until my wife points it out after the fact. All I notice is that we all seem to be doing fine.

My trading performance is improving. January is my largest winning month since the inception of my fund last May. I notice that I now feel confident in my system, whether it is winning or losing at the moment.

My fitness and health program is back on track after months of on-and-off commitment to it. I feel confident in my ability to get what I want in trading and in health.

I don't raise any new money yet. I wonder if this is a sign that I have more medicinal rocks holding me back? If it is or isn't I am OK doing more work or just continuing to work my new plan until results show up.

I plan to send monthly progress updates until I have $5 million AUM.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for sharing your process.




Any New Technology


can appear to be





Clip: http://florida.com/magic/