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November 16-22, 2003



(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Sat, 22 Nov 2003


Real Trade

May I send you 10,000 and trade it when the trade comes that will fit my personal system?


Your note does not specify  the units of measurement for the 10,000.  It does not specify who is to do the trading.  It does not define your personal system.


You might consider SVO-p (see TTP page) and also take your feelings about precision into TTP.



If You Can't Measure It


you probably can't manage it.


For example: good risk management

begins with good risk metrics.


Clip: http://www.glue-it.com/



Sat, 22 Nov 2003



Dear Ed,

I really appreciate your talent as well as your friends Michael Marcus and I believe that you both are incredible market geniuses, so I just need an advice on the matter of biotechs.

I don't really believe that we have a bull coming up so soon but I have observed that biotechs are cooking something really spicy.


What do you think Ed, I know that what has taken you where you are is your silence and hard work but I just need a tip.


I have a couple of European big dogs as clients and they are busting my [xxx] all day LOL, about a couple of biotechs in Canada and the states, they want to invest big time but I think biotechs are a risky buss. What do you think Ed?


FAQ does not endorse traders or commercial products, or offer instrument-specific trading advice. See Ground rules.


You might check your feelings about trading on tips. 


OK, here's a tip: If you really like spicy foods and big dogs, you might try some Tabasco sauce on a foot-long.



Tip o' The Day:


Don't bite off more than you can chew.


Clip: http://www.roundlakerollerrink.com/


Sat, 22 Nov 2003

System Development

Ed, do you periodically make enhancements to your trading system (s) or have you been able to stick to the same system throughout the years once it was developed?

Thank you.

Trade with the trend; cut losses and ride winners; manage risk.


I do not know any enhancements.

Fri, 21 Nov 2003

Education ...

How did you learn to trade?

I don't know how to did something. I'm still learning about trading. You might consider using SVO-p. See TTP Page.

Thu, 20 Nov 2003

Art in Trading

Dear Mr. Seykota,

My understanding of mechanical trend following systems is that they are very mathematical in nature. By 'system' I also mean a complete methodology which incorporates various rules such as risk management, position sizing, exiting strategies ... After so many years of trading markets, do you believe that there is room for art in such an approach?

We often hear that 'trading is an art'. To me, art is subjective, circular, and abstract. Mathematics are objective, linear, and quantifiable.

How much of a role does art play in trading?

Thank you.

To a mathematician, mathematics is very much and art form.


Art does not play a role. People play roles, including creating and experiencing art.



Math as Art


Clip: http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/


Thu, 20 Nov 2003


Contorted Conundrum

Over the last week I’ve been taking my two dogs for long walks and using that time to concentrate on quieting my mind, experiencing my feelings and staying in the now. This send is a strange account of bodily sensations that seemed to come from nowhere and I’m not sure if my practice of trying to be there with my feelings facilitated them or … well I just don’t know.

Three days ago while quietly sitting at my dining room table, I decided to see if I could quiet my mind long enough to experience any feelings that I was not consciously aware of. I concentrated on just how I felt, not really thinking about anything, just trying to be aware of sensations.


After going through a few feelings and trying to amplify them until they went away I came to one that I had not felt before.


The left side of my face started to twitch, more accurately the left corner of my mouth twitched in such a way that it was being tugged back toward just under my left ear as if I were a fish with a hook in my mouth. Without trying to amplify the feeling or ‘tug more’ I just let it be and for a while my mouth twitched as if I had no control over it. Nothing came of it and it passed away soon after. The only thing peculiar was that it was the first time I’ve ever felt that feeling and soon after I forgot about it.

Last night I awoke suddenly from a disturbing dream. I will not go into any of the details, but the dream scenario had me feeling very upset, both angry and sad. I felt as if I had been manipulated or wronged in a sort of way when I was expecting love or respect. I remember feeling a little humiliated and cheated. The dream ended after an outburst of accusation on my part that was met with ridicule and denial. I wanted repentance and needed caring. I remember wailing in despair at being so grief stricken after being robbed of dignity, friendship, and love. It was, as are most dreams, enigmatic.

After I awoke I still had lingering sensations of despair and sadness. I took the opportunity to try and forget about the dream episode and concentrate of my feelings.


In short order the left side of my face took on a grimace that resembled my twitch state three days prior … albeit without the twitching. My mouth pulled toward the left side of my face. My teeth were clenched. My left eye joined the mix in a squint and it felt as the left side of my face was trying to implode. All the muscles on that side of my head wanted to reach one point so to speak. My head then tilted to the left and my neck muscles became very tight. It was quite draining to remain in that position but it was how my body seemed to want to be. Then I noticed a strange sensation in my upper torso. I know of no other way to describe this last part except that it was as if I were wrapped in a saran wrap blanket. I could feel its tightness and relative coolness on my skin. I stuck with it for awhile, perhaps a minute then my alarm clock went off and the episode ended.

I have no idea what any of this means. I can create theories I guess to back up how I feel but if you are right about the process being derailed by CM then the thing to do would be to relate the experience to a tribe and work it through with TTP.

If you have any insights or suggestions as to what I may want to concentrate on please feel free. The weirdness of it all has certainly piqued my interest.

Thank you,

Yes. TTP does not necessarily make sense, until the end, around the AHA point.  Having it make sense during the process is optional, sometimes even counterproductive.






It all makes sense now.


Clip: http://www.metrolink.com/seti/history.html





20 Nov 2003


Cracow, Poland Tribe

Hello Ed,

I would like to start an intentional community in Cracow, Poland. I noticed some interest from Polish traders here on FAQ. Feel free to hand them over my e-mail address if they wish. Any practical help for starting a Tribe would be appreciated.

In my opinion, a good way to show the Tribe process would be a video file (avi or mpg) from the Incline Workshop which you could distribute to committed tribe participants.





Cracow, Poland !


You are on the Directory Page.





Clip: http://galaxy.uci.agh.edu.pl/


Thu, 20 Nov 2003


TT - Dunstable

ref: October 29, 2003 New England Tribe

Sent this a while back, hoping you have the time to respond.

There is not a community listed on your web site near me. I would be interested to find out if there are other traders in my area with a desire to be involved in a Trading Tribe community.


I live in Dunstable, Massachusetts, about an hour north of Boston on the New Hampshire border by Nashau, New Hampshire. I have been trading futures since 1994 or 95, stocks since 1977. I occasionally go to a MTA meeting in Boston, but mostly stock investors there. Let me know whatever you can and even if there are not interested parties in my area please keep my name and info on file.

See Reference.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003


Just checking In

Hi Chief,

Just checking in with you. I've been making a lot of progress since we "met" last week. I discovered that I often choose to live in fear rather than experience excitement. I learned that I have been staying in a boring job as a bookkeeper for most of my life because I have been wanting to feel safe. I'm now accepting that feeling and am feeling capable of embracing the idea of trading (without my safety net). I'm getting on with making a transition into a new way of living.

I've ordered a trend following course, been reading your FAQs every day to learn more about learning. I've ordered some books from your reading list. I'm almost finished the Market Wizards and I read Atlas Shrugged 10 years ago and loved it. I since discovered that my parents were horrified that I embraced the philosophy in Atlas Shrugged and realized that I must be doing something right with my life! (-:

And I've had a miracle or two occur this week. When I last wrote you, I stated that there seemed to be an absence of successful female traders in the world. I decided that they are probably out there; I've just been looking in the wrong places. The next day, I met a woman in the financial section of the local bookstore and I noticed she was reading a book by a well-known trader. I took the risk and opened up a conversation with her. It turns out she lives in a gold mining town in Australia and buys shares based on what she sees going on around her. I told her I was learning how to be a commodities trader and we shared some ideas. At the end of the conversation she said I had already gone through the worst part of it: I had survived being a beginner and I was still trading with a positive attitude. We exchanged email addresses and promised to stay in touch. It was a wonderful experience.

Thank you. My life is getting more exciting as each moment passes.

Warm regards


Wed, 19 Nov 2003

TTP Practitioner License


I am very interested in using TTP to help people become better parents. Could you fill me in on what is required for a Practitioner's Licence?


Send me a one-page description of your intention.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003


ref: November 7, 2003 Insights

Dear Mr. Seykota,

I would like to follow-up on an e-mail I sent to you. I am writing an article on whether or not traders should balance their trading plans with their financial plans. Your insights would be of great interest to me. This is my very first article for publication and would appreciate your thoughts into this topic. Please let me know your level of interest in participating.

Once again Mr. Seykota, thank you for your time.


FAQ does not tell people what they should do. See ground rules.


If you wish to balance different plans, you might first determine how much they weigh.


If you wish to write, you might have a look at Strunk and White's Elements of Style.



How to Weigh a Plan,


Weigh yourself with the plan,

and then without it

and compute the difference.


Clip: http://www.4girls.gov/images/scale.jpg


Wed, 19 Nov 2003

The Trend and Time

How do you determine a trend without the use of time?

As an example, the price of ABC is $50 ... the past does not exist, I am only concerned with the moment of now.

Thanks Ed,

The price of ABC is in the now. The average price of ABC is in the now. You compare them now to find the trend now.


Notice that you get to choose what kind of average price you use, so "trend" only exists as your choice.  There is no inherent trend, now or ever.




The Trend is Your Friend


except at the ends

where it bends.


Clip: http://www.squire.nl/images/trend.gif

Wed, 19 Nov 2003

Multiple Commitments

Hi Ed,

Last night at our [xxx] Tribe meeting I brought up an issue I have been dealing with for about two months. It involves COMMITMENT ... and my beliefs emanating from how I define the word and how I apply it in my relations, both business and personal.


I am committed to the Tribe meetings. I am committed to a minor hockey league here in Ontario, my son’s teams – both house league and rep./select. I am the Assistant Coach of one team and Trainer of the other. All GTHL teams (rep.) must have a licensed trainer on the bench during games or they will not be allowed to play. They depend on me ... or no game!


Imagine disappointing / letting down, not only your son, but 14-15 other kids, his friends/teammates and even coaches and parents. Furthermore, I am on the ice with both teams during their practice sessions, on different days. I love it!! Very rewarding ... enriching and fun! Smiles and laughs between the drills.

How do I attend a Tribe meeting - - - that I am committed to -  while we have a hockey game -  that I am committed to??


This question has been “hammering” away at me for a while now. It has caused me some stress and some sorrow, what I THOUGHT had come from the conflict of timetable involving both events. It came from the way I viewed commitment, what commitment was to me, what it meant that others depend on me and, basically, what it meant in my life ... how it FELT, keeping it and breaking it. That has changed!

My hot seat started with a pain in my temple, a burning sensation. It traveled to my heart. Two bands, thick and elastic-like, were on both sides of my heart - the contractions felt normal but not when it expanded. It wanted to “break free.” With help from the Tribe it did just that ... "a breakout”! I suddenly felt air, oxygen, lots of it. I felt like I was falling. I WAS!!!!!! I was falling from a height, I don’t know ... a building, the sky or from some tightrope, whatever. I was falling quickly and felt all this air hitting my face, my ears and so on. I felt that I was suspended in air…..off the floor in the room! Truly amazing. AHA!

I feel purified, cleaned up today with reference to dealing with these two commitments and how I FEEL regarding breaking them. It is not as big a deal if I have to break commitments, even if they involve the Tribe or my duties in the hockey league. It was before! As important as these two associations are, I am comfortable with any difficulty interfering with one or the other. So what! Get on with it!! Keep learning and growing.

I couldn’t help but think of this quote (just had to find it) from another Master - - - entitled Purification:

The Master insisted that what he taught was nothing, what he did was nothing.

His disciples gradually discovered that Wisdom comes to those who learn nothing, unlearn everything.

That transformation is the consequence not of something done but of something dropped.

Thanks Ed. Thank you for what you offer us.

All the best!

Drama about multiple commitments often arises from double booking. You can avoid this by conscientious calendaring, or by having an identical twin.


If such drama persists, you might continue taking your feelings about keeping commitments into TTP.




The Bentley Sisters


Can cover appearances for each other

or get you into twice as much trouble.





Wed, 19 Nov 2003

Updated System

Hi Ed,

I have scrapped the idea of using options for a trend following trading system for the present. I have made some modifications to my futures trading system that have improved the results. I had a couple of errors in my previous system ... one was averaging down ... the other was not buying when volatility was low.

Would you know of anybody who is looking to trade money against a new system?

There are very few people who want to trade systems that are still on the drawing board as many in your target market are already waiting on line to take rides in untested aircraft.



Ring Wing


Just being new and different

does not make it right.


Clip: http://aero.stanford.edu/reports/


Sat, 15 Nov 2003


Training in Australia

Hi Ed

I still haven't heard from the two people in Australia affiliated with you. I have an idea. When you train people to give your course, could you let me know if anyone wants to do a course in Australia? I could help set it up over here in Melbourne. I imagine there were be a lot of enthusiasm for what you do.

By the way, when is your book coming out?

Warm regards,

Each group has its own ground rules and admissions policies. Consult the individual contacts for details.  See Tribe Directory Page.


The book is in process, watch these pages for publication notice


Tue, 18 Nov 2003


More e-TTP limitations

Ref: e-TTP Limitations


Hi Ed!

That's very true. E-TTP has a lot of limitations. CM is under almost full control while one is writing.

I live in the country, in a small town.


I have been already criticized by one e-TTP contact for trying to set up a tribe here, as he deems it impossible.


There's a possibility of getting one member to set up the Tribe, but I still have to talk to him. I cannot expect people around to get to know about this project by themselves and I also don't want to entice them to join it. So my choices are also limited.

Meanwhile, I have been doing the best I can with e-TTP. I basically grasp the concepts (as I am dealing with a logical channel as you say) and then try to let it happen (TTP) in the Process of my life itself, esp. relationships and trading. Then I report back.

I am very aware of the limitations, now that I am working with intimacy, closeness issues. Again I am exploring my feelings in my relationships and in life itself. I feel I am making some progress, slowly evolving to a deeper sense of community.

E-TTP are like crutches I might soon leave behind. Yet it is something I needed and, possibly, I still do (even if just reading your FAQ), esp. for daring to achieve something seemingly impossible to many.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

You might check your feelings about criticism.












Tue, 18 Nov 2003

Observation's from NY's

Saturday TTP intensive


I don't quite trust my words to adequately describe our experience this past Saturday. Perhaps, in time my conscious capacity will catch up to the depth of feeling. For now, some general observations follow:

Dreams may come -- We gave dream development both on Saturday and in
the weeks leading up to it considerable time and attention following an iterative process described in a previous post.


No dream came easily. Some could not come at all, as if the dreamer could not in the moment allow themselves a dream; yet even this led to something from which they could continue the work of the day.


Others could articulate a heartfelt and emotionally charged dream but became overwhelmed with sadness at the seeming disparity between their lives to date and what they imagined possible.


Many found through the process that what they thought they wanted paled against what their unconscious revealed to them. God, I admire these people.


The group provided deep support and respect for each individual's process of discovering what they needed to discover; while not letting anyone do anything less than they could do.


Individually and without exception, every participant embraced that seeming paradox expressed by Admiral James Stockdale reflecting on his experience in prison camp during the Vietnam war

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end - which you can never afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be." -- Jim Collins in Good to Great

Goals -- We applied a similar iterative process to developing goals and witnessed broad differences in the time frames and reach of the goals that emerged. Again, we witnessed real changes from where people started to what they developed, all of this supported by an intersection of individual and group intention. We developed ample material for Hardball.

Hardball -- Sometimes quietly reflective, sometimes terrifyingly intense. Some worked through legions of "judges", others grabbed onto the first feeling that presented itself and held on for dear life until... sated the feeling evaporated leaving a subtle change in expression - an un-erasable smile or a twinkling eye.


Those perhaps shakiest with the entire process or least confident in themselves unexpectedly demonstrated profoundly effective sending and receiving skills. Lots more work to do. We now have more tools to do it. We continue Wednesday evening at 7:30.

As I walked home at the end of the day, New York seemed more vivid, richer in detail, and more alive than I remembered it from my morning walk to the session. Same New York, perhaps a different man.





Hardball in New York


Same ol' same ol' ...

then suddenly, different.



Clip of Derek Sanderson Jeter - Short Stop:





Tue, 18 Nov 2003

Question and Thanks

for Ten Years

Dear Ed,

have you read any of the Jane Roberts  / Seth books? if so, and you don't mind sharing what you think, I'd like to know how do you feel and think about what's
in them?

Ten years ago you made some powerful suggestions to me. you help me change my life by showing me a new way to think. everything's much better. thank you for your help!


Seth speaks through Jane Roberts and seems to say things about how our personal metaphors tend to come true: "You create your own reality ... you get what you think about."




Seth speaks through Jane Roberts from 1963 until 1984, when Jane passes away.


If you are in poor health, you can remedy it. If your personal relationships are unsatisfactory, you can change them for the better. If you are in poverty, you can find yourself surrounded by abundance ... Each of you, regardless of position, status, circumstances, or physical condition, is in control or your own experience. -- Seth


Some Similar Thoughts


For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one. -- Albert Einstein


Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours.  -- R. Bach  (Illusions)


Never try to teach a hog to sing. It frustrates you and aggravates the hog.  -- Unknown


Clip: www.sethcenter.com/images/sethma.jpg 





Mon, 17 Nov 2003


Still More TTP for Kidz

Ref: more TTP 4 kidz

Hi Ed !

Regarding your suggestion to validate [my wife's] suppression teaching expertise:


We have a nice discussion where I explain how in tribe meetings we carefully look for an entry point to get past the conscious mind, and the whole process. I compliment her on how well she installs these emotions and suppressions. She laughs as she sees her own judge which tells her this is a good way to teach.

So tonight, [my son] is doing homework at the desk in my office. He says he has a painful headache at his right temple. So here we go ! We process this feeling, and he says it goes away after some minutes. Then he falls into a deep sleep, same as during the first processing last week.

I tell [my wife] about [my son], and she is very interested now. She wants to learn the process. I explain how it works, and we work on neck and headache, which she says reduces from a 10 to a 4 on a scale of 1-10.


Then something comes up in her throat and we work on that. We encounter a few judges not willing to feel these things. Though there is movement, recognition, acceptance, we don't get to complete clarity.


She wants to sleep. She says it is hard work. We do a little check-out.

So I guess we are now ...

a TTP family !

Yes.  Family is the Essential Tribe.




The Essential Tribe




The Essential Tribe




The Essential Tribe




Three Dogs With Glasses











Mon, 17 Nov 2003


Whiskey and Trading

Dear Ed,

I started reading FAQ approximately 1 year ago and back then you gave me the directions that made me find my own way. People say: "friends are the ones who give without expectation to get something back". Well, it was exactly what you did to me. I'm truly grateful for your teachings and I want to say that what you taught me with only a few sentences not only changed my approach to trading, but to life itself.
I will continue to be loyal to my feelings. Thank you very much, my friend.

PS: The other day, I was watching TV and I remembered this person's e-mail to you:

"I have read about you and many others that what I consider gifted in their endeavor. I have been working on this."


If you allow me, I want to share an interesting point of view about gifted people, accomplishments, the "now moment" and trend following:

It's Johnnie Walker's trend following system:

"Keep Walking"

That slogan means a lot of things.

Thank you, Ed

Grocer, Johnnie Walker notices, circa 1820, that the flavor and consistency of whiskey varies greatly from keg to keg. Using his tea blending experience, he begins blending his own whiskeys to improve consistency. He begins producing private blends for special customers.



Johnnie Walker, Whisky Trader

Circa 1820


Sometimes in the Black

Sometimes in the Red


Clip: http://www.nostalgia.co.uk/


Mon, 17 Nov 2003

Position Sizing

Ref: Position Sizing 11/12/03

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Your comment "Repressed feelings can masquerade as logic" is a very fitting description on me.


For about a month or so, I have noticed my tendency to analyze instead of feeling, and even put this thought in my journal.


I have brought the issue of not feeling the feelings to TTP (or more precisely if intention = results, not intending to feel even consciously I am saying I want to feel). While I can "feel" emotions such as sadness, disappointment, frustration and etc.


I find it difficult to have physical feelings such as tightness, tension. Temperature and color are also not easy to detect. From your experience in the workshop or from your tribe meetings, did you encounter participants also having similar difficulty in having physical feelings? If so, did you do anything to help them get more in touch with their physical feelings?

As far as your suggestion to run computer simulation, that is actually what got me to ask the FAQ question in the first place. I ran simulation using strongly trending stocks to see what kinds of results the method would get, and I found the methodology (as explained in the FAQ on 10/16/03, adding an amount equal to paper profit divided by difference between current price and stop price when stock trends in favor) provided excellent (paper) profits, but all would evaporate as soon as the stop is hit.

In any case, thank you for the reminder on the positive intention on stops. I think I am now able to see my original problem from a different perspective.

A good receiver can facilitate the flow of feelings. Receiving is making a space into which the feelings flow.




To Get Water to Flow

Make a Space For It


Same goes for feelings




Rule of Holes


If you find yourself in a hole,

stop digging










Sun, 16 Nov 2003


The Right Time

Hi Ed,

I just read Market Wizards by Jack Schwager and I was fascinated by your interview. I'm a beginner trader just starting out in the forex. I seem to be able to keep my emotions under control but I can't seem to get in at the right time (buy or sell) and I think I use fundamentals (or funny-mentals) too much. Is there any advice you can give me concerning the forex? Thank You.

There is no particular "right" time ... there is not even any time ... there is just the never ending moment of now.


Time is a convenient illusion.  You can't feel it and you can't measure it directly.


By "right time," perhaps you mean that, looking over historical charts, you can see higher and lower prices than your trades.  Perhaps you want to have the feeling of being "right" or "wrong" and you associate being "right" with trading at highs and lows.


To straighten all this out, you might consider joining a Tribe and taking your feelings of wanting to trade at the right time, into TTP.




Some Right, Some Not so Right


right-top, left-top,

left-bottom and right-bottom

(going counter-clockwise, that is)


Clip: http://www.discovery.com/area/



Sun, 16 Nov 2003


Young Freds

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Thank you for putting forward the CM-Fred framework. Such are the fleeting and slightly uncomfortable feelings that Fred sends me, my usual automatic reaction is to sweep them away.


Without your TTP FAQ, I wonder if I would pay sufficient attention to ever appreciate the significance and preciousness of Fred in my life time. So thank you!

I look at my two beautiful little daughters and wonder how they can make friends with their Freds sooner and better than I have. My 2-year old seems to have no problems expressing her feelings naturally. She cries when her feelings direct her so. She smiles and laughs a lot too. Her Fred is well accepted by my wife and I. There is no judgment. She is young and we don't try to use our CM to reason with her.

My 4-year old has a much wider range of perceptions and feelings. When she expresses her feelings in the adult world, not all of them are as readily accepted. When there is an altercation, we try to use our CM to "educate and reason" with her Fred - her Fred reminds us too much of our own Freds to be allowed to see the light of day.


Tantrums are met with reason, not validation of feelings. Worse yet, we sometimes use more devious means to subjugate the expressions of Fred. Say, using the lure of a reward if she "behaves well" or the threat of punishment such as "there will be no book reading tonight if you continue to behave like this". No wonder kids grow up not knowing their own Freds at all. A systematic childhood conditioning of avoiding and alienating Fred is practiced.

I suppose that the evolutionary benefits of ignoring Fred - spending less time being introspective and more time scanning the African plains might have saved some of our ancestors from a lion or two. But it seems a large price to pay now.

I venture to be an apprentice receiver of the two precious young Freds in my two daughters. I think that to the degree I listen, acknowledge and embrace the good intentions of all that is Fred, I invite Fred and CM to flow together. It surely is better than unknowingly making Fred a millstone around CM's neck.

Thank you for your wonderful generosity. Fred and trading success aside, if I can be of more use to my two daughters, it is priceless.

Very best of regards.

Yes.  Commitment to growth and to listening to children, both generate waves that reach far and wide.






from shore to shore







from mouth to ear







from heart to heart












Sun, 16 Nov 2003


Greetings from India

Dear Mr. Seykota Sir,

I am from Mumbai, India.

I was so happy to read about you today. I first read about you in 1997 in Market Wizards. I fell in love with your cool approach to things. You made it appear
so effortless.

Unfortunately I was wiped out somewhere in 1998 and have just rejoined the market this month after putting my life in place.


All the time which I spent in this "exile', I always dreamt that someday I shall return to the markets and trade like Ed Seykota. What a lovely omen that I am able to make contact with you at the onset of my second stint in the Markets. I really feel thrilled. When I saw your photo, I was finally able to make contact with you.

I shall like to do my best to spread the message of the The Trading Tribe in India, if we have your permission.

We are currently  conducting corporate training programs in Spoken English, and this has been my savior. We are trying to add value to peoples lives here, through Language training. Trading is something which I have just reentered.

Do reply back. I shall feel great. Even if we are not eligible to start the Trading Tribe, the fact that I got a reply from the great Ed Seykota will itself make me so much more happy, and committed to the wonderful lessons which you gave in your interview in Market Wizards. If you ever visit India, do let me know.

Take Care

Cheers Always

Your gracious note honors this site.


Yes, you have permission to spread the message. See Ground Rules.


Eligible implies someone choosing you. You might take a look at your feelings about choosing.




Sometimes, Accepting Choices

 Has Limitations


Right Livelihood

means working through community

to create healthy choices.





Sun, 16 Nov 2003


More Inter-Tribe Communication

Limitations of e-TTP

Yes I have some trust/intimacy issues. It is time to welcome and celebrate these feelings. I am tracking underlying feelings in current relationships. I have trouble getting intimate with groups and relationships, and I feel some unease about it. I get some jolts in the linings and guts, resolving into some heat all over the abdomen.

I would like to explore more of these feelings about trust/closeness/intimacy and share with my group. This coincides with my current willingness to get our group closer, and, perhaps, even assemble a "physical" community. So, I propose that we arrange a virtual meeting with Microsoft Messenger, in that all of us co-operate to send and receive. In about two to three weeks I will finish my last year in college and so I will have more time and freedom to schedule a weekly meeting at a convenient time. Meanwhile I am restricted to Saturdays or Sundays.

Nevertheless, if you feel we might get e-Hardball going by e-mail, for our current task, as suggested by Amir, we might switch roles now. Incidentally this is quite relevant to my current task about intimacy/closeness/trust and co-operation.

Best regards,




During Hardball we focus on one feeling at a time. When that feeling completely passes we switch roles, then when its your turn again, the question is asked: What stands between you and account funding? Then you work on the next feeling that comes up. So as we go back and forth you keep on working down the stack of feelings. However only one feeling at a time.

So, in your case you outlined two feelings

1) the idea of this achievement rather scares me
2) I am afraid of losing my freedom
Lets just focus on one feeling perhaps as Andy pointed out feeling #2. So please share with us what does loss of freedom feel like or as Andy said Experience the loss of freedom. What happens?

Once you report back, [xxx] and I will go back and forth with you until this feeling dissolves, at that point you will say 'pass'

After this feeling is completely resolved, we switch roles, you become the receiver and perhaps Andy the sender. ( Andy if you could work on your goal)



I am working with this task about accound funding. I try to locate underlying feelings about achieving this goal. I do not feel comfortable about this change. I mean, the idea of this achievement rather scares me. I can feel it like a light pressure or tension in the stomach area, linings and guts.

I also acknowledge I need help from other people to achieve this and other goals in my life. I dislike receiving help from other people and I shrug it off. I even feel rather sick about it. It feels like it threatens my freedom. Yes, I am afraid of losing my freedom if I receive help from other people.

A possible limitation of e-TTP is that it does not allow the immediate communication of emotion. Another is that it communicates emotions  through logical and motor channels.


The difference between e-TTP and TTP might be like the difference between learning to ride a bicycle over the internet and learning to ride a bicycle with your father.





There's Nothing Like Learning


with someone there

to encourage you

and to show you how



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