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May 1 - 10, 2009


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Note: The appearance of a chart on FAQ does not imply any kind of indication or recommendation to buy, sell, hold or stay out of any positions.



Contributors Say

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Ed Says

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Charles Faulkner


Dear Ed,

I find this resource useful to learn more about Charles Faulkner's works

clip: http://www.nlpco.com/pages/



Thank you for the link.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mortgage Forgiveness

Hi Ed,

Thank you for sharing breakfast with me this morning. I am grateful for this opportunity to interact with you outside the tribe setting and learn from you in this additional capacity.

Here is what I read at IRS.gov about mortgage forgiveness (I understand that California has a matching program):



The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 generally allows taxpayers to exclude income from the discharge of debt on their principal residence. [...] This provision applies to debt forgiven in calendar
years 2007 through 2012. Up to $2 million of forgiven debt is eligible for this exclusion.

Separately, here's my write-up on WWI-era US "Liberty" bonds which came up in our conversation this morning:



I wonder how you feel about this.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Falling off the Diet Wagon

Dear Ed

I gather you may have fallen off the wagon?
If I can help just e-mail back.

Good luck

Thank you for your support.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Cause of Seattle

see previous

Chief Ed,

What is the cause of Seattle?
Report: The Cause of Seattle.

1. From me, "The cause of Seattle is NAUGHT".

2. "No idea???"
2a. "I didn't understand the question, did you get many responses?

3. "My first thought was "trade".

4. "Since I live down the road from Seattle, let me opine:
One day long ago, in their infinite wisdom, the founders of Seattle envisioned a former PL internal relocating there. Little did they know if they constructed it...I would go".

5. "I'm sorry man, but I don't understand the question. What is the cause for Seattle? Are you talking about the formation of the city as the hub for water based transportation of people, product and services for the Northeast side of the country?"

6. From a former co-worker(2), "Seattle was caused by Seismic activity and volcanism. (I thought you would never ask!).

The effect of Seattle is CTIC.

Thank you Chief.


Thank you Tribe.

Cause and Effect are arbitrary assignments.  For more on Cause and Effect, see the EcoNowMics link, above.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Same Hospital, New Bar

Dear Ed;

My Progress Report:

Down here [at the hospital]. I was taken aback at first. What had begun as a two-day visit / check-up the back specialist [at the hospital] has turned into two weeks. (Spinal fluid back pain. Tremendously painful headaches.) We came down to [the hospital]- the hospital of our talented back surgeon.
I got a room at the Hotel. My husband got a room at the Hospital.

He had two operations here in April. In the last two weeks he has had four operations. (He was only supposed to have come for a check-up). There is no sort of medical malpractice- just a tricky part of the body that needs a lot of attention and very specific care.

I attended the Workshop in between the hospital visits.

I decided that this uncertain time was going to be made into something of value. I was going to live in the Now and observe and accept my feelings. I also resolved to make the time work for me. So as a result of this I did a number of things I have never have done before. I am trying to receive everyone I meet as fully as possible. I am trying to fully receive, everyone with whom I interact.

I went to a bar at a noisy- and good- restaurant next door. I determined to sit alone at the bar (Something new to me).  I have done so now four times, (observing my feelings of discomfort), and met several new people, one of them is an angel investor who will be looking at my husbands company. (A good thing.)

This whole experience has been a bit like the movie Ground Hog Day. We were only supposed to be here for two days- now it has been two weeks- everyday I get up and try to make it better.

The first thing I do is check my stocks, and stop-loss positions. I am concentrating on my stop-loss positions, practice, practice, practice. I want to do it enough times that it becomes second nature and even a constant source of pleasure. I feel as though I have made a good start on the process.

I am following healthy habits, eating, exercising, reading the FAQs, and absorbing what I learned at the Workshop. I am trying to not just stay in the now, but enjoy the now, and make the entire experience a pleasure.

Thank you for your help in letting me see this new way to live. Thank you to all the Tribe members for their acceptance and support of my feelings.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Motivation + Intention+ Action = Result??


In the equation intention = result, what is "intention" exactly?? I am not sure but I think that intention is my action or inaction in the moment of now, isn't it??

Say for example You Ed, are forgetting to delete the name of the sender of an email posted on the FAQ. What is your real intention in the now with this forgetting? Your intention is to transfer it as usual on the FAQ after deleting the name of the sender and answering the question. And just before you finish to reread it, you see that your kitchen is blazing, so you nevertheless post it with the name then you run to put out the fire. In that case what is the real intention?

The result = you post it with the name, but that is not your intention, is it? Your real motivation is to put out the fire as soon as possible. So with this example, I might perceive the result is different from the intention.

By the way, is there any difference between motivation and intention and action in the moment of now??

Finally, I think there's no difference between them in the now. What I feel (Fred) or/and what I think (CM) is what I do in the now. My motivation is the fruit of my Fred, or the fruit of my CM, or last but not least and certainly the best: the fruit of both my Fred and CM together after experiencing Fred.

To avoid responsibility about my dangerous and bad results in my life, I liked to hide myself and justify myself behind a "noble and great" intention even though what I do is completely inefficient and even destructor. In French, there is an expression " le chemin qui mène à l'enfer est pavé de bonnes intentions", literally in English it might be "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

The real Grail we are all looking for in our daily life is on your TTP idea and FAQ .

Thank you very much for all you do Ed.

In the TTP model, intention is another name for the system structure while result is another name for the system behavior.


Your confusion seems to revolve around an attempt to morph intention and result into the cause/effect model.


In the cause/effect model, you select two snapshot states from the evolving system and call the first one the cause and the second one the effect. 


Sometimes you can further define the cause as the "problem" and then justify some program to address the "problem" and thus "fix" the effect.


Of course the "problem" resides in the non-existing past so there is no way to address it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trance Work

Dear Ed,

I wish to know more about trance. Maybe you find some non-existing time to teach me.

You might consider taking your feelings about <being in trance> to Tribe.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chameleon Changes Colors (movie)

Dear Ed,

You might like this.



Thank you for the clip.




Surrendering to the flow


works for the chameleon


and for Trend Traders.




Clip: www.multiscope.com/hotspot/herptile/


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dis-Engaged to Wife


Dear Ed,

Just now reviewing FAQ before tonight's meeting. Feeling very constructive about last meeting and tonight's upcoming meeting.

Last meeting was an emotional roller coaster for me. I was terrified for other Tribe members as they went through rocks process. They came out without obvious damage. Later, I volunteered to roll play both a wife and a husband in a marriage without good communication of feelings.

Having some trouble with right livelihood (am I doing it right?). New behaviors that are constructive to me are source of considerable friction with spouse. I recognize how I have fumbled this with her. I think her threshold of displeasure / disapproval is unfairly low. Chief suggests I look at ways to modify my stream of information to my spouse. As of this morning, we are both "dis-engaged" which equates to an armistice without negotiations.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Click to view image details




may indicate you are gearing up


for something better.



Clip:  http://media4.picsearch.com/is?WJVHTuEzaLrF_gU__91-jFWMXEsQP4KESJvmZ8Iu8cU

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spelling Bee or Punching Bag?

Dear Ed,

[The TTP commitment to intimacy-centric relating]   moves me to have a better relationship with my father with my mother and with my sister.

I receive one of the first reports and am moved to feel about my relationships with my father, mother, and sister. I start feeling. I start writing. I finish writing and send this writing to you.

I am several months old. I am not yet able to talk. Dad is holding me naked over the sink in the downstairs bathroom and giving me a spanking with his open hand. I don’t know why he is hitting me. The pain is excruciating. I cannot control my bodily functions and evacuate my bowls. I shit on his right hand that is hitting me. Dad looks at the shit on his hand and stops hitting me. I don’t know why I’m being spanked. I can’t talk yet.

I am four-years old. It is my first day at a private kindergarten. I along with the other kids am asked to count on paper from one to one hundred. We are instructed to put one number on each line. There are one hundred lines. I can only count to ten. The little boy next to me can only count to ten. I suggest to him that we count to ten and then simply fill numbers into the remaining lines. He agrees. We write our numbers to ten and then fill in the lines with different numbers to complete the task. My mother arrives to pick me up. The teacher is talking to my mother in front of me as if I cannot hear what they are saying. The teacher tells my mom that I am stupid. She does not use the word “stupid” but I get the sense that she thinks I’m stupid. I think my teacher is stupid and do not like her. All the kids in the school are from rich families from the city. I’m the only one from a small town. I don’t fit in. The school is in [State]. We have a Cowboy and Indian day. My mother buys me a full leather suit with fringe and a feathered war bonnet. She takes pictures. I arrive at school. I am the only Indian. I am of Irish ethnicity, but I am a native American Indian today. Recess begins and it is now Kill the Indian Day. I run. I’m fast, but there is no place to run to, the playground is fenced in. I’m trapped. The leather outfit is heavy and I tire of running. The kids catch me, circle around me, and yell at me, and shove me. The teacher doesn’t intervene. Recess is unpleasant and frightening for me. The second recess is worse. I hit the door running. Same deal. The teacher doesn’t intervene. This is a long day for me. After school, at home, my mom takes another photo of me in my Indian suit next to my sister. I tell her what happened, but she doesn’t care. She says I look so cute. Mom doesn’t notice all the missing feathers.

We start studying different countries at school. After school I watch a TV show with some English actors. I learn to produce an English accent. I am now English and each day I report about my country, England , to the class. I also include an elaborate story about how my father works on the Alaskan pipeline. I do this for many days. My father is an aeronautical / aerospace engineer and has not been to Alaska . My mother comes to pick me up after school and my teacher greets her and tells my mom that, “We studied Matthew’s country today.” My mom asks her what she is talking about. My mom and the teacher are mad at me and I know I’m going to get it when I get home, and I do. I think that I am only four years old and I feel good that I can make my teacher look stupid just like she made me look / feel stupid for not knowing how to count past 10. My mom doesn’t appreciate the creativeness of my storytelling or my ability to affect an English accent.

I am six years old and I am a good speller. The best in the class. Mom and I are doing a spelling review for the first-grade spelling bee. She asks me to spell the word “ball,” but instead I hear her say, “doll.” I spell “doll” correctly, “doll d-o-l-l doll.” My mom gets very angry and is screaming at me that I am stupid. She screams, “How can you not even know how to spell you own name!” I try to explain. She doesn’t listen. She just keeps screaming that I am so stupid. I start crying and she just keeps screaming at me. I think that I am a good speller, but not good enough for her.

I’m in the spelling bee standing on the stage in front of the entire school. It comes down to me and two other kids. The final three. The word I am supposed to spell is “white.” I live in an all white town. I go to an all white school. I am five when I go to my first minstrel show, where white people paint their faces black and sing My Mammy by Al Jolson. I am nervous in front of the all white crowd. I spell “white w-h-i-t white.” I leave out the silent “e.” The crowd laughs. My mom in humiliated and lets me know. I’m not good enough.

Every night my parents fight. Every night. Every night. They scream at each other and throw things. Every night I hear them argue. I hear them scream at one another. I hear things breaking against the wall. I wonder if they will be alive in the morning. I rock myself to sleep to muffle the noise. I can’t hear them so well when I wrap the pillow around my ears and rock back and forth. I’m too scared to leave my room. I wonder if they will be alive in the morning. This happens almost every night. I rock myself to sleep. I wonder if mom and dad will be alive in the morning.

I’m ten now. Dad still beats me but uses a belt. My sister, who is twelve, tells me to hurry up and start crying when he whips me. She says that that is what works best for her. She tells me that dad stops whipping her when she starts crying. I take her advice, but it doesn’t work for me. Crying doesn’t make him stop, so I stop crying. My beatings last longer than my sister’s. I’m not going to cry. It doesn’t help me. Crying doesn’t help.

I’m twelve. My parents are threatening to get a divorce. My sister decides she will live with my mom. I see my dad cry for the first time. It’s only for a minute. Mom and dad ask me who I want to live with. I have to choose. I say that if they can’t work it out, then I do not want to live with either one of them. They decide not to get a divorce. I still have to live with both of them.

I’m fourteen. My dad jokes around with his hunting buddies that I’m getting bigger and that he needs to beat the shit out of me one more time before I get any bigger. I hate this. My dad is an undefeated welterweight boxing champion in the merchant marines. My mom and sister and I are arguing. I walk past my mom in the hallway and our shoulders touch which causes her to take a small side step. My sister is at an angle where she can see me and my mom and my dad who is in the other room. I can’t see my dad and he can’t see me. He can see my mom though. My sister sees my mom step to the side and with a sneer yells, “Don’t hit mom.” Then she smiles. It’s a fucking evil smile. I can’t believe she just set me up. My dad hears my sister yell, sees my mom take a sidestep to catch her balance, and assumes I hit her. I never hit mom. He comes barreling around the corner. I duck under the first punch as it is wild and he is off balance from running around the corner. Now he is really mad and starts pounding on me. I cover up and try to move out of the hallway so that I can run away. I’m boxed in and his blows are landing hard. It’s hard to see and my ears are ringing. I still don’t fight back. He’s my dad. I don’t want to hit him. He keeps hitting me. I keep my hands up and try to protect my face. He hits my arms. I can’t keep my arms up any more. He hits me in the face. It’s hard to see now. I can taste the blood flowing out of my nose. I look at him. Our eyes met and I say, “I’m your son. I’m your son.” He stops hitting me for a moment, and I use that moment to make a run for it. I run outside and hide in the woods for hours. Blood is in a steady stream coming out of my nose. I can’t get the blood to stop. My shirt is covered in blood. I take my shirt off and press it up against my nose. I’m still bleeding, but not as much. After several hours I go home. No one talks about what happened.

I’m still fourteen. Dad starts joking around again about beating the shit out of me one more time. . . He’s laughing about it. This time I say, “Fuck you.” He stops talking and stares at me. I am too angry to be scared any more. I say, “You think it’s funny. You keep saying you want to beat the shit out of me one more time. Well then do it. Get it over with. But this time I’m fighting back. Fuck you. Let’s go.” My dad then picks up the big coffee table and uses it to slam me into the brick fireplace. Oh fuck. I’m pinned and I can’t move. I use all my strength and push back. It’s the first time I’ve ever resisted. I keep pushing. I’m tired of being beaten. I fucking hate him. I keep pushing. He drops the table. He stares at me. Then he just walks away.

I’m in eighth grade in junior high school. I play alto and tenor sax. I’m first chair. I’m elected student band director by my peers. I direct the band in two songs in front of the entire school. It’s the end of the school year now. We have to audition to get into the high school band for the next school year. I’m too scared to audition. I might not make the cut. I quit band. I quit playing the sax. I’m first chair, and the student band director, and I’m afraid I’m not good enough. I don’t want to fail so I don’t audition. I now see this pattern repeated throughout my life.

I am at the workshop in Reno and am watching the rocks process and I start remembering things from my childhood. Oh fuck. This sucks. I have a lot of rocks. A lot of rocks. I am so scared.

After the workshop my sister is in town. She and my niece and nephew are with her. My nephew is competing at a regional debate tournament and my sister asks me if I can come to one of his debates. I go to his first debate. That night my sister calls me and tells me that he didn’t think he did very well and is not feeling good about himself. She knows that I’ve given hundreds of speeches and asks me if I can coach him. I agree. It is late at night and I am tired. I drive to their hotel. I test my sister and my nephew for their willingness to receive coaching. They both exhibit willingness. I share some speech processes that I use. My nephew performs his affirmative debate for me. I offer more of my processes with him. He makes adjustments and delivers his speech again. I see his confidence growing. It is late. I start to say goodbye and leave and he asks me if I have time to go over his negative debate. I say, “Yes.” We go through the same process. His confidence grows.

It is the next day and I get a message from my sister, “Your nephew is doing much better and has moved up to a higher competition level than he’s ever been to. He is a sophomore and earned enough points to compete against the seniors.” I am now checking my voicemail and get the message, “He medaled for the first time. He got tenth place out of forty contestants in the higher bracket.” Now, I realize that I talk with my sister more in the last 15 hours than I have in the last 15 years. I wonder if it’s the under-Fred network. This stuff really works!

My sister and nephew ask me if I am willing to coach him on his debates via Web-cam. I agree to do so. We now have a coaching agreement.

I’m forty-five years old. My son is 2 ½. I have an agreement with my dad that the cycle of violence ends with me. I do not believe in corporal punishment. My dad and son have a great relationship. Every Friday my dad spends all day with my son. He teaches him math and spelling, and they fill up the bird feeders and watch the squirrels together. I tell my wife that our son gives my dad a second chance. She agrees.

My mom and dad are visiting. My little boy is sitting with my dad on the couch. My dad is gently holding my son and is teaching him math from a kindergarten mathematics book. My dad pauses and looks up at me and says, “You know, this is what I always wanted to do with you, but, you know work, and, well there just wasn’t the time.” I feel my heart move and I fight back the tears. I did not know that he ever wanted to do those things with me. I am shocked and don’t know what to say, so I don’t say anything. Dad continues the math lesson.

My dad tells me that he no longer believes in war as a solution. He tells me that when he looks at my son, his grandson, he can’t imagine anyone raising a hand to him. I feel my stomach tighten inside and think but don’t say, “That didn’t stop you from knocking me around.” I still have pain. I have rocks.

My dad and I are supposed to have a father / son’s day out. It is my birthday present to him. He is 81 now. I keep postponing the outing. Things keep coming up. I think of the song, “Cats ‘n’ the Cradle.”

I receive a first report and I read it. I print it out and read it again.

"I am on your support team and I don’t know what to say to you. I am amazed at your willingness to go through the process with your dad, a.k.a. your rock donor. I feel I get support from witnessing your willingness and wonder who is really supporting whom."

Ed, thank you for your willingness to be on a support team.

I have an agreement now with my tribe to bring my rocks to tribe this Saturday.

I commit now to making a date for my Dad’s day out and to honoring that date.

Your sharing your process helps my process.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Product Details


Father and Son are the Topic


of Chapin's Cats in the Cradle


"And the cat's in the cradle,
and the silver spoon, Little Boy Blue,
and the Man in the Moon,
When you coming home son,

I don't know when
We'll get together then,

you know we'll have a good time then.


I've long since retired and my son's moved away
I called him up just the other day
I'd like to see you, if you don't mind
He said I'd love to Dad, if I could find the time
You see my new job's a hassle and the kids have the flu
But it's sure nice talking you Dad,

it's been real nice talking to you.
And as I hung up the phone it occurred to me
He'd grown up just like me,

my boy was just like me."


-- Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin


Control-centric agreements

typically promise fulfillment

in the non-existing future.


Intimacy-centric agreements

exist and continually fulfill

in the ever-evolving moment of now.







































































































































































Clip:  http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jet for Hire

Hello Ed,

I just thought I would check to see if you have a tentative date for another TTP Workshop.

PS I live in [State] and based on the information on your website there is not a TTP group. I emailed the two folks on the [City] list on your website a few times over the last two months and no answer. Maybe I could hire flex jet to come to the Nevada meetings twice a month. I think your approach is a great step in achieving my ultimate goal of self actualization

I generally host two workshops per year.  Watch this site for details.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

O Father, Where art thou?

Dear all,

This is my first report. I value the connections and friendships I make with all of you who attend the workshop and the awareness of my own big wave of something that is important in my life. I share this with my father as well. I attempt to write staying in the now.

My father and I have a unique relationship. In judging it, I say I am extremely grateful for the freedom and support I receive from him. However, he is not like all the other fathers, and I believe I have trouble dealing with him not reacting to me how culture brings many fathers and mothers to react to their children. I remember one tribe member bringing about a question of fear that he has if he does not judge and perhaps try to “fix” his daughter’s problems as many parents are brought to think they should. He fears perhaps that she will not feel loved and nurtured and cared for. I remember a pain of my own of feeling unloved and feeling somewhat of a “nuisance” in the eyes of my father.

I have issues dealing with feeling unappreciated in my relationship with him. My father is somewhat inconsistent and very set in his ideas. This poses obstacles for me in my big wave to get close to and have a fulfilling relationship with my father.

My father points out in the meeting we have following the workshop that I often avoid conflicts and brush off issues and circumstances that are of great importance to me while he is never made aware of my feelings.


Often, I do not understand his actions and try to compartmentalize my life rather than persisting with reporting my feelings. I notice this has affected other relationships. My father sometimes becomes angry and sets rules that I do not understand. I become scared and often do not report to him that his actions are confusing to me, ask him what he is feeling, or report to him that I am hurting.

In the meeting I have with my father following the workshop, my father agrees to remain open when he is angry and I agree to remain open when I am scared. I agree to share my feelings with him when I feel them rather than keeping them inside and sharing them much later or not at all

Big Wave Update

Big Wave- To have a fulfilling relationship with my father which I believe will help me develop skills to have more fulfilling relationships with other people in my life

Schedule- My father and I agree to spend 6-8 hours per week together. This includes

· making and eating dinner together
· physics homework together
· check-ins
· trip during the summer together

Support group-
My father
All of you I have met
My closest friends
My sister

I notice I still have some trouble measuring our progress.

In the past two weeks, we have dinner most days of the week together and I notice much support from his end.

I have extreme pain associated with a situation during last summer in which my father becomes angry at my boyfriend and me for not running the dishwasher because he unloads dirty dishes. He makes me put a contract on the dishwasher to run the dishwasher at any time when it contains dirty dishes. At the time, I do not understand his reasoning and his system.

During our meeting on the night after the workshop, he reports that the anger is based in broken agreements, and I report that his system does not make sense to me and I am scared. I report I have real fears that he will “tease me” with college tuition money, stemming from memories of when I am little and feeling unappreciated and “not worth it” in our interactions. This connects to issues my father deals with of frugality.

After attending the workshop and sharing my big wave with my father, he agrees to pay for my college tuition and acknowledges my feelings of fear and of being unappreciated. I acknowledge his anger stemming from agreements being broken numerous times and eating from dirty dishes. I tell him the system behind the contract is still confusing and he is open to new ideas. He removes the contract from the dishwasher.

We continue to have dinner together many nights and report and receive each other regularly. I notice that he is very aware of my feelings and concerns.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Being the Father and Being the Daughter ...




... are easier



when both surrender to the process.













































Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Doing the Math

It is wonderful meeting all of you at the workshop. Thank you for supporting my Big Wave.

My Big Wave is to finalize and execute my trading system.

I measure my progress by logging my hours first into my Day Timer and then transfer the hours into an excel spreadsheet (a big thank you for the spreadsheet) that graphs my progress. I modify the spreadsheet to include headings for all my big wave measurement areas.

I commit now to sending my spreadsheet every two weeks beginning next week.

I complete Roadmaps Part 1 and begin Part 2.

I notice that I no longer have any blocks about learning math and enroll in an online math course and include a Math Study measurement in my Big Wave spreadsheet.

I notice that I wait to see how others begin the Big Wave support emails before I send mine. I notice that I don’t want to attach my spreadsheet in this initial email because I feel I haven’t done enough, yet, or that it’s not good enough, yet. I am taking that “feeling not good enough” to tribe.

I have an agreement now to meet with my tribe this Saturday to do the rocks process.

Thank you for receiving me and supporting my big wave.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donchian's 5 and 20

Hello Ed,

I am looking for information on Donchian's 5 and 20 trading system which I have read you reference before.

I am a complete novice when it comes to programming a mechanical system. Are you aware of an easy to follow guide for programming this system into excel? One that could be used by someone who has never programmed anything before?

Any feedback you could provide would be very appreciated.

I know of no such guide.  If you would like to prepare one, I can post it to this site for the benefit of all.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Music and Passion

Teacher Ed,

Your website indicates that the TT book is out of stock. Is there are any way I can get a old annotated copy from you ;-).

As always, its fascinating to read "Ed Seykota's FAQ" everyday, actually multiple times in a day, I am going through old postings now, it is amazing how if you remove the date, they all sound like they were written for now. Hmm they are written for now.

And I also want to thank all the contributors who pour their selves (souls) into their postings sharing and feeling their pains / joys.

I feel encouraged to try it the whole day.

My other teacher, defines GOD as IS. Is == Now. My teachers agree. I trust. I try. I learn.


Clip: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/


Thank you for the clip and for the encouragement.


We have a few more books and more ordered.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zombie Bank (funny video)

Hi Ed,

A song perhaps your bluegrass group might like to cover.

Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmKWJMENMxE


Thank you for the clip. 


Perhaps you can get the Grateful Debt to cover the tune.



When the Government Inflates


the currency is likely


to travel down Shakedown Street.



Clip: home.frognet.net/~scott/Shakedown.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hospital Lockdown

Dear Ed;

I thought we were getting out of [the hospital] tomorrow. It is not to be. My husband will be in the hospital Wednesday and Thursday, (the fourth operation). I've been thinking about this meeting all week- so I will be sending you my notes / thoughts. I would appreciate your input on the issue.

I'm so tired of this hotel / hospital /  drive / circumstance- I keep thinking there MUST be some kind of important change involved.

I apologize for missing the Thursday meeting. I was frightened to attend, but hoping for an important breakthrough.

I'll send you my thoughts on that tomorrow.

All the Best.

Thank you for sharing your process

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book Stock


I see that The Trading Tribe is out of stock on your website. Is there any other way for me to order it? If not, do you have any plans to bring it back into stock in the future? Thanks.

See below

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Road Maps

Dear Ed,

I notice intense boredom and some irritation every time I try to read Road Maps. These feelings remind me of Ed's discussion on Ritalin in a number of places in FAQ. I want to take my judgments on these
feelings to tribe.

Thank you for sharing your process.






is a popular drug for treating BTS


(Boring Teacher Syndrome).




Clip: the-medical-dictionary.com/pics/Ritalin_1.jpg

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank Those That Worry!

Dear TTP Big Wave Support Team:

First thank you for volunteering to support my Big Wave.

My Big Wave is
- Stick to my system
- I have a wonderful relationship with my wife and daughter
- I accept the others the way they are.

- You (being one of the important person) I am my support team.
- My tribe
- My family

- I commit to send a spreadsheet every two weeks contains the trades generate by my system and the execution.
- I have a dinner with my family every Wednesday and we go out one day on Sunday or Saturday.

Since the Workshop, I have two signals that I followed without hesitation, in spite of the pressure of my bosses to cover part of my profitable position. I accept what they were saying and thank them to be worried about my position.

I arrive in São Paulo Wednesday and I have a dinner with my family and during the Sunday we go out just three of us.

Thank you for reading my e-mail and supporting my goals.

You report "pressure" from your "bosses" to cover your position.

I wonder if you might consider finding out:

(1) who is really in charge of your account.
(2) who is really your boss.
(3) what policy you are to follow in response to your colleagues' feelings.

Perhaps you might consider taking some of your own feelings about <setting boundaries> to Tribe.


Defining Who is the Boss


is an essential part


of boundary management.



Clip: http://www.yourcharmsonline.com/


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Do

Dear All,

Since the Workshop I take the following actions to move towards my big wave:

1. During my flight back home I read and on Sunday night complete: No Limits: The Will to Succeed by Michael Phelps;

2. I spend five hours discussing my workshop experience with my wife;

3. I communicate with various workshop participants and follow through on commitments I make during the workshop to exchange information;

4. I write my workshop experience to FAQ;

5. I work on refining my Big Wave, see amendments below;

6. I go to my godson’s birthday party. My wife and I are almost last to leave. I tend to avoid such social events;

7. I start work on a project management/time spreadsheet which I intend to use for reporting to my support group. I thank some for sharing their Time Log and inspiring me to improve my measurement system;

8. I revisit some of the Road Maps work to clarify my understanding on various concepts;

9. I finalize a training and nutrition system which I started yesterday Monday 4th May;

10. I make a continuous effort to maintain a positive and can do attitude about everything around me.

Going forward I intend to further clarify my big wave.

I intend to include all future reports in one spreadsheet for easy reference and progress measurement.

I intend to report on a weekly basis on weekends.

I experience exponential growth in my relationships and in my development as a trend following systems trader.

8 months
20hrs per week - I expect to increase time spent on BW very soon.


My wife
Cambridge TT Chief
FAQ & Workshop Support Group (WSG)
Guidance from Ed

I experience exponential growth in my relationships.
1)I maintain a feelings diary. I log my emotions as they arise and at a minimum of 3 times per day.
2)I become aware of my emotional undertones and watch for repeating patterns.
3)I develop/reinforce grow grow, mutually supportive relationships.
4)I navigate toxic, co-dependent relationships. I am non judgmental.
5)I log progress of points 2 and 3 and report issues that arise weekly to my WSG.

I experience exponential growth in my development as a trend following systems trader.

1) I optimize my current system.

2) I continue to educate myself in system dynamics and support Ed on new book.

3) I teach myself programming.

4) I research and develop another system.

5) I have zero variation in my trading.

6) I report progress weekly to my WSG.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to all feedback.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


How to Instantly Fail a DUI Test (funny video)


Instant DUI clip

I can drink to that.






Clip: http://blog.yoc2008.com/chainchange/?cat=1

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Processing Rocks

Hi all,

The workshop is my 2nd and an amazing time for me. It is nice to see familiar faces and meet new people. One thing I remember noticing is that from the Friday start to Saturday morning, the group seems to transform. After the Friday night exercise in sending and receiving, the group is able to send and receive at a deeper level. The group is at a new place and I feel it.

Many of the processes impact me. There is so much to gain by participating in the workshop and letting it all sink in. I thank all participants. I will comment on a few things. I come to the workshop with a general idea that I do not like to feel fear. The big wave I come up with causes me to feel fear and I want to avoid it. I say, “This wave is not for me, I do not like it.” This repeats with each of the wave iterations.

The rocks process we go through helps me realize I am unwilling to feel fear, likely stemming from childhood events. In childhood I live with an abusive family of origin. This process helps me remember an early event where my Mom stabs my Dad in the arm with a knife. She is then very angry with the entire family, locks us out of the house and we sleep outside in a tent. I can't remember, but I think my Dad's arm is not a major wound. I remember I want to experience a range of feelings and emotions including anger and fear. I want to tell my Mom she can't treat us like this. I want to tell everyone I am scared. My Dad gives me a medicinal rock and says leave her alone, do not be upset, do not upset her more, everything is OK. Do not feel your feelings, just shut down. Similar events and shutdown advice repeats every week, every month for years.

At the workshop when I realize all of this, I wonder, will the rocks process we go through give me a new proactive rock? I feel that it does. I also want to go through a rocks process where I take the hot seat. Instead, I spend most of the time receiving and feeling fear. I do take the hot seat and a shut down type form appears and I feel it. Then I feel fear like never before. I am willing and I feel it and take no action.

The workshop ends I notice I am feeling like I have a cold and think I must be tired. On the flight home I am fearful. I sit next to a Latin American family and hear the man say he flies to Mexico every other day. I remember hearing about flu in Mexico and am fearful, really fearful. I spend the next 8 days feeling intense fear and feeling sick. I just go with it. I never have a fever and it feels like a common cold. Today I am mostly over the cold and the fear is nice to feel. I have an understanding of the positive intention of fear.

I want to thank each of you for sharing with me and receiving me

Thank you for sharing your process.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Wave Metrics Measurements

Hi everyone, I just wanted to update on my Wave. I've decided to add metric measurement for my Wave Project. I commit to update on biweekly basis. Thanks for your attention.

I commit:

5 minutes per day I spend sharing feelings with women.

10 minutes per day I spend receiving feelings from women.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Click to view image details


Sharing Feelings May be Superfluous ...




... unless you are going for  intimacy.




Clip:  http://media5.picsearch.com/is?HgEwe_pSWpgpWtAE0ERJsEs7pDS1lbVGRz3l_3ZShpg


Clip:  http://media5.picsearch.com/is?N4LAasatq7iRh7kgZ7p38MK7vLq6TQ-1FZqxfcD-mLY

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

To Finish or Not To Finish?

Dear Ed,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Regarding your TTP Book: I read in FAQ that you work on several books since 2006.

As a result I wonder if you intend to finish (all or parts of) this current book within a certain timeframe, and accept a less than perfect outcome.
Or if you intend to produce a perfect outcome and put off the final drafts ...

I support you either way.

However, I would like to know more about your intentions of finishing / putting off because it gives me a better understanding of what a commitment to reading drafts and offering feedback entails.

Thank you for your support. 


In line with the TT philosophy, I am in process of writing the book and I am working on it regularly and I do not have a definite idea of the completion date. 


Completion dates are a property of goal orientation and can interfere with the flow toward completion.



Click to view image details


Winning Teams Rarely Pre-Define the Time


at which they expect to make the goal.





You get to the end of the river


by going with the flow.




Clip:  http://media3.picsearch.com/is?vdwFkXcy7HjqBcGx7UXSvTUVOejE7LO7vasDtES-yPI


Clip: www.i-needtoknow.com/


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Workshop  Photo

Dear Ed and all the participants in the workshop,

It is an amazing time.

I'm sending the two pictures that i take with my camera.

Thank you for the support and the openness.




Thank you for the photo.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heirloom Rocks

Dear Ed,

I have been thinking a lot about this. (I don't just have rocks, I have heirloom rocks). My issue is embarrassment/squashing feelings. Also I would like to clarify my understanding of the hot seat process. Ideally, as I understand it, the process is non-verbal.


Thank you for your reply.

As a recent Workshop Graduate,
you are welcome to attend the Incline Village Tribe on condition that you participate fully and that you agree to attend all the remaining meetings, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

I concur with your inclination to choose embarrassment as an issue.
I feel that you can contribute a lot to the Tribe by being willing to champion this issue on behalf of all of us.

The Rocks process is unique to each person and to each Tribe. It tends to help the Sender identify his/her issue as a medicinal response
and then to implement new pro-active responses on a deep level.

You may recall the Rocks Process from the Workshop in which we have a role playing exercise in which the Sender pulls his sister's hair and his mother slaps him, etc.

The Process has both verbal and non-verbal elements.

You might like to observe another Rocks Process as a Receiver before jumping on the hot-seat yourself.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

São Paulo

Hi Ed,

I want to restart the tribe in São Paulo.

Thank you for your guidance and support.





São Paulo


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Second Book

Dear Chief,

Do you have the intention to release the second edition of your book?

I want to buy it.

I have a few copies left of the first edition.  I am working on a new book.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A Model of Scientific Study...

Dear Ed,

I am sending you my first report on my progress towards my Big Wave (I sent it to my support group two days ago). It includes a more complete version of my strategy to reach my goal.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your supporting my Big Wave of giving up control and being a source of love and joy for my wife and my children. Back in [City] I write down a strategy to reduce control on people. I am sending it to you as an attached file.

I have to define the metrics of my assessment. It is difficult and I think a lot about it. I have come to the following:

1. Time I spend daily thinking about methods I use to exert control and alternative responses

2. It is difficult to assess all situations that I experience daily and find out if I am exerting control or not. Hence, use my background as scientist: I define a random sample to analyze the whole population. My sample consists of the first interaction with people in each new hour, yielding 15 events daily, most of them including my family. One interaction includes all participants and ends when a) a new participant appears, b) an old leaves or c) after 10 minutes. I report if the interaction was control-centered or intimacy-centered. “Control-centered” is easy to define. “Intimacy-centered” is defined by a) I realize ways of exerting control b) I do not use them, c) I talk about my feelings and d) I listen to the feelings of other people/ask them if they want to tell me their feelings.
This definitions are cumbersome, but it makes the whole assessment model operational.

3. Listing all situations where I exerted control during the day and planning alternative strategies.

It is a lot of work.



Thank you for giving me the chance to think about myself and about the way I interact with people. My own strategy for shifting from control-centric relating to intimacy-centric relating includes the following.
First, I define control. It means to me
1. You do what I want/ you are the way I like you to be.
2. I do with you what I want and
3. You don't do what you want/ you are not the way you like you to be.

I observe that this first definition clarifies and simplifies my further work.

Second, I have to find out how I manipulate and control people. I start with the interaction with my family. My wife and children are likely the people I try to control the most. I observe all of my actions and, before I do something, I think if I am trying to elicit a certain answer from them or to suppress actions from them. I have to differentiate between a legitimate question (do you have homework?) and trying to obtain something from them (don´t you want to cuddle me?). I have to find out how to express a legitimate request (to do the homework) without exerting power (instead of „Go upstairs and do your homework!“ to say „let me see if you need some help with your homework“). I have to learn to control the task or the results (homework) and not the person.

I also observe my actions in retrospective (for example, how I answer to something my children do. The first day I observe that I use several methods to control them including subtle intonations of voice, for example to suggest how their action hurts me. I use this method specifically with my older children. I observe that I apply this method automatically. I observe myself in several situations and remember my usual actions in such situations. I find that many of my acts were controlling. The techniques included physical closeness (invading their intimate space), requests (don't you want to kiss me?) and subtle formulation of questions (“don't you want to kiss me” sets people under more pressure than “do you want to kiss me”), and overwhelming reaction to an action (i.e. trying to kiss my wife when she reaches out to touch me). After a few hours I am surprised about how many ways there are to control people.

I plan to extend this analysis to other people I interact regularly with (my employees and friends).
I also analyze my regular daily actions in retrospective (for example, how I act when I return from work or take my son to the kindergarten) and try to find out if I am exerting a control pattern or if I force people to do things that they do not want to do (for example, I remember returning from work, embracing my wife while she is busy at the kitchen and obviously cannot kiss me and expressing her my disappointment because she does not show me her affection).

Third, I try to find out alternative ways to communicate without controlling people. Instead of cuddling someone, I ask him/her if she wants it. I started doing this with my daughter some time ago and I was surprised how often she did not want.
In this first time, I try to control myself. I try to formulate sentences in a way that allows people to express themselves, if they want. I try to say things in a way that does not put people under pressure, while I communicate my feelings (i.e. not saying „I love you” expecting the answer „I love you too“. Instead, I say „It is very important to me that you are happy/not to hurt you anymore“. I think about what I say, and which reaction I expect from people by saying that: to provide information, to react in a certain way, to feel something? This part is difficult, because I have to think about sometime before I speak. It takes me several seconds and makes communication slow, but I do not see it as a problem and expect it to improve with practice.
I also observe my needs and do not act them out. If I want to touch or kiss my wife, I consider how much this action reduces her ability to express her own feelings or invades her intimate room. I realize that I was overwhelming her with my needs most of the time.

In the morning I realize that I lack resources (for example, my children start an argument and I don't want to control them: in this case, I don't know how to react). Hence, I plan to devote one hour daily to plan resources to cope with situations which arise frequently and require some kind of control (children's argument, my son does not do his homework, children don't stop watching TV or playing with the computer) until I master an intimacy-centered relationship.

I write a weekly report and weekly updates for my supporting group documenting my progress.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Click to view image details


The Path from Control-Centric Relating ...





... to intimacy-centric relating



is central to the work of the Trading Tribe










































































Clip:  http://media1.picsearch.com/is?lcxs2RrYOIidnabDnCX9ZdU6zmcNMcnB7cGobopyq_c


Clip: http://www.guydavid.com/art/digital_art/


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chart Page


Any plan to update the stock chart pages? I keep coming back looking for them but do not know if you decided to no longer support this, and I missed this note. Thanks anyways for providing it in the past, it was a big help to me in learning about the markets and identifying trending stocks.

I am in process of migrating the data service control from C++ to C#.  I would welcome any assistance.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


World-Wide Mix



I really enjoyed this and thought you might like it.

Talk about a mixing challenge ...

Clip: http://www.vimeo.com/


Thank you for the link.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Becoming One With the Trading System
Dear Ed,

At the very outset, please kindly grant me me the happiness to address you as Guruji (In [Country], the place from where I am, Guruji refers to the person who shows the right path, and also the road to salvation). Also please accept many many infinite thanks for the excellent selfless work / guidance you give to all people (most of them traders). And again many many thanks for making a huge difference to my life.

A bit about my background. I have been trading for a living for the last 18 years with an extremely subjective way of trading. The super bull market (pardon my labeling) allowed me to make many mistakes till it got me twice last year, once in January 2008 and the next time in June 2008. In both the above cases combined together, I lost 40 % of my trading capital. Besides, my trades were opinion based with virtually no concept of position sizing or risk management. I also was never comfortable shorting the market and used arbitrary strategies to trade the market.

The fall in June 2008 forced me to re-think my way of working (I guess each fall or loss over the years kept on going up - my fears and gay abandon way of trading drama went up to such a level that I had stopped feeling my greatest ally viz. fear). I took a break from trading (luckily was not caught in the October tsunami) and used the time to develop a system which was very short term oriented (I figured my personality wanted me to be part of every daily move and hence the short term) but not intra day in nature. I vigorously back-tested the system across years and also assets but when it came to trade, I found that there was a world of a difference when it came to pulling the trigger,

Going back a bit, I had come across the trading tribe in [City] (under the able leadership of [Name]) about 2-3 years ago and had expressed a desire to join the tribe then. The tribe had then thought it not fit to admit me as a member since I did not have a system. Having developed a system, I once again approached the tribe to be a member and luckily, was warmly welcomed by them.

I join the tribe and start trading my system simultaneously on January 01, 2009. I take all my trades (both long and short) with no exception. I run into a huge profit right on the third day of trading due to some corporate fraud - my first taste of success by shorting. I give back most of my profits over the next month by getting whipsawed on my trades - something like 30 times in 20 trading days. Nevertheless I take all my trades. In my first hot seat, I feel my fear and get a-ha moment that trading with a system is infinitely better than trading without a system I also realize that if I trade with a system, I can not go bankrupt ( I assume that if I take all my signals, my position size and risk management would take me out of every bad trade early). I follow my system religiously & get whipsawed continuously but never run into a loss. The scars of being whipsawed and giving back my gains cause extreme heat but I never reach uncle point. I re-test and re-check my system and find that it was my bad luck that the period of a tight range from Jan to March chart pattern wise was like once in a few years. I also rationalize that I have run into a bad start date and get a a-ha moment that ultimately what matters is my faith in the system and the ability to take all trades without any exception. The fact that I am not in loss also helps. Finally, the market trends after March 15 and I find that my faith in the system pays off handsomely. I also find that I am able to freely short the market and realize that trend following is the only way to trade.

In my other hot seat, I express a fear of a failed bungee jumping where I froze. My tribe members make me feel the feelings of being frozen ( I virtually freeze and be in a limbo state for many minutes) and feel a huge range of emotions right from feeling cold, numbness, pain in shoulder/teeth and even sweating heavily in an air conditioned room. I amaze at the huge gamut of feelings which I have. I feel transformed.

I introspect over the last 4 months and realize that I am now a very different person. In hindsight that the pain of giving back profits in the period of Jan-mid March was actually the heat generated by the position and the fact that my system did not perform. In fact, having run into handsome profits and also some of my k-nots having being untied, I find taking the same trades and getting whipsawed to be a wonderful experience, I get a-aha moment that stop losses and whipsaws are like a harness while bungee jumping - they are essential to protect you and get you out of death like situations.

I continue to take all my trades (no exception) and find if very easy to take both sides of the trade. I also realize that one can make decent returns without taking large risks. I also find that I have now have a new life and have discovered the correct approach to trading. Thanks to the system, I find myself having participated in the latest rally and do not feel LEFT OUT. I find me to be much calmer person and having lost all interest in trying to predict the next move of the market. I don't care where the market goes - I want to take all my signals and go where my system takes me. ( I must confess I secretly desire markets to go down since I would be short and that would generate performance as against long-only and/or buy&hold strategies being used by the majority of the market participants).

I have also made a snapshot wherein I see myself smiling in my professionally set-up office trading all markets and taking all signals. I have my trade sheets on my desk and these trade sheets do not have any red flag (which signifies signals not adhered to).

I feel ONE when I move with the flow. For this I have to foremost thank you, Guruji, for showing me the right path ; then to my tribe brothers who have enabled to feel all feelings and have relentlessly validated them.

Thank You once again very very much - I am indebted to you and pray to Almighty for the good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your near and dear ones for all times to come. I seek your blessings.

Warm Regards

Thank you for sharing your process.




When the Human and the Mechanical


meet, and bless each other




there is unity.




Carborundum (SiC)


is the synthesis


of Carbon and Silicon













Monday, May 4, 2009


Relating With Authority

see previous

Chief Ed,

I notice the changes to the May FAQ page, such as 'formerly Frequently Asked Questions', 'Contributors Say', 'Ed Says', etc.

I like it.

Regarding authority, you say: "You might notice if you typically enjoy engaging arguments with police officers, authority figures, FAQ columns, your father, etc. You might consider taking your feelings about <authority> to Tribe."

I do not typically enjoy engaging arguments with authority. I tend to naturally seek authority, but not by adversarial behavior towards existing authority figures. Instead, I tend to seek and organize groups of people, with whom I share a common interest, who collectively do not display a clear locus of authority. I love situations like this.

Absent that situation, I tend to serve the existing authority in the execution of its stated tasks. That is what I am doing here. This is definitely "Plan B" for me, as I am not a joiner. When the work is interesting to me, I do join. In such cases I tend towards serving the authority, by probing for and identifying opportunities to help it, in accomplishing its stated task.

In this manner I participate in leadership.

Once I gain substantial trust through service, I may choose to challenge the leader's thinking, and/or point out inconsistencies in behavior. In this role, I serve the authority by providing an important sharpening function.

My recent SVO-p contributions to the FAQ site are of this form.

Your patterns seem pro-active and effective.


Thank you for sharing your insights.



Monday, May 4, 2009

Yoda says:  No Why & No Try
Hi Ed,

I watch The Empire Strikes Back with my wife today. She notices dialogue I miss in the many times I see this movie, including this time (I hit rewind to hear it). Luke is training with the Jedi master Yoda, asking him a series of questions, and finally asks "why?":

LUKE: But tell me why I can't...

YODA: No, no! There is no why. Nothing more will I teach you today. Clear your mind of questions.


More of my favorite dialogue:

YODA: So certain are you. Always with you, “it cannot be done.” Hear you nothing that I say?

LUKE: Master, moving stones around is one thing. This is totally different.

YODA: No! No different! Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.

LUKE: All right, I'll give it a try.

YODA: No! Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Your process I thank you sharing for.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Preparatory Exercise

for IV Tribe Member

Hi Ed …

I was never really allowed to have “ownership” of anything growing up and even as a member of the family business.


My parents are both Type A entrepreneurial people and I had worked in the family business most of my life. They are both very good micromanagers, which is a good trait for a small business person.


I am now in my early 40’s and find that I have some major hurdles to overcome to be free to be me and to achieve my goals and dreams in this life … in my life.


I take responsibility for the fact that I have relinquished ownership of my life for these many years. One of my primary issues currently is that I seem to not be able to allow myself to take a position in the market, hold that position and then take a substantial profit.


I invariably self sabotage myself by either becoming very anxious after I have made the trade and then getting out early or simply overtrading in an anxious frenzy. It actually seems to get worse after I have taken a substantial profit … it must mean it is time to get rid of all that equity. I feel inside that this somehow relates to feelings from my childhood years and later.


The general habit of my relationship with my parents growing up was “nothing was mine” and not even my own choices of who I would like to be in a relationship with. If I did not comply to their wishes I would lose everything … no car, stay at home on the weekends, etc … I found out later that all of my phone calls were intercepted at my father’s home office so they could “listen in” and make sure I was on the “straight and narrow.”


I come from a religious upbringing…I would say very conservative … shite in some respects. Growing up…if I did not comply with my parents and their wishes I was really basically spitting in God’s face. After completing a professional education I went back in the family business.


Of course there were always promises of work hard and “some day” this will be yours. In my mind at the time that made sense. What happened invariably was I worked very hard and the business made money and I took a “less than average” wage for my profession because I had “ownership” not in legal terms but in “word of mouth” from one or the other of my parents.


So the cycle that I have been through is work and never get to share in the “real money”. It usually follows that if there is a problem with a business that I am appointed to “restructure” and make the business “cash flow” then at some point they decide that their control is more useful.


I can see now that I am responsible for this…I should have moved on long ago rather than give 20 something years of my life. So the pattern that I must enjoy feeling seems to be recreated when I take a position, become anxious about losing, then exit early and watch the market move away from me…or…I have a very nice profit and I hold and watch it all disappear.


As Forrest Gump said, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is”…I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I am aware that this internal cycle is related to things being “taken away”. My father’s general habit, when confronted with “what he said he was going to do” is to disconnect and not talk or threaten me in some way…I find that I have wasted a lot of years trying “to fix” or “to please” my father / mother. The feeling of anxiety / worry that I have in general I think are somehow related also…the pattern of things being “taken away” I have perpetuated of my own choices…but I am ready to get off the merry-go-round.

Thanks for your help and guidance…

Thank you for sharing your process.


Human children are, by nature, parasitic. They feed entirely inside their mothers for nine months, feed from their mothers breasts for maybe a year or two after that and then they might live off their parents for years thereafter.


Some parents manage to pull a switcheroo with their kids and become the parasites.


Prior to our next meeting, you might consider asking your parents to define exactly what part of the business you own now.


Ownership might include shares, an employment contract, options, irrevocable mention in a will,  etc.


Note: If you don't own it now, you don't own it.


As you consider asking your parents for this definition, you might notice what feelings come up and bring these to Tribe.






T. vaginalis has a pear-shape with thread-like flagella that propel its movement. Once it attaches to cells lining the host’s urinary or genital tract, it flattens out and begins to ingest the cells, as well as white and red blood cells. This associates with inflammation and damage to the urinary and vaginal tissues.


T. vaginalis also consumes bacteria that may be present in the urinary and genital areas, including the bacteria necessary for maintaining a normal healthy environment in the vagina. As a result, women infected with trichomoniasis become more susceptible to becoming infected by HIV and other STIs.






The Schistosome Parasite enters the body through the skin of persons coming in contact with infested waters. The adult worm lives in the veins of its host.










Monday, May 4, 2009

Sees Inconsistency Between FAQ and SVO-p

see previous



The FAQ home page displays the label: "Ed Seykota's Frequently Asked Questions".

The noun 'questions' appears in the phrase, and the verb 'ask' appears in the past tense.

Most FAQ pages have two columns, one with the label 'Questions' and the other with the label 'Answers'.

You hold the belief, per FAQ: "Interrogation often associates with manipulation and control."

I wonder if you are encouraging the entrainment of drama about questions and answers, by:

(Publishing FAQ as currently structured) AND (holding the belief: "Interrogation often associates with manipulation and control.")

I enjoy communicating with you subject to the Ground Rules of FAQ. The FAQ site is very useful.

Thank you for the catch!


I agree that using the past tense of "ask" and inviting "questions" are both technically inconsistent with SVO-p and, by extension, with TTP.


FAQ is originally a response to numerous questions about TTP.  I originally choose "Frequently Asked Questions" as a title since it is a common internet standard for addressing inquiries.


As the site evolves, contributors are asking fewer questions and are coming to make valuable contributions by sharing their own processes, experiences, insights, clips and, in your case, catches.


Businesses and people evolve continually and rarely change their names. Horatio Hathaway's cotton milling business evolves into Warren Buffet's conglomerate; the Hathaway name tags along.


I am addressing these issues by continuing to accept all forms of contribution, including standard questions - and leaving it to readers to notice legacy inconsistency as just one more of the F-unky A-nd  Q-uirky things about FAQ.


You might notice I avoid posing questions and use SVO-p exclusively in my responses.

Monday, May 4, 2009

SVO-p and the Law

see previous

Chief Ed,

Thanks for bringing SVO-p syntax (and the link between clear thinking and clear language) to my attention.

I notice that "SVO-p does not have an ... interrogative tense."

That's interesting. When stopped by a police officer, it is appropriate to ask if I am being detained:

Standard interrogative syntax:
"Am I being detained?"

"I wonder if I am being detained."

I wonder if a police officer, attempting to limit my movement (without officially detaining me), is willing to respond to this SVO-p statement.

I notice that if I am not being detained, then by law I am generally free to go. I am probably not too keen on speaking in SVO-p in this spot, since the police offer may easily choose to ignore the SVO-p non-question. Is the police officer obligated to respond to my non-question in SVO-p syntax? No.

Interrogative verbal inflection when speaking the SVO-p non-question is possible, signaling a question, yet this inflection technique is not really practical in writing.

I wonder out loud if SVO-p is less than fully expressive as a syntax.

In your scenario the officer is detaining you and you are questioning (or, in SVO-p, wondering about) his authority to detain you.


He is likely to detect an argumentative tone and respond accordingly by taking it (and you) to the next level.


You might notice if you typically enjoy engaging arguments with police officers, authority figures, FAQ columns, your father, etc.


You might consider taking your feelings about <authority> to Tribe.




Some People Seem To Enjoy ...




... Discipline ...




 ... and Clown Around in Various Ways


to get it.













Monday, May 4, 2009

Saving and Risk

see previous

Hi Ed.

Thanks for pointing out the difference between Phelps and Phillips Curve. I did read both.


Fred is sending me a message in an impish way to start saving again.


I recently depleted my IRA trading account. I am getting the message to start trading again. I wonder what my hot seat issues are around trading now after a two year lapse.


Risky behavior, addictiveness of day trading, guilt at making money or not making money readily pop into my head and I have a tightness in my neck.


Hmmm ...

Thank you for sharing your process.

Monday, May 4, 2009


My First TTP Session


Thank you to all the participants of the resent Reno workshop. It was a powerful event and a clear bifurcation point in my live.

Let me being by saying I was part of one of the sessions that has been discussed already by at least two other members. Their discussions were helpful to me and I'd like to thank them for sharing.

This was my first formal TTP session. Right out of the gate I was aware of my own judgment. How will I do? will I be good enough? what if I make a mistake? what if I let these people down? what will they think of me? I am truly willing? am I faking it? am I hiding behind my own deception?

This voice quieted down once the session began. The “incredible hot seat” (April 28th post) sender is the first receiver and I'm support. I fall easily into the process and thoughts quiet down and events feel in the zone. A fairly natural ebb and flow takes place and two seats go by with similar ease. I'm struck with how natural it is and how safe it feels. The safety of the tribe members and their commitment is inspiring. Both senders exhibit willingness and the transformation is evident in their physiology.

Then it is my turn to take the hot seat. I feel a little anxiety but surprisingly more enthusiasm. Perhaps the safety and the energy are strong enough to silence my judge. I'm thankful to the participants for this feeling. As I begin, I quickly find some energy in my upper back. The coaching and encouragement is strong and appreciated. The only voice I hear is to go deeper. I'm coached trough this and I move into a different form. This is one of elation and joy. I feel that I have just worked through something in my back and I feel joy and elation.


I'm encouraged to go with this and I briefly hear my judge say something about not deserving to feel the joy, but I'm coached to go with the form and soon I'm experiencing elation. Then I am encouraged to enjoy this form. Interesting; enjoying being enjoy. I experience this then fall back into a meditative form. I must have started sinking because I'm being encouraged to get smaller. As I get smaller I sink all the way to the floor. I'm encouraged to enjoy the smallness and I am able. I feel complete and connected. I sit back up and once again find myself in a meditative position.


I feel great. I'm analyzing what happened, but I don't sense any judgment. I then hear Charles Falkner behind me saying something to the member on left about him hypnotizing me and he reprimands him to knock it off and claims he knows "exactly what he is doing." I easily ignore this because my eyes are closed and I realize I have a form going on in my eye balls. They are dancing wildly while something Is dancing in front of my closed eyes. I'm very curious about this and I'm wanting some encouragement to go deeper with this. No one in the group seems to see this form and it's frustrating because I can see how much they helped me earlier. The process gets distracted by the conversation with Charles.


I open my eyes and there is a brief discussion, and I inform the group of my form and ask them to explore it with me. I close my eyes and the dancing quickly returns. I'm able to shake my eyes more with the help of the group. I see some sort of fire type energy figure that is present but elusive. It shifts shapes but looks a bit like Satan a bit like a dragon and a bit like a laughing Buddha? I'm stuck between focusing on it or upping the heat in my eyes as I'm being encouraged to do. I dance around with this for a bit but it goes away? Maybe I didn't go deep enough? Not sure, But I feel great and slowly come back and share how I feel with the group. I'm already processing information and I sum the education of the experience as follows: I like to appear strong and big and therefore carry extra weight on my back that is holding me back. If I put that down, I can allow myself to feel joy, and even enjoy being small. I'm very great full for this process and thank my tribe members.

Next I find myself as the Receiver in the “incredible hot seat.” The process was long and had many starts and stops. At times my judge returned with “your doing it wrong. Your not good enough, your letting them down.” But, I got great support and encouragement from the other members which helped me be aware of this voice and choose something different. One of the members keep laughing at difficult times and this really helped me stay non judgmental. I'm very thankful for his laughter. It helped me to allow it to be OK that I was learning. “its a process”

As the hot seat started to unfold, I began to realize this was a perfect form/drama? for me to be engaged in. This issue is at the core of something that is stopping us both. This man appears to be having abandonment issues and is locked in a control drama. He is an energy that I have been on the opposite end of for most of my life. I'm getting irritated. This is what I'm wanting to move away from and I'm frustrated that its here in this workshop. I realize this in real time and see that its perfect and attempt to work through it. Ed comes over, makes an observation, then leaves. The sender bounces out of his form and declares that Ed understands and gets it. Now I'm confused, I don't know what to do? We decide to “leave him alone” i.e. follow Ed's lead to have him go deeper into abandonment.


We are still there at a distance and the form appears stuck. Now what? Confusion? I'm thinking I "should" know the “solution”, but I'm blocked. One of the supporters does leave altogether and goes upstairs to join the others who have long since finished. I converse with the remaining tribe member and we chat for a while then I decide I need to walk away from this for me. I go upstairs and this doesn't feel right? I follow that intuition and go back downstairs. Myself and the remaining support member get back in a circle with the sender and attempt a few different approaches. Charles eventually comes down and begins to help. I see how skilled he is and I appreciate his apprenticeship.


Ed later joins in and the “magic” begins. I'm in awe about how skillfully they handle the process. I'm very attentive and know this is a gift I am receiving. The details are mentioned in the above mentioned post so I won't elaborate. But I will emphasize that the completion process appears unresolved?

Sunday morning Ed is right back at it and thanking the hot seat for his gift to the tribe and I get it. I see how I'm on the opposite side of the this serious control and witness how Ed is not. My judge kicks in hard as I wish I were acting as strong as Ed. Then I become aware that its OK that I'm weak here. I see that I've been given a bad script and therefore I'm not weak, I'm just UNAWARE. Why would there be judgment? I get it. Now I can begin the PROCESS of re scripting myself and getting free of some bad tool that someone I trusted gave me. I realize I don't understand yet, and I understand that its OK. As I peal the levels of the onion away I see how powerful my control drama is and I begin to be frightened by it. Ed's banjo song, “my butt is in the now...Hi Ho the MERRY O” is resonating with me and I enjoy that I'm on the process and the fear subsides.

I return home and things at work are great. I see how we are succeeding in part because of things we were intuitively doing that were in line with much of what I got from the seminar. We have a tribe, (we are a trading group) we have a process, complete with strong support, solid commitment, and excellent measurement tools. I now have a more complete understating of what is working and why and I'm looking forward to clarifying this further and sharing with my group.


They are hugely supportive and want to get involved with TTP. They have read the web site and want to orders books but they are apparently out of print? They attempt to find some local used copies and fail. Not sure if I'm prophesying? They seem genuinely interested so I'll trust that. (any help on getting books? SVO We'd like to procure three TTP books for our local trading group. Any sellers?)

My enthusiasm at work is counterbalanced by my control drama at home. I see how locked in it I am and become overwhelmed by how deep it is. I decide to change my big wave to the home front. Things at work are in a big wave. My original intent was to align myself with this wave and free myself to ride it to its fullest, and deliver my maximum value added to the partnership. I realize the best way to free myself, is to resolve the control drama at home. This will now be my wave and I'll report to my TTP support group as soon as I get it clarified. (I realize the process is itself a process) Thanks for this tool.

Thank you for sharing your process - and for doing so in detail.


I am currently in process with producing more books.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Crux of Thee Matter




I am following up on my model to Simplifying the Fredian Psychology Model.

Were the humble changes I made to the Fredian model too simplistic, and if so, is that not the crux of genius?

Anyway, I feel indebted for all of your help and am looking for an opportunity to say 'hey'.



Thank you for sharing your "simplification model" and your "crux of genius."


The term "Crux" derives from the Latin cruc - crux meaning cross or torture.  Relatives include crucible and crusades.


I notice your simplification model includes lots of extra surrounding features such as "negative experiences," "false beliefs," "negative behavior," "new negative experiences," negative expectation," and "God."


You might consider taking you feelings about <judgment> to Tribe.




First Crusade 1095-1099


During the first decade, the Crusaders pursue a policy of terror against Muslims and Jews that includes mass executions, the throwing of severed heads over besieged cities walls, exhibition and mutilation of naked cadavers, and even cannibalism.


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusade

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Gets a Free Meal

Dear Ed,

My husband has been operated on and is recovering. (Yeah!~).

I went to dinner at the [brewery] next door to the hotel. A local DJ and the manager of the brewery were sitting next to me at the bar and we talked about recipes and systems.


I mentioned your name and my dinner was complimentary - you are so famous. And if you would like there is an opportunity for you to play banjo in [City] (at a street fair, all summer) in association with [Radio Station] this summer. It is actually a pretty big deal and felt like the Under-Fred Network in action.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Striking Changes


A striking change after this workshop. I try to keep in my head that everyone is perfect as they are. I notice that I enjoy people and myself quite a bit more. (absence of judgment)

I also notice I do not feel angry at my father I send an email to him this evening requesting a restart of the relationship subject to a few things (my boundaries). I feel good about this.

Thank you for sharing your process.



Striking Changes


may affect the way


you light up your matches.



Clip: http://www.cite-sciences.fr/csmedia/storage/


Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Support Team Role of Parents - Movie




You might enjoy this.


Clip: http://www.flixxy.com/wildlife-


Thank you for the movie.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long-Term Chart


This is a 600 year graph of silver prices and silver/gold ratio from 1344 to 1998 as shown in 1998 dollars.



Silver Price / 1998 Dollars

from 1344 to 1998


Blue Line = Silver Price

Yellow Line = Gold/Silver

Clip: http://goldinfo.net/silver600.html

Thank you for the chart.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Scientists Catch On



Some scientists now realize that only Now exists.






It's about time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Giving up Automatic Responses

see previous


Thank you for your feedback.


Ed Says: "The hard work you report is consistent with the DIM process and trying to control things".


Yes. The past days I realize that my responses are still not automatic (I write: "I have to re-program the system from scratch").


While thinking about how difficult it is, I start rubbing my eyes and my forehead with my palms and fingers. I remember showing this form before (I am not certain, but maybe also during the workshop). It is a signature form, indicating that I have a deep response pattern (rock) related to control issues, maybe also to decision making / changing things.


As I realize it, I also realize that it can be very difficult or even impossible to re-program my answers alone.


A DIM rock process is per definition undoable, since it is impossible to observe and describe a system from within (i.e. me changing myself). I need a meta-me.

I mention the issue “automatic responses – reprogramming” to my wife. She mentions that she observes substantial changes in me.


Since intention = results, I am pleased as I see results indicating that I really want to change things.


Ed Says: “At such point as you ever become willing to surrender to and to complete the process, we may be able to define and implement Pro-Active strategies on a deeply automatic level - and save you some of that "hard work."

I read “we” above. My Tribe does not know how to carry out Rock processes. Maybe you think about visiting Europe in summer. If yes, maybe you can supervise our Tribe (I cannot supervise my own process).


Is the IV Tribe open for a visit?

The changes your wife is noticing may have to do with your receiving her more and manipulating her less.


You seem to be making substantial changes in these areas.


Yes, at such point that you become willing to engage the work of considering your deep-root responses, you are welcome to experience the Rocks Process at the Incline Village Tribe.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Interrogative SVO-p

Chief Ed,

Please provide 2-3 brief samples of questions, written using the SVO-p syntax.

SVO-p does not have an "official" interrogative tense. Interrogation often associates with manipulation and control.


Appearance of the interrogative, past and future tenses in your language can be indicators of issues to bring to Tribe.


In SVO-p we share feelings, including wonder, confusion and "I don't know."


For example:

I wonder if you can relate to these notions.


I wonder if you can go for a whole week substituting sharing feelings for asking questions.


I wonder if these examples satisfy your request.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Phillips and Phelps

see previous

Hi Ed,

I learn so much by reading FAQs. The description of the hot seat was very helpful to me.

I also went off site to read about the Phelps Curve. Economics is an area I know little about other than personally my purse has a limited supply of dollars on a regular basis.


The man with the control issue seems to be able to walk again and making huge "strides." It is amazing.

The comment about The older brothers Fred protecting the younger brother touched my heart. I am crying. I am experiencing an AHA moment. As an older sister I was always protecting my younger brother ... who contracted polio at 8 months of age. He fell a lot and was injured frequently. I need to stop protecting people (myself?) and let them (me) learn the lessons. Give up control.

Thank you for all your support.

Thank you for sharing your process.


I note you look up the Phelps Curve in response to my mentioning the Phillips Curve.


Phelps is the author of the "golden rule of savings" - a pro-control variation of Static Optimal Economics that overlooks the rejuvenating intention of the business cycle.


The Phillips Curve is an attempt to portray a hysteresis loop as a straight line and an implication that high employment "causes" inflation.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Measuring the Speed of Light


Hi Ed,

As I promise - and delivering that promise in the NOW -  here's my research into measuring the speed of light. (Although my guess is that you already know.)

I first begin with Wikipedia, but it is not too satisfactory as I am still not sure if I understand it well - at least not well enough to explain to you.

After going through several sites, the one that does a really good job explaining to me is:




I am not going to get into the details into explaining as the article does a much better job than I could of. Basically there are two main experiments (Fizeau's wheel and Foucault's rotating mirror), both involve using a mirror to reflect back the light and taking measurement from there. Instead of reading the article I listed, you may also see a graphic display of the experiments as I am attaching a  picture each for both experiments. Sources:







Now, here are some other interesting findings in my effort to understand the speed of light. As the itotd.com article points out, there is a lot of inaccuracy and plagiarism. Since the article doesn't specify the plagiarism, I am noting a few here:




and from the University of Oklahoma,



(html-format that is generated by Google)

These sites all claim "Foucault continually increased the accuracy of this method over 50 years. His final measurement in 1926 determined that light traveled at 299,796 Km/s."

Of course the problem is, Foucault died in 1868. Quite embarrasing for a website named speed-light.info, or allexperts.com.

Also, from Wikipedia, Kepler and Descartes are mentioned to believe that the speed of light is infinite. There is no source for Kepler, while there is a source cited for Descartes as the author claims,
"Descartes speculated that if the speed of light was found to be finite, his whole system of philosophy might be demolished."





Since we now widely believe speed of light is finite, I am interested in how Descartes' system of philosophy may be demolished. However, when I click on the source, I cannot find a single Descartes nor  finite mentioned in it. So while I cannot disprove the claim about Descartes, it at least raises some concern to the integrity of the claim.

I am surprised that this research exercise leads me to understand not only how light is measured, but also how easy it is to spread inaccurate information over the Internet.



Fizeau's Wheel




Foucalt's Mirror


Thank you for sharing your process - and your experience of conducting research on Internet.




The Speed of Light




as a function of

magnetic permeability and

electric permittivity.


For example light travels

slower through glass and water

than it does through air

or "empty" space.


Clip: http://talklikeaphysicist.com/wp-content/



More on the Math: http://hyperphysics.


Sun, 5/3/09


Guilt Tripping


Ed Says (entire content of previous email):

I wonder if you feel your stock selection method and your entry, position sizing and exits are all on back-test automatic.

Hello Ed,

It seems that you don't believe my trades are real, so I am forwarding the contract notes and some others done in the same style as the email described. The trade you doubt has been on my watch-list for several months and I patiently waited for technical evidence to get long.

Furthermore I will send you notification of every trade I do from now on, because Its a not very nice for me to learn that someone I regarded as a friend-mentor is considering me to be dishonest in some kind way.

I began trading in 1995 with £6000 ... all funded from my trading of the original £1400.

My inspiration came from reading your chapter in Market wizards ...

When you have observed my trades in the now for a suitable duration of time, and when you feel that I am in fact telling the truth and trading efficiently, perhaps you would consider

1. Apologizing
2. Following me into my trades
3. Setting me up as a fund manager as a branch of your own fund.
4. Asking yourself why you are so skeptical of me when a lot of my trading expertise is direct result of your articles-site-comments?

If someone got their inspiration from my teaching or advice, I would be very pleased to receive reports of their success instead of telling them they were lying to impress me.

I'm Offended.

Thank you for sharing your feelings.


Please note my email does not doubt your trades are real or claim you are lying.  It asks about your feelings - in  particular if you feel your trades all flow from an automatic back-test system.


Evidently, this hits a nerve and excites you to introduce the topic of whether or not you are lying.

You might consider taking your feelings about <anger>, <control>, <throwing tantrums>, <lying> and <trying to guilt-trip others> to Tribe.


In the TTP Rocks Process, we view "guilt-tripping" as merely another deep-root medicinal response pattern.  We aim to identify the origin of this pattern and supplement it with automatic pro-active response patterns.


You might find that mastery of alternative response patterns might facilitate your raising more funds to manage.


As I recall, you are not currently in a Tribe and are relying on the DIM (Do It Myself) process.


The DIM method is typically ineffective in dealing with control issues.




Guilt Trip: What to Pack



Tell someone that their actions are hurtful.

Example: "You say I'm lying. (sob, sob, sob).



Demand reparations.

(This is the point of the exercise.)

Example: "I want an apology

and I want you to send me

some money to trade."



Follow up with a "righteous closer."

Example: "I would never hurt someone

by accusing them of lying.

I'm offended."



Clip: http://www.boundless.org/2005/


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wants to Join IVTT

Hi Ed,

I would like the opportunity to attend the IVTT on an on-going basis.


I attended a workshop in spring of 2007. I have tried to the DIM approach for a long time without success. Let me know if this option is available.


I am committed to meeting the requirements of on-going participation.

I am open to participation by Workshop Graduates.


You might consider getting up to speed with the System Dynamics Work (build a pendulum model), Defining a "Big Wave" and demonstrating willingness to hop on the hot seat.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dynamic Feedback Models

Hi Ed,

As per your previous email I intend to work on the Minsky model.

Thank you for your interest and time.

Efficient market hypotheses are generally static models.


Economic models are generally Cause-and-Effect models.


You might consider starting your model building by sketching out, on a big sheet of graph paper, the behavior of all the key elements.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Giving up Controlling Others

It's a Lot of Work
see previous


May 1st is a holiday. I am glad about that, because the continuous observation of my interaction with people is a lot of work.


At the evening I am exhausted. However, I see some changes. I have several long talks with my wife. I used to listen to her, now I receive her. I learn the subtle but huge difference between both.


For example, I comment my wife about rising stocks and she mentions that she sold at the bottom. I think that she is mourning about the money loss. I do not answer and think about what she is saying. I think again, and again, and realize that she does not regret the losses: she feels that I mislead her. This time I acknowledge her feeling and do not start trying to explain strategies, stocks hitting stops or whatever. I see that she does not have a special reason to trust me right now. I do not make excuses or explanations. I cannot work on "money loss", I can work on "My wife feels that I mislead her".

She mentions that she is uncertain about how things will work. I receive her while she kisses me. Once I receive curiosity and love, another time sexual arousal and fear. I let her experience these feelings and ask her about it: Are you afraid? Sure she is! This gives her the possibility to tell me about her feelings and me to understand her better.

Three days after I change my attitude I observe a substantial change in my wife: she searches closeness, touches me more frequently, kisses me spontaneously. If I want to touch her or kiss her I first mention it to her. Sometimes she rejects it, and I acknowledge her rejection. It can seem artificial to an observer, but I am learning to interact with her after 12 years.

I tell her about my experiences during the workshop. I am very careful as I tell my story. Am I trying to manipulate her, to make her feel compassion? She says that now she can understand better my actions immediately after my arrival. Do I send too much? Do I take care of her feelings? It seems to me that I am doing a good job, for the conversation carries on for 2 hours and we discuss several aspects of our relationship. Not everything is positive: I get the impression that maybe she cannot forgive me.

I wish I were one of the guys who report instantaneous and complete success. Instead, I realize the large amount of work in front of me. I am glad about the daily, the hourly discoveries and see that some deep and old patterns are indeed changeable. But I realize that it requires hard work.

I am careful about not using my new approach to manipulate people. Ed writes „You might notice if talking about "your change" is part of a strategy to win attention and approval“. I am aware of the risk. I don't talk about “my change” as if I were a converted man.


There is no “change”, but an ugly discovery. I told several friends about my marital problems looking for them to comfort me and to express me their affection. Now, I have to “debrief” them and tell them the real story. Do I expect a reaction from them? No, I don't. I think that they just have a right to know this wrongdoing by me and not have a false picture of a poor [me].

I receive feedback from several Tribe fellows about my local work and my experiences in Reno. They clarify me about me controlling or not processes,


Tribe members and social interactions outside the meetings. The picture is not as bad as I feared, but I see the danger of becoming a guru surrounded by weak people.


I realize that TTP is not about drumming, browbeating, shouting and insufflated neck veins. It took me a long time to learn that it is about receiving, giving the people room to express themselves and accepting their feelings.


I wonder how I completely forgot it during 3 days in Reno. An experienced Tribe member mentions that mine was one of the most intense hot seats he ever observed. Nobody was shouting, beating drums or creating a Super bowl atmosphere. It was just acceptance and encouragement. And it was very intense, very effective, life-changing.

I remember my intention before the Workshop to be in first line to help others. The feedback from Workshop participants suggests that they are learning from my experience.


My wife comments my attitude the days before the Workshop. She is very critical. I remember a comment of Ed during the workshop regarding the need to solve my problems before I can help others. Maybe this journey of self-discovery is unavoidable and necessary if I want to help people.

I observe that I am obtaining much more from the Workshop as I thought at first. It seems that I really wanted to squeeze the fruit.

I prepare the first report to my Big Wave support group. I define the metrics of my progress and receive feedback from other Tribe members. I am exerting a lot of control on it, but it is controlling myself and no others.

Thank you for sharing your process.


The hard work you report is consistent with the DIM process and trying to control things.


In the TTP Rocks process we identify the Stressor, the Key Emotion, the Rock Donor, a Critical Incident, Medicinal Resources and Pro-Active Resources.


During the process, the Sender becomes emotionally florid and must muster considerable willingness to surrender to and to complete the process.


Once we identify the elements, we bring them  together in a way that automatically links the new Pro-Active Resources to the Key Emotion.


This all occurs while the Sender is emotionally active, "out of control," and consistently willing.


At completion, the Sender's new response patterns become automatic; he may thereafter become aware of others acting differently around him - and eventually aware he is behaving in new and Pro-Active ways.


In your case, you seem to be implementing some of your new Receiving skills - and finding people opening to you.


In the Rocks Process, you seem able to get about as far as the stage of beginning to discover your Medicinal Resource (eg. browbeating others, throwing tantrums, pouting, guilt-tripping, etc.)


At that point, your desire to control the process seems very strong and you seem consistently unwilling to proceed to the element identification phase.


At such point as you ever become willing to surrender to and to complete the process, we may be able to define and implement Pro-Active strategies on a deeply automatic level - and save you some of that "hard work."


Until then, you might consider continuing the struggle of noticing instances of controlling  others and wondering what to do about it.




The Cool Thing About Struggle


is that you are likely to be


on both sides of it.



Clip: http://aluckyboy.com/partners/struggle.jpg

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dynamic Feedback System Models:

Testing for Model Robustness

Dear Ed,

I offer my full help and support in building a portfolio of Dynamic Feedback System Models (DFSM), especially in Economics.

I like the key element of the feedback loop.

Currently I am going through the links, material and exercises which are provided in your website links.
It is really Good stuff.

Thanks a lot for sharing this technology.

This question keeps popping in my mind:

I am wondering if there is any test for Model robustness in the Dynamic Feedback System Models.
How do I measure if DFSM works?

I see that I can measure DFSM for natural sciences by doing a "sufficient" (statistical significant) number of times the experiment.

How can I do the same for social sciences, like economics, as usually there is "not enough observations" (not a statistical significant amount of data) and/or you cannot replicate the experiment.

The example I have in mind is the Phillips curve relationship.




The same apply to the Kondratiev Wave (or van Gelderen - de Wolff cycles): 4 cycles may not be statistical significant to build any robust model.

In particular I read in "Counterintuitive behavior of social systems" by Jay W. Forrester (JF) D-4468-2, page 6: System dynamics differs in two important ways from common practice in the social sciences and government. Other approaches assume that the major difficulty in understanding systems lies in shortage of information and data. Once data is collected, people have felt confident in interpreting the implications. I differ on both of these attitudes. The problem is not shortage of data but rather inability to perceive the consequences of information we already possess. The system dynamics approach starts with concepts and information on which people are already acting. Generally, available information about system structure and decision-making policies is sufficient. Available information is assembled into a computer model that can show behavioral consequences of well-known parts of a system. Generally, behavior is different from what people have assumed.

Can you help me to clarify my thoughts?

My first finding is that maybe useful to add some metrics (to the DFSM picture to show how robust a model is).



I start to feel a strong pain on the back of the neck in the moment of sending this mail. Really strong.
How comes?

So instead of sending it I find myself downloading further pdf files from the website, printing and reading them as I am unable to sit on the chair.

I notice in "A Skeptic's Guide to Computer Models" by J. Sterman D-4101-1 and start to read.

Suddenly page 12 comments on importance of soft variables strikes me, then pages 17 to 20 are eye-opener, including the remarks on Phillips curve.

This is really cool.

I am reporting things has happened without changing any words of the "intended" email, It may be useful.

Thank you for sharing your process.


The Phillips Curve shows Unemployment versus Inflation Rate.  It "predicts" you can't have full employment and low inflation.


Two variables in a system model that have a level separating them, have a phase shift between them.  If you plot them, you get a hysteresis pattern at best.


The expectation of these forming a straight line is absurd and reflects the sorry state of the art and science of economics.


If anything, the chart might display a Phillips Loop. 


One use of the Phillips Curve is to justify "blaming" high employment for inflation - and distract attention from the role of the Fed.




Phillips Curve




Elastic Hysteresis










Philips Curve: Wikipedia








Saturday, May 2, 200

Big Wave: Manage a Fund

Dear All,

My Big Wave is to manage a Fund by designing and running a trading system with risk-adjusted returns higher then the peers.

Currently I estimate to have done already 60% of the design process, in other words I have a good core system which can / cannot be improved by further research, keeping it as simple as possible.

Please find below which areas I want to explore and complete my research:

- Dynamic portfolio rules

- Dynamic sizing rules

- Portfolio “Heat” control rules

- Single-System vs Multi-System Portfolios

- Single-Time frame vs Dual-Time frames

A) People (Support Team)

Girlfriend - Support Team - Trading community - Sales Network

I choose to list all the people in my support team horizontally more then vertically since thinking and working in parallel is more effective for me then sub-sequentially.

I see myself too focused on system design before the Workshop, now I realize that my girlfriend can be a key driver and a fantastic support in my journey.

Thank you All for your commitment to be part of my Support Team.

I commit to stay in touch much, much more with all my friends which work in Sales and fund raising field. I am working to create a stable and lasting Sales Network.

B) Numbers (schedule, measure and metrics)

I see a powerful feedback loop between how to measure the progress and the schedule, I group them together under “Numbers”.

On a monthly basis I intend to revisit and update my schedule by measuring my progress in riding my Big Wave using a similar technology to the Alan one. Thank you Alan for your help.

I commit to send a bi-weekly mail with my progress.

My commitment on the design part is at least 10 hours per week: two hours for two days each after work and 1 full week-end day. I plan to utilize the quieter period between Market Close and when I leave the office to strengthen my Network(s) and clarify by writing my progress.

On Risk-Adjusted measures: I like to explore different way to define Risk and see how they fit with my definition. I commit to create an Excel file with the monthly track record of the major trend follower funds and compare they and my pro-forma performances under tradition and not traditional risk-return metrics. This research may be part of the Fund Marketing material.

Thank you All to be part of my Support Team, I am looking forward for your participation and feedbacks.

If you wish me to remove your name from the Manage a Fund _ Support Team, simply reply to this email with the work REMOVE in the subject line.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Friday, May 1, 2009

System Dynamics

Hello Ed,

I notice the Dynamic Feedback System Models on the Trading Tribe site and some related FAQ's.

I am fascinated with system dynamics and wish to learn more about it.

I am working through Road Maps and I complete Road Maps 1.

I have Vensim PLE and experiment with the example models.

I wonder how I can get involved with learning system dynamics through you and the TT site.

I am preparing a study plan for System Dynamics. 


Watch this site for updates.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Reducing Control

see previous

Dear Ed,

I thank you wholeheartedly for your supporting my Big Wave of giving up control and being a source of love and joy for my wife and my children. Back in [City] I write down a strategy to reduce control on people. I am sending you to it as attached file.

I have to define the metrics of my assessment. It is difficult and I think a lot about it. I come to the following:

1. Time I spend daily thinking about methods I use to exert control and alternative responses

2. It is difficult to assess all situations that I experience daily and find out if I am exerting control or not. Hence, use my background as scientist: I define a random sample to analyze the whole population. My sample consists of the first interaction with people in each new hour, yielding 15 events daily, most of them including my family. One interaction includes all participants and ends when a) a new participant appears, b) an old leaves or c) after 10 minutes. I report if the interaction was control-centered or intimacy-centered. “Control-centered” is easy to define. “Intimacy-centered” is defined by a) I realize ways of exerting control b) I do not use them, c) I talk about my feelings and d) I listen to the feelings of other people/ask them if they want to tell me their feelings.

This definitions are cumbersome, but it makes the whole assessment model operational.

3. Listing all situations where I exerted control during the day and planning alternative strategies.

It is a lot of work.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Workshop Feedback:

Perfecting Trading System


Here’s a brief update on my big wave (“perfecting my trading system and gaining my freedom”):

SCHEDULE: 6 to 8 hours daily

SUPPORT: you guys + my firm’s senior management

MEASUREMENT: to get to a point where I am confident enough in my system and P&L flows are healthy enough that I put on positions that run a stop-risk of 1% of my capital per trade (at present I am only willing to take 5bp to 10bp of stop risk per trade).

LATEST NEWS: One big hurdle in effectively managing my system has been an institutional restriction that prevented me from inputting or amending any orders outside the [Country] work-day (thus making it very hard to trade after 12-noon US East Coast time). I have already engaged my firm’s Risk Control and Operations department to resolve this issue. Happily enough today I received an “OK” from Risk Control. I await an answer from Operations, and Senior Management.

REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK: Apart from any general feedback that any of you might have on my Big Wave, I do have a specific question: I have noticed that my trading appears to follow a disturbing pattern: the number of winning trades that I might have in a given period seems to foreshadow the number of losing trades that follow in the ensuing period. Thus if I have had 7 winning trades in a row, it is more than likely that I will get a streak of 7 losing trades (give or take). When this transpires I typically reduce my trading size and get quite cautious. Eventually I see good opportunities and I enter another phase of multiple good trades – which is then followed by multiple poor trades. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions / feedback would be most appreciated.

Thank you for sharing your process.


Regarding Streaks of Winners and Losers:  If you indeed have a system, you can back-test to profile the streaks.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Workshop Follow Up


Hi Ed,

Thank you and (member) for the Workshop and the great weekend. I learn more about myself in the few days I am in the US than I do in years doing it myself and as an extra bonus I meet a great group of people all following the same path as me. It doesn't feel lonely all of a sudden.

The weekend reinforces that my DIM pattern, the fear of asking for help and asking questions holds me back in my progress and to opening up to receiving and providing support to others.


Before the Workshop I commit to myself to be open, interact and not freeze up when I am in the process of a hot seat. I have willingness to do the work and interact with others. I am usually very quiet and keep very much to myself. I notice myself freezing up on some occasions and wanting to be in control of myself. I have a lifetime habit of not letting myself go and allowing myself to be free. I am usually very secretive and closed. My mother taught me to be humble, never talk about myself, my achievements or my family as she ascribes the bad luck that hits our family to the evil eye phenomenon. A strong belief in the [Nationality] culture.

I achieve my commitment. I speak to other participants, share my views, myself and have a great time. The whole workshop experience from the moment I arrive in the US until I depart, including the loss of my luggage in SFO, can be summed up in one word: SURREAL. Perhaps Fred even sets up drama so my luggage stays behind in SFO to communicate his unwillingness to let the experience end.


During registration to the Workshop, Ed requests a short essay on a significant goal and process we wish to master at the Workshop. I review my essay during my flight home and audit it against my Big Wave ("BW"). I feel that my goal and process from my essay reconcile with my BW.

My BW on Friday night which I later refine throughout the process is "I love my life; I love my wife; I love what I do; I am the best I can be."


My BW is about accepting my reality, being true to myself and living life to my greatest potential. I spend much of my teenage years in denial, not accepting my reality and living in the future. I always tell myself things will always be better in the future and spend a big part of my life running away from the now.


The education I receive from TTP truly changes my perspective of who I am and of my life. I accept the death of my father and my brother, I accept that it is not my fault and that they did not just abandon my mother and me. It is not even the evil eye's fault. I no longer feel ashamed of myself or guilty.


I also see through the TTP lens that this experience has important teachings such as: living life in the now, not getting carried away with the accumulation meaningless stuff in life and that I can also be of service to others less fortunate than myself in their process to overcome difficult/traumatic situations in their lives. I would like to share the importance of these insights/gifts from my experience with others.


I no longer believe that the world owes me a favor or feel sorry for myself or want to feel guilty for wanting to do well in my life and for having big dreams. Perhaps I can also be a contributor to my community and to society. I thank Charles for dropping into my hot seat process at the right moment and pointing this out.

During a break [Name] asks me where my shamefulness and guilt come from. I explain to him that as kids my brother and I have an informal seating arrangement in the family car where I always sit behind the driver's seat and my brother behind the front passenger seat so he can watch my father drive. We think driving is cool and enjoy watching our father drive. Being the youngest I object to this arrangement and make a dash for his seat on many occasions. My success ratio is close to zero.


On the day of the accident my brother volunteers his seat to me and is happy to sit behind the driver's seat. He along with my father and an 8 year old cousin do not survive the crash. About a month after the accident I discuss this with my mother and mention it is my fault that my brother is killed. I receive a stern warning never to think about this or ever mention it again. I put this to sleep don't think about it until recent years and my TTP experiences.

[Name] gives me big Aha moment with his remark: "Your brother's Fred knows this and protects you". I am grateful to [Name] for this powerful insight and feel strong emotions as I think about this. Being older he did that regularly.

Big Wave Evolves

I wake up on Saturday thinking of the feedback I receive from group members on my big wave. I rewrite my big wave thinking of the positive feedback I receive. I have an AHA: TTP is about growth, I want exponential growth. My big wave evolves: "I experience exponential growth in my relationships and in my development as a trader."


When I present my new BW during my elevator speech I notice how I feel and write my feelings down right after my speech. I feel fear and have a shaky voice and legs. I have a fear of criticism and shut down when confronted. I am emotional and feel I don't deserve to achieve my BW. I also feel guilty for wanting to pursue my Big Wave. It doesn't feel like real work and feels too much like play - fun. Am I forbidden to have fun? I sometimes feel so.

I take the feeling of not deserving to achieve my BW to the hot seat and work through the process. Ed, the process manager and receivers help me work through this issue. During my process I feel angry with myself and stupid for thinking like this. I feel like I have the ability but I don't believe in myself. I want to hide my face and feel ashamed of myself. I do that while my tribe eggs me on to do it more.


The feeling moves to from my face head to my stomach. I feel a knot in my stomach. I tense my stomach until I reach the zero point. I am in touch with Fred. Ed asks me "What's standing between you and achieving your BW?" I respond "Nothing - I've done harder things than this before". I think of this comment over the next couple of days and ask myself: "is it that simple or am I getting overconfident?"


I don't think it's simple but the alternative of not chasing my BW is definitely much harder. I commit to achieve my BW and intend to pursue it with a vengeance. I intend to write to my workshop support group to update them where I am with my progress, request assistance to further clarify my BW particularly on the Measurement and Schedule parts.

On a separate note I report that while in the process of writing this report I notice my creativity valve opens and I coin a new acronym. TTP = RPG (rapid personal growth).

Thank you again Ed, and all the workshop participants for the great weekend and support.

Thank you for sharing your process.

Friday, May 1, 2009





What are the trading applications for the dynamic feedback models?

The applications are multifarious and personal.  To get a sense of the possibilities, you might read through the Roadmap materials.


I wonder if you know the applications for spreadsheets in the investment business.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Mr. Seykota

I’m not sure if you received my last email but I just wanted to say that I’ve been going over your site, I will order your book once it’s back in stock..


I’ve downloaded and printed the first two Road Maps and will start on these immediately. I’m not sure when your next work shop is but I would like to attend. I will try to finish the Road Maps as soon as possible, do you have any advice?


I’m a complete newbie to this process but like a magnet something is drawing me to it. Is there anything you say to someone starting from scratch? If there’s any wisdom you can bestow on me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I generally post notification of Workshops to this site when I know about them.


We still have books available.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Commitment

Hi Ed,

Thank you very much for the Workshop. I am amazed at the level of commitment you and [Name] have for the work.

Thank you for your support.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Wants to Attend the Next Workshop

Good Afternoon,

Can you please send me details for the next TTP Workshop.

Thank you!

I currently have no Workshops on the schedule.


I am currently working on a book and thinking of hosting a week-long Workshop resulting in Certification.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Likes FAQ Item

see previous


Your response to "Can you name one person, place or thing that does not have an underlying cause." is very beautiful. I read a quote "speaking of beginning and ends - beginning and ends were always there, before the beginning and after the end".

Thanks for all your teaching and sharing of wisdom.

Thank you for your support.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Debate: The National Money Hole - Humor



Thank you for the link.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Effective Tribe Meeting in Nablia





Thank you for the link.


When a government runs like a Tribe, magic can happen.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wants The Trading Tribe Book

Hi there,


My boss asked me to order the book , "The Trading Tribe" and I cannot find it anywhere (well in the usual places like Amazon.com, Borders, etc). Any suggestions on other places where I can look to order the book? I went to the official website and you guys are sold out for the moment. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

The Trading Tribe is out of stock.


I am working on another book.