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November 1-16, 2007


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Note: The intention of inclusion of charts in FAQ is to illustrate trading principles - The appearance of a chart does not imply any kind of indication or recommendation to buy, sell, hold or stay out of any positions.




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Fri, 16 Nov 2007




I am writing an email to market writer who I admire. I want to start a dialogue with her to hear her thoughts on an idea. I sit here for about an hour revising this short email. All the while I feel tension in my jaw. Finally I say, f--k it, this is stupid, and cancel the email. I feel severe discomfort, in my head, in my back. I feel a form coming on. I close the door and think to myself, this will get ugly. I lay down and I feel the most intense pain I've felt in years. I feel small, weak. I make an ugly face. I think this is what proving myself to others feels like. It is not fun and I avoid it all costs. But I want to feel it. I'm going to attempt the process by myself to see how far I can take it.

The exact same chain of events happens as I finish writing this email, only this time, I'm sending the letter and am I'm willing to experience the pain.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings of <intense pain> to Tribe.





may serve to cover up

other feelings



Clip: http://vortis.com/blog/archives/


Fri, 16 Nov 2007

Market Maker

Hello Ed,

Starting from Monday, I’ll be working in one of the largest banks in [Country] in a market making / day-trading team. There are four people in the department with assets in hundreds of mln USD allocated to this sort of trading. I’ll be responsible for the futures markets and a couple of liquid stocks. This is not exactly my long-term trend following dream come true, but hey, I might as well replace my blitz on-line chess gaming with speed trading executions. This is also a nice experience for me to compare the pros and cons of this strategy related to LTTF.

The commissions are marginally low (few cents for one contract – say the US equivalent is a just below a dollar per trade), so we do have an edge here – even one point is a profit after round turn costs.

I wonder how I can combine some of the LT techniques to the day trading aspect of market making. For now they seem like opposites to me.

Wish me luck.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider using the TTP Polarity Process to reconcile the feelings of short term and long term trading.



Thu, 15 Nov 2007


Update on my Mom

Hi Ed,

The last few days have been quite intense. After I speak with you on Tuesday morning, I take the first flight back to LA.

When I arrive at the hospital in the evening, my Mom is in the intensive care unit. She is given a CAT Scan which shows an intra-axial hemorrhage 6 cm in diameter. The doctors diagnose her injury as AVM.


Emergency neuro-surgery is performed late Tuesday night. The procedure is successful and the surgeons are able to relieve the pressure, remove the clot, and fix the blood vessels.

Wednesday, she begins her recovery. She is on a ventilator. Later in the day, she regains consciousness. We are relieved when she opens her eyes. She is able to write with her right hand. Her left side suffers from paralysis.

Today, her health improves. The ventilator is removed and she breathes with the assistance of a Bi-Pap. She regains some feeling in her left leg. She continues to have paralysis in her left arm. Vision is not good in her left eye.

Family is the essential tribe. This horrible event brings everyone together. We support each other in helping my Mom receive the best possible care.

I will let you know how things progress.

Thanks for your support,

Thank you for sharing your process - and for being there to support your mother.






is the Essential Tribe


Clip: http://www.hospitalitynetwork.ca/


Thu, 15 Nov 2007


New Approach With Son

Transforms Anger to Laughter


Yesterday, my son became angry when I indicated that eating only ice cream and pumpkin pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner was not good nutrition and he would need to eat more variety to improve his nutrition.

He began his childhood anger expression, pushing on me and telling me how mad he was, “Bad Dad” his a favorite rhyme of his at this time.

I tried a different approach this time. Before, my reaction was to tell him to not get mad or that I am not Bad (which usually just causes him more anger).

This time, I accepted his expression, I let him push on me, I expressed to him to get it out, feel his feelings, yes, yes, get them out.

An interesting thing happened. His anger subsided quickly and this cycled to laughter.

Today, he seems to recognize me more, and it appears his listening is more pronounced.

I sense this approach is working better. My wife is wondering about my behavior.

Thank you for sharing your process.


For another view of father and son and pushing, see:


Video Link: http://bluesequoia.multiply.com/



Thu, 15 Nov 2007


Tribe Meeting Feedback

"I don't know"



I'm awake much earlier than I intended, tossing and turning. Every time I lay down to sleep I begin to feel forms coming on. A few are straightforward, embarrassment and rejection, and I go with them, explore them a bit. Because I understand the process and I know I'm willing, I'm confident I will open up to them over time.


The one I'm having trouble with I call "I don't know." "I don't know" is my response to things I don't want to feel. If the feeling is intense enough, the "I don't know" takes so much energy to keep up that I'll often fall asleep on the spot, regardless of where I am or what time of day. "I don't know" why I have so much trouble with "I don't know". I don't understand how the process addresses a defense mechanism like this and I am afraid of what happens without it.

Its easy not to feel painful feelings when you're making money trading. This morning has been a steady drumbeat of pain. I'm the least net short I've been in about a month. All day yesterday, I was thinking "what a great place to sell" but I didn't do it. Actually I bought a little. I feel like I'm using my trading to create a drama, like I need a drawdown to feel all of these painful feelings. Although I feel strongly that a bear market is just getting started, I'm peeling off all of my exposure. The rational arguments I've made all sound great, but the truth is I don't want to make money right now. I want to lose money so I can feel pain. I want to miss out on a trade I saw coming so I can feel ... I don't know.

I covered my long ES from Tuesday and am now short. I have sell stops in every few points lower. I want to get short here and stay short until I feel the fear. This selloff was bought every step down. I can't count how many times I wanted to cover. A lot of people are trapped. Look at the trick the NQ's played on everyone. Bonds? Screaming risk aversion. Then there's the dollar. While everyone's watching Ben run the presses, very few are taking into account the destruction of wealth caused by this "little housing problem." Housing is sterilizing all the money being pumped in. The dollar blew its load last week.

Thank you for sharing your process and for illustrating that willingness to fully experience <I don't know> leads on to knowing.




I Don't Know


One of its positive intentions

is to motivate the process

of finding out.



Clip: http://www.letstalkscience.ca/


Wed, 14 Nov 2007


Importance of Self-Knowledge

Dear Ed,

I know for sure that you know because you taught me this but want to share it with others:

You are the most important variable in the trading equation. Not you, the set of technical indicators, or you, the fundamentalist with an insight into economies and companies. I mean you, the thinking, feeling human being. A good trader can make any strategy work, and a poor one will lose money over time regardless of method. A good trader, like a good parent, employee or lover, needs self-knowledge above all.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the importance of gaining self-knowledge.


I wonder what you are doing to gain self-knowledge.

Wed, 14 Nov 2007


Select a Candidate



No matter which side of the fence you are on, this is a helpful tool to see where you align with the candidates. Very informative. The following is an interesting exercise ... You answer a few questions then click the "find your candidate button" and the program selects the candidate whose position on the issues is most like your own... You may be surprised at what you find... I was.... Click the link below


Thank you for the link.


Wed, 14 Nov 2007


Report on Tribe Meeting


After mostly just receiving at last week's tribe, I notice I am more willing to experience emotions as they come up. I believe this may be because being a part of the Tribe gives me more confidence in my ability to handle emotionally intense situations. I am less afraid of the consequences of my response to negative emotions and this helps me be more willing to experience emotions generally.

I was not expecting a tribe meeting this week and as such, I have previous obligations. I feel bad about this because I feel I haven't proven to you my commitment to the tribe. I hope I have a chance to prove myself in the future.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <proving things to others> to Tribe.


If you find a way to do something in the past or in the future, please let me know.

Wed, 14 Nov 2007



Good Day Ed,

I thoroughly enjoy reading your FAQ. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Are you planning to update your TSP page and create WebPages for the link titles that are currently unavailable? I am most interested in reading about those topics i.e. Dynamic Portfolio Selection, Pattern Recognition, etc.

2. I found a posting from about a year ago where someone was asking how the stock strength filters were calculated for stocks on the charts page. Your answer was that these filters change from time to time. My question is what is the current formula for selecting these stocks? Are you still using calculations such as the %roc, cash flow, etc?


Some of the TTP Associates are currently assisting me in extending the TSP pages.

Wed, 14 Nov 2007

Short-Term / Long-Term Trading Cycle - #2
see previous

Hi Ed,

This FAQ sums up my situation. I want to thank the sender and you for putting this up on the web. I think outlining the situations that result in my ‘turbo-charging’ might help the sender recognize the situations that bring this about for him.

I notice I try to ‘turbo-charge’ my account following conversations with people my age that I went to school with who are now earning more money than me, despite the fact I was scholastically equal or superior to most of them.

This often comes on the back of a good trading time for me and the conviction that if I keep doing what I’m doing but a little bigger size and little more often I’ll be rich in no time. Of course the opposite is likely.

I struggle to understand that my intention is to lose money.

I also notice I go ‘turbo-charged’ when frustrated at work and feel that I am not doing enough to make money and get out of debt. Perhaps a day spent doing jobs at work that don’t directly lead to money perhaps tidying the workshop versus selling something.

I notice arguments with my Dad (who I work for and who divorced my Mom a few years ago) lead to dreams about him ‘choosing his new life over his old life (me)’ and me getting progressively angry and upset by this over a few days until a trading blowout medicates these feelings away.

He has a good business and makes good money and all will be passed on to me if I want it.

My problems with that are that are:

The wealth from it won’t be ‘enough’ for me (although it’s a lot better than what I have now)

It won’t happen soon enough (although I see all wealthy people are much older than me)

I don’t want to be given anything, least of all from him.

I feel I can do ‘better’ and achieve more in business (this in turn makes me feel guilty for looking down at what he achieved for me and the family).

I want to cry now; I want a better relationship with him as I’m sure it will dissolve a lot of drama for both of us.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <your father> to Tribe.

Tue, 13 Nov 2007


Cockatoo System / Missing the Bus



On Oct 31st, after the market closed I am upset with myself for not able to buy a stock on a fast pullback. Then the next morning feeling the market about to turn I reduce my existing positions to almost nothing; now I am glad that I am not able to buy yesterday.

After the fall, same day, I buy back few stocks then I tell myself that I have enough positions and force myself not to buy more. I cut (ctrl x) my order text from order box so I can paste (ctrl v) it back when I want to place the order later on. Then I leave my computer for few minutes. When I come back, I notice my screen set-up changed a bit then I check my order status screen and to my surprise the order I put away was executed. Then I realize my wife's cockatoo had placed the order for me; she likes to chew on the keyboard and accidentally presses some buttons and send out the order. The trade is a good one for a day or two. Fred engineers a drama through our adorable cockatoo?

The next day at [City] tribe meeting, my third attendance, during check-in I mention I want to trade less so our tribe leader asks whether I want to take that to the hot seat. I am on the hot seat after he finishes his.

During hot seat several forms come up, rubbing hands together and on my knees, tightening the whole body, etc. I enjoy the feelings emerge during the process. I feel relax and less tense after the hot seat. I feel I am not worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. I want to act accordingly whatever comes up and not afraid to start over.

During the process, I am thinking about an incident when I am a child. My parents and I are in their work place, a factory. One day my father and I are planning to go home and my mother is staying behind at the dormitory. While waiting for my father to leave, I play by myself at the wheat field. When he comes by and asks me to go, I am not following him but instead keep on playing. And he keeps on walking and occasionally looks back but never stops; it takes probably 15 to 30 minutes to bus stop. As distance between him and I get further, I am hoping that he comes back for me, but my hope is in vain. As he disappears into the distance and I am left behind, I feel sad that he did not come back to take me home and I wish I go after him instead of waiting for him to come back to fetch me. At the end I go back to my mother's dormitory and stay there overnight.

After I encounter TTP, I have been thinking whether this incident has anything to do with my afraid of missing out on a stock move; which makes me jump from one stock to another and buying and selling stocks before they reach the point I have in mind. I always feel that if I wait until it reaches my point the stock is going to turn and leaving me behind.

I am thinking about this incident while taking the hot seat. Since I already have this thought in mind before taking the hot seat, am I curve fitting?

So far, I witness two hot seats before taking mine. One experiences a trance state and the other has not and I have not either. I am wondering whether there are ways to allow one to reach the trance state easier when on hot seat; thus really pinpoint the problem deep within. It seems one benefit the most if one can reach trance state during hot seat.

Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tue, 13 Nov 2007


Looking at the Money

Dear Ed,

I realized that I am looking at the money I could make instead of following rules ... my account has been flat for two years. Thought I would share this in case someone else may in the same position.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 12 Nov 2007


Associate Meeting: Add-On Rules




Here is a recap or our meeting.

Ed asks me what I'm working on.

I reply that I'm working on my trading system software in C#. I'm also trading gold and the DOW to get a feel for what its like to be a trend follower.

Ed asks me what determines my system for trading gold and the DOW.

I explain that I start by using the TSP SR system. As an example, I explain that I enter positions in the same direction as the long term trend. I set my stop at the short-term support. As the price of gold increases, the stops increase. As the price increases, I add to the position twice. Gold rallies a lot since my entries and my position has a lot of open profit. I decide to use a 3-ATR stop (20 day lag) to lock in some profits. Today gold trades down over 25 dollars/oz. I'm a few dollars away from stopping out.

Ed asks me how I come up with a 3-ATR stop.

I tell him that although I haven't tested it, I think it might be better than waiting for the short-term support to stop me out of the position.

Ed asks me again how I come up with a 3-ATR stop.

I read it in a book.

Ed asks me yet again how I come up with a 3-ATR stop.

I tell him that I just don't want to give up all the profit on the trade.

Then, Ed starts making points. He says that I'm unwilling to feel what it would be like to lose all of the open profit on the trade. He says that using an un-tested exit method is a way to medicate my feelings of losing profits on the trade.

Ed points out the incongruent logic of my "trading system". Asking me the same question repeatedly makes me think hard about what is behind my decision; it puts a mirror in front of my actions. Unable to think of a good response, it becomes clear that Ed's insight it correct.

Taking criticism is hard for me, but I know that it will make me a better person and a better trader.


At this point, I am working the the TSP SR with an ATR overlay. The point of the exercise is to simulate trading an SR system, using an ATR as a stop. I intend to finish the simulation soon and post my results.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 12 Nov 2007


Post Workshop Feedback

Hi Ed,

I just have been speaking to a friend who noticed some positive changes in my behavior. A second person also talks about it without being asked.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sun, 11 Nov 2007

Since the Workshop



I share feelings verbally with family members when I feel we do not communicate well. I feel SURPRISE that the conversations flow smoothly.

My son calls me from college to say that I am a good person and that I raised him well (remote aha) so that he is now a good person (causal system). He then tells me his feeling of anger and I receive him.

I feel my good feelings immediately using D.I.M. or with whomever is nearby. I plan to feel my bad feelings at tribe meetings. (avoiding DIM)

1st tribe meeting after workshop, no one shows up except for me. I feel LET-DOWN by the universe. I decide to DIM and I associate bad feeling with a visualization and consciously "make the visualization disappear."

My wife says I feel my feelings and exhibit forms more readily especially anger.

I drink beer or wine everyday and enjoy it. (Previous to the workshop, I drank beer a only a few times per month.)

I spend a few minutes feeling loss in my equity drawdown of November 7th. I spend a few minutes feeling silly elation associated with my equity "recovery" of the morning of November 8th.

I feel these are baby steps in a radically new direction in my life.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sun, 11 Nov 2007


Workshop Feedback

Dear Mr. Seykota:

I hope you are well. I thank you for letting us know you are working on You Tube Project and new book.  It would be the most precious thing that any trader and other willing person could ever have on it's book shelf, computer-mp3 etc.

Today we had our first local TTP meeting since the workshop. It was great to meet fellow participant who attended the workshop as well other committed members. There are so many aha's since the workshop and the truth is I don't know where to begin.


I did not write FAQ immediately after the workshop because for first two weeks I was feeling process of change and was sort of flowing with it. I feel very fortunate to be one of the participant in the workshop. I eternally thank you for your contribution.

Below are some of the great things I learned during the workshop:

Control. We are all guilty of this and we try to control weather in the house, work, anything.

System model and Causal model. Preferably be Bilingual to maintain harmony. I was actually judging the causal model hence going in circles ending up loosing all my friend and creating major headache and drama. Now I enjoy being bilingual and hence accepting everybody as is without judgment and I feel I am experiencing Total Freedom and peace for the first time.

Feelings are objects (at least some of it I think or feel?? ) In tribe process we encourage people to feel our feelings.

I try my best to sum up my experience in the workshop and it's lasting result. (Work
Shop Experience: Experience TTP, Listening to Ed, Listening to Banjo, Experiencing Rock Process as receiver and role play, and Polarity Process.

My issues:

Have no social life what so ever. Friend as well as partner (not being able to relate to people nor have no interest in causal system)
Not communicating with my parents
Not being able to take meaningful risk to produce meaningful profit.
Dissolving what's between me and being Great.
Caught in the Middle, two sales assistants, two tribes, two cats, two cultures, mixed race, etc.

Lasting Result:

Conflict and tensions at work completely disappeared and evolved into genuine harmony without any effort. New Friendships emerge at work place, exchange ideas in a very supporting atmosphere.

Looking forward to taking meaningful risks everyday in trading.

Entry and Exit point are unbelievably accurate.

Developed deep passion toward trading.

Spoke to my parents for the first time in 6th month and sent her 5% of my income.

Shifting my focus and interests from raising assets(more clients) to meaningful profits.

Naturally started to short from 10 days ago and entered multiple positions. First meaningful and profitable shorting experiences and naturally investigating further opportunities.

Aha from reading recent FAQ, that some form of Flirting, Sexual Taboos are type of dramas we engage to avoid intimacy. I acknowledge it is my deep issues and took the first step to target this issue today at our local tribe meeting with support from my fellow tribesman. During snapshot process member asks "should I judge your snapshot?" my reply, I would appreciate your brutal honest view." He willingly gets in to details especially the FUN and Relationship Snapshot, I develop some forms during the snapshots.

After snapshots, we move on and I ask who is hot. One member raises his hand and we shift our focus to him. (I was describing this entire hot seat just now however I decided not to write because I feel I must respect his privacy. I'm sure he will share his story one day. I am shifting focus on my hot seat experience now )

After the hot seat we are happy with experience and feel that we are making progress. I ask the members "who is hot now?" Other members is not so hot and tells us he is fine. We are OK with that and we thank him for his honesty. Although I didn't feel much hot, however I decided to somehow tackle my issue of avoiding intimacy.


As the process began some how I started to say that my new computer and recent DSL installment at home is making me feel weird. I ask members to start drumming, I immediately develop forms rubbing my face in to slapping my hand all over my face, head everywhere, it felt like splash of fire works were all over my face and my head area.


Receiver and process manager are going " yeah go for it, Internet!, Firewall! Virus! Porn! Spam! cookies! I get deeper in to the form and bursting in to blast of laughter. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. We do the check out. One the way back home I had nice dinner with one of the member and talked about our experience in the workshop and was amazed how I missed what he saw or learned and vice versa. We enjoy the evening with lots of laughs and was time for good bye for now.

We thank you very much for your contribution and sharing. Your thoughts and feelings are always with us.


Thank you for sharing your process.

Sun, 11 Nov 2007


Wants to Access History

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I want to ask you if you think that it is possible to remember incidents buried so deep in the subconscious from such a long time ago.


Or could my memories be the product of imaginations brought on by my unhappy past. This question has huge implications for me as, if I have remembered what I think I have remembered, then it explains so much about my life that now makes sense.

ps. when I read your FAQ, I think of you as a kind of patron saint for wanabee traders. or some kind of sage of the undisciplined stop takers.

Whatever memories you have exist in the now.  Learning the origins of these memories may be less important than learning how to deal with them in the now.


You might consider taking your feelings about <unhappy past> to Tribe.




Dinosaur Bones

exist now or not at all.


The same goes

for memories

of dinosaur bones


and memories in general.



Clip: http://comsewogue.k12.ny.us/~rstewart/


Sat, 10 Nov 2007



Dear Ed:


i had a snapshot last week. objective=get rid of bad headech started thursday morning 11/08 and did not go until next morning ,i take my sitution to the trib meeting ,the process manager ask who is hot ?


i reply . the manager ask what is the problem? i answer bad headech the manager ask what is the problem? i answer bad headech the manager ask what is the problem? i recieve a phone call telling me the stock (GooG) droped 60pt in one day,the manager asked what is the problem,i answer i had my stop at $709.00, the manager asked what is the problem?


i answer disappoointment market can go up or down one trend will make for everything manager say your stop saved you a lot of money ,market has no rules anything goes. process manager ask what is the problem ?


the headech increase the moment i mention {GooG}.manager said headech is good for you more headech ,more,more,more headech is your friend from now HEADECH=INTENTIION=RESULTS. manager ask what is the problem? headech move to different part of the head manager ask what is the problem?more headech the headech is good, headech has good intention the result will follow. thank you ed for all the suppport.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider consulting with your physician to rule out physiological factors before pressing forward with psychological methods.


You might notice that you do not seem to recall the details of the Forms Process in which you go into your headache, explore its contours, listen to it's messages, make the sound of it's voice and develop some insights about how it fits in with how you run your relationships. 


You might recall your insights that you regularly use your headache as a way to distance yourself from moving forward in intimate situations, such as with your girl friend. 


When you develop these insights during your process, your headache changes location and momentarily disappears.  Sometimes, when you get close to experiencing these insights, you create an even bigger headache to avoid proceeding.


During the process you also recall the phone call about the stock comes from your girl friend.


At the end of the process you consume 650 mg of aspirin to treat your headache.






The sender reports hearing

about GOOG declining 60 points

and then noticing a headache.


He omits the details

that he stops out at 709

and that the call comes

from his girlfriend.






typically carry messages.


One positive intention of headache

is to motivate pro-active change.


Sometimes people use headache

medicinally, as a reason / excuse

to avoid intimacy.


Headache might also come to serve

as an organizing principle

for trading.


In either event,

we can gain information

by listening to the voices

that accompany the headache.


Once the headache communicates

its message

it tends to disappear.


Aspirin can serve

to medicate the headache.


In some cases, then,

we may meta-medicate

some of our forms of medication.


Clip: http://www.uwstout.edu/studenthealth/


Sat, 10 Nov 2007


Breath Work

Ed- Real interested in learning more about breath work. I've researched it on my own, but only found poor quality information. Nothing profound.

If you have the time; would you point me in the direction of some valuable resources for information on the subject. It would be greatly appreciated.

You can likely find a wide variety of Breath Work practitioners; many types of groups employ Breath Work as a part of their disciplines.


Trading Tribe Breath Work emphasizes group process, willingness to experience whatever comes up during the process and pre-loading conscious concerns as emotional analogs.

Fri, 9 Nov 2007

Doesn't Remember Doing the Funky Chicken



I show up at Ed's with the idea of working on my snapshot, which is straight forward: Do the Exponential Average Crossover exercise from the TSP page, in Excel, to the penny. Ed asks what's standing between me and completion of my snapshot. I explain that I have no computer, nor software, but both are en route.


Ed repeats, "So what's standing between you and completion of your snapshot?" Seems obvious to me. I say again that I don't have the tools, add that I've read the Dummies books on Vista and Excel, and I'm ready to hit the ground running when the goods arrive.


Ed asks again, "What's standing...?," etc. I admit to some apprehension about going through the learning curve, wanting help, having doubts about commitment, all the usual suspects. A fourth time,


Ed asks the same question. I don't know what he's getting at so I give him the I Don't Know What Else To Tell You look, with upturned hands, scrunched shoulders and wrinkled nose.

Ed says, "Freeze that," and tells the tribe this is a judgment I have about commitment and completion and needing help, then says, "Give me that form again." I'm more interested in getting clarity tonight, k-not in doing forms, but I give him another shrug. Now the tribe gets on board with "Do more of that," and it's off to the races, though slowly at first -- I 'm still skeptical that doing the Funky Chicken is really the way to learn Excel -- but I stick with it, searching for "feelings," and go a little farther this time than in previous experiences.


[A Half Hour Developing Forms - Description Missing]

During my check-out the tribe congratulates me on my willingness to get into the form, and I thank them for receiving me, but secretly I think this is mostly a waste of time and I feel some regret at making a long-term commitment to travel 2,000 miles twice a month for this. (Yeah, I know, there's the Commitment issue again.)

Then an interesting thing happens. Over the next four hours, three more tribe members take the hot seat. Their issues are my issues, and their processes "work" for me, i.e., they do the work and I cop a free ride, getting insights and ahas about my own Stuff. I feel connected to everybody. It feels good.

The next morning I'm still feeling good and feeling connected to the world, one cell in this multi-billion celled organism of humanity. I call a long time friend that I haven't talked with for several years and learn that cancer took his wife three months ago. We talk about "processes" and "transitions" and commit to staying in touch.

The rental car lady spots some bumper rash when I return the car. I'm sure it didn't happen on my watch, but My Bad for signing the inspection form without doing the inspection. I decline the opportunity for drama and sign the damage report, happy to let it ride. "Good on you for taking the company insurance," say the lady. Funny how that works.

I know that's not how it really works. I know we're not all really one big happy organism. I know I'm delusional, but for now it feels good and I like it. I know it won't last long. In fact, I can hardly wait to get back to Reality and start acting out more drama so I can feel bad again. I wonder what it feels like to lose a wife.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might notice you do not seem to recall much detail about the Forms Process in which you bring your form [Funky Chicken] to term.  In the process, your associating notion [I don't know how to do it] disappears, leaving you with certainty about how to proceed.


During the subsequent processes, you seem to absorb substantial insights by observing others.




Taking Forms to Term


is an essential part

of the TTP process


and one which the sender

may not remember.



Clip: http://www.animationplayhouse.com/


Fri, 9 Nov 2007

Libertarian Questions


I understand that libertarianism is the idea that government is operating at its best when its role is minimal and exists only to provide means to adjudicate disagreements between individuals and provide services that may not be practical in the private market ie. sovereign defense.


In addition, private individuals are free to associate in anyway they wish as long as they do not harm others. Ed, where do the libertarians stand on the issue of "potential harm to others".


I was curious to know what the libertarians think about drunk driving for example; prior to an accident occurring nobody is hurt yet, but their seems to be a great "potential" for harm to occur (lol, sounds like a trading fundamentalist).

In my mind, these types of issues are the gray areas that government uses to extend its power through propagating fear, but does that mean a libertarian government has no role in these areas at all?

I do not know where Libertarians stand; the notions of libertarian collective and libertarian government seem incongruent - like trying to apply the causal model to understanding systems.


You might consider these notions:

Libertarian Party: A small pot-luck gathering of people who meet to celebrate the free exchange of ideas.


Adjudication: The law itself is a private matter; people can retain agreement assurance firms as part of the contracting process.


Drunk Driving:  People drive on a system of private roads, each with its own local laws, customs, agreements and methods of enforcement.


You might consider taking your feelings about <government> to your Tribe and to notice if you conduct your personal relationships more like a government or a community.







A government is a body that has the power to make and the authority to enforce rules and laws.


Government tends to become self-aware and then self-aggrandizing. It typically grows by promising to help people and winds up stifling them.







A community is a body that operates according to customs.  Community requires active participation - absent which it may evolve into government.












Fri, 9 Nov 2007


Short-Term / Long-Term Trading Cycle


Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience in FAQ's. I have learnt a great deal from you over the years.

I trade my own simple long-term trend following system, using moving averages. I have made good profits following my system.

But typically, after a few months of successful long-term trading, I then decide to take some short-term trades, and I lose most or all of my recent profits, taking me back to square one.

I tend to begin this process by looking at a chart at tick level. I observe the fractal-like similarity of long and short-term charts, and I see buy / sell signals which I believe present the opportunity for larger, faster profits. To me, these signals appear identical to the ones I would normally respond to on a daily chart. And so I begin. I lose on trade after trade, and hand back my hard-earned profits.

I resolve not to day trade, and then a few months later, after the pain has become a distant memory, I see some short-term signals one day, and I make the same mistake again.

I know that the proportionately larger spreads in short-term trading account for some of my losses, because I reach my stops more quickly when the trend reverses. But I feel this can't be the entire explanation.

I don't understand why my long-term trading usually results in profits, with a high proportion of winning trades, but when I attempt the "turbo-charged" short-term version, I make losses and most of my trades are losing trades.

I would be very grateful for your thoughts on this matter, Ed.

Best regards,

Short-term trading suffers from an unfavorable

Transaction_Cost / Profit_Potential ratio.  It is vulnerable to surprise price moves that jump over close stops.  It incurs the risk of evolving into frantic, obsessive wrestling with the markets. 


Simulation studies show a substantial risk-normal profitability roll-off for trading frequencies below the once-per-month range.  See TSP, above.


Successful day-traders seem to know when to refrain from day-trading. They may have a long-term overlay filter that informs them when to day-trade and when to avoid day-trading.  In this case, the long-term filter may work better by itself, without the day-trading.


Many day-traders have an official intention to make money and a senior intention to engage in market drama that medicates (distracts attention from) deeper issues relating to right-livelihood.


You might consider reviewing your trading history and noticing what events occur around the points that you switch from ST to LT and from LT to ST. 


Your pattern is consistent with an agenda to limit the profitability of your trading account.




In Our Increasing Medicinal Society


day-trading can be a drug of choice


for affluent people


who wish to become less-so.



Clip: http://www.societyforqualityeducation.org/


Wed, 7 Nov 2007


Sees an Up-Trend


Hi Ed !

Here are some up-trending stocks in the Uranium sector.


Boone Pickens said to be buying.

You might consider taking a look at your charts from the point of view of someone who is not already in them.


You might consider re-writing your last sentence in SVO-p to determine who is doing the saying. (Likely, Pickens says it himself on Bloomberg.)


See Optical Illusion, below.






Wed, 7 Nov 2007


Rocks Process Notes


I write up notes on the Rocks Process from the Reno workshop for my tribe. Here is a copy. Thanks for a great workshop!

Trading Tribe Rocks Process
Reno Workshop Oct 2007


Objective: Allow Fred to re-experience pivotal life situations and learn responses that are more useful than those the subject habitually employs in situations which evoke similar feelings.

0. Check-in.

1. Subject says they have a problem (or displays a signature form).Process manager (PM) drills down to get Subject to take ownership of the core issue. PM repeats question: "So what is the problem?" until statement and/or irritation displayed by Subject.

2. Subject gets into the feeling. PM may catch them in a gesture and ask subject to do more of it. Subject develops form and gets to signature form (if known).

3. Subject makes the form as big as possible then remembers and describes a time in early childhood that feels the same. (It's nice to get the first time but not strictly necessary.  Look for something that makes a child fear for survival, and that includes spanking or fear of exclusion from family) Subject also describes 3-4 other situations where they exhibit the same feelings and reactions, some childhood, some adult.

4. PM assigns tribe members to play the roles in the dramas described in step #3. Key roles are:
a) Provoker: person who initially brings on the situation and emotion (e.g. father beating, mother berating, bullies)
b) Donor: role model for Subject's response to the Provoker and others
c) Messenger: neutral person who records the new strategic responses and brings them to the subject

5. Tribe members enact the initial situation.
Subject supplies details to make the role play as accurate as needed to bring up the feelings. Its not necessary to be 100% accurate to bring up the feelings. For example, if the situation involves father spanking with a belt, the father-actor actually uses a belt but hits only hard enough to sting. Use the same words and tone as the subject recalls. Tribe member/actors watch Subject closely to see when they're hooked

5.5 For the initial role play, the subject experiences the situation without the protective rock. PM encourages subject to just experience the confusion and terror appropriate to the age of subject at the time of the initial event.

6. At the end of the initial role play, the Donor presents the Subject with a Medicinal Rock that fits the hand.  Donor says "Take this Rock. It will help you in these situations. You don't have to feel this way. Do <maladaptive behavior> instead and it will help you feel better."

7. Role play 2-3 additional dramas with the Subject clutching the Medicinal Rock in hand. Subject responds as usual, i.e. with the maladaptive behavior indicated by the Medicinal Rock. Again, tribe members play roles as closely as needed to get the Subject deep into their feeling and signature form.

8. PM asks subject to put down the Medicinal Rock
As Subject goes to release it, PM reminds Subject that without that Medicinal Rock, Subject has no protection for these difficult situations. Expect Subject to take a few minutes and put down the rock with difficultly. I imagine that if a Subject is ultimately unwilling to put down the rock, the process ends with the Subject keeping their old behavior.

9. Tribe members suggest 4-5 new, more useful resources (behaviors) that Subject can use in these situations. Messenger takes notes. Suggested resources:

a) Stay awake
b) Share own feelings
c) Ask about the other person's feelings
c) Ask for support
d) Form an alliance
e) Be open for more new resources not covered here
f) Take a deep breath
g) Use medicinal rock (Ed says as a 5% solution, meaning 95% use new behaviors but sometimes the old is appropriate. e.g. if old behavior is submissive, it may be appropriate during a robbery.)
h) Ask for more information
i) Ask about the other person's intention
j) Develop a win-win solution
k) Use humor
l) Say "no"

10. Messenger brings Subject a new palm-sized Resource Rock. Messenger reads the customized list of new resources from step #9, says they are in the Resource Rock and Subject can use it to help in difficult situations.

11. PM leads group in re-playing dramas with Subject clutching the Resource Rock. This time, PM asks Subject if willing to use each new resource and Tribe helps Subject work out how to do it, if needed. During the role play, Subject uses the new resources and gets to feel how that plays and see how the drama ends or turns out differently. Subject squeezes the Resource Rock to help remember how to use the new

12. Re-play original incident, yet again. This time, the Messenger holds the Resource Rock for safe keeping. The Provoker initiates the situation.
Once it gets intense, the Donor brings Subject the Medicinal Rock. Subject refuses ("forgives") the Medicinal Rock. Donor keeps pushing it, Subject keeps refusing, ultimately Medicinal Rock falls to the floor.

13. Replay all dramas with Subject holding and using the Resource Rock. Subject keeps the Resource Rock and never touches the Medicinal Rock again.

14. Check-out.  Subject goes last and verbally releases tribe members from their roles in the dramas.

Thank you for sharing your notes.


I do not always stick to an exact sequence.


Attempts to follow a strict formula may inhibit the process.  I prefer to trend-follow the subject in whatever direction he goes.


Some essential parts of the process are:

The subject discovers medicinal responses to his own emotions that entrain recurring problem situations.


The subject rejects exclusive reliance on the medicinal responses and invites supplemental pro-active responses. 


The subject links the supplemental pro-active responses to his emotions on a deep, automatic level.




Making Love

and the Rocks Process,


rarely follow

a logical,



or repeatable




Clip: http://www.interiors.intendo.net/


Wed, 7 Nov 2007


Getting Nervous About Attending Tribe

Hey Ed,

When I asked about the turnout for the last Incline Tribe meeting you said 7 people came, 3 worked and 4 supported. This got me to thinking about my own efforts to 'work' during the last workshop. I must admit that I had a difficult time really getting into it when I was in the hot seat. I really tried to engross myself in the process, but my mind kept running off in tangents and I could not help but feel self-conscious and almost embarrassed.

Perhaps it was that I had just very recently been introduced to the Tribe and its methods, or I had never been to any other Tribe meetings, but I was kind of disappointed in myself that I did not have a more dramatic experience in the hot seat. Another recent thought I had is that my intimacy issues also played a role in me not getting as involved as I wanted to.

I remember reading somewhere, cannot remember if it was the book or your website, that one of the prerequisites for attendance at the Incline Tribe meetings is a willingness to work. I have that willingness, but I am becoming nervous that I will repeat my hot seat experience from the workshop.

I am not sure what it will take for me to overcome my nervousness about working. I am hopeful that a more intimate setting with fewer people will enable me to get into it more. Or perhaps attendance at a few Tribe meeting as a receiver / supporter will help.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking <nervous> to Tribe and allowing yourself to become even more nervous.





can sometimes indicate

deep nervousness.


TTP can help illuminate

the positive intentions

of both.


Clip: http://www.fablevision.com/


Wed, 7 Nov 2007

Finding a System That Fits

Hi Ed,

I am reading the book for the 2nd time. I very much enjoy it! Also, I am reading FAQ from the start and very much enjoy it! I include an update of my system work. I tried and tried to get my trailing stop tighter, especially with huge open risk, it just did not test out. So I stick with the wider trail.


MM is wider than my former work by about double. The entry is a 50-day breakout, nothing special, I added a few things to filter out some false breakouts. I tested many ideas that would complicate it, but simple is better and an entry the next day at the open seems to test out.

I feel that this type of trading is easier and less stressful. What is happening is, I am learning to create a system that fits me well.


Also, that it is possible to take market data and back test a system and get a positive expectancy. Then show what kind of result you might expect now.

The reply you gave about missing the bus on Sat, 27 Oct 2007 was, as always, fantastic and right on target.

After reading the book from cover to cover I wonder about your feel, Guitar player or Banjo player?

Thanks to you and all who join in on FAQ!

Thank you for sharing your process.


I like playing both banjo and guitar.

Wed, 7 Nov 2007

Human Brain - Interesting Lecture


You might enjoy this 25 minute video on The Human Brain Journey to the Center of Your Mind, as it relates to phantom limbs, synesthesia and the Capgras Delusion.




Thank you for the link.

Wed, 7 Nov 2007

Gisele Dumps Ben




I remember reading somewhere that when shoeshine boys and hotel porters start giving away stock tips then it's time to sell up.

Could Top model Gisele Bundchen be providing a variation on a theme by refusing to be paid in $USD?
According to the WSJ, Gisele is concerned that the USD is losing value.



Basic Translation: Gisele says, SELL!!!

Does she know something? (after all the trend IS currently down) or is this 2007's version of shoe-shiners & porters?

Any thoughts Ed?

Thank you for link.  So far, I don't see the dollar, dollar/yen or gold showing up on magazine covers.




In This Photo

and in the Markets


preoccupation with identifying

tops and bottoms


may interfere with noticing

which way the horse is heading.


Clip: http://fitblog.wordpress.com/

Wed, 7 Nov 2007


Rocks Process Feedback

Hi Ed,

I purposely delay sending you my feedback re: my Rocks process at last month's workshop purely and simply because I do not want to confuse the effects (if any) of the Rocks process with the ‘natural afterglow’ of the workshop itself.

With nearly 3 weeks having lapsed since the workshop, I can say that the aforementioned ‘afterglow’ has now well and truly dissipated.

So are there any changes/effects that I notice that can be attributed to the Rocks process?

Before I comment on this, I will briefly mention that the issues I take to the Rocks process involve feelings of injustice and unfairness and a particular signature form that I display at every hot seat session. These seem to contribute to a built up anger within, as well as resentment and an inability to express myself in ways other than to bottle it all up or lash out. (depending on the person involved)

During my process I discover (with tribe help) a new set of productive resources that I can use if situations associated with the above feelings arise.

One such resource is; “Tell other people how I feel about the situation”

This is used to good effect about a week ago, when someone is deliberately trying to provoke me with a particular sarcastic comment. Rather than seethe with anger (and/or tell them angrily to F-off) I am able to calmly say that “I feel as though that comment of yours was designed to deliberately irritate me and perhaps engage me in a confrontation that I don’t want to engage in, how do you feel about that?”

The other person, upon thinking about it, agreed that the comment was confrontational and offered apologies. The situation quickly becomes a non-situation.

Other similar situations involving people trying to ‘ruffle my feathers’ are tackled in a similar fashion (or by using a different resource such as “Stand up, look people in the eye and let them know that I’m not going to be pushed around on this occasion”)

My old methods (i.e grumble & stew about it) of dealing with these kind of minor dramas were not used on these occasions.

I also feel a lot more at ease & relaxed in these situations.

So to answer the above question re: have I noticed any changes since the Rocks process, I will say, Yes.

However I must say that changes noticed are very subtle, a sort of blink and you’ll miss it type of change.

Sometimes I’m not even aware, until much later, that I have reacted to a situation in a manner different to how I would have reacted pre-workshop.

My partner comments that I seem to be a lot less cranky & grumpy and that perhaps the Nevada air has had a calming effect on me.

Now there's a thought. Cool, clean, calming NV air . . . . . If only it were that simple.

Thank you for sharing your process and reporting on results from the Rocks Process.


The Rocks Process can help identify medicinal response patterns and supplement them with pro-active response patterns.




One Response to Provocation




Another Response to Provocation



Clips: http://www.alexross.com/





Tue, 6 Nov 2007


Guest Visitor : Uncertainty


I attend the [City] tribe as a guest. I tell the tribe that when God admonishes Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, it isn't really a command, it's a friendly warning, like "You'll be sorry!" Once the appetite for knowledge is whetted, there's no respite. The more we get, the more we don't know but want to.


I tell the tribe that "I Don't Know" is a signature attitude of mine. I don't know how I'm supposed to do this TTP stuff, I don't know if it will really work for me, I don't know if I can push through to "get it," yada yada.


The Process Manager says, "Show us that feeling." I say, "I don't know what that means." I ask if I'm supposed to locate a real physical sensation in a particular area and when the Process Manager says, "Yes," I identify the constriction in my lower back, right side, as a product of the uncertainty of not knowing.

The tribe encourages me to feel the back pain, to intensify it, to experience the feeling of uncertainty and I Don't Know.

I do some stretching and twisting and rubbing and the tribe spots some other forms. Soon I am flailing my arms, violently shaking my head back and forth in an I Don't Know posture while yelling "I don't know," shrugging my shoulders, throwing my arms up in despair at not knowing. My face is drenched in sweat and I'm feeling very nauseated. I announce that I'm bringing the process to a halt because I'm so close to stomach sickness.

The Process Manager tells me that I'm doing a perfect job and that the tribe supports vomiting and do I want to continue? I say I Don't Know, then catch the irony: I don't know if TTP till work for me and I don't know if I'm willing to get into my forms enough to let it. With the tribe's assurance that it's okay to be sick, I get back into my forms and the nausea quickly returns. Just as quickly I halt the process again.

I think about Ed's statement that it takes a lot of hard work to change. I wonder if hard work means doing the Whirling Dervish to the point of puking. I wonder if I'm a quitter for not pushing it to that point, for not doing Whatever It Takes. I wonder if there are any right answers. I wonder why God let that Tree grow there in the first place.

I don't know.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Sometimes a form appears to resist the process. 


The skillful Process Manager may continue the process by encouraging the resistance.




In Martial Arts, In Trading

and in Process Management


the master aligns with

the positive intentions of resistance,



Clip: http://www.aikidoedintorni.com/Stili%20di%20Aikido/Aikido%20style%202.jpg

Tue, 6 Nov 2007

Associate Program:

Exponential Crossover System: Success

(Exchange between Associates)


Good job on finishing the first TSP.

You might consider completing the TSP SR and Trends in "R" first. The TSP SR includes techniques not in the TSP EA, such as trading with the long-term trend and stop-specific position sizing. You might benefit by completing all the TSP's before starting to write a program in C#. Once you understand how all the TSPs work, you will have an easier time designing a robust C# program.

The C# program might have the flexibility to back-test more than one strategy. I am happy to discuss on the phone.


Thank you for your suggestion. At this point it is a small step to implement SR strategy and execution in my "R" system. However, I don't want to implement optimization in "R" because of very slow execution, (each run takes about 1 minute to complete, and with hundreds of parameter permutations I see my patience run out quickly). I also can't get "R" to output decimal fractions consistently, and until I solve that I can't verify that my results are accurate. Thus, EA 15/150 run results match to the penny, while EA 85/325 results match to the nearest dime. I intend to investigate this a little further and then decide how to proceed.




I agree that trying to run the optimization on "R" could be frustrating. The first version of the TSPs I build are with Excel & VBA. The calculation time necessary to run the back-test are significant, so running the optimization takes too long. To optimize and add more parameters, C# might be the way to go. I only suggest building the SR strategy in "R" to get comfortable with the way it works. My experience is that once I build a system in excel, it is much easier to think about how to code it. I find it helpful to understand all the inputs and outputs for my system before writing the design document.

Which ever path you take, let me know.



The EA 325/85 run matches to the penny, the picture of report is attached. I'm going to implement SR system and bliss calculation in "R".



Nice Job!

Thank you for sharing an example of working together.

Tue, 6 Nov 2007


Tribe, NLP, EFT, PK & Hypnosis

Dear [Tribe Leader]

I am contacting you again after several years of being away from the Tribe. You probably do not remember me, but we met when ... I attended several sessions with Ed in Lake Tahoe.

I had made a huge breakthrough doing the tribe work that I had not been able to make through NLP, EFT, Psych-K or hypnosis.

I am very much interested in rejoining a group. I have reread Ed’s book on the tribe.

Are you accepting additions to your group and if so, how do ... I proceed?

For 20 years I could not hold a job. I was regularly laid off or down-sized or something (not fired for incompetence or bad habits). It was not that I was mean and nasty, I just had the obsession to please people and I suppose that I appeared weak. My father was an aggressive alcoholic and my way of dealing with the uncertainty was to obsessively try to please him so that he would not be angry. I also never felt that I could ever be my own person. I had built in tremendous problems around this issue. I had an explosive temper, upon which I kept a very tight reign.

By the time I went to Ed’s meetings, I had tried NLP, EFT, Psych-K, and hypnosis, as well as several other techniques. I had been searching for a break through for nearly eight years, actively.

We found out about Ed’s sessions and were invited to participate. We went to several sessions and on one of the final session that we attended I made my final breakthrough on the issue. As a matter of fact, Ed mentioned that I was he star example of what could be achieved in the tribe setting.

As a result, I have kept a contract Technical Writing job for over three years. I am much happier with myself and I do not seem to be having the temper issues that I had had.

I am however, at the point where I really want to take my whole life to a new level and have identified the fact I have new issues that I would like to address and resolve so that the path to this new level will be easier. The Tribe played a huge part in helping me before and I see no reason why it should not help me now.

My quality of life is not what I would like it to be and I know I can be far more successful financially, personally, and emotionally, than I am now. I used to be a commodity trader, but I never found the right balance in trading. I was far too emotional. Part of the reason I want to get back to the tribe is that with some small breakthroughs, I think that I can be an excellent, consistent trader, with a better ability to handle risk in a manner appropriate to me.

I am also finding that I probably need to rebalance, readjust, and refocus my life.

I would like to join your group, because I think that I can get a lot out of the session, as well as I think that I can contribute to the sessions.

Note to Ed:

I hope that this email finds you happy and healthy. Thank you again for all that you and the tribe helped me to accomplish. The tribe is of immense value to so many people, you must be very proud of your contribution to their lives.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Mon, 5 Nov 2007


Optical Illusion

Dear Ed,

Just received this interesting presentation from a friend.  We see what we want to see.



Thank you for the link.

Mon, 5 Nov 2007


Max and Min

see: uncertainty


You posted the following link:




which depicts Cost vs Risk.


At first glance I thought it was a radial momentum post. It is exactly the same as the diagram for Lift vs Drag. The point depicted as optimal risk is the same as the point for L/D Max (L over D max) - the point where you get the maximum amount of lift with the minimum amount of drag.


Left of that point you get increased induced drag from flying a slower speed. Right of that point you get increased parasite drag from flying faster speeds.

I find it interesting how the mind processes information. Also the parallels between L/D Max and Bliss. Flew a 4 v 4 this weekend. It was nice. Is the snapshot process defined anywhere? Thanks for your help.



Finding maxima and minima in many areas of life is the basic business of calculus.






Mastery of Infinitesimals



Clip: http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Mathematics/



Sun, 4 Nov 2007


Progress Report:

Health, Strength, Relationship

Dear Ed and fellow tribe members,

I wanted to report on a remarkable series of events that have occurred in my life as a result (I feel) of my work with the tribe and some other complementary efforts.

I processed some emotions I was having about the loss of a friend who just abruptly stopped calling and offered no explanation for withdrawing from my life.


I missed him terribly and was confused and saddened by this loss. I had neither seen nor heard from my friend in 3 months when I arrived at tribe ready to work.


While experiencing this sadness, a scene entered my consciousness. I was as a small child, less than school age. My parents were fighting, and my mother hysterically imploring my father not to leave the house. (In later awarenesses, my father was a self confessed alcoholic who drank in binge fashion, the leave-taking in question was, presumably, to go off and get drunk).


As the scene escalated, my mother grabbed my fathers shirt in an effort to physically prevent him from going out the door. A button was ripped from his shirt, and flew across the room, coming to rest in front of me as I crouched next to the dryer. I scooped it up and held it tightly, feeling that if my father never returned, at least I would have this small token of him.


Feelings of fear, sadness and anguish washed over me. Like my mother, I wanted him to not go away, to control his behavior, or at the very least tell me where he was going and when he would be back. A huge A-HA came then!

When my friend left without an explanation, and gave me no idea if or when he would be back, I recreated this scenario internally. I anguished, I suffered. After role playing this event with tribe members and using the rocks process, the tribe came up with several alternate solutions to the suffering that occurs in my life when friends or family leave. I recreated a couple of these and immediately recognized the shift in feelings that occurred. I had new tools.

Upon arriving home from your house in the wee hours of the morning I checked my email. There was the first email in several months from my friend. Nothing in the way of an explanation, just including me in an email sent to all in his address book.

At times over the next few months, I fell back into despair. You encouraged and even promoted this feeling, wisely seeing it's positive intention. You allowed me to emote.

Over the next month my friend slowly returned to my life. I recognized the presence of another woman, but ignored this (none of my business) and just kept up my end of the friendship as cleanly as I could.


After several months, he explained his absence and his relationship with this woman. And, while I did not get the sense that it was over with her entirely, his focus returned to me full time. Since then, we have discussed the form our relationship will take, and it has been decided that I will move in with him, and we will look for property in an area that we both love. We have established some common goals, and his attention to this other person seems to have dwindled away.

I used several techniques to remain calm and comfortable during this time. Jealousy, a bugaboo of mine, reared it's ugly head. I acknowledged and felt this feeling without judgment and recognized it's usefulness. I used it to steel my resolve to fight for what I wanted. It became my friend. I remained positive, exercised regularly all the while visualizing the end result that I wanted and both my weight (20 lb loss!) and my spirit were positively impacted.

I came out of this summer feeling happy, healthy and strong. I have the presence of my friend / lover in my life, but also know that if he leaves again I will be okay. All of these changes happened, I believe, as a result of doing the internal work -- starting with my work with the tribe. For that I am grateful. Thank you for all you do.


Thank you for sharing your processes and your successes.



Popping Buttons, Popping Pills

and Popping Out a Favorite Drama


can all serve

to medicate feelings.


Forgiving the medication,

and experiencing our feelings

can set us on a pro-active path

toward realizing our dreams.


Clip: http://bargainbox.com.au/index.php?cPath=29



Sat, 03 Nov 2007

Speaking in Haste : Not True

see: Significant

Dear Ed,

I wrote "What a pain." - This is not true: I feel good. Should go into realization instead exaggeration.

I wrote "Enlightenment who needs that." - This is not true: Enlightenment is a good thing to have or better be.



You might consider taking your feelings about <telling the truth> to your Tribe.






is another form

of communication.



Clip: http://www.taproot.com/blog/FindX.jpg

Thu, 1 Nov 2007


Rocks Fit Together

Ed, I notice you often have to tackle the issue of intimacy in FAQ. This seems to be a very common issue nowadays. One thing I find interesting as we understand it in the Trading Tribe is that one rock always fits the other in a given pattern. So I see that as far as I don't resolve my own intimacy issues, I am likely to attract partners who have the same problem. For instance, today I was browsing Yahoo! and found this article:






The article seems to be geared towards women who have dating problems. I have already myself engaged several times in patterns like those described by the author with women who, at least on my point of view, are seemingly drama queens.


Over time I came to realize that I also might have been to them a kind of drama king and that our rocks fit nicely.


What comes to my attention is that once I resolve my own issues I am likely to replace my prospective partners with a significant one that fits my new rock, and reflects my intention. The only problem as that I don't see any shortcut to the gem other than experience.

Thank you for sharing your insights.






People sometimes lock

into mutual stagnation.


The associating feelings of anxiety

may serve to medicate deeper issues.



Clip: http://www.laobserved.com/archive/


Thu, 1 Nov 2007



On Wednesday, 24 October, I buy a Halloween costume. Called "Tequila Popper Dude," it includes a wide-brimmed straw hat, a striped shirt, a belt with two holsters, and two bandoliers. The holsters are designed to hold bottles of tequila and the bandoliers have loops designed to hold shot glasses (included in the package).

I complete the costume by buying two bottles of Jose Cuervo Especial and a black false mustache.

On Saturday, 27 October, my wife and I attend a Halloween party for adults. I offer tequila shots to various guests and enjoy it.

Late in the party, the hostess comes to me and says, "You win the prize for most original costume!" She also pins to my shirt a ribbon stating that.

In response, I smile weakly and think (but don't say) 'it doesn't deserve the prize, anyone could have bought it.'

Wednesday, October 31, I take <don't deserve compliments> to the hot seat of my Tribe meeting. I stand in the middle of the circle and tell me Tribe members, "Compliment me."

They do so: "Nice pair of jeans you're wearing." "You have a Ph.D." "In trading, you were up 14% for October."

I verbally deflect the compliments: "I spilled coffee on them a few days ago and haven't washed them." "Anyone could have gotten a Ph.D." "I just followed my rules and got lucky this month." Meanwhile, I raise my left shoulder, turn my head down and to the left, and look at the floor.

My Tribe encourages me and I develop the form. I windmill my left arm for several minutes. My left hand tingles from pooled blood and I sweat. I also verbalize a number of things. "Well, it wasn't just a costume from a package; I had to buy the fake mustache."

One Tribe member says with playful sarcasm, "Oh, that makes it original."

His response reminds me when I was a child and other children would tease me when I proudly expressed things they either didn't understand or disagreed  deserved pride.

I soon grow tired and feel tempted to check-out, but instead, I ask my Tribe to test me.

Our Tribe leader says, "I wish my hair was as straight as yours."

"Thanks," I say, "but it's just the genes I got from my parents..." From my Tribe members' facial expressions I read what I've done and smile. "Okay, more of this s---," I say light-heartedly. I resume wind milling my left arm. I enact the form so vigorously that my left hand slaps my lower leg four or five passes in a row before the pain that arises in my hand leads me to stop. I return to my seat.

Our Tribe leader says to me, "You're a good receiver. I sometimes zone out while receiving others, but I'll hear you say to the hot seat 'just like that' or 'more' and it helps me regain my focus. You add a lot to the Tribe and I've never said that before."

"Thanks," I say. I keep my gaze on him, but I feel slight hesitation in my voice and a judge trying to pull my gaze down and to my left.

One Tribe member speculates I deflected compliments to avoid teasing as a child. It occurs to me he may be right, but if so, it didn't prevent teasing and may have encouraged it by making me appear weak and tease-able.

Between my hot seat and the present moment of writing this message, I also have a number of mini-ahas:

Not accepting compliments may make others think I don't value their opinions.

Whether others give me compliments honestly, as a conscious lie, or as medication for their k-nots, is irrelevant. I can accept a compliment from someone without lowering my defenses to him or taking a role in his drama.

I am reticent with what I think and feel for fear of being teased. If I don't tell anyone that I'm proud I bought the fake mustache, no one can laugh at me for my pride.

The two ex-girlfriends I miss the most were the ones who were most affirming to me. My unwillingness to be affirmed may be part of the drama I engaged in to justify breaking up with them.

Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.


You might consider taking your feelings about <the positive intention of compliments> to your Tribe.




Judgments About Compliments


may appear as embarrassment

and may excite self-deprecation

as a medicinal response.


A medicinal response typically shows up

as a re-appearing "signature form"

in a series of TTP sessions.


In TTP we use the Rocks Process

to identity the nature and source

of medicinal signature forms,

and to supplement medicinal responses

with pro-Active responses.


For example,

an alternative response

to receiving a compliment

is to smile and, from the heart, say

"Thank you for the encouragement."



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Thu, 01 Nov 2007


Significant Relationships


see: Flirting


Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for you thoughts about significant relationships of Oct 27, 2007. I did my best to be more significant with a friend.


She offers me a sexual relationship. That was the reason of our break-up. This time I try it. I hold her, feel her heart pounding and realize that this is an average affection between two human beings which has no expression in our western civilization. We talk about it and sort it out.

I like hugging and touching quite a lot and am not "always on". But, in western civilization the loving human touch between grown-ups seems to be linked almost exclusively to a sexual love.


What a setback. I mean: I hate it.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <friendship, intimacy and sex> to your Tribe.




Sometimes Engaging in Sex

(or in Day Trading)


provides a way to medicate

feelings about intimacy.



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