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December 21-31, 2003




(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Wed, 31 Dec 2003


Wichita Tribe

Thank you for this wonderful self improvement resource. In my journey to improve my trading and myself I am ready to start my own intentional community. Please add my name to the tribe directory for Wichita, Kansas.

I have been reading the FAQ since last summer. Up to this point I have continued to believe I could just be a tribe of one and reap the benefits.


On December 22nd I realized I needed help to end the continuous dramas that keep me from being a consistently profitable trader. Once I realized this I intended to sit right down and write to you requesting to create a new tribe but then the dramas started. It is now eight days later and I am finally writing to you.

The truth is I probably would not be writing right now if I hadn't found the Proclamations page and realized the deadline was tomorrow. I sat down this morning at 10:00 to write my proclamation for 2004. It is now 5 hours later and dramas have interrupted me three times and I still have a blank page in front of me. So I'm using this opportunity to record my feelings as I make public my desire to start a tribe and as I write and send my personal proclamation for 2004.

Since I decided to send the proclamation this morning I have had bit of a very low-grade headache - mostly tense shoulders. I have felt artificially busy, as I have found reasons to leave my computer on three different occasions.

As I write I have a great deal of concern about the style and content of my writing. Am I doing this right? I think I will right a rough draft of my proclamation and then rewrite it either tonight or tomorrow. More delays.

This gets me to thinking (my headache is a little more intense now). I'm always going to do something. I believe I'm going to be a successful trader but it always feels like it will happen in the elusive future. I have been a procrastinator all my life. There are daily planning and debriefing activities related to trading that I know I should be doing every day but I always seem to put them off until I get my system more figured out. During the trading day I frequently become distracted from my trading process only to return later and realize I missed a trading opportunity due to the distractions (dramas).

(It is now a day later and I'm finally finishing my Proclamation and recording my feelings around the process)

I suspect all the dramas in my life that cause me to avoid certain situations or to procrastinate are attempts to protect myself from loss and failure. In school I rarely answered questions in class, even though I usually knew the answer, because there is always a chance I could be wrong. Better to just avoid a chance for failure. I seem to have a pattern in my trading of missing great trades due to distractions or perceived problems with the trade. By distracting myself from the process or focusing on reasons not to trade I avoid losses and failure as a trader. I am also avoiding success. The result is a breakeven trader that is stuck in a loop of dramas. Some of these dramas are so routine that I hardly feel anything.

The journey has started. Thank you again for your insights.

PS I'm getting ready to hit the send button on this email and I feel very anxious. I know I should try to describe my physical feelings but it seems difficult and, well, maybe a bit silly. Am I really writing and sending this stuff to some legendary trader that I don't even know. My body is tight, my face feels warm and I feel something in my chest that I can't really describe. My headache is coming back.




Wichita, Kansas !


See Directory Page.





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Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Yin and Yang

Ed Says:
Intimate Partners Define Each Other

This last quote reminds me of another one by you somewhere in FAQ that goes like this: "In futures, the long and short define each other." Could you elaborate a bit more on this?



In futures, the act of going long, creates (somewhere else) the act of going short; the act of liquidating a long creates (somewhere else) the act of covering a short.

Wed, 31 Dec 2003


Positive Intention and Judging

Dear Mr. Seykota,

While we always talk about the "positive" intention of the feelings, isn't that judgmental?


I am confused because I've been learning from you and others to be non-judgmental to feelings, not putting them into "good" feelings or "bad" feelings, but rather embrace them and celebrate them.


And now we judge the intention of the feelings and put it into "positive" and "negative"? Actually, is there actually negative intention from our feelings?

Also, I find myself labeling it as "bad" to use the word "should." Every time I find myself using the word, I have a strong urge to avoid it.


Is that judgmental? So is every time I use passive tense. Is it going too far that I am now labeling/judging even my words to be good/bad/right/wrong?

Thanks. And Happy New Year.


TTP is a process.  People who follow it seem to have fairly similar consequences.


People who follow the DIM process (being judgmental, should-ing, why-ing, looking for causes and reasons, thinking about past and future, entraining repetitive dramas, etc.) seem to have fairly similar consequences.


People who practice TTP seem to encourage people to experience whatever path they follow.


You might like to take your feelings about judges and judgments into TTP as an entry point.





Decision Maker



Clip: http://www.flcourts.org/sct/


Wed, 31 Dec 2003


The Dharma of Life Changes

Ciao Ed,

I feel you would like reading the link below
The Dharma of Life Changes.

Does your desire to make New Year's resolutions come from wholesome motivation or unresolved issues in your life?



Your line seems to imply that motivation may "cause" a desire.


The "causal" model seems to provide endless opportunities for dramas around determining reasons and resolving items into categories, such as wholesome and un-wholesome.


Talking about going with the flow is not quite the same as jumping in to your feelings and experiencing them.

Tue, 30 Dec 2003

Jealousy - An answer

Dear Sir,

I still don't understand how it can possibly happen, but I don't really care. I am just amazed at how all this work out!

Several days ago after I sent you an email asking about the feeling of jealousy that I'd like to avoid, I kept on browsing the web.


Aimlessly, I searched for "make a commitment" on Google, but it didn't return anything that excites me (mostly making a donation commitment to some charity). Then I add "Seykota" in the search, and with some twist and turn I got myself to a site that has an e-Book. Here's what it quotes Peter Steidlmayer:

"You can't be a jealous person. A jealous person has a very hard time succeeding. He's always reacting and not thinking. In other words, making emotional decisions .A good trader is not affected when someone's doing better than he is."

It's like a straight answer as if I am asking Steidlmayer directly. It's like magic, for I ask you a question, and then there's the answer coming out from nowhere. For some reason the last sentence just clicks, and now I can
accept any positive intention for jealousy, because I know I am committed to be a good trader.

Wow, amazing.

Also, thanks for pointing out my tendency to find reasons for feelings.


Repressing and overcoming a feeling is not the same as accepting it and celebrating it.


Keeping a stiff upper lip is not the same as singing out loud.


Containing an enemy is not the same as embracing a friend.

Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Happy New Year and Thanks


Wanted to say "Happy New Year" and thanks for sharing your insight with us. Reading your TT FAQ's has inspired me and I subsequently have begun to study NLP processes and teachings. Not that NLP is "the final word", but learning and reading about it has provided a different perspective on life for me.

Also Ed, you might recall some of my emails and postings to your site, regarding my MA crossover method. Now, (December 2003) I am much smarter about trading than just 12 months ago. Last year, I would get a buy signal and I would follow it, and any time I encountered normal volatility I would get scared and take profits once I was up 10%. Or I would try to improve "the system."

How frustrating (or amusing?) to look back 12 months and see the very stocks I picked, the ones I actually owned, to have increased 100 to 500% over the last 12 months. Recall I got out at 5-10%, with my tail between my legs, after some market volatility.

I look back at my human attempts to "improve the system" and curse and laugh in the same breath.

Now, I have discovered via "falling down and getting up" many times, another methodology, which involves stocks at new highs.


Yes, Livermore and countless Market Wizards advocate buying strength, but it finally clicked.


Finally. Sideways base breakouts, in which a stock is sideways for months, then the stock breaks out, really work (for me). Usually the breakout involves a new high, and the longer the time frame, the better. The fact that the chart, with the trend displayed, is simply a graphical depiction of the human market. I always knew that, or was aware of it, but it finally clicked. Is this an "Aha" moment? For me it is.

Also, like the Nike ad, I am finally "just doing it." Just do it. Follow the trend. Follow the system.

Ed, thanks and Happy New Year

things are starting to come together for this 32 year old, private trader. It took a few years, but its coming together.



Fri, 30 Dec 2003


FAQ Mosaic

Picture of Ed Playing Banjo

Comprising FAQ Clips


Chief -

You're very welcome. I'm glad you like it. I wanted to give you something that
was very meaningful, which, after much thought, meant that I ultimately would
have to make it myself.

I'm finding that there seems to be a lot of symbolism in the mosaic besides the
content of the actual cells, ie, "we complete you," etc. It's all about fractals, baby.


See you soon.


Thank you.  I am happy to receive it.



Ed, Playing Banjo


for some kids in the park.




Detail of Mosaic


from top of head.


Tue, 30 Dec 2003

Controlling Risk


Hi Ed,

You asked me how I controlled risk when flying my powered parachute.

Let's compare it to trading. Before starting you do a pre-flight, [in trading, you do your nightly studies].


Check the wind, [finding the trend]. Start the engine, [place your orders]. Hitting the gas, [getting filled]. Know your point of go no-go, [placing your stop].


Making sure cells are inflated before going to full power for lift off, [not adding to a position to soon].


Lift off, point of total jubilation, [trade going in your favor]. Checking the gauges, [managing the trade]. Now a cross wind, [trend stalled].

Flying to low, [stop too close]. Weather front moving in, [the news]. Mechanical problems, [prices aren't moving as expected]. Chute deflates, [lock limits moves against you]. Landing before destination, [getting out on a whim].
Why isn't trading always this easy?

Still want to take a ride?




Trading the Trends

The risks I do not understand are about how to handle the aircraft at high altitude when the engine stalls, the wind destabilizes the line of hang, the lines foul, etc.


My first line of risk control is to study the sport to find out how it works, before entering.


Perhaps there is a way for me to take a ride as a passenger, in the competent care of an experienced pilot.



Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Celebrate Around the Clock !

Happy Holidays!

This is a friendly reminder (to myself as much as to others) that the wonderful present moment is always a cause for celebration.

Christmas and New Years: only 0.5475819% of the now we have to celebrate the present moment every year. *

*Calculation assumes a 24 hour day and an 8765.81277 hour year.

Releasing the cause for celebration sets celebration free.


The moment of now is always 100% of the moment.



Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Feedback / Proclamations ?

Dear Ed,

I send in my proclamation today. I check FAQ for your 'call for feedback,' in which you request feedback to be sent on precisely December 31, 2003. It appears that the initiation to appear on the New-Year 2004 proclamations page' replaces the 'call for feedback.'

Is this correct?

The Proclamations Page is an invitation to post Proclamations for 2004.


Also, you may wish to post feedback, about you experience with TTP, on December 31, 2003.





Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Intermittent Reinforcement

Hi Mr. Seykota,

Those without the strong discipline to cut losses might tend to wait for reactions.


Sometimes markets will trend very strongly virtually without a reaction, but move in your favor just enough to give intermittent reinforcement (slot machine-Las Vegas style).


This is the type of market that kills the undisciplined trader. In this business, it's literally true that one trade can cause a wipeout.

Also, I think it's harder to be objective about your positions if you're a subjective trader.

Happy New Years,


Tue, 30 Dec 2003


Hardball Process

As the new year approaches, I want to use the "Hardball process" in setting up my main goal for 2004.


From reading the FAQ's using this process is working for those that are doing it.


I have limited knowledge but believe I create a "snapshot" now of what I want to happen in the future and identify what emotional obstacles interfere in achieving the goal.


It appears that one needs to share that snapshot and get support. It is not a DIM process. On the TT Process link, the Hardball process description is yet to be written. I want to give this a shot.

The Hardball Process now appears on the TTP page.


Note that in this evolving moment of now, nothing ever happens in the future.

Tue, 30 Dec 2003



I feel like a child again; dancing in the air like Fred Astaire; singing and enjoying life while nothing else matters! I feel fabulous! Salud, mis amigos!!!

Thanks Ed !!!!!!!!

You are 1 in a 1.

I appreciate everything you are doing. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best!





Fred, Dancing



Clip: http://www.fredastaire.com/


Tue, 30 Dec 2003

Acceptance & De-Programming


In regard to accepting others how they are, I am running into problems.


I was raised in a religion that has no tolerance for beliefs that are different from theirs. I do not share their beliefs anymore, 29 years later. The terrible realization that I was raised in a cult was helped along when I became interested in trading.


The principles of thinking for yourself, being in the moment, and non judgment drove a wedge in my spirit. The only problem is that by leaving, my entire family (parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) are not to ever speak to me again under threat of them being expelled.


In their mind this is certain death at the hands of God. If I am honest with them all, I lose them. I worry more about when I have kids, they will not have family except my wife and I. (My wife's family is the same) I find myself with two paths.


I could claim depression and not participate in activities anymore with the church and appear weak (which I am already doing) or I could outright share my feelings about the church and their mind controlling techniques, etc, and even more, share who I really am.


This would result in expulsion and everyone else would be threatened with it if they ever have contact with me. I believe that my parents tried to do what is right but me doing this would break their heart.


You said to one poster to let the chips fall where they may. Although I know that anything is possible, I am pretty sure where the chips will fall.


If I keep quiet, in a way, I contribute to their illusion of who I am. They live out their existence thinking I'm ok, I'm just weak.


This is not similar to a father not accepting his homosexual son because all the father has to lose is his beliefs about homosexuals.


My father would lose every "friend" he has and his family if he was to accept me for who I am. This is a heavy burden. I have took your advice about being a good receiver with my parents and family.


I really have tried to be a good listener and not have an agenda, however it seems that they are afraid of what seems inevitable.


They are afraid that I might say the words "I don't believe" I see fear in them and it kills me. How do I accept them because by accepting them I accept that they don't accept me.


My entire support system will be gone except for my wife and I don't have enough faith in myself, it was always in the church.


I feel like I'm a wimp and this spills into my trading and poker playing. The situation seems very weird as I write this because I have never shared this with anyone. I also noticed that as I write this, I am feeling fear that maybe I'm wasting your time, you already answered this on another post, etc. Even if I am, it still felt good to write this.



Letting go of drama is rarely easy while you focus on the drama.


To the extent you are able to focus on your feelings, experiencing them, and allowing Fred and CM to communicate, drama seems to melt away.


People who run manipulative and controlling dramas typically enroll others (as subjugates) who have an aversion to their own feelings, or an unwillingness to allow others to be themselves.


The basic control hook is to train your subject that certain feelings are bad and then threaten to make your subject feel those feelings.


To the extent you are not willing to allow your parents to be the way they are, to the extent you are unwilling to feel your own feelings about living your life, then you risk enrolling yourself as a subject.


Incidentally, understanding all this fundamental theory is rather irrelevant, and does not help very much in the matter of getting free.


Your freedom lies along the lines of accepting your own feelings and acknowledging their positive intentions.


You might consider taking your feelings to a Tribe meeting, and experiencing them until you come to celebrate them.


When you allow your feelings and parents to be the way they are, you are free.




Tools of Cultivation Vary

from Crop to Crop


Some people grow daisies,

some grow soybeans

and some grow subjects.


Cult, Occult, Culture - from Latin cultus, worship, from past participle of colere, to cultivate.


Clip: http://www.ci.gresham.or.us/



Sun, 28 Dec 2003


Incline Village Tribe Review

Dear Ed,


Thanks so much for being supportive of my personal growth for 2003. Little did I know what would come of our [meeting at a] party last January!


The IV Tribe experience has helped me in every aspect of my life, not just the trading results.


Living in the now has had profound implications: look for trends, make small bets, average up, cut losses, let profits run ... get out of the prediction game ! Very liberating indeed.


I really have seen a lot of progress in my new group of "best friends" and look forward to each meeting. We are fortunate to have such a committed group and such a generous leader.


They say that you can't keep it unless you are willing to give it away ... the amount of your giving breaks out to new highs each week!


That would be some parabolic move on the chart! Thanks for sharing.


Tribally yours,


Mon, 29 Dec 2003


Accept People the Way They Are

Hi Ed,

Two days after my last sending experience I woke up in the morning with the clear thought of "Accept people the way they are." It has been nice to follow this trend without a fight.

My question is, "Where do I draw the line between accepting people the way they are and going with the flow vs. putting a mirror up to them to let them see their behavior?"

All the best to you and yours in this ever evolving moment of NOW.

You draw the line from now to now.


Say you tell people the truth about your feelings and your desires and your limits ... and they fly off the handle.


You can just accept them the way they are.


Let the chips fall where they may.  Accept it.  When it all sorts itself out, you (and they) are standing closer to right livelihood.


Since there is nothing wrong with other people, you do not have to put up a mirror or do therapy on them. 


Forcing therapy on people is an act of violence, part of your own drama set.




I'm Afraid, Doc,

I Think They Want To Replace Me

With a Computer


Force + therapist = the rapist.


Clip: http://www.units.muohio.edu/


Mon, 29 Dec 2003


IV TT Meeting


Thank you for the invitation to participate in the Incline Village Tribe. I am excited to learn and contribute. If there is anything I need to do in preparation, let me know.

I am attending the January 8th meeting.

Thanks again for this opportunity to learn and grow.


You are welcome !

 Mon, 29 Dec 2003


Fred in the Needle in Seattle

Hi Ed,

I love your site and the work you are doing.


I would like to post my e-mail so that [others] from Washington State might see it.


I am a little timid on TTP myself and new at trading. It seems like an enormous mountain to me as well. Have an awesome new year.



Welcome Seattle !


See Directory Page




Space Needle


Clip: http://www.arthorsestudio.com/



Mon, 29 Dec 2003

Self-less Contributions

Today, Monday December 29, 2003 I stumbled across the Prologue to Market Wizards and read it for the first time. I was moved by the story. I thought to myself, what a great year '03 has been.

For most of my life I was determined to continue learning, about the markets and life, which consisted of adding to my stock day by day, sorting labeling, filtering, coding, judging, and so on - focused on external answers.


Earlier this year, I realized in a moment of pure clarity learning actually consisted of looking deep within, subtracting day by day, not asking Why or attempting to find causal agents (because): subtracting and yet again subtracting or dissolving until I had reached a condition of inactivity in CM upon which I was able to base any judgment - an intuitive experience of "wisdom" that is truly independent of words.

From our earliest contact, I interrupt less and less as I continue learning.

I can't thank you enough for your self-less contributions ...


FAQ is an expressions of self.


If I take self away, FAQ gets kind of empty, at least over here in this column.


You might take your feelings about selfishness, self-less-ness and self into TTP to sort it all out a bit.

Sun, 28 Dec 2003



Dear Mr. Seykota,

When I am doing TTP, I am always uncertain whether a feeling is a feeling from my item of concern, or it is just a feeling because of the posture I am in. For example, I may be feeling a bit numb, but it may be because of the way I am sitting, rather than Fred communicating.


As a result, I always find it difficult to truly experience the "tightness in the chest" or "heaviness on the shoulder" that so many other tribe members are experiencing.


How can I experience my feeling when I have difficulty experiencing my feeling? I even try to experience the feeling of not able to experience the feeling, and no physical feeling comes through.


Any suggestions? Many thanks.


I found myself envying other people's success. Consciously I have been telling myself to share the joy of other people's successes, but deep inside I know I am cheering when I see them fail. Is jealousy one of those gauges just like anger and worries? How can I embrace jealousy?

Finding reasons for feelings is a fundamental approach. 


Just use whatever feeling comes up as the starting point and go with the flow of your feelings as they evolve.


Good receivers are invaluable in helping you stay on track with your feelings (or lack of them) while you work your way through the process.


Cheer more.




Yaaay !


You discover the positive intention

of your feelings when you accept them

and celebrate them.


Clip: http://www.wayneforster.com/










Sun, 28 Dec 2003


Warren Buffett & Trend Following

Dear Sir,

I have an aha moment when I watched the old Ron Insana - Warren Buffett interview. I finally fully embrace what you have been saying about trend following.

As I watch the interview, it suddenly occurs to me that all Buffett does was trend following, riding the trend of America supremacy. That is the same as the guy who ride NTES from $1 to $70 last year, or AOL in the late 90s, or MSFT since the mid-80s. Well, this may not a huge revelation to many, but to me, trend following finally clicks. (Not that I am against the idea and I've been migrating from bottom fishing to trend following for the last year, I just always feel that there are some residual doubt)

The realization is, it really doesn't matter how you ride the trend. One can be "fundamentally" based as in Buffett only buying what he understands (in other words, that he is comfortable with the heat). Or one can be buying from a breakout in the chart for a multi-year high even though one doesn't have a clue on what the company is doing. Trend-following is a way of its own and not bounded by FA or TA.

Yes.  Trend is essential for Profit.

Sun, 28 Dec 2003


Stop I Mean It

Hi Ed !

Your creation of the StopImeanit function in TTP is an excellent control for senders unwilling to untie fear-related judgments.


Your introduction with the car brake analogy is perfect.


Yes.  It seems to work.  The sender maintains the option to say "Stop, I mean it," when the pain hits his stop out point. 


Your job as receiver is to receive his unwillingness to proceed.  This may dissolve it so he can move forward.



Stop, I Mean It



Experiments to prove

that brakes make a car go faster:


1. Send two cars on a race around town. One has strong brakes, the other weak ones.  See which car wins the race.


2. Notice your speed going up and down a steep hill. Notice which way you use your brakes more.


Clip: http://www.dsnclassics.co.uk/


Sat, 27 Dec 2003


Family Tribe

Hi Ed !

Since the usual Incline Village meeting is not until January 8, the four in our family sat down for a family tribe meeting last night.


I read aloud this week's FAQ's, which inspired all. We conducted it formally, beginning with drums and check-in. We had a roaring fire going on this cold winter eve; one member suggested we turn off the electric lights, and put a chair in front of the fireplace to be a real hot seat.


Two members volunteered during the evening. So by firelight, amazing magical events transpired for all in this 3-hours meeting, ending with check-out.

The Process lets blossom understanding and trust which society's norms program us to suppress, avoid, distract. I notice a wonderful closeness.


Yes.  Family is the essential Tribe.





Family Tree


Branches The World Over




Clip: http://www.baseball-almanac.com



Fri, 26 Dec 2003



Please delete me as the Portland contact person and change to Olympia WA.


The tribe members and I have migrated North.


Thank You.

Best Regards,


Fri, 26 Dec 2003


Mad-Trader Disease cited at CME

Dear Ed,

I believe that this cow issue is one of US National Security. Here's why.

Holstein cows are used for dairy purposes, not for steaks. To my knowledge they
are not deliverable against either of the CME Cattle contracts.


Yet Live Cattle are limit down, and Milk is range-bound. Since Milk and Cattle Futures are traded on the same exchange, on the same floor approximate to one another, I believe this is clearly a Bovine conspiracy.


Furthermore, I have no doubt that it is the entire reason why the contributor held up at the US/Canada border (see Dec 20). I am going to watch him very carefully and I will certainly report my irrefutable findings to
you for the FAQ and IVTT members.

I wouldn't be surprised if a sleuthy Holstein Spy Cow was behind this and short Cattle is his own account. I ask you sir (sire) to please direct your browser to



I will keep you posted on my findings.

Quite a-moo-sing.


An alternative to central regulation of industry (major drama once in a while) is regulation by competition and a free press (small, local dramas on a regular basis). 




Ebullient Cow


gets short of pasture mates

just before the news breaks.


Clip: www.uweb.ucsb.edu/


Fri, 26 Dec 2003



Dear Mr. Seykota,

In my humble opinion, even if traders master the TTP, the odds are that only 1 out of 100 traders will be able to make $100,000 annually in today's dollars consistently.


Without TTP, the odds are perhaps 1 out of 1000.

Happy Holidays,

To make $100,000 annually, many FAQ readers would have to lower their income.




One Out of Three Stooges

is Wealthy


One Out of Three

is Healthy


One Out of Three

Does not Read FAQ Regularly



Clip: http://www.stoogeworld.com/



Fri, 26 Dec 2003


Let Me Get This Straight #2

see #1



"As an example of drama, you might check your own situation for evidence of showing up for meetings unprepared, without first reading the background materials."

I am not a tribe member, and there is no such evidence in my life. I am always very well prepared for things. I have already read through the whole site.

"You may have feelings about your drama that you do not like."

"To the extent you can connect Fred and CM, and experience these feelings, you may be able to  transform your feelings from enemies to allies, and proceed with less drama."

My question to you was, what feeling do I experience?

The feelings in the drama, or the negative feelings I have about the drama? I read at one point you mentioning something about a good judge-bad judge deal, and when you find the good judge, the whole link disappears. But this is the only reference I
could find on the site.

The feelings you don't like about your drama are the feelings that entrain the drama. You may take any of them as a starting point for TTP.


Your receivers can encourage you to stay with the entry feeling (s) as they evolve. As you fully experience them, you may get AHA's, naturally reframe your feelings as allies, and notice you no longer have much interest in continuing with the original drama.


The process does not depend upon selecting the "right" entry feeling, as all of them lead, holotropically, toward the central, key feelings.




Klimt - The Kiss


How you start

typically does not matter

in the end.


Clip: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/


Thu, 25 Dec 2003


Validation & Commitment
see May 7 FAQ

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I am writing to comment on a very long FAQ post on May 7 titled Validation and Commitment. As I've told you before, one of my activities on weekends / holidays is to re-read the old FAQ's, and it is a very refreshing and mind-opening process to me.

I don't know if it is the Christmas magic, but I find that extremely long FAQ post is talking exactly about ME!! The author described so many of his problems and feelings in detail, and to my shocking surprise, almost everything he says applies to me perfectly!! Even I suspect the length of this email I'm writing now will mimic his, for a lot of emotions and feelings want to be expressed just like his. If he is reading this FAQ, I'd greatly appreciate if he can share his feelings (if he chooses to), now that it is almost 8 months after his original post.

First, he describes his feeling of wanting to come up with a question or insight, so that he can receive the tap on the shoulder from Ed Seykota the Market Wizard as "You've got it! You are the one! You are destined to be great!" Admittedly, I feel the same way too, although to a much lesser extent nowadays than it was. Like him, I too learn now that there is not any external validation to resolve it. In fact, even when a senior trader at my firm complimented me that I have the potential to be a Market Wizard, I just felt that was an insincere and casual remark.

Then he realizes he needs the validation because he can commit fully only if he knows he WILL succeed. And even he knows that it isn't logical, especially when he prides himself in keep working until he gets the results he wants. (Oh my God, that was exactly the same line I have used in the Trading Tribe meeting a couple of months ago)

He then mentions that he is not afraid of taking losses, which he and I both have no problem honoring our stops. The worry is from those "against the odds" runs of losses. He is not afraid of losses, but LOSING, as a "lifestyle." I too, after reading Taleb's "Fooled by Randomness", keep pondering against the extreme events, and it makes whatever success I have questionable. To me, until the day I swear never to trade again, I still have the possibility of losing it all. When he says, "I don't want to go for it committed because I don't want to discover that I can't win," I totally understand what he means.

Furthermore, he asks about the Aha sensation. He says he comes up with a lot of things that makes sense to him, but none gives him the major sensations of an Aha. They just fit and make sense, but nothing more. And I too have difficulty feeling ahas. I also wrote to FAQ earlier about my difficulty in feeling the physical feelings (like tightness in the chest, pain the back and etc).

Next, he talks about how he as a child would pray every night and make all kinds of promises to God to win a jacket. I did too, but most of the time what I wished for wouldn't happen. And so in a way I arrive at the exact same conclusion as he does:


I can't win at what I really want. If it's really important to me, I can do everything in my power, but I won't get it."

And the two things he try the hardest are fixing his speech and becoming a good trader. Those are mine too!! I feel that one of my biggest weakness is my poor communication skill. And of course, to take my trading to the next level is always on top of the list.

Even his seemingly meaningless comment "I'm sure our little dramas, while utterly fascinating to ourselves, are not nearly so interesting to others!" resonate with me, as they are actually interesting to me because of the extreme similarities, and also because someone made a similar comment to me just last week.

I had this drama last week - I am on a Technical Analysis mailing list that includes some well-known TA authors like John Bollinger and Larry Williams. The discussion ranges from terrorist attack to how to make TA more "believable." All of a sudden, I have the urge to make my name known, and so I "intentionally" made some mocking remarks. I put "intention" in quote because at the time I didn't feel like "intending" to ridicule them, but it became obvious that it was indeed my true intention once I calmed down and thought about it. When I think about intentions and results, I feel that their true intention is not to make money trading, but to make money selling more books and getting more clients to their funds, and I look down on that intention, especially when on the other hand they praise traders getting rich by using technical analysis to make consistent money, as opposed to taking a percentage of the money managed.

Apparently I irritated quite some people, who felt that I was self-centered and money-driven, and disrespecting the TA community. But even before I get to read their responses, I already know I have made a mistake. Fred is playing out a drama!! There is really no excuse for me to make all those ridiculous comments even thought they may be what I believe in, and there is absolutely no reason for me to question other people's intention.


I was asking "why", I was implying what one "should" be doing, and I was not using SVO-p!! What does questioning others has to do with making money trading, if that is really my true intention? I learn from FAQ that "One way to draw people closer is to respect their desire to be distant." By the same token, on way to get people to listen to me, is to respect the fact that some of them don't want to listen to my babbling.

I remember too that you once suggested that I might tend to talk and have others listen (see FAQ on 8/5). In other words, I crave for attention, even though consciously I shy away from being the center of attention. Fred is doing this again!! I am doing exactly the thing that I don't want to be doing!!

Jesse Livermore said when one noticed he made a mistake, there is only one thing to do and that is stop being wrong. So I wrote back to the list and make an apology. I feel sorry that I have made those comments. It is really none of my business in the first place. Fortunately, I am able to exit this "trade" with only a small loss. Or perhaps a small gain, for I learn more about myself, and at the same time also receive some encouragement.


It is Larry Williams who wrote back and said it's OK to be money-driven, for the only reason to do a trade is to make a profit, and that perhaps some people may actually learn from my "babbling." I never think of it that way, but reading the 5/7 FAQ and the author's comment that "his dramas not so nearly interesting to others" do strike me. I do find them interesting, because I am living through one drama myself.

I can point out many more similarities, but I think that is more than enough.


I realize the first step to real "cure" to my drama is for me to feel the feelings that want attention.


I look forward to bringing that to our Tribe meeting once it resumes after consecutive cancellations. In the mean time, I'd like to know if the original author of the 5/7 FAQ on Validation and Commitments see this, and if he chooses to, share some of his experience in the last several months after his FAQ.

Thanks Mr. Seykota, and Merry Christmas!!

The operation of a Tribe depends on regular attendance.  You might consider supporting each other in keeping your commitments to attend, in practicing manifesting your intentions to attend as results.




Intentions = Results



Clip: http://www.math.technion.ac.il/



Thu, 25 Dec 2003

Checking In


Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy New Year!

Respectfully yours,





Yoda Lay He Who


Clip: http://home.t-online.de/home/


Thu, 25 Dec 2003


LA Update


Hope your having a good holiday. Looks like someone's doing good work in LA. We
have six people committed to the next meeting. One guy drives from Santa

Re: "Schizophrenia"

See Sequence of Trades Dec 22, 2003

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a Schizophrenic
And so am I


OK.  And that goes for me, too.

Thu, 25 Dec 2003

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! I just want to let you all know that I feel very fortunate to be associated with such a supportive and admirable group of dedicated individuals. Thank you all for creating such a positive learning environment.


I am forever grateful for your contributions.

I wish you all happiness, success and good health.

Enjoy the festivities!

All the best,

Happy Birthday to All.




2004 Candles and Counting


Clip: http://www.jesus.ch/


Wed, 24 Dec 2003


Happy Holidays

Dear Mr. Seykota, 

Thank you for your support!

My current work includes accepting the concept of probability in the now.

Here is a link you might enjoy: http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/

Happy Holidays,


P.S.: Commenting as a receiver of FAQ: You may want to take the feeling of 'kick butt in the markets' into TTP.

Good job of receiving, disappearing the reference from the TTP Page.





What you experience

tends to disappear.


You can sometimes get people to change, just by listening.


Clip: www.just4yucks.com/catalog/


Wed, 24 Dec 2003


Trading Tribe in Salem Oregon

Hello, Mr. Seykota,

I want to apply, and ask your permission, so I can start one Tribe here in Salem Oregon. And my understanding of Trading Tribe Process is as follows:

I) That TTP is a technology to facilitate our personal growth and to Kick Butt in the market. (to avoid we being kicked-zero-zum game).

II) That your ultimate intention for the Trading Tribe and for TTP is for us to experience it. (produce real changes in our lives, our fellings and our performance).

III) That TT is an association of traders who commit to excellence, personal growth, and supporting and receiving support from others traders.

IV)T hat in order to master the technology we must, learn and APPLY: 1)The Trading Tribe Process. 2)The basic trading skills. 3)Rigth Livelihood. (Clear Body,Clear Mind ... Good Living-Good performance ... Those who live well - Those who earn well.) 4)Support network (Willing to accept help from others. Open-minded). And 5) Vice versa, contributive to others (Its a law... the most you support others - The Better you become). To give and to receive are the same .. are related.

V) That the Tribe Community encourages personal growth and assist like-minded people to connect, but is clearly understood that this process and its outcome is all at our own risk.

VI) That if we apply the basics of this process as traders we agree that trading intimately reflects our moods, feelings and inner natures ... and that we can improve our trading, by working on ourselves. The Trading Tribe holds that such inner work, involving the interplay of the EGO and the subconscious, is ironically, essentially impossible on our own, yet rather natural in a group or Tribe. (synergy) Beside this The Trading Tribe realizes that deep down, we are not separate, indeed we are dependent and interconnected. This realization collapses the boundary between SPIRIT and Matter, between the inner and the outer, between the self in here and the world out there, and facilitate self-actualization. We learn how always to be in control of our emotions (not to panic when the crowd panic, be disciplined all the time.).

VII) That if we take to heart what we read and make even a small but sincere effort to apply what we learn, we will experience a profound shift in our perceptions and emotions. We can sure expect the Life will respond accordingly. And even though, we do not have enough experience it won't take long to benefit from the process and the technology ... In fact, more likely it will save years of looking for answers that are only as far away as the shift from Mind to Heart. (Holistic approach, Body- Mind- Spirit.) The simple system offered in TTP shows us how to make a direct connection with the intuitive intelligence resource of our heart. As we - the people - develop this intelligence, it gives us the POWER all we need to manage our mind and EMOTIONS and achieve a greater capacity to create positive changes in the society as a whole. The combination of these elements provides a comprehensive SYSTEM for liberate our innate potential and achieve faster personal, and interpersonal, and most important Social advancement. Thank you ...


Best wishes.



Salem, Oregon !


See the Tribe Directory Page






Mt. Rose Rising in the Background


Clip: http://www.norwaresolutions.com/


Tue, 23 Dec 2003

Application to the "Village"

Wow, what to say, what to say, not only am I new to the trading arena, I think I'm still in my cocoon.


I've been reading all the info from the Turtle Trader and that's how I came to be standing in front of this enormous mountain.


How's the view from way up there? I looked for a tribe in Washington State but there was none to be found.


I would like to put my toe in the water and see how warm it is but I'm not sure I have enough understanding of TTP to write a 1-page essay and you would be hard pressed to find anything on my resume that would excite any known tribe members.


In asking for a resume, is there anything in particular you are looking for? I'm just one of the poor masses looking to climb up the mountain a little to get out of the fog bank.


If you think you could use another soul (sole?) to help ponder the known universe then I would be glad to lend my ears and any thoughts that might be generated in between them. Thank you for your time.

To apply to the Incline Village Trading Tribe, follow the instructions on the Directory Page.



Tue, 23 Dec 2003


LA Tribe Report

Hi Ed,

Last night we had another meeting in LA. Layers of stuff are coming off of me. My Fred and CM are talking. I was able to both send and receive. This is the first time that I received someone who really lost track of time. The best part of receiving for me is that a) I was able to help someone else with their "stuff" and b) It helped me to be a better sender. The bottom line is that I had a great sending experience last night. I feel very comfortable with the people at the tribe gathering. We have a great Chief!

The human species is amazing. Receiving for others is a great experience. When I got home after the meeting I fell asleep like a log.

Ed, I will keep you up to date from time to time.

Best regards,

Yes. Receiving empowers sending.




A Receptive Mike

Empowers Communication


With several in the room,

the opportunities are endless.


Clip: zork.net/mailman/listinfo/audio-drama

Wed, 24 Dec 2003

from: Mon, 15 Dec 2003

X & Y day Moving Average Crossover

I think I know and understand how it can be used. Can you please illustrate in a graph with a short explanation ...


Thank You and Merry Christmas

Typically, when the fast average crosses below the slow average, the system issues a sell signal signal; when it crosses above, a buy signal.




Moving Average Crossover System


Blue: Price

Pink: Fast Average

Yellow: Slow Average


FAQ does not recommend specific system parameters ... does recommend thorough testing of systems before using them.


Clip: http://faculty.fuqua.duke.edu/



Wed, 24 Dec 2003

from: Wed, 3 Dec 2003


Interesting Commentary

on Mis-Education

[I forward this article as I think it might be of interest to you and your readers]

From sci-fi writer James P. Hogan's web site: www.jamesphogan.com

Regarding the quest to achieve Artificial Intelligence, I've often wondered why we put so much time and effort into trying make machines and robots think like people, when we're still educating and training people to act like robots.

John Taylor Gatto, a former New York State and New York City Teacher of the Year and the author of Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, gives an insider's account of what state schooling is really designed to accomplish in a Harper's article "Against School," available online.

According to Gatto, it's no accident that crushing boredom is the normal condition of pupils and staff alike. From its roots among the social planners of the 19th century, inspired by the Prussian model, the purpose of the system, apart from a select elite earmarked to be caretakers for the rest, is not to impart knowledge to the young and awaken their intelligence, but to mass-produce a standardized, manageable citizenry and to put down originality and dissent. Its stated goals include: establishing fixed habits of reaction to authority; instilling conformity -- and hence predictability; determining proper social roles; providing the minimum preparation necessary for the role assigned. The result is consignment of the majority to a state of permanent unquestioning childhood that readily succumbs to regimentation and the lures of consumerist society -- much more profitable for the few than those pesky individualists who thought for themselves, bought what they needed, and competently ran families at the age of 15 a century ago.

Gatto ends: After a long life, and thirty years in the public school trenches, I've concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress our genius only because we haven't yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think, is simple and glorious. Let them manage themselves.


People have many ways to tie each other up in K-Nots.





Square, Clove Hitch, Bowline


To tie the Knot in the Stomach, simply tell someone they should (K)not do something, while you do it yourself.


To untie it, take the feeling to a Tribe Meeting


Clip: http://www.daniellesplace.com/



Wed, 24 Dec 2003


I Would Like to Start a Tribe

First, thank you for providing FAQ for those of us hungry to learn.

I wish to participate in an intentional community. I have recently moved to Adelaide, Australia and would like to experience the camaraderie of other traders.


I am originally from the United States and have felt nervousness (tightness of the skin around my chest, increased sensitivity to hot and cold on my arms) about how TTP might be received here. It occurs to me I would like to take these feelings into a tribe meeting and use them as a starting point to explore the process.

I would like to thank the gentleman from Austin who shared his feelings of starting the Austin tribe, and extend those thanks to everyone who contributes to FAQ, you included. I have been reading FAQ since you have been publishing it to the web, and I have gained a great deal of insight and benefit from reading it. I wonder how much more I will receive from participating as well.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and to all the readers and tribe members who help make FAQ what it is. It has been a good year for feelings and I look forward to the next.

Kind Regards,




Adelaide, Austrailia !


See the Tribe Directory Page





Clip: users.senet.com.au/~jmacleod/



Tue, 23 Dec 2003


Best Wishes

We wish you to have a grossly profitable New Year.

May the markets provide endless rewards and obscence profits to all.

Everyone gets to be a capitalist pig !!!

Your metaphors indicates you might like to check your feelings about profit and capitalism.



Our personal Trading Metaphors


carry how we view trading and traders



Clip: http://www.tek-efx.com/gimme.gif

Tue, 23 Dec 2003

Uncertainty... and feelings about it.


Hello Ed,

I'm not sure ... if this is the place to put the ideas below, but it could help others in examining their feelings about trading.

I want to put some hypotheses here and I'm interested in reactions. (I even think that it is possible to create a trading system from it.)

Here they are:

1. no one can predict;
2. indicators don't have predicting value;
3. entries are unimportant;
4. trends have the attribute/quality that signals in the direction of the trend work better;
5. to be successful you have to act (very) against human nature / habits.

So questions are:

What is human nature & why do trends exist?

How can you make profit from it?

Now the feelings ...

You see how important it is to live (and trade) in uncertainty.

"You see how important" is not a feeling ... wanting reactions from others is a feeling.


FAQ does not attempt to answer the incorrigibly ambiguous question, why.




Dogs Bark


When they feel bored or

when they want attention.


Some traders trade

when they feel bored or

when they want attention.


Clip: www.belfastcity.gov.uk/



Tue, 23 Dec 2003

Learning and Joining the Tribe

Dear Ed

Hi there. I came to reading about you through an insert about Michael Marcus.

I am a physical therapist living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I live by the saying that 'I am the captain of my own ship' and therefore I take responsibility for my actions and life.

I am looking forward to hearing and learning from you.

Being a captain and taking responsibility can be independent states.  Connecting them is optional.





Em-bark-ing on the voyage,

the captain, on the bow,

encounters ruff water.



Clip: www.shirtlady.com/yorkie.html

Tue, 23 Dec 2003


Cut Losses or Else!

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I'm still up substantially (>80%) this year on [my] account, but lacked discipline to cut losses recently.

Do you trade stock index futures differently than other commodity markets, sir?

Thank you and happy holidays.




(follow-up send)

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I forgot to mention. I also lack discipline when it comes to trade stock index futures with the right position size. It's ironic that I trade stock indexes the worst yet I apply the most insane leverage. This would lead to a bust, because the risk of ruin is so high, if things don't change. I know that trading does satisfy some emotional level need, which is why I do this, yet I seem to rationalize this by thinking of some intellectual reason why doing the wrong things are actually good.

You can include this with the previous e-mail if that makes more sense.

Merry X'mas,

You might take your feelings about cutting losses to a Tribe Meeting.


When you come to see the positive intention of cutting losses, without the emotional (cut losses or else) overlay, you might find it easier to follow your discipline.




Going To Bed is Natural


Or Else is Additional Drama


Clip: www.bilingual-supplies.co.uk/


Tue, 23 Dec 2003


See: More Borderline

Hi Ed !

After having several TTP sessions with my wife in last few days, watching TV news, and getting several supportive emails from people that know what happened last week, I came to an understanding and peace with the event at the border, myself, and all the great people I know around the world and specially my friends in US.


It was quite an inner trip for me and it made me reconsider and recommit to love, peace, democracy, free enterprise and freedom.


TTP is in use all the time in my house these days and I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing it with myself and others.

All the best,


Tue, 23 Dec 2003



Hi Ed,

I've had a pretty big aha since realizing [my dream].  I've been experiencing it for a week or so, it has to do with my confidence.


I once thought that my confidence came from my personal accomplishments, like the number of diplomas I had, the schools I attended, my GPA, working at prestigious investment banks, making money, or attracting a successful mentor. I didn't compare myself to other people, I compared myself to what society deemed an accomplishment (ex. a 3.8 GPA out of a 4.0 scale might be considered an accomplishment, a top ten school, etc...).


I was always looking to prove myself, get the token of accomplishment, so I could say to myself "be confident". When things got tough, I worked harder. There was something missing in my confidence though, it was a certainty of things.


Not of knowing the future or something like that but knowing, no matter what happens, I'll become a better person because of the experience.


I now know that every experience (every issue) I have is an opportunity to learn more about myself, and as I experience more, and I learn more about myself, I realize more of my true potential.


I believe the confidence I feel, now, is the result of weekly TTP meetings and the TTP workshop (the hardball process, hot seat, sending and receiving).


I know now, when issues arise, no matter how big, no matter how clouded they may seem, I bring them to the hot seat,


I experience my feelings, I find the good intentions behind those feelings, and the issues disappear (dis-solve).

Any thoughts?


Tue, 23 Dec 2003

Snapshot: Wake Up

Hi Ed,

I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season. I'm having a blast.

Here's a snapshot update.

On 12/10/03, I realized my dream of "Wake Up", this was the name of my snapshot that I created at the TTP workshop.


Work decided they didn't need me until the end of the calendar year so they added an additional 2 weeks to my package with the understanding I will come back if they need some help with their FX and investments next quarter. I gladly agreed.

I called my wife from the car, told her my situation and she rushed home, sent the nanny home early, got into the outfit that I described to her in my snapshot (I won't go into the skimpy details), she grabbed our baby boy from the crib, and waited for me to pull into the driveway. I opened the front door, walked in while loosening my tie, I had a big smile on my face; and my beautiful wife, while holding my son, stood up and congratulated me on achieving this dream.

I am a full time trader, different than the local I once was, as for now, I follow long term trends.

I felt a confidence I never felt before, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, goose bumps ran up and down my spine, I had the uncontrollable desire to smile, laugh even, it was such a great feeling.

The words I write don't do the feeling justice.

It's a moment I'll never forget.

Thank you for your guidance.

Respectfully yours,

Yes. Congratulations!  Here is something for you and your family from me and mine.



Waking Up With You

Words and Music (c) Ed Seykota, 2003


 Click to listen to MIDI file.




Waking up with you

is my favorite thing to do

And I love you so.

Morning sun pours in,

I'm such a lucky man

And I love you so.


Passages through conscious states

Life is such a dream.

Reality's a shifting point of view.

Lo, behold a rose unfold

a fragrance of a theme,

my sweetest joy is waking up with you.


Waking up with you,

is my favorite thing to do

And I love you so.

Morning sun pours in,

I'm such a lucky man

And I love you so.




Behold a Rose Unfold


Clip: http://www.gov.mb.ca/leg-asmb/


Mon, 22 Dec 2003


Seeking Manager for 100 K

Dear Ed Seykota,

Just a note to check if you would be interested in taking on a new account to


I have $100K in a company [ABC] that is being bought by [XYZ]. I am looking for another investment vehicle besides [XYZ] stock.


This is an IRA that would not be touched for 20+ years as I am a 41 year old software engineer.

My goal is to turn this $100K into $10M in 20 years, which is an average of 26% a year. If this is of interest to you, please reply to this email.


Yes, 100K to 10M is a 100 fold increase, in 20 years. That indicates, as you point out, compounding annually at about 25.8927 percent per year.


To that, you might like to add some more points for purchasing power adjustments, which may become increasingly important.


Trend Traders, such as myself, cannot agree to deliver profit to a specific target, particularly on a consistent, annual basis.


If you intend to get above-average returns, you might do well to expect above-average volatility, and considerable uncertainty.


You might consider taking your feelings about wanting a secure future into TTP.


Once you learn to live with uncertainty, your investment options may expand.





If it's security you want,

go see these guys.


See: More Borderline


Clip: http://www.avweb.com/


Mon, 22 Dec 2003


Sequence of Trades


When we think of number sequences, we seem to think naturally in terms of addition than in terms of multiplication.

For example of additive thinking, consider the question: "are 50% of the trades wins?"

For multiplicative thinking, consider the same trades as a series of numbers (equity after divided by equity before) that are multiplied together with the starting equity to get the final equity.


Many of these are "0.98" when using 2% risk per trade, some of them are larger than 1, when showing profit. Now, the question above appears meaningless.

Referring to compound interest (multiplicative thinking), Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "It is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time"



I wonder if your use of the word, "we" indicates:


1. you are floridly schizophrenic.

2. you assume that others just naturally think the way you do.

3. Either, Neither, Both, More and/or None.

In any event, you might check your P&L's for evidence of trading in order to be right about your opinion.






means you never have to be alone


and that goes for me, too.


Clip: http://lacan.com/newspaper2.htm

Mon, 22 Dec 2003


Position Sizing

See: Position Sizing Nov 12, 2003

Hi Ed,

The author says he feels he is missing something. You point out his "emotional concerns may be masquerading as logic."


This is a Fred-CM disconnect.


In addition, I notice he is confusing the pyramiding technique for the entire mechanical part of the trading system just like those who confuse entry-exit for the whole system.


Unresolved feelings of confusion tend to entrain actual confusion, as a drama.


Providing more information and logic typically does not clear confusion. It tends to increase the scope of the confusion.


When Fred and CM connect, and the feeling of confusion resolves, confusion tends to disappear as  information and logic seem to arise from within.



Sometimes Confusion Sucks


in Non-Productive Ways


Clip: http://ewenbell.com/


Sun, 21 Dec 2003

More Borderline
See Borderline Follow-up Sat, 20 Dec 2003

Hi Ed !

Yes, when encountered resistance at the border I felt irritated because I felt my basic human rights are not respected for I've never had a problem with a law in my life.


No trigger for them to treat me the way they did.


I felt humiliated and angry to the point of thinking that the borders should be closed for everyone to go in or out of US.


I remembered all the people around the world hating US and me defending it and loving it.


I start questioning myself and my love for US and what it represents to me.


The best country in the world ?!?!?


Freedom ?!?!?


Are we really free ?!?!?


Still contemplating ... freedom ... US ... ?!?!? ... freedom ?!?!? ... still upset ... my wife is telling me, get off it, relax, I'm still upset ...

Could you please elaborate on:


Your real intentions not only effect your internal experience , they effect everyone else. too, and the ripples soon splash back on your own shore.

Love, Peace and Happiness to you my friend,

Events may "plug us in" to feelings we don't like, and serve as triggers for our dramas.


Once we are into a drama, we may find causes, apply judgments, get angry, fight back and otherwise engage the DIM process.


Alternatively, we can take the event  as an opportunity to connect Fred and CM, experience our feelings, find  positive intentions and reprogram Fred. 


This is the work of the Trading Tribe.


Receiving feelings is often a very quick and effective alternative to confrontation. 


If the other party stays with DIM, unilateral receiving may still work, since it results in your being more focused, less likely to plug-in the other person, and more likely to make it through the maze without wasting resources in tangential drama.


You might like to see this story about a reporter who gets caught up in the drama:









can be a reminder to receive.


Clip: http://members.aol.com/rochfor/


Sun, 21 Dec 2003

How Can I Do TTP By Myself ?

Hi Ed,

Love your Trading Tribe site, didn't know you also have the Radial Momentum Site too.


I own one of these Powered Parachutes. It has always amazed me that a 500 sq. ft. chute, that only weights 8 lbs. can lift 1000 lbs.

I would love to be a better trader. A tribe meeting would be great, but I live in a small town, everybody knows I trade futures, but I hardly meet anybody else who does.


How can I get my CM to get in touch with Fred, without going to meetings?

Also, if you're ever in Indiana, I will give you a ride.


Happy Holidays,


Flying seems to work best in some sort of aircraft.


TTP seems to work best in a Tribal setting. 


You can assemble a tribe from the people around you, whatever their professions.


Before I agree to go for a ride in your aircraft, I would like to know all about how you control risk.

Sun, 21 Dec 2003



see More About Ugly Fri, 19 Dec 2003


Hi Ed!

Ed Says: You might try substituting the word "markets" for the word "women" - and see if it rings a bell.

You see, I often remember this statement and I have do some effort to find similarities between my relationship with the markets and my relationship with women. The level of drama and stress is much greater and clearer in my emotional life.


Strangely enough though, it seems that to the extent I resolve my issues I "receive" better both of them, such celebrating "riding winners" and "cutting losses short" and "managing risk".


Yet I feel I have much more prejudices against women rather than against markets. Women can be mean and unfriendly. Markets, on the other hand, just don't care.

As you receive others, others receive you, you receive yourself, and the drama factor decreases.


(About another fellow's post) Your real intentions not only effect your internal experience, they effect everyone else, too, and the ripples soon splash back on your own shore.


You might take your feelings about women to a Tribe meeting. 




Yin and Yang


Intimate Partners Define Each Other



Clip: www.artemis-artist.com/




Sun, 21 Dec 2003

Application to

Incline Village Trading Tribe


I am writing to apply to the Incline Village Trading Tribe. I am able to commute twice monthly from [Central US] and will commit to a minimum of six months, longer if necessary.


I feel that participating in Incline Village meetings and learning from you and your tribe is a great opportunity for me.

I have learned a great deal about TTP from participating in the [ABC] Tribe, attending the Reno Workshop, and reading FAQ. 


I understand that TTP promotes the free flow of communication between Fred and CM. Such communication is frequently repressed in individuals, groups, and society at large. When we block the critical communication lines, Fred finds ways to communicate with CM. The communication then takes place in the form of drama, or engaging in activities, associations, thoughts, etc., that compel us to experience what Fred wants to communicate.


Fred's drive to communicate experience is the basis for the concept that results = intention. TTP opens up the communication channels between Fred and CM by creating a supportive, intentional community that will encourage, and keep us on task, in the process of experiencing the feelings that we have tied up in a knot over the course of our lives. In experiencing these feelings, we gain insights and learn that they are useful tools in living our lives more fully.

I am experiencing more personal growth from my exposure to TTP than in any other time in my life. I want to learn as much as I can to share with my family, the [ABC] Tribe, and others.



B.A. Economics, [XXX] University

Work Experience
Industry Marketing Analyst, [YYY Corp.]

Marketing & Sales Director, [ZZZ Corp.]

Owner, [Company]

Floor Trader, [XYZ] Exchange

Trading for own account


If the time you intend to make your commitment is now, welcome to the Incline Village Trading Tribe !


The next meeting is now:

January 8, 2004, 7:00 PM.



Sun, 21 Dec 2003


Let Me Get This Straight

So let me get this straight. I am creating some sort of drama, and I don't like the drama I am creating.


So I have to experience what feelings? The drama? The negative feelings about the drama? How do I get this thing to dissolve?

One way to get it straight is to follow the link (above) to TTP and read the material carefully.


Another (even more complete) way is to read through the entire web site.


As an example of drama, you might check your own situation for evidence of showing up for meetings unprepared, without first reading the background materials.

Sun, 21 Dec 2003

Blast Off

Dear Mr. Seykota,


Thank you for your wonderful site. [It's a blast.]


All the best to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year.



Sounds like you know how to rock-it.



TTP is a Blast


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