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August 1 - 10, 2009



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Note: The appearance of a chart on FAQ does not imply any kind of indication or recommendation to buy, sell, hold or stay out of any positions.


Contributors Say

(Quotes from Ed in Red)

Ed Says

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hitting the Target


This guy has to be an "S" on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Bruno Kammerl jumps.wmv (Movie Clip)

Thank you for the clip.


Myers-Briggs practitioners like to bifurcate people along four scales:


(S) sensing versus (N) intuition;

(E) extraversion versus (I) introversion;

(T) thinking versus (F) feeling;

(J) Judging versus (P) perceiving.


The fellow in the clip may have high development in many areas.



Monday, August 10, 2009


Mastering Excel

Hi Ed,

I replicate the results of the Exponential System tutorial using Excel. Before this, I don't know how to use Excel. Now I write macros and am very excited about learning new things.


Thank you Ed!


Monday, August 10, 2009


Feelings of Connection

see previous - Letting Go of Drama

Hi Ed,

Recently I have some better than usual success with my trading. I had noticed that I was connected with markets and able to trust my intuition to the point of not doubting myself when I undertook positions, closed positions, took profits, took losses - overall, I was behaving with much less doubt.


This was also associated with the beginning of a new relationship which I had been pursuing for a long time. Sadly, this connectedness seems to have been replaced by a much more typical experience of confusion and doubt, and a sort of "3-rd person" type interaction with my trading and life.

I associate this loss of connectedness with finding out some things about my new girlfriend that disturbed me and struck chords with my own concerns and worries.


Now, I feel less engaged than before. This seems to be associated with a dull background feeling of sadness and second guessing my trading ideas and not allowing them the room to move that will demonstrate to me that they have worked or not.


I trust my ideas less and don't allow them to run full course. I feel quite significant disappointment for the loss of my engaged way of living where I was, on-balance, making money, but also felt a sense of carefree-ness and self-trust that I had not had in my life before.


I feel scared / worried that this state will be lost forever, and that I might not be able to recover it and it's associated "engage-ness" in my life.

Welcoming your input.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Your situation is consistent with having a K-not that associates with confusion and doubt.


Such a K-not is likely to attract drama that brings out and justifies these feelings.


You might consider taking your feelings about <doubt> and <confusion> to Tribe.





When You Come to Appreciate


the positive intentions

of doubt and confusion


doubt and confusion

become your allies


and the associating drama







Clip: http://www.culture51.com/storage/



Monday, August 10, 2009


Becoming an Expert on Sadness

by Experiencing it


Last Monday I experience the feeling, "she ignores me". I am terribly sad. I cry until I enjoy the feeling.

The next day I can enjoy people ignoring me.

At the same time, I observe an outburst in the number of people consulting me due to emotional troubles (5 within a few hours).

Somehow people stop ignoring me…

Thank you for sharing your process.




Whatever You Experience Fully


tends to disappear.




Clip: http://www.ennex.com/~POOFF/


Monday, August 10, 2009


From Control to Intimacy II

see: previous- willingness testing


Dear Ed,

I report on my Big Wave (I give my wife and children all my love and support and I give up control).

I feel that my wife does not agree to have an intimate relationship with me. As she tells me that she is sad, I offer her to share her feelings with me and tell me more, but she refuses. As I once tell her that I am very sad, she says "I have to see what the children are doing" and leaves me alone.

I see some progress. We agree to spend 30 minutes daily in the morning sharing physical contact, and one hour daily in the afternoon talking. I tell her very calmly about my needs for communication, affection and intimacy. She mentions that she cannot and is not willing to change many things. She mentions that she would like to be more open and relaxed, but she does not know how to do it.

I carefully read the website http://www.marriagebuilders.com and gain several insights.

A patient takes the issue "control" to the hot seat. I manage her process and learn that the positive intention of giving up control is to relate to people who really love you, who are interested in you as person, who need your care and love. After the hot seat, I find the idea of me manipulating people's feelings repulsive.

My wife plans a holiday with the children, visiting her family again. I explain to her that right now I don't want to interact with her family. She understands it. I also explain to her how painful it is to me if she takes the children away for 10 days. I suggest to look for an alternative holiday resort and mention some possibilities. She refuses to consider them.

I have been struggling with the situation for more than 3 months. I take the issue "struggle" to the hot seat. I see how I struggle to fulfill the needs and expectations of other people. I see how people who really love me devote time and effort to help me in my struggle. I am reminded of my mother, helping me during school with endless patience. I think of a friend who points at my inconsistencies and helps me to find the path to right livelihood. I am very thankful and moved.

The next day, my wife announces that she decided to spend 10 days with her family, and to take the children with her. She says that she understands me and my reluctance to see her family, but anyway she wants to do it. I feel that she is saying "I know that what I am doing is hurting you, and I don't care". This makes my decision regarding our relationship very easy. No more struggle. I set a stop: if she leaves with the children on Sunday, I close the position.

The next day she observes that I am sad, and asks me about the reason. I tell her that it hurts me that she does not care about my feelings. She makes excuses and is elusive. After some time, she understands me and agrees to discuss the holiday with our children and ask them about their wishes. In the night we agree that she visits her family with the children for 4 days, and after that we make a family vacation.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Congratulations on using willingness testing and setting your own boundaries.


You might consider checking with some of your friends and associates to find out how much time per day they think an average couple spends in physical contact.



Physical Contact

is a Form of Communication


that may occur many times per day ...





 ... and Sometimes All Night Long





Giving it Out in 30-Minute Intervals


works well for owners of curbs

and owners of people.













Sunday, August 9, 2009



Hi Ed,

Thanks for publishing EcoNowMics. I enjoy reading the material and playing with the game. I like the second chapter flow (mental->excel->iThink).


The excel model exercise helps me see how the system elements interact during the simulation (every dt). I find more difficult to notice this interaction if I go directly to iThink or Stella.

I also want to thank Nick for writing the papers. I notice that after reading the papers, I mostly remember the key lessons.

I am now studying the paper "Modeling the Milk Glass Game - My Process". When I get to the model structure version 3, I feel some confusion about the term transfer function (TF). I decide to do some research and I find the following definition in Wikipedia:

A transfer function (also known as the network function) is a mathematical representation, in terms of spatial or temporal frequency, of the relation between the input and output of a (linear time-invariant) system.

I understand how Nick calculates the TF for a valve filling a glass of water from a water faucet (output / input). In this case, the input is the valve handle position {degrees} and the output is the associate flow {cc/sec}. Therefore, the valve transfer function is equal to the flow divided by the valve handle position {cc/sec/degrees}.

Two paragraphs below key lesson 6, I read “The TF for the Policy has units of mm/mm = 1.” I guess these are the units for the responsiveness (mm per mm). I wonder if the policy is just the responsiveness. In the diagram, I see that the policy includes the responsiveness, the gap and the mouse position.

I am also trying to get some practice and I am developing a model in which I fill a glass of water using a water faucet. My first thought is that the system structure is similar to the MGG model. However, I find that the units of measure are inconsistent. I am trying to determine the elements and units of measure for the policy.


Gap {cc}

Responsiveness {cc /degrees}

Valve position = Gap * Responsiveness

{cc * cc /degrees} = {cc} * {cc/degrees}

If I multiply the valve position {cc * cc/degrees) times the valve transfer function {cc/sec/degrees} I get a flow rate with units of {(cc*cc*cc)/sec/ (degrees*degrees)}. I guess this is incorrect. The flow rate has units of {cc / sec}. I wonder if I am missing a system element within the policy. I appreciate any comment.

I find two small “typos” in the paper Modeling the MGG My Process:

a) In the diagram for the MGG System Structure Version 1 (Milk Infow Rate)

b) In the equations for the MGG System Structure Version 3 (Button Function = 8.125*)

Thank you for the feedback - and for helping us to make EcoNowMics stronger and clearer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009





in your July 25th posting you mention “cancelling my Facebook account a long time ago in response to receiving an avalanche of invitations from whom I do not know.”  I believe Facebook has settings that allow you to remain “unseen” except to the persons you have accepted as “friends”. Just an FYI in case you would like to use Facebook to interact with friends / family.

Thank you for the information.  I still prefer the more intimate forms of communication, such as face-to-face and belly-to-belly.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Cause and Effect


I want to share this weird and funny experience relating causality and manipulation.

I have one brother "A" and one sister "B".

My sister B has been converting a new religion. She is now an evangelist; in USA, American people may call her a "Born Again Christian". She affirms that her new conversion is very important for her, and whatever the good things she accomplishes in the now it's because of her religion.

My brother "A" always criticizes my sister's new religion. He says it's dangerous, it's a sect, "B" has extremist reactions since her converting, "B" becomes less funny and more "heavy", "B" must be careful because she may lose her money etc... He affirms that all the bad changes in "B's" life have one and unique cause: her new and bad / dangerous religion.

In the ever evolving moment of now, when "B" acts and "A" does not appreciate her actions, my brother "A" always blames and criticizes the same cause: "B's" new religion.

However, when "B" acts according "A's" expectations, I mean when he appreciates what she does, what she says in the now, "A" affirms with sincerity that "if 'B' changes in a such good way, it must be certainly thank to her praying-life and religion". And of course "B" is very happy and proud by hearing that.

The weirdest thing is that "A" seems to be very sincere in the two cases. So he uses the same cause to explain two opposite effects. Definitely his intention is manipulation, and causality model is the best way for manipulation.

You are right great chief in your knowledge, thank you for sharing your experiences. I feel afraid when I think that I might not meet your path.

Thank you for sharing your insight.



Saturday, August 8, 2009


Wants Path Correction


I am a fresh graduate having a degree of Engineering in Computer Sciences.

Through a friend of mine I came in contact of a person who is an active stock market trader in [Country].

He told me about trend following and suggested me to read some literature to be familiar with the term. I as a student didn’t have any interest in stock market (more precisely never knew much about it) until I meet this person.

I then started with Market Wizard and New market wizard. Then I read Trend following by Michael Covel and How to make money in stock market by William J. O'Neil. Currently I am reading reminiscences of a stock operator and all FAQs posted on your site.

All these books and FAQs seem to be really a great work by their authors.  Now the idea of trend following is stick to that level in my mind that I keep on thinking upon it, Money management and Risk control through out days.

But the basic problem faced by me is that I am not familiar with most of the terms.

Though I have learned many new terms and definitions but I think the best way to learn a game is to play it. But this game is really risky. So I am not getting any direction whether to play it or learn the basics first and then play. And from where to start. I have made a program which can download historical data and can calculate moving averages. Mean while I am also practicing meditation technique "vipassana" rediscovered by Gautama Buddha to understand the true nature of mine.

I ask you to correct my path if I am wrong anywhere.

I think you will not appreciate it but you are one of the many inspiration who turned my life towards this game.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <needing a guru> to Tribe.





This Sacred Text


contains all the meanings,


including the meaning of life.







Clip: http://1828.mshaffer.com/images/




Saturday, August 8, 2009


Day Trading

see previous

Dear Ed.

From my last letter you told me to talk about my feeling on day trading to the Tribe.


I would like to say first that day trading [is] very attractive for those who don't have enough money for trading. Also to whom who would like to gain money for short time. At least I think so.

I [am] reading some literature and researching on my mistake I realize for myself following things. Lets say we would like to catch [a] trend, and in this case we need to know the future. Every body knows that no one has the information about the future. If it was so then he does not trade just play on casino. If we know that we can't predict the future then we have two ways - up or down. If we will just choose it by this way ,lets say systematically by some signal we enter to and get out by other signal. IN this case we will have a lot of operation. And in case of not make a lot of operation man start to think about which trade is right? Which operation I need to take? Because there are so many signals. From this time we start prediction. And dilemma which operation is right? I always suffer by this question.

But after I start [to] think about this question and to find for myself the following answer by reading the all FAQ from starting period till today.


Trading on daily chart you have enough less operation. And choosing some system you just need to implement the systems rules. That is all because you make just few operation in this case and don't give such stupid question to yourself which operation is right?

I also realize that if on short term you trade if you could ach the trend it is just luck. But I don't want to be lucky trader. I want be just professional trader and proud with this.

I also understand that for successful trading [I] need to have money management rule. And how risk is less and more suit to your heat it is right. And I remember one my friend who has company of [Name] brokerage he advise me to put to each operation 30% .But knowing about the [Name] percentage. It was very funny for me. I remember from some books Ed's words if you trade on each operation 5 %. it is mean you play by fire (if I am wrong, Ed curse me).

I understand such kind of things but on deeps of my feeling some thing try to push me to day trading. IN that is why I just stop my trading and trying to solve my problems psychologically. After to start to trade.

Ed I just would like you explain me how I need solve it ? 


Give me please such kind of information that will help me to avoid myself from day trading. I understand my problem and I accept it and want to solve this.

Thank you Ed beforehand

Thank you for sharing your process.




Addictions to Narcotics, Alcohol,

and Day-Trading


are generally immune

to logical advice.







Clip: http://images.intomobile.com/




Thursday, August 6, 2009


Mastering the Art of Acceptance

Ed quotes a politician, "The best way to get the economy out of debt is to print up more money and spend it."

I am reading about Free Silver and Sound Money. I remember reading about it before my IVTT experience, and I remember feeling rage. I
remember thinking, "if only so-and-so had won such-and-such election, the country would have been so much better off." I remember thinking,
"how could the public possibly accept these absurd arguments?"


I notice a very different reaction now. I observe, "this is the trend the country is following. It isn't good or bad -- it's just how it is. I wonder what decisions I can make, as a trend trader in the 1890s, to take advantage of this trend."


I notice that I have the added advantage of hindsight with which to "forward-test" these decisions to see how they play out in a year, ten, or a hundred.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Willing to Change


Dear Ed,

I'm sorry this took so long. I was off-line, and on the road a lot in the last week.

I am willing to make a significant change in my life.

Wisdom must sought after with our entire being. Proverbs 2

I am making many changes since you graciously allowed me to take part in the Spring Workshop and the final Tribe meetings. These have been some of the best experiences of my life - so I am energized and excited.

Here's what I have been doing:

* Reading the FAQs almost every day - I am up to 2008 so I am going onto my second round by October.

* I commit to reading (I have done most of it) and perhaps comprehending, the Resource and EcoNowMics site.

* Working on my very basic Math skills. I can tell I'm learning- although I have daunting amount to learn.

* I am learning Math. I now know why Math was always considered a bit forbidden and "too hard for girls" because Math is True. Math cannot be faked and falsehoods in Math can be discovered. When I was growing up I was not supposed to know the Truth of our situation - it would have embarrassed a number of people who were hovering over me and my family money.

* I'm reading and studying several different trading / math sites. Math and Physics underlie everything in the world. I even have an opinion on numbers - here it is:

All uneven numbers slightly tilt the world, and even numbers put it back. (That is just my opinion).

* More than that I am observing my feelings and trying to receive the feelings of others. I am better than I was. My experience at the Tribe meetings has enabled me to break up a lot of the knots in the family. Naturally, it has
revealed a bunch of new ones - but smaller and easier to un-knot. I turn a knot upside down and inside out, it sometimes becomes much easier to untangle.

* I am working my way through all the Trading Resources. I wish I were faster. I am often, even always, confused.

*I am sending in weekly reports to my Tribe support group. Some are answering - and their active support has really helped. I cannot explain why. It is magic.

In your recipe for success, don't forget commitment - and a deep belief in the inevitability of your success.

Thank you Ed for allowing me to be part of your work.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider taking your feelings about <math and physics> to Tribe.





Beware of Too Many Un-Even Numbers





Figures Don't Lie ...





... Liars Can Figure


"The best way to get the economy

out of debt

 is to print up more money

and spend it."


-- Capitol Hill Comment















Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Big Wave Update

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your ongoing support in my big wave "fantastic journey".


Below I show my process.


- Continuing to work with my mentor and trading a small account for him so that I can learn his systems

- Account is profitable for month of July

- Working on incorporation of my company and completing the paperwork for my Employment Pass in [City]

- Working to set-up agreement with my mentor and 3 of his other friends to help establish my company and provide some initial trading capital for me to build a track record (idea is that I have 2 years to prove myself)

- Complete the book "The Way of the Turtle" I learn a tremendous amount more about system design and gain a new excitement for systems testing


- I spend more time on small meaningless tasks and not enough time on systems design --> this causes frustration

- I realize my current system is not as "robust" as it should be and I begin more work to make my systems adaptable across different markets

- I realize my mentor's systems require much more gut feeling on position sizing and stops - I don't like this and work to eliminate this in my own systems

- I spend less time than I schedule for learning [programming].

I feel excitement for the fall conference in Reno and try to arrange not to leave for [City] until after the conference ends so I may attend.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Wants a System

Hi Ed,

I came across your name while recently reading Trend Following by Michael Covel. I am extremely impressed by your accomplishments (I am sure, you have heard this a million times by now :):)


I also have read about the TTP process and got in touch with a local Tribe leader.

I lost a lot of money in the 2000 and 2008 meltdown as I did not have a clear strategy on what to do at that time and I blame myself for this, however, it also created this need in my heart to look for something that will help me win, I always felt that if I follow the trends somehow, it will help strengthen my position in the market, however, I did not know until recently that this (trend trading) is actually an accomplished way of trading.


This is how, my search lead me to Michael Covel's book which further revealed your name I am still not clear after all the reading I have done as to how to subscribe or buy to the trend system that you use. Can you please help guide me on this point?

FAQ does not ... offer specific trading advice, or recommend specific trading system parameters ... See Ground Rules, above.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Wishes to Start a Tribe

Dear Ed,

I'm a trend trader and manage a registered commodity pool (just finished my first 12 months of trading which was a huge milestone for me!).


I have recently moved down to [City] where my fiancée will be attending medical school this fall.


I noticed that there is not a trading tribe here. I'm only 23 years old, but I would love to start a one.

Lastly, I just dropped off a check in the mail for The Trading Tribe Book.

I hope life, friends, and markets are treating you well (they're not mutually exclusive!).


Tuesday, August 4, 2009




These photos were taken Tuesday August 05, 2009.

Two of my snapshots (With my boys and getting very fit, in shape, athletic) materializing nicely. Thank you for your support and teachings.

I have also had a good (Almost great!) year trading so far.




Oh...this might be important..... and I am 41 years old!


Thank you for sending the photos.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Joining a Trading Tribe

Hello Ed,

I live in [City] and am interested in joining a Trading Tribe. Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of the local Trading Tribe for my area?


I looked on your website but could not find it.


Thank you.

You might consider attending the upcoming Workshop.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Big Government,  War and Inflation


Dear Ed,

I notice that increase in government size often precedes military conflict. I wonder if a system-dynamic model can describe this behavior. I have a number of examples in mind which I want to share with the FAQ as I write them up.

French Revolution, famous for its Reign of Terror, begins with a financial crisis. The government nationalizes the French Catholic Church in 1790, turns clergy into government employees and confiscates Church property. It injects the proceeds into the economy by issuing paper (assignats). Hyperinflation follows. As the crisis deepens, the government searches for new areas to re-regulate.


By 1793, legislation introduces the metric system which defines the week as 10 days, the day as 10 hours, and the right angle as 100 degrees. Also in 1793, the government pioneers (Levée en masse), the world's first mass conscription which puts 1.5 million men under arms.


Warfare with internal and external opponents of the new Regime brings military leadership to the forefront, and the French Revolution morphs seamlessly into Napoleonic Wars.

Thank you for sharing your observations.


Yes, we can model that kind of thing.  In so doing, we can clarify our assumptions and gain insights about the workings of the system.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Update of Wave

Dear Ed,

This is to report my progress of my big wave.

First thank you for volunteering to support my Big Wave.

I feel a little stuck in writing the report. I miss the tribes and the moment that we enjoy in Reno.

During July I experience a drawn down in my personal account. It is in the within the

expectations with my trend system, but it was very hard to continue following the signals. During the worse times I feel worried about my system not to perform so well when compared with the back testing. In spite that feelings I followed every signal. I improve my system during this time. I’m checking the results with the brokerage statement every day. It is matching to the penny. I’m proud that I followed my system in spite of the drawdown. The good part that in the end of the month my system / personal account are trading up, thus in the middle of the month I expected have -2% the end number is a -0.27%.

I receive a letter from [Name] asking for more information about my knowledge and experience in [Country] market. I sent the information and I’m waiting to receive their approval then I can open my systematic fund.

About the tribe it seems that our members are not committed like I thought before. During July the others two members said that they couldn’t come because one would travel and the other said that she would give classes at night and she would like to spend more time with her brother because he lives abroad and in July he would be here. In the beginning I feel sad and frustrated, but now it seems that TTP is for that they really want to work. I decide that if I want to feel that feeling of confident and happiness I can wait until there are others commitment members in our tribe.

It seems that every time that in one part of my life is not so good (trading this month) the other important part my family is doing great. My wife asks that we have dinner on Fridays too. Thus we enjoy the dinners of Friday and Wednesday together.

I want to work more in my third Big Wave. Every time that someone says something that I disagree I always say what I think. I don’t respect their feelings and I even say thanks for the person to trust in me and for sharing his / her history. I don’t want to judge the other the way I judge. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut and only give my opinion when it is requested.

I feel better now.

Thank you for supporting me in my Big Wave.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Nietzsche is Peachy


Thank you for your work on the cause and effect model. When I read FAQ, I am reminded of Nietzsche:

"Cause and effect: such a duality probably never exists; in truth we are confronted by a continuum out of which we isolate a couple of pieces, just as we perceive motion only as isolated points and then infer it without ever actually seeing it. The suddenness with which many effects stand out misleads us; actually, it is sudden only for us. In this moment of suddenness there are an infinite number of processes which elude us. An intellect that could see cause and effect as a continuum and a flux and not, as we do, in terms of an arbitrary division and dismemberment, would repudiate the concept of cause and effect and deny all conditionality."

From Nietzsche's The Gay Science, s.112, Walter Kaufmann transl.

Thank you for the reference.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Shaking Head

Dear Ed,

When I have a position, I can't seem to shake that open P & L figure in my head. It affects my trading in every possible negative way. How do I overcome this?

You might consider shaking your head more vigorously.


You might also consider taking your feelings about <open profits> to Tribe.



Open Profits and Heads


can be shaky



Clip: http://www.adelaidevet.com.au/files/



Monday, August 3, 2009


Attracting a Mate

Dear Ed:

My big Wave now evolved in to

"When I met my girlfriend I knew she was the right one"

I am happy with the progress I been experiencing. So far I have been connecting with woman very well. Not perfect but I feel progresses are good enough to make girls and myself happy. I enjoy talking to women now. I am starting to understand women little by little. I wonder now what was so hard to communicate with them before.

I notice that I wanted to communicate and connect with women more than just wanting to have a girlfriend. I also notice that I enjoy being single and like where I am at. I think it's great to be single for now. Well that is not entirely true, most of the time I guess....

My sales assistant seemed the toughest one to connect but actually she seems to be much more patient and willing to work with me than I am. I am finding out she is very much out going and got lots of humor. She wants lots of attention and when I am not giving her small courtesy or attention she seems to be frustrated. She gives full attention to my needs. I try to make up later toward the day because I am usually busy in the morning and afternoon but I am working toward giving her full care and attention that would satisfy her. I actually enjoy giving her attention. Overall I am happy with my progress.

Some positive change in my life since workshop are:

* No crave for drinking alcohol what so ever

* No crave for eating potato chips (Thanks to last rock process with local tribe)

* Started to exercises and purchased bicycle as my fun snapshot

*business is growing.

*I enjoy my mother's painting more. It's hanging on my wall again.

*I stopped throwing garbage on a street.

*use of "F" words and other curse words have dropped 95% when I am speaking to someone.

My apartment complex organizes neighbors party night once a month. One of the sales rep always asks me to come and join the party and I kept saying "oh yeah I'll be there" but I never go there. I am hoping one day I'll go. But I might not like it. I guess I like to be private at home. I just go with the flow.

Thank you for reading my email. Still no picture with my girlfriend and I but may be next update.

I hope you all having a wonderful summer!

Thank you for sharing your process.


Giving up alcohol, chips, swearing and throwing garbage seem consistent with attracting a mate - unless you want one who shares those tendencies.






Whatever Your Habits


you can likely find someone


with whom to share them.





Clip: http://graadig.files.wordpress.com/



Monday, August 3, 2009


Reforming Lawyer

Dear Ed,

I read the TTP on your website and connected with it at a deep level.

I want to be a professional trader and have determined that my personality and beliefs about markets and life align me with the TTP.

Do you have any advice for me as I endeavor to achieve this goal?

Professional Profile: A recent law school graduate, I am a consultant for a large consulting firm; prior to law school, I traveled around the world and worked in politics.

Thank you kindly for any time you may take with a communication.

Thank you for sharing your process.


You might consider visiting the EcoNowMics link, above, and then the article on Cause and Effect.


If any of this resonates with you, you might consider attending the upcoming Workshop.



The Source Book for Lawyers


is conspicuously absent


a clear definition for Causality.



Clip: http://legalcurrent.com/wp-



Monday, August 3, 2009


Popularity Contest


Dear Ed,

I notice that for some futures contracts, trading volume differs drastically by contract month.


Copper contract exist for every month of the year, but March, June, September and December seem to have an order of magnitude more volume than other months.

I wonder what makes these months more attractive to traders.

Some months seem to attract more volume than others - like some night clubs attract more clients since "everybody goes there."




Sometimes the Attraction


is that you can't get in.




Clip: http://www.fearandloafing.com/adventures/



Monday, August 3, 2009


Wants to Join a Tribe

Dear Ed,

I live in [City], [State] and am interested in joining a local tribe.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to solicit a response from the leader.

Perhaps this contact information is out of date? If you could kindly help me get connected, I would appreciate it.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Opening the Faucet


I observe that my wife is not interested in sharing her feelings with me or in listening to my own feelings. When I tell her how appalled I am about her decision to take the children away for a holiday and leaving me alone, she says "it is just bad luck; I promised <daughter> to visit <city>". She keeps justifying herself and not considering to listen to my needs. She sustains how supportive, attentive and helpful I am, and does not make an effort to show reciprocity. She lies to me (when she uses rude words and I tell her that it is hurting, she answers "I said nothing"). Hence, I don't know if I can believe her when she tells me that she did not convince the children to visit <city>.

I observe that her threshold for feeling attacked is very low. During foreplay I say "let's do it slowly". She shuts down completely and tells me that I am putting her under pressure with my expectancies.

After I have been awake for hours, at 7:30 I embrace my wife, who still sleeps, with tears in my eyes. She asks me what is going on. I tell her how sad I am, that I want to stay with her, and how frustrating it is when I cannot reach her. I am crying. She says that she is tired and did not sleep well. I ask her if she wants to sleep further. She says yes, turns her back to me and keeps on sleeping.

On Saturday night I wake up at 4:00 AM, overwhelmed by sadness. I start crying and keep on doing it until I enjoy the feeling. Then, I have an "aha". The situation repeats itself all through the Saturday and Sunday morning; each time I let the feeling flow, I cry, and I learn something.

I wake up --> I am very sad --> I cry and I learn --> my wife is perfect the way she is.

I think "it is the end of our marriage" --> I get very sad --> I cry and I learn --> she is not willing to change things to improve our relationship.

I think "I am losing her" --> I get very sad --> I cry and learn --> You have to make choices, and to get something you sometimes have to give up another thing.

I think "she never consented to search for professional help for us" --> I get very sad --> I cry and learn --> I was an egotist and self-centered, but I did my best to repair the damage; she did not want my help; we both are part of the problem; it is the past and as such irrelevant; I can do it better the next time.

I think "I am the only one working on this relationship" --> I get very sad --> I cry and learn --> She is perfect and has no problems.

I try several times to start a conversation, without success. I think "I don't know what else I can do" --> I get very sad --> I cry and learn --> You cannot talk to people who don't want to listen.

The more I cry, the happier and more peaceful I am.

I am surprised about the resources that Fred puts to my disposition when I open the faucet.

A working marriage is a decision of two persons, and right now I don't feel that my wife is willing to move toward me.

I keep on listening to her feelings, being supportive and looking at the development.

Thank you for sharing your process.


See Below.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


See a Trillion Dollars

WhatisaTrillion.pps (slide show)

Thank you for the file.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Letting Go of Drama

Hi Ed,


Thank you for responding to my post, which you titled "Vacation Relations."

Since starting a trading job on June 8, I notice how easy it is to get caught up in the noise of the markets. I notice how easy it is to medicate feelings by over-trading.


I see other traders making unnecessary trades to simply pass the time, convince themselves that there is a trade to be made, etc. I do not see a set system in place, so I inform many of them about your site. Also, I think about starting a tribe within the firm.

In my trading, I notice that I am not at one with the market. I feel anxiety before / during trades, wishing / hopefulness during trades, and anger when the market is not giving me what I want right now (i.e. instant profit).


The feeling of needing to be right on each trade results in me taking profits much too early, which then results in me watching the big move.

I, then, think about my prior relationships and discover that I push each partner away and watch them be happy with someone else. I much rather have a feeling of accomplishment even if the accomplishment is negative.


This also makes me feel that, since I push the others away, I still hold the power / control over them (mission accomplished). The more I read about other FAQ's involving control-centric relationships, the more "Aha's" I have.


The more instances I think about me being controlling in relationships, the more it makes me feel sick to my stomach and undeserving of what happy memories I do have of those relationships.


But, I also get an overwhelming feeling of confidence, calmness and enlightenment that I can change. I realize that if I can change by giving up control of others, concentrate on controlling myself and enjoy others that I can become one with myself and the market.

I will send more updates on my progress. Thank you all very much for your contributions to FAQ. They are truly inspiring as much as they are informative.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Thank you for sharing your insight about the medicinal function of over-trading.


You might consider taking your feelings about <being controlling> to Tribe.







When you come to know

the positive intentions

of the feelings

of being controlling,


the surrounding drama

is likely to disappear.





Clip: http://blog.afoolishmanifesto.com




Saturday, August 1, 2009


From Control to Intimacy:

Employing Willingness Testing

Dear Ed,

I report on my Big Wave (I give my wife and children all my support and I give up control).

My family is away for one week, and I have the chance to think a lot and to talk with several friends. I understand that my wife is perfect the way she is: without friends, not doing phone calls, not writing letters, not telling me about her feelings, not liking to have conversations with me, saying that sex is not important, even rescindable. She does not have a problem. I realize that I am the one with the problem, who needs more than my wife can yield in terms of communication, emotional exchange, and intimacy.

I see several choices:

1. To suggest my wife to change, in order to fulfill my needs: it makes no sense, since she is very happy the way she is. Her only problem, right now, is her husband.

2. To tell my wife about my needs while I listen to her feelings. I plan to implement this option this week.

3. To accept that I have needs, that she does not fulfill my needs, to resign, and to stay by her. When I think about this, I feel intense anxiety and maybe "despair". I plan to take this feelings to the hot seat.

4. To accept that my wife does not fulfill my needs, stay with her and look for other ways to fulfill my needs. I imagine this being very time and energy consuming. I also don't like the idea of infidelity.

5. To leave her and look for a person who fulfills my needs. I am worried that I can implement this option just to avoid giving up control. Hence, maybe I repeat the same experience with the next woman.

6. To give up all my needs. Then, she cannot fail to fulfill my non-existent needs. But this is Nirvana. I don't know if it is possible. I don't know if that is what I wish: control is much easier. I am afraid of it. I want to experience it.

7. To ask my wife about her own needs, if I am fulfilling them. She mentioned several times that I fulfill her needs for care, emotional contact and support. She only mentioned that she would like me to vacuum clean the house more often.

I am open and thankful for suggestions about other courses of action.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Once you are clear about your own needs - and once you are clear your needs no longer include the drama surrounding rejection, you can move forward with a simple willingness test.


For example:

You: "I wonder if you are willing to have deeply satisfying sex with me on a regular basis."


Her (Case A): "Yes."   [You win.]


Her (Case B): "No." 

You: "I wonder if you are willing for me to have deeply satisfying sex with someone else."


Her (Case C): "Yes."  [You win.]


Her (Case D): "No."

You: "I am (am not) willing to stay in this relationship."  [You win.]





As you move from control-centric relating

to intimacy-centric relating


willingness testing

replaces manipulation


and you wind up

with more control.









Clip: http://www.bendjart.co.uk/slides/



Saturday, August 1, 2009


Short-Term Trading

Dear Ed Seykota.

I hope you are well and you remember me. A guy who live in next to sea and trying to analysis and research trend following system deeply. I understand well that why you are focused on psychological side of trading.


Because I felt it on myself. I also understand trading more than psychology than technical method. And good psychological trader will always implement of rules of money management. And I know that if you have some problem and you afraid to talk about it ? that problem will always come with you. In that is why I want to talk you and you could determine what kind of advise you can tell me and others who fells needs to your advise.

I have problem in my mind to try to trade on less than 4 hours chart I mean (it could be 15 min,30 min,1 hour, and 4 hour) and by reading your advise on FAQ and also analyzing myself, find out that on short term if you trade you make a lot operation than on long term (trading on daily chart) and at result the sum which you earn become less than you loss on each operation.


Also in this case pays a lot of spreads and commission to broker. But when you do it on daily then you make very less operation than others. In this case I understand that the probability of to find trend is more than short term. If on system we think that we can not predict the future and only must to follow the trend, it is mean that we need to take all signal of our system without thinking about the future result. How you say to stick the plan on whipsaw song.

But in spite of this when I want to trade always some thing try to push me on short term. May be could you explain me why it so? What I need to change myself?

Analyzing myself and market I determine that if you trade on daily the stop loss approximately located 250-300 pips from entering price. But on less (how small diapazon you look then, that interval becoming lesser for ex 50 pips or 100 pips so on). But I feel that I am afraid to lose 250 - 300 pips. IN that is why my conscious mind push me to the less chart. May be it is because I never has big money and I am not ready to lose it.

I hope you will say me or explain me some thing that will help me to keep always on daily chart. To explain me something why I not to trade on short term.

Thank you beforehand

Thank you for sharing your process.


Short-Term Trading is useful mostly as a way to generate a lot of drama and excitement to cover up deeper issues of right livelihood.


You might consider taking your feelings about <day trading> to Tribe.





Working Toward Right Livelihood


is a pretty good cure


for day-trading.







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