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January 9 - 22, 2007


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(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Mon, 22 Jan 2007


Feelings and Time

Hi Ed,

My understanding is that you do not believe time exists, for we can never go back to the "past" and make a trade (or give you money to invest), and so it is just a concept but doesn't really exist.

I have some questions about "past" feelings though, and I wonder what you think. For example, as a child I used to have some very strong (angry) feelings towards the bully in my class. I HATED him. But now, I no longer associate much feeling with that person. And even if I think back on what happened, all I get is some chuckle and nothing much.

So does that mean a feeling can just pass by itself without us necessarily "resolving it", or "understand its positive intention"?


In the bully example, it seems to agree with the clichť "time heals all wounds." So what do you think? Is it just a mere illusion that I am sweeping my feelings under the carpet? Or do you find some merits in that clichť? Thanks.

When you have a memory about a "past" feeling, you have that memory in the now.


When feelings evolve, they do so in the now.


You might consider taking your feelings about giving up on the "past" to the hot seat.



No Matter What Time It Is


It's always now.


Mon, 22 Jan 2007


TTP Quality Rising

I notice the quality and clarity of both the glossary and TTP process web page improve over time. I am happy to see the improvement (not sure whether is actual changes or my perception as tribe process continues for me - likely both). 


I am excited to see the empirical stuff becoming more refined. (also very cool - I like the process)

Muchas Gracias

I rarely update the glossary.  The improvement may be with you.



TTP Evolves


through experimentation and practice.


Clip: http://www.watson.ibm.com/leo/fs.html

Sun, 21 Jan 2007


TTP For Families

Experimenting With Integrations

(Workshop Feedback)


Hello Ed!


My Husband and I learned a tremendous amount at the TTP Workshop. Today we are going to begin teaching our children TTP. We are going to do the first 3 parts - what are you thinking, what are you feeling, show me how you are feeling.


We are especially excited about the forms process and integrating them all into one - especially for J[Name]. As we shared, he is Multiple Personality, Ausberger, touch of psychotic - we are theorizing, if he can combine his forms together into one, wouldn't that integrate his personalities?


We are extremely excited about this prospect and I think that it could be ground breaking for many children / adults that suffer from mental disorders. We will keep you up to date with our progress and our kids are very excited about all of this.

I am also enclosing my notes for the rocks process. I hope that it is helpful and beneficial to you and others.

Blessings to you and yours,

Thank you for sharing your process.


I support you in developing alternatives to pharmacology for children with k-nots and rocks.


You might check with your child's physician and / or psychiatrist for an opinion on your plan before trying to replace or even supplement an existing course of therapy.




Sometimes Medication


can interfere with healing.


Clip: http://www.spiritindia.com/


Sun, 21 Jan 2007


Starting a Tribe

Hi Ed,

I hope you are well. I notice that you do not update FAQ regularly since the start of the new year. I imagine that you are busy with various projects and the apprentice program. I would like to offer to help and provide support in any way possible in this project in order to make this a greater success for all involved.

I report that I may have found the 3-rd person to start tribe meetings. I spoke to him about TTP and have lent him the Trading Tribe book. I feel excited about this and somehow anxious / weary about what he will think of TTP.


Similar feelings I go through when I first open a position and question whether it will take the direction I would like it to or I will get stopped out.


 Hmmm... funny how trend following can be parallel to so many things in life!

You might consider taking your feelings of second guessing to the hot seat.



One Nice Thing About a Second Guess


is that you can always

second guess it.



Clip: www.nadovich.com/julia/guess/choose.jpg

Sat, 20 Jan 2007



Hi Ed,

While discussing Rocks a few days ago with [Name], he observes that many Rocks processes involve various forms of withdrawal.

That is certainly the case in the four Rocks processes I have been present for, including my own.

We had quite a blast of cold weather earlier this week! But warmer weather has already returned. Hope you are staying warm up in Incline Village.

Withdrawal is another name for unwillingness to experience the feelings of getting free.





from drugs,


abusive people,

abusing people

and day-trading


are different objects

for the same process



Clip: http://confessionalpoet.typepad.com/


Sat, 20 Jan 2007


Report on Rocks Process,

With Ed Visiting Austin Tribe

Jan 11, 2007


Hi Ed,

Here is a report of the meeting.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


To see the article, see the Rocks Link, above

Sat, 20 Jan 2007


Wants Futures Historical Data

Hello Ed,

Can you tell me where I can purchase historical futures data (O/H/L/C) going back 20 years? I have only been able to find 10 max.

FAQ does not endorse people or commercial products,


Sat, 20 Jan 2007


Crank Theory


Wrong link on page: http://www.seykota.com/


This page contains:

"Seykota's theory was listed on www.crankdot.net  . "

But should be this:

"Seykota's theory was listed on www.crank.net  . "

I had to do a bit of searching to figure this out.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you for the catch.


I seem to receive a stream of personal attacks relating to my authorship of the Theory of Radial Momentum


Curiously, I receive no attacks on the math or on the physics.

Fri, 19 Jan 2007


Managing Risk in a Profitable Trade

see: Taking Some Profits on the Way Up

Dear Chief Ed,

Wishing you and your family well -

Ed Says: Taking profits on the way up is a counter-trend strategy.


What do you do when you catch a trend?
You ride that sucker to the end.

One of your teachings is

- manage risk whilst staying with the trend.

My question is - isn't this what the questioner is trying to do - manage open heat in a profitable trade ?

Warm Regards

The questioner may be dealing with his feelings about riding the sucker to the end.


The questioner, and only the questioner, can answer questions, about the right way for him to take partial profits 


I like the rule: manage risk.


The "whilst staying with the trend" part may be your own improvisation.


You might consider taking your feelings about wanting to improvise to the hot seat.




Unless You Are a True Artist


Real-Time Improvisation on a System


is likely to detract from your performance.



Clip: http://www.harmonytalk.com/


Fri, 19 Jan 2007


Making New Friends

Ed, you didn't update the TTID with the attached file. You always respond "you might consider taking your feelings to your Tribe" that I decided to give it one more try to set up one. My previous experience is that most people who come up are either interested in getting information about trading techniques and systems or just curious to know something about you, trading or whatever related.

Meanwhile I am experimenting with other "support groups", like folklore dancing. I have joined one since last November . I am also looking for other ways to make more friends and hopefully find love.

Best regards.

Thank you for sharing your process.





accept you just the way you are

and also just the way you aren't.


Clip: http://www.laurelandhardy.pwp.


Fri, 19 Jan 2007


Messenger Wants to Get On Hot Seat

I want to thank you for including me as the messenger in yesterdays work.

It was a particularly intense experience for me as it was bringing up some serious sadness. [Name] had asked me to explore sadness in my life and I had been thinking about it for the past week. Being with [Name_2] for his process brought things to a boil and I had a pretty intense night. I have a whole arsenal of rocks and so many of them were on display last night I felt like I was juggling.

I wanted to put myself on record as wanting to do a process myself. I am going to out of town for the weekend so perhaps next week sometime if you are willing.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Role playing in the Rocks Process is a good way to get the hang of how it all fits together.




During the Rocks Process


people support each other

by role playing

each other's significant relations


with uncanny accuracy.



Clip: http://www.tts-group.co.uk/Content/Files/


Fri, 19 Jan 2007


Taking The Rocks Process Home

Hello Ed,

I am writing to share my experience with the Rocks Process with the [City] Tribe.

Our leaders learned the Process at your recent TTP Workshop and they were excited to share the experience.

I think it is safe to say that the rest of the Tribe was a little uncomfortable at first - it was obvious that a higher level of support and commitment was required than regular TTP.

Our leader was extremely open about his experience in Reno which helped and triggered some hot feelings around the room.

Without going into details two individuals were brave enough to try the Process and the rest of the Tribe provided fantastic support as leaders, actors, and messengers.

Although I was not on the hot seat an extremely important point was driven home - we learn how to respond to an action by unconsciously modeling the behavior of others (ex. mother, father, associate).

This seems intuitive but it is amazing how we are blind to our own actions.

During the Process I often found my own unconscious responses interfering with supporting the person on the "hot seat" (if that is the correct term in the Rocks Process).

The Process is different than TTP in that it clearly identifies the response to be changed while providing the tools to model a new response.

The results were dramatic, enlightening, and empowering.

The idea that I can improve a situation by changing my response, rather than the other person, was a revelation.

Whether the Rocks Process provides the type of lasting change that regular TTP cannot provide remains to be seen.

In either case I am excited to try the Process myself.

I would like to thank the [City] Tribe for being so open and willing to support each other - I feel lucky to be a part of the group.

I would also like to thank you Ed for your tireless efforts in pushing the boundaries of personal development and growth.


Thank you for sharing your process.


Yes, in TTP we change others by working on ourselves.





Clip: http://despair.com/change1.html

Thu, 18 Jan 2007


Wants to Connect


Once I got past the immediate hurt feelings, I found your cartoon very humorous. You are right of course. With the exception of missing the fact that I wear glasses, you got my body language perfect. LOL.

I've discovered that it is very difficult to attract individuals with little to no background in trend following / futures trading to a trend following / futures trading investment partnership.

In any case, it now occurs to me that those who participate in your FAQ feature may have a better background in the field than most and that one or more of them may be interested in discussing the issue with me. Thus, if I am not in contravention of securities laws or more importantly Ed's rules, I want to make it possible for others to communicate with me, should they wish to do so. In that regard I would like you to include the email address below my first name.

[Name and email address]

P.S. I just re-read your book. I know I will never be a futures trader and most likely never have the opportunity to invest with you, but I have learned an awful lot from you and appreciate it.


Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about "difficult to attract" to the hot seat.




One Law of Attraction


is that while you can't predict it

you can find it, empirically


by running lots of experiments.



Clip: http://plig.org/things/pictures/tn/


Thu, 18 Jan 2007


Missing Out

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Ed Says:

Lack of Preparation

can be a reason for
not taking a Workshop

and not a reason for
not attending IV Tribe meetings.

I think if you end this sentence with a question mark I will get the meaning right away after reading it. The feeling I have when reading your answer is: okay you are not inviting me, then when I read further down I suddenly get some excitement thinking ďthe hintĒ, my version, of the last sentence. After reading eleven months of your FAQ, I know that sometime you like to be subtle. Then again it maybe because of my English skill or maybe it is just how I perceived. Now I realize that you are telling me that I am not prepared on both.

Want to be prepared also an excuse? Isnít that an efficient way of using money; as you suggested to others? I have to remember that.

Now I am also feeling like those out of tune American Idol wannabe. :) I often think how come they think they sound good, yet they sound so terrible; are they over confident or blinded / deaf by fame and fortune? I feel I acted just like them. I usually think I am an extremely humble person; someone even said that I am too humble for my own good. Or maybe it is because my desperation to have a mentor?

I have been looking for a mentor for all my life and havenít yet found one. Maybe that is why I want to help a lost sheep so much whenever I encounter one; yet I am one myself, the only different is I am about to find the right way. Sometime I feel that it is my destiny to learn everything myself. Just like how I learn to swim or to ride a bicycle or anything else in life that I want to learn, even though both my parents are around when I grow up; they still are but not in the same country. Now I have to sharpen my trading skill by myself as well.


I hope one of your FAQ contributors is not right when he said that one needs a great mentor to be a successful trader. I think you said that you are a self learned trader as well; hopefully I can do the same to some extent. But in a way you are a mentor for most of us from a far distance. I learn by monitoring other people doing it; I am grateful that you provide this website for us.

I did contact two TT groups before writing to you. But they all seem to say how you can benefit me. I guess a Chinese saying "人不为自天诛地灭" has some validity, at least to some degree. Then again I jump in before I look; not yet really know what the group is all about. But I have the feeling that it is something I want to be in. I guess there is some similarity when I jump right in to buy a stock when I have the feeling that it is about to run?


After reading your TT book and 11 months FAQ, I realize the purpose of the group and I know that compatibility is essential in a group.

Similarity, I often get burned for chasing a running stock; especially the one that moves in the morning. I know I am not supposed to chase but sometime I just can't help it when the feeling of missing out told me to.

However, I also feel that this community, as its popularity growing rapidly, becomes harder to enter. At first one group can easily be started, now more requirements are needed and the workshop price is increased by 66.66%; I thought I saw the price was $3K for the passed January workshop but now it shows $5K. I guess sometime you need to curb the rapid grow to get quality people, not everyone can be accepted at MIT or Harvard or any other Ivy Leagues without severe qualification.


Hey, who doesn't want to join the "Ivy League" of trading club? I absolutely don't mean it in a negative way but I guess I feel I come a bit late for the easy ride. For some reason I am missing all kind of booms, RE boom (bought the house at the highest in 1989 and sold it just before the price about to double) and TT boom. Another similarity, dump a stock just before it runs.

I hope one of these days when I am running at the same speed I can easily jump on the train without hurting myself.

Please pardon my rumbling. I just want to see whether I will also get an AHA while writing. Guess not this time. But I hope I can learn something from your reply.



I donít mean to offend anyone in my writing. If I did, I really don't mean to.

Am I trying to tune out my feelings writing this email during the market hour when several losing positions show up?

Am I using the SVO-p the right way?

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about missing out to the hot seat.




The Feeling of Missing Out


is just one more thing


to get in on.



Clip: http://www.starfiresports.com/assets/




Thu, 18 Jan 2007


Course in Miracles

Have you ever looked at "A Course in Miracles"? If you have, I would be interested in your opinion of it.

If you are thinking that I am sending this email and using this forum as a shameless plug for ACIM, you are right! After being in two tribes (with excellent results I might add), I felt that TTP had done all that it could do for me. I found ACIM, started going through the workbook, and have been quite happy with the results.

Just thought that I would share that with you and your FAQ readers.

Best wishes,

TTP seems compatible with most forms of personal growth. 


If you follow Course of Miracles, you might consider examining your feelings about the positive intentions of fear and guilt.

Wed, 17 Jan 2007


Rocks Process Falls into Place - Very Cool !

(Workshop Feedback)

Our tribe tried its first "Rocks" process last night / post workshop - very cool

Very cool to see tribe intend to do something and the pieces fall into place - uncannily easy.

Very cool for me to see Intentions = Results fall into place

Very cool that this process may help someone's life get better.

Thanks for the workshop.

An aside note: On trying to determine the positive intentions of emotions, It appears clearer to me if I answer the following question" Why does child feel disappointment?

Answer: So he / she goes after and gets what he / she wants. This also leads me to believe that children don't naturally have knots.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 15 Jan 2007

Doesn't Like Drawdowns

Thank you for responding, I wasn't sure when I wrote if you would take the time to respond since I am sure you receive many requests.


It has taken me these last few weeks to respond back because I have been thinking of a proper response.


I have traded since 1998 mostly in the form of scalping. Over the last 3 months a group of friends and I have been making the transition to longer term trading / holding until the move is finished. Out of the group I have always had the easier time holding positions until a move is over and being willing to give back the last part of the move to make sure its over.


I don't think I need help knowing when to get in and out, nor proper stop losses and money mgt. What I think would be most beneficial to me would be to hear some of your insights as to the psychology of trading.


To clarify what I mean, I rarely have had loosing days scalping and most have been rather small <6k. I know that to catch longer term moves I will have drawdowns larger then those and that is where I need the help.


How to prepare myself for those drawdowns and how to deal with them when they happen. So, what would your consulting terms be for this type of help?

You might consider taking your feelings about drawdowns to the hot seat.


If you would like me to examine your case in person, you might consider attending a workshop.


Terms for private consulting (likely the least effective path) appear at the bottom of the Ground Rules Page.

Mon, 15 Jan 2007


Active Concern --> Fixing Others ?

Ed says, "Active Concern For The Livelihood of Others is an aspect of practicing TTP." (FAQ, Dec 6, 2005)

Hi Ed,

Can you please elaborate on the statement? It seems like often times, out of "active concern for the livelihood of others" breeds the desire to "fix and change other people," don't you think?


You might consider taking your desire to fix others to the hot seat.



In TTP we fix each other


by working on ourselves

and relying on SRT's


(Simultaneous Remote Transformations)



Mon, 15 Jan 2007

Rediscovers Best Friend

Simultaneous Remote Transformations

(Workshop Feedback)

Dear Ed,

I wish to thank you for your commitment to enlightening and aiding others in their search for truth within their own lives and within others.

My original intention going into the TTP process, was to collect information and ideas that would aid in my returning to profitability after having suffered through my first significant loosing year. Thankfully, answers to these silly questions of money were the most insignificant result of my attendance! What I learned was far more lasting and important.

My self-induced monetary losses were because of intimacy issues with loved ones; especially my girlfriend of seven years. I needed to force a significant failure financially to make me stop speculating long enough so that I would be forced to look at my relationships, and the failures within them.

Three days of TTP work, arrested, turned around and empowered my relationship after THREE YEARS of receding intimacy and escalating hostility with my girlfriend; my best friend.

Over the past week, friends and family members have shared, without any solicitation or knowledge of my attendance to TTP, more intimacy than ever before.


I believe you call this "remote transformation" (please correct me if I am wrong). The most prominent example was the out of character episode in which one of my best male friends out of the blue shared with me his realization that his anger, cynicism and fierce independence was bred out of the angry, distrustful and unfaithful home his father created.


This friend identified one specific moment from which his primary ideas and beliefs stemmed; the moment his father lied to his face without hesitation. My friend went on to say that he forgives his father and loves him despite his continuing dishonesty.

While this is the most prominent example of out of character moments of safe, truthful sharing and realizations by those around me, it is certainly not the only one.

In all the episodes this past week, I was the only constant. Because of a shift in me, others felt safe and welcomed in sharing more intimacy than ever before. I am excited to see what else develops over the longer trend, because what has already transpired is more than I ever expected.

On behalf of me, and those around me, thank you Ed and thank you to all my other friends in attendance during those break through days earlier this month for making everything possible.


Thank you for sharing your process.




Clip: http://www.starland.com/sf-sc/sf03/images/


Sun, 14 Jan 2007


Giving Up Smoking by Enjoying It

Hereís where I am:

I shudder at the thought of going through even a watered down facsimile of the hellish ordeal I experienced (manufactured?) the last time I withdrew from nicotine.

Another big fear was best expressed by a friend. If I stop smoking, he asks, what will I do with my life? (How will I spend my time?)

He says it jokingly, but we both recognize the truth. I share his fear.

Saturday, a friend emails me the URL of a neuro- feedback site. I read the testimonials, and realize that at some level Iím addicted to adrenaline. Iíve become increasingly  aware of the stimulating effect of caffeine and nicotine. The day only comes alive when Iím sufficiently jacked up. But yet, I do not consciously enjoy feeling cranked up and jagged.


Saturday, over breakfast, Ed suggests (1) increasing my cigarette consumption from two to three packs per day, (2) allowing myself to enjoy smoking and (3) comparing smoking to rolling up in a blanket where I can't breathe and stopping out of a bad trade so I can step back and take a deep breath.

I realize socialize, but not enough. When Iím in a satisfying relationship, I smoke less.


I see that smoking is a form of the Strategic Withdrawal Rock.

I see that smoking and coffee keep me focused on work. Work keeps me focused on smoking and coffee. They are my business of the day, and my substitute excitement. This way, I can avoid the responsibility of creating a better form of business and a healthier, more satisfying form of excitement in my life. An Aha to be sure, but right now it feels more like an Oh S--- moment.

The solution goes something like this: I rebel against smoking 3 packs a day. I donít want to do that to my body. I donít want to cause that kind of damage, but realize Iím doing just that, now. The thought of negative health impact is something I conveniently squirrel away outside the realm of conscious thought.

So for now, I drop my judgment about smoking as something bad, grant myself permission to enjoy it, and smoke more anyway. But the more I allow myself to enjoy it, the less I actually do.

Ed, thanks for your concern. Iíll keep you posted.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Opium Smoker

(Circa 1909)


"A pipe is the fountain of contemplation,

the source of pleasure,

the companion of the wise;

and the man who smokes,

thinks like a philosopher

and acts like a Samaritan."

 -- Edward George Bulwer-Lytton (1803 - 1873)


Clip: http://opioids.com/images/opium-smoker.html

Sun, 14 Jan



(Workshop Feedback)

A week has gone by since the workshop and I still am having AHAs. This morning I woke up and realized that the feeling I could not feel before was JOY.


I have a picture in my mind of the snapshot I want my life to look like but never could seem to get there. I realize that the snapshot includes accomplishing my dreams and living my life joyous.


Well if I would not allow myself to feel joy I could not succeed because that would have me feeling the very feeling I am not supposed to feel (based on previous programming).


After the workshop I have felt joy every day and I must say it feels GREAT!!!

Thank you for sharing your process.


See directly below.

Sat, 13 Jan 2007


Happy as the Norm

(Workshop Feedback)

Dear Ed

Thanks for hosting the weekend workshop. The first night you ask us what we wanted to get out of the weekend. My answer was I wanted to eliminate self sabotage or "shooting myself in the foot" and I wanted to be happy being happy.


I feel it is too soon to give an honest evaluation of the first outcome, I need a larger sample to evaluate although my impression is that it is no longer an issue with me.


The second outcome I know for sure I got. Before the workshop it had been a long time since I had felt really happy and contented both in the world and in my own body. Life was a struggle for me and the world did not feel like a safe place for me. I was unhappy, sad, and mildly depressed a lot even though I have a lot to be happy about.


Mixed in this were times when I was happy but the happiness did not seem to last very long before going back to my old way of being and I noticed that when I was happy I was not comfortable being happy.


I felt ill at ease being happy. My dreams (the ones I remember at least) always had a lot of suffering, misery and struggle in them where when I had one of these dreams when I woke up in the morning I was not rested but was more tired than when I went to bed.


Something shifted Saturday in the workshop.


It was not something I noticed until some time after it happened but all of a sudden I noticed that all that stuff was gone and I was feeling great. I have felt really good all week with a big smile on my face and best of all the happy feeling feels normal and natural now. I feel comfortable feeling this way.


When challenges have come I have had moments when I got upset but the upset did not last but a short period of time before reverting back to happiness.


Happiness is now the norm instead of the exception. This has also affected my dreams. I woke up this morning having had the most wonderful dream. I was on the side of a mountain in a clearing in the trees looking ahead at a mountain on the other side of the valley. I felt better than I had ever recalled and I was thinking to myself that this is the most beautiful place I had ever been.


I felt great joy inside and really blessed just to be alive. Thank you again for the effort you put in to make the workshop happen, for your personal attention in seeing that we got the results we were looking for and for sharing yourself with all of us. The workshop truly was a life changing event for me.


Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.






is what you have


when you accept

everything else.


Clip: http://www.seizethelight.org/bpress/


Sat, 13 Jan 2007


Risk Management

Working backwards from your figures for daily futures changes, if I only had $40k to invest, the fluctuation trading futures could be as much as 6.25% per day.


I can see that it would only take a few trades to be stopped out to get a drawdown of 50%. If I could raise 500k from other investors that I know, could I come back to you about trading the account?

Thank you for your interest.


I do not currently offer such a vehicle.

Sat, 13 Jan 2007


Why ?

Is Seykota an Indian name? Have you traced your family tree? Are you the only person updating FAQ? How many trades have you made for yourself
in 2006? How many times have you changed your trading system in the last 10 years? To many questions? No answers. Later.

Why Not !

Fri, 12 Jan 2007


Screaming Dreams

(Workshop Feedback)

Hello again, Ed:

I sleep ... and dream ... every night now. First, I wake up screaming with no memory. Next, I wake up with vivid memories of being the exact age I face my childhood tormentor.


I am strong and commanding. In my dream, there are many people from various stages of my life. They support and help me. I allow the feelings to happen when I awake. I wonder if I will continue to dream. I have no knowledge where this is going, but it is OK to just experience the feelings.

Thank you, Ed, and every single, wonderful, loving, giving participant of the January Workshop. I look at the photo and see the beginning of the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Thu, 11 Jan 2007



I'm new to the trading tribe, and have gathered from reading the FAQ that it is a must to do programming for back testing. I know nothing about programming, what software or language would be the best to start with?


You might consider taking your feelings about how to proceed to your Tribe as an entry point.



Progress Occurs


step by step.


Clip: http://www.farmore.co.uk/design/nextstep.php

Thu, 11 Jan 2007


Marriage Becomes More Intimate

(Workshop Feedback)

In the Rocks process at the workshop I find myself in one of your experiments where I am both process managing and being managed at the same time. My partner is role playing my wife with me and I am role playing his wife with him. His issue with his wife is intimacy and my issue with my wife is her confusing decision making and sadness.

After a good laugh or two, I am able to jump right into the process of his wife who wants intimacy and wants it now! The dynamic is real and feels eerily familiar for me. He responds to my desires with skin crawling, sickly withdrawal forms. I try several attempts with the exact same results. His forms seem very real and it is obvious that he has experienced them many times. Clearly, I ain't getting lucky on this night.

Next, it is his turn to be my wife. I ask her to tell me what she thinks about a decision we are making about moving. He / she does a remarkable job of creating a sense within me of deep frustration held down by a need to appear caring and thoughtful. Egad! It is scary how well he has nailed the part.

Once we knew how to heat each other up, we went about the process of finding the rocks and going through the rocks process itself. In the end, we both received new rocks with nearly identical instructions. Before we checked out with one another, I began to think about how I was likely to respond. However, once engaged in conversation my new gut reactions created a very satisfying situation completely at odds with my conscious expectations. Perhaps, this is the source of disorientation for many who engage in this work?

So what happened when I got home? The second night after arriving home, I go in to say good night to my wife. She is sitting at her desk looking overwhelmed, sad and tired.


I mostly just stand there and do not know what to say. She is fighting to hold in her emotions and I just let her do that but still did not say much. She begins to cry but stays in her chair. I get down on my knees and just stay there by her. She begins to talk about perhaps finding someone to talk to but she is deeply embarrassed about how bad she is at being a Mother.


She tells me that she has something to say that will sound ridiculous. I ask if she wants to tell me. She says that she is unable to imagine ever doing Tribe work with me because it seems too intimate!


I burst into tears, and hug her for a long time. I thank her for telling me. As a couple there is a new energy and appreciation between us. I forget what happened next but before I know it she asks for me to show her what this hotseat thing is about. We then spend the next hour working together on her forms. She releases some deep feelings. We hug and go to bed.

We are already noticing a few changes. I will allow the evidence to accumulate and will be back in touch.

Thanks Ed!

Thank you for sharing your process.




Intimacy Grows


when you agree

to express your feelings


rather than medicate them.




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Thu, 11 Jan 2007


Tribe is Breaking Out to New Highs

Mind Learns New Ways of The Gut

(Workshop Feedback)


Congratulations to you and your staff for hosting an outstanding workshop.

After a period of consolidation, the Tribe is experiencing a thrusting breakout. This new energy is clearly evident in the Rocks process and in you.

My impression of the Rocks process is that it overhauls gut reactions by greatly enhancing instructions provided to you as a child. It does so with a battery of new instructions provided by the wisdom of the group and your older self.

My experience with the Rocks process is still resonating. You mentioned that you experimented with removing the old rock and not replacing it and that this caused disorientation. While we replaced my rock, I have to say that I still feel a little disoriented. People seem a little different with me. Also, I am saying and doing things that afterwards leave me saying "did I just say / do that?" I now realize disorientation is simply my conscious mind learning the ways of my new gut reactions. While still early, there seems to be some evidence that gut reactions have indeed changed. I will report back soon with more details.


Thank you for sharing your process.



Living From the Gut


takes guts.



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Wed, 10 Jan 2007


Tribe Directory Update


Please can you update Tribe directory with the attached, many thanks.


Wed, 10 Jan 2007


Tremendous Impact - Much Better Than DIM

(Workshop Feedback)


Thank you again for arranging such a fabulous
workshop. The experience of being there is invaluable to me. It is a milestone of my life journey.


Thanks the assistants for your openness and commitment. Thank all members of Workshop for your generous and powerful supports.


The impact of Reno Workshop on me is tremendous. My first impression is that there are generous people in the world who want to serve you if you are willing to open up yourself and to accept.


I feel that it is this spirit in the Workshop that makes people there joyful, peaceful and energetic. Service brings peace.


Workshop also helps me to grow instantly. By exercising TTP and taking hot seat, I am able to locate a rock that engages me into dramas and runs my daily life. A fresh new rock with resources from group replaces it. I just feel alive right away. I also know more clearly what I want to do in the rest of my life. "Learning by Watching Others and by Doing - Ed" makes all sense to me now. I feel I can even manage a Trading Tribe right now.


The procedures of TTP and Rock process are still vivid in my mind. Many concepts of TTP make more sense than before. Reading books alone can not achieve these results so quickly and directly.


In the similar way, I feel practicing TTP by DIM is very difficult and even struggling. Before Workshop, I learn and practice TTP by myself for months, I just make very little progress, thoughts always overwhelming feelings.


During Workshop, feelings come out so spontaneously and strongly, it just carries you to flow. Especially in group exercising and hot seat, I feel I am in a state that feelings are overwhelmingly strong, I just let them go, being sad, being scared, being angry and being whatever it is.


I cry, I punch my chest, I scratch my hairs, I squeeze my fists, I do whatever I want to do. I am free to go everywhere, even the place of my childhood, where I accept rocks. Yes, it is amazing experience I never have before. Yes, it is the way that cures me in the Workshop. I thank you Ed for your work, and thank all others in the workshop for your supports.

Best wishes to you, Ed

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wed, 10 Jan 2007


TTP at The Gym

(Workshop Feedback)

Hi Ed!

I meet my trainer at the gym this morning. She notices my new energy and commitment. We work through the lower body routine and she increases my squat weight to 125 for the third and fourth sets. I do it easily and with good form. Aha! Easily and with good form! The rest of the workout is exhausting and I make sure I feel each and every rep per set. I'm smiling ... TTP is perfect for my workouts.

We take time to talk with an older couple, who spend time at the gym every morning. They are with their daughter, who shares the same name as me ... (we always love to call each other by that name). The older couple are the same age, 84-years-young. They are living their 60-something year together. (I forget the exact number as it astounds me.) They celebrate their 85th birthdays in February and April. I commit to creating a birthday party experience for them to share on April 1. Others (most all are less than half to one-third their age) gather around the couple, smile, and commit to attend.

I remember a time when I hear this couple say that they need more young people in their lives.

TTP is really fun.

Thanks for sharing the gift, Ed!

Thank you for sharing your process.




You Can Lose

as Much Weight as You Please


if you are willing

to experience the feelings


 of doing so.



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Tue, 9 Jan 2007


Mom Gets Better

TTP Workshop Feedback

Hi Ed,

I want to thank you for the unique and wonderful weekend. The workshop is a life changing experience.

I also want to share a short experience with you.


I see my mother on Sunday night after the workshop. My mother is a very important person in my life. Just a few minutes after I meet her, she starts complaining about an issue. I do not consider the issue very important. She usually complains a lot. I listen to her for a few minutes.


However this time, I receive her.


I ask her about her feelings. She does not want to share her feeling. She continues complaining. I ask her again about her feelings. She turns defensive. She tells me that I am trying to analyze her.


I try one more time.


This time, she tells me that her feelings are not important. She believes that the issue is only important. I tell her that her feelings are important to me. I also tell her that I care about her feelings. She seems a little nervous. She expresses her feelings this time.


Well, I realize that this is the first time in my life that I explicitly ask and show interest in my mother's feelings. But I realize something else. That this is probably the first time in many years that somebody shows interest in her feelings. She is now quiet and meditative. She talks after a few minutes. She forgets the issue. As I continue driving, she wonders the mountains and the sky in the horizon. She says "Wow, I really like this city."

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Mother and Son


heal each other

by working on themselves.



Clip: http://santour.ru/ch/images/child/


Tue, 9 Jan 2007

Relationship Evolves

(Workshop Feedback)

I told my wife that divorce is on the table if things go that way. I told her I numbed out on the wedding day. I told her that I love her and I want to continue to work with the relationship. I told her emotional fraud is no longer an option, no matter what the consequences. I think the drama is in me. I think as I remove all knots / rocks, if the relationship changes, that's part of the process. I don't think we've been this close before.

Although something funny, she said she misses me annoying her. (I've just been supporting her for who she is - composite rocks.)

I wanted to send this to the Heat Seeking S--- Missile but his email isn't working. (ha ha try and put that one in FAQ.)

I will present a more formal FAQ later. I just feel close enough to tell you guys this stuff.

thanks again.

Thank you for sharing your process.




Setting Up For Divorce


is a dance

requiring intimate coordination.


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Tue, 9 Jan 2007


Bumper Sticker

Hi Ed!

I attach the first draft of your bumper sticker for review and edit.




Thank you for sharing your artwork.


Tue, 9 Jan 2007


TTP Workshop Feedback


Thank you so much for allowing me to attend the workshop. It was truly a magnificent experience. Your ability to teach people how they can make real changes in their lives is remarkable. And the deep understanding I got of the system model and how it applies to my life, and of the power of a tribe will be with me forever. Amazing work. Relentlessly validating and ever grateful,

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 8 Jan 2007


Parenting Skills Increase

(Workshop Feedback)


Writing to you at this moment is the first thing I do after I arrive to my work cubicle.


Words are not enough to express my thankful feelings to you at this moment. Tear in my eyes on the way I drive to my work place says all. You are like a father I would like to have.


I don't want to delay to write out a few changes in my life here. They happen so quickly and unexpectedly, and they are moving and touching my heart. When I am leaving Reno after workshop, I feel people around me are kind and smiling to me. A lady who helps me check out at hotel is so nice and her smile is sweet. Within less than a minute, she says, "Sir, you are done". I never have this kind of experience before.


At airport check-in, a lady can not find my reservation at first place. She smiles and says, "Sorry Sir, it might take you few minutes longer". I says, "No problem, take your time". After she finds it, she asks me if I like to take an earlier flight so I don't have to wait there. It surprises me. Usually I ask for it.


When I arrive at train station of my living town, my wife and two sons are waiting for me there. Suddenly, my younger son runs towards me with a crying face and tear in his eyes. This is the first time he does like this to me, he is three years old now.


After dinner last night, two of my sons are playing in a big toy house my wife made for them with hard paper of big boxes. She loves the toy house very much. At a time, one of my son slices down a window frame of the toy house and my wife sees it, she yells and runs towards my sons, and my sons gets scared.


If it is as before I just hold my anger, staying there and saying nothing, or I act out my anger and yell to her it is just a toy house and she should not feel angry and yell to kids. My wife might yell me back and beat kids.


But this time, somehow I feel calm and say spontaneously to my son, "Son, your mom is very angry, are you scared?" A surprise thing happens. My wifeís angry is gone, she smiles to my son and says, "Son, it is fine, be careful next time." My son says, "Mom, I love you" and gives her a big hug.


Each morning, the process of getting my son to his school is always a huge task, using me a lot of energy. This morning, we all get up late. My wife and I feel anxious and tense by knowing that my son is late for school. While I warm up a cup of milk for my son, my wife give my son a loaf with creams inside and says, "Son, I buy four of them, this is the last one. I love to eat one of them, but I let you eat all of them. You see, I love you so much. Hurry up to finish your breakfast, put up you clothes, and go to school."


If it is as before I say nothing. But this time I say spontaneously to my son, "Son, you see, your mom loves you so much. Your mom and I feel quite anxious now". Yes, somehow a harmony comes in, we all become calm, peaceful, and in love. My son quickly and effectively finish his breakfast, put up his clothes, and be ready to school, though it is still a little bit late for school.


This is unbelievable and never happens before. Yes, all these changes happen within 24 hours after workshop. Though the time passes two and half hour since I start to write so far, I just feel minutes away. I think my writing English skill level make me to take this long, but I really enjoy writing it. I leave this letter to here, and write my feelings and experiences of Reno workshop in another letter.

Ed, I appreciate your dedication to TTP. Your contribution is far and far beyond the trading tribes.

Thank you for sharing your process.






is the essential Tribe.



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Mon, 8 Jan 2007


System and Causal Models

and The Zero Point

I notice that an intention that starts in the causal model stays in the causal model.


For example, I want to use system model to get what I want,  my drama entrains me in causal motion and I leave the 0 point.

Thank you for sharing your insight.

Mon, 8 Jan 2007


Tears of Joy

I am sitting here crying as I write this. I cannot express how grateful I am for that process. If the million dollar profit in my trading account (circa 2000) was exchanged for what my life has received from this weekend I would still feel thankful and in your debt.

The assets and stuff that I had chasing seem now just like canvas that I was painting on - I was asking the canvas what I should paint. I now paint and the canvas is and is not.

I don't understand, but that isn't important to me.

A large chunk of misery and drama is gone. I feel alive.

Some of the characters are the same but they are different.

System Model Rocks
Causal Model Blocks
Tick Tock Tick Tock

Thank you for sharing your process.





may express many feelings.


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