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Ed Seykota's FAQ

(formerly: Frequently Appearing Questions)

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The Rocks Process


The Rocks Process is another Process of TTP.


It addresses deeper issues

including how to break through signature medicinal forms

and how to re-program gut reactions.


The Rocks Process rests on the observation that deep learning

typically occurs during times of intense stress

and reflects the coping patterns of role models.


We call such learnings "Rocks."


People continue to carry Rocks

and automatically use them from the gut

through out their lives.


The Rocks process is a fairly straightforward way

to identify Medicinal Rocks

that medicate feelings, primarily sadness

and to replace them with Resources Rocks

that are far richer in coping resources.


To experience the Rocks Process

attend a Workshop - or attend a Tribe

that practices the Rocks Process.


If you are currently in therapy,

consult your therapist

to confirm TTP is consistent

with your therapeutic strategy.