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TTP Workshop - October 24-26 - Reno

with guest presenter: Charles Faulkner



September 21-30, 2003



(Quotes from Ed in Red)


Tue, 30 Sep 2003


Minneapolis Trading Tribe


Just want to inform you and readers from Minnesota that the Minneapolis Trading Tribe is now meeting once a week on Wednesday nights. We have dedicated office space for meetings and look forward to expanding our tribe. We invite all those interested to contact us.


See Tribe Directory.

Tue, 30 Sep 2003


Incline Village TT Hardball Process


I have noticed I am finding less and less DRAMA in my life since I have begun expressing my feelings & emotions physically, instead of using words.

Interestingly enough, I can see now how my stories were vehicles to ride EMOTIONAL waves. From that point of view, my stories seem boring to even think about now. And I have PEACE around my feelings: although they are strong, they are not "facts."

During Thursday night's "Hardball" session with you and xxx, I experienced some strong feelings during our exercise, and I had a lot to get out.


I don't know what DRAMA they could have been associated with, perhaps several. But I do FEEL amazing for having done the work. A physical AHA! (Have you noticed that AHA is spelled the same forward and backward?) The insights that you get, boy. But I digress ...

I will say that I (my CM) has been looking for the story to fit the feeling. It used to be the other way around. It seems more economical from a time and emotional standpoint to deal directly with the feeling (s).

It's my new system. I am not used to my CM asking me for a story - previously my CM would run its racket and go to the default story that went with what I felt.

Now that I am dealing directly with the feelings, I have no default stories to tell. I feel more understood within the IV-TT expressing my emotions/feelings physically, than I do in many of my relationships that are based upon both verbal and body language modes of communication.

I feel more confident that I don't need to have relationships and friendships based or by enrolling others in my xxx DRAMA. It's messy. My self-esteem is riding high right now, I like how this feels, and I plan on staying with this trend.

I don't believe you are nuts in the Waco, TX sense, but I think something was definitely in the Kool-Aid.

Tribally yours,

Yes !





Play Hardball


or don't play


Clip: http://www.usabaseballstadium.org/



Tue, 30 Sep 2003


Wife Likes the Room

Dear Ed:

The Workshop accommodations look very nice. (After reading about the hotel, my wife decided -- half jokingly -- that she might want to some along!)

I told her that if she wants to get back into trading, maybe she could attend the next workshop ...

Yours truly,

You may bring a guest to stay with you in your room, at no extra charge. 



Peppermill Hotel - Reno


See Workshop (above) for details.

Mon, 29 Sep 2003

New York group 2 meets Wed Oct 1st


The 2nd NY group meets: Wednesday October 1st 7:30 PM EDT.

See Tribe Directory

Mon, 29 Sep



Hi Ed

Your seminar sounds great. Has the response been all that you expected? It
sounds like everyone is very excited to start.

I will not be attending due to a very tight schedule, but expect to be in your neck of the woods within the next few months.

Thanks again for your feedback over these many months.

You are welcome.

Mon, 29 Sep 2003


Profound Meeting / Incline Village

Hi Ed !

Thank you for the TT meeting. Everyone involved knew we did significant work. What occurred is sort of beyond my capacity for words, but I can say I clicked in to receiving in a more profound way than previous sessions.

Thank you too for the practical alternatives to watching and fiddling with a position. I'm looking for a good spot for the hot plate and water pot in my office.





Something to Watch


While the Markets Trend



Clip: http://netnet.net/~dciango/story3.html

Mon, 29 Sep 2003


Suggestion:  Early-Bird Contact


Suggestion: as I will be arriving on Thursday, it will be a good opportunity to meet other early-bird participants. I suggest to open a list in your website and/or the Hotel Front Desk to facilitate contacts.

FAQ does not publish the identities of contributors.  See Ground Rules.


I can forward your name and room number to other early-birds who ask for it.

Mon, 29 Sep 2003


The Jademaster

Dear Mr. Seykota,

Ever since first reading "The Jademaster", I have always wanted to read "The Trader's Window".


I understand that you are not keen to publish the book, but I wonder if I could ask you to consider perhaps letting me see a copy? I have been trading for nearly ten years now, and a great deal of my success, such as it is, I believe is attributable to the interview you gave in the first Market Wizards. I hope this does not sound as trite to you as it reads to me!

I apologize for the fact that this e mail is out of the blue from someone you have never met before. If you feel it would be more appropriate for me to explain myself more fully, I would be happy to do so.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards

Thank you for your encouragement to complete the book and publish it.

Sun, 28 Sep 2003

Peanuts and other crackerjacks


Your nuts. Absolutely nuts. Branch Davidian nuts.

Name calling and judging may indicate unexpressed frustration and anger, and unwillingness to allow things to be the way they are


You seem to have some strong feelings ... you might consider allowing Fred to tell CM about them.




Maybe He's Angry at his Patient


or maybe he's just ordering lunch.


Clip: http://www.epsilon2.demon.co.uk/nuts.gif

Mon, 29 Sep 2003

Palotina Community Expands

We have four members now.

I like to follow rules and so I've managed to publish a home page about our community rules at http://ttp.tripod.com.br

Best regards,


Sun, 28 Sep 2003

No questions, just smile

No questions (you have plenty of those) just a huge smile and a hug from a fellow trader in Croatia. Thank you for what you are doing for others.

Thank you for your encouragement.



Sometimes it's better

to feel whatever you are feeling


than to force a smile


lip: http://www.hunnybee.com.au/


Sun, 28 Sep 2003


Effect of trading on my life

suddenly the past is the past (no fear) , the future does not exist, only the present is in this moment and this moment like my heartbeat ...

although I have only been trading for a year, my life has changed dramatically in the past 3 months,


I am more healthy and disciplined, spiritually I feel connected to the metaphysical power, and CM and Fred are in harmony and my relationships with all around me has changed for the better.

Ii am happy for the first time in my life of where i am and who i am ...

BUT then the doubt and lack of confidence sets in ... is this process normal?  am I not overreacting?


Does a simple thing like finding your
vocation (trading) in life change you in such a manner? am I on the right path?

FAQ does not advocate a "right path" - everyone is on a different one.


Ups and downs seem to be part of trading, part of life.


If you have concerns and doubts, you might take those experiences into TTP.




An Early Yo-Yo


Celebrates the Ups and Downs





Sat, 27 Sep


TTP - Indecision

I wonder the purpose of finding myself sometimes in indefinite situations, where no progress or development seems possible.


An example is I myself being indecisive and attracting someone else equally indecisive into a relationship drama, where both seem to concern themselves too much about others' opinions and no one is able to make small, insignificant concessions, or using some initiative, to make things better and less complicated to their own advantage and happiness.

You might begin by re-writing your question so as to make it less complicated - and more feeling intensive.





Sometimes complicated situations

have a simple idea at the center.


Clip: http://www.parkenet.org/jp/


Fri, 26 Sep 2003


Options & Futures

I have a following question:

Do you trade options or just futures?
On the site




I read: "Trend Following is NOT for regular options. Only LEAPS (R) options can be used
for Trend Following."

Do you agree with the above statement?

I have already noticed that trend following is reactive not anticipatory. I think that to play options I would have to anticipate the future, which would violate "going with the flow" philosophy. Am I correct ?

Best Regards

Anticipating the future is part of the Fundamentalist approach.


Trend followers stay in the present while trading instruments of all types.


LEAPS are Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities.


 I do not know how the author of the article arrives at a conclusion that trend following does not apply to "regular" options.



Look Before You Leap


and make sure you manage your risk,

when you leap

into any type of trading.


Clip: http://trail.nwc.cc.wy.us/leap.jpg

Fri, 26 Sep 2003


Medicine and Momentum

I've been away from trading due to some health problems with my dad ... however the things are better we were a little concern ... I want to share some experience regarding the illness that I saw it as a go with the flow or trend following by the doctor ... my father got sick with pneumonia, and I took almost a week to get him better, but in the first two days the doctor did nothing other than some normal procedures in the hospital so I ask him why his was doing nothing?


He told me that he has a system to treat all diseases, illness or infirmities ... once he knows that a patient have a certain disease he let the disease advance into the patience, often the beginning is strong and the patience and relatives are concern and worry and wants immediate relief, but he prefers the disease reach the max level and stabilizes so is like follow the flow ... don't fight at the beginning when the disease is strong ... then it pauses and lost momentum then is the right moment to attack it ... then I ask him what if the disease goes all the way ... he told me that he has a certain limit that if the disease reach that point no matter what, he goes against it ... it was so clear parallelism to me some kind of illumination ... these guys risk lives and we risk money ... I thought my job was stressful and emotional ... I found one activity that tops ours in my view.

Question: when xxx is sending and yyy is receiving is better for me to just watch?

When xxx is sending and yyy is receiving, you can just stay tuned-in and perhaps find an opportunity to receive.

Thu, 25 Sep 2003


Manhattan groups TTP measurements

Hello Ed,

Regarding 9/23/03 FAQ - Manhattan Tribe reports and your question:


 "I would like to know more about your measurement system - perhaps you could provide some examples of positive movement along your measurement scales". "Things you Measure Tend to Improve".

After having had 10 meetings, there appears to be a pattern developing. There are two main trading related areas that are impacted by TTP

1) A decrease in dramas or self-sabotage.

2) People start to do things in their 'best interest'

The first measurement is that of 'frequency of dramas', a drama for example would be not taking entries as signaled by ones system, not cutting losses, exiting profitable positions early etc.

What I observed, as the meetings progressed this summer, almost every participant reported a decrease in 'frequency' of such dramas or self-sabotage. They often make statements like I used to have a problem with cutting losses etc, but now I am doing a better job. In my case I keep a Journal where I log each episode and have seen a 70% reduction in self defeating behaviors.

The second area is somewhat harder to measure, however there is a continuum. We have a diverse group, everyone from savvy Hedge Fund manager to short-term traders and everything in between; so our group members fan the wide spectrum of skill level and trading experience.


Someone I believe in the second meetingasked 'With a diverse group as ours, how is this TTP stuff going to help all of us, shouldn't we spend our time developing better trading systems etc?'.


In response I quoted you from the market wizards interview where you said 'Psychology is the driver, and analysis is the road map'.


The best way to describe the second positive effect of TTP and group meetings is that people start to do things in their 'best interest', they start to build better road maps i.e. become more systematic about their trading, start to develop better trading systems, start searching for good back testing tools etc. So whatever the individual level of experience and skill is, we have seen movement along the road towards good trading principles. There are many other examples of doing things in their 'best interest', people start reading about and discussing good money management principles, switching brokers/trading platforms that are more suited to their needs etc.

I must emphasis that these changes are gradual, they take place over time as people work through their many knots; as Woody Allen once said '90% of success is just showing up' that’s why regular attendance is a must.

I would like to hear your thoughts.

Your experience seems consistent with the Incline Village Trading Tribe and with that of other groups that report in to FAQ.

Thu, 25 Sep 2003


Poker, Stu Ungar, Fred and CM!

Dear Ed,

Well, i have a feeling that you love poker and I want your comments about Stu Ungar and how his CM always ignored Stuey´s Fred. Also, do you see any similarities between Jesse Livermore and Stu Ungar?

In your opinion, what are the similarities between gambling and trading?

Thank you very much,

i wish you all the best!

Both Livermore and Ungar seem very quick with math, and very bold.  Both have a history of volatility in their financial and personal lives.


Gambling and trading are activities, that people can approach in many different ways.



Stu Ungar




Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003



In the first "Schwager" interview you describe your job as "... regular Clark Kent type ..." Would you elaborate on the intent of being Superman?

In the Market Wizards interview, "Clark Kent" refers to a clerical-type job.  There is no mention of Superman.


You might show your question to some friends and have them tell you if they understand it.



Perry and Clark


Discuss Past and Future




Thu, 25 Sep 2003


Inter Group Communication

Fate and future are the same thing because everything is written in the book of life. We are predestinated. Nothing can change our fate. So, any commitment is meaningless ...

I know of no evidence that there is any such thing as the future.


Commitment is essential in working with others.



Goethe talks about Commitment


and uses SVO-P


Clip: http://www.earthart.org/


Thu, 25 Sep 2003



see earlier at Confusion

Ed Says:


One entry point might be just what you say is coming up.

For example, you might feel fear about losing control of the process and falling into confusion.

Opening The Can of Worms - might not be as bad as you think.

Yes! Thanks! I am floating off the ground. :-)

Yes !






can result from applying

TTP to confusion


Clip: http://www.inisrael.com/


Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Fred, CM, & Poker


Living in Nevada, do you ever get the opportunity to experience your feelings at a poker table?

Poker tables appear in many parts of the United States - and so do opportunities.





Poker Table


for those who know when to fold 'em.


Clip: http://www.drinkstuff.com/images/


Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Vrey Inetrsetnig!

Here's a paragraph on the mind's word processing power:

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Amzanig huh?

Aamznig !


Sonuds lkie it mghit be Ferd at wrok.

Wed, 24 Sep 2003


Wants Traders

Hi Ed,

I am in charge of investing institutional funds
for [XYZ]. I would appreciate if you could recommend a few good up-and-coming traders/money managers. Thanks --

FAQ does not endorse individual traders or commercial products. See Ground Rules.


You might take your feelings of wanting good traders into TTP.


Perhaps a few sessions at an intentional community might give you a good sense of how to identify good traders - and how to support them once you find them.



Successful Investing


It helps to understanding your traders

so you can put meaning, intention,

commitment and support

into the grip.




Wed, 24 Sep 2003


Incline Village Visitor

Hot Seat Follow-up

The day after my hot seat experience you mentioned to me that I may notice that my father has changed.


You were right, but it was not what my CM might have hoped for before the hot seat.


My family and I went for a visit to my father and his family shortly after I returned from my trip. The best way I can describe it is that now my father is “real”.


The previous boundaries of our relationship are gone. The need for me to receive his approval is gone. There was no need for a battle or for me to get anything off of my chest. Where this brings our relationship I do not know. However, I like how I feel around him and that can only be good. Thanks to you and your very generous and capable tribe.

All the best,

Yes !

Wed, 24 Sep 2003


Hot Seat Process

Dear Ed,

Last night was my second hot seat experience.

I'd like to spend some time sharing the experience with you and the other FAQ readers, as I feel and believe this will help others.

I started off by sharing my issue ("I feel it is difficult for me to trust others")

As I shared the issue, I started to feel a headache coming on.

I closed my eyes, this allowed my to get a deeper sense of the issue and feeling I was experiencing.

I described a picture in my mind of the feeling, resembling a cloud. I was picturing the cloud in my upper front lobe of my skull, I am rolling my eyes up and seeing this cloud. The cloud feels cool in my skull, and it feels like it's floating there.

The cloud then moved to the top of area of my skull and continued floating.

When tribe members asked about situations that made me feel untrusting, I spoke about my elderly alcoholic father. A painful headache was triggered when I spoke of being raised by an Alcoholic parent. I shared my conflicting thoughts about feelings of obligation in supporting him and feelings of abandoning him.

The cloud becomes solid and I felt the pain cutting apart the two hemispheres of my skull, as if one side is feeling obligation while the other side feeling a desire to abandon my father.

The pain disappears and a numbing sensation starts, that creates a gap between the two hemispheres. One of the tribe members suggests pushing on each side of my head to close up the empty gap. I feel a warm soothing sensation start. I continue to push on each side for some time and feel the gap disappearing. I continue pushing on different areas of the head feeling each hemisphere fuse together. I continue with this pushing action for some time. Until the gap has completely fused.

I feel happy after the experience and in balance. I am feeling very relaxed. My head also feels much lighter.

Once again I'd like to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I'd also like to thank all the members of our tribe for their help.

Yours truly,

Yes !

Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Toronto Tribe Update

Focusing on Feelings


Here is a progress report:

The entire tribe is now certifiably ruthless at focusing on feelings. Once the issue is identified, stories are not tolerated. While this sounds tough, it is in fact extremely supportive of the process. Proof? Last night we had two ahas. Our first hot seat took 45 minutes while our second one only took 30 minutes. The relatively short time is simply a by-product of our intention to focus on feelings only.

The focus on feelings seems to make the process less dramatic but more effective. The receiver’s job used to focus on stories, pictures, issues and trying to relate to how they felt. Focusing only on the feelings now seems easier and more productive for both the receiver and the sender.

I believe that describing the hot seats last night in detail will prove useful to FAQ readers. I will ask the senders to provide the details if they wish to do so.

Yes !

Wed, 24 Sep 2003


Greetings Ed:

What begets what? If one has studied, back-tested, incorporated risk
management, and is therefore confident in a trading methodology and implements an
autonomous approach why should one's feelings or anxieties of future prices have any bearing on system efficacy?


Does the mere existence of this website reflect your opinion that one must necessarily go through a period of high emotion (market loss) first in order to realize the necessity of mechanized trading?

Thanks for your answer.

SVO-p syntax tends to avoid the use of why, should and must - as they are deeply inconsistent with Trend Following. See Trading Tribe Process, above.


This website reflects many things.


Your imbedded premise, that I have an opinion that one must [activity] - is your own interpretation, your own fundamental analysis, your own creation.


You might try SVO-p for a while - it might be a way out of the Matrix.



The Choice


Stay in the Matrix

or Confront the Truth


Clip: http://www.benbellabooks.com/


Tue, 23 Sep 2003


Ed Writes:


Your limitation might have less to do with using email, than with trying to solve concepts with TTP.

TTP intends to dissolve drama by promoting communication of experience between Fred and CM.

Ultimately, this process occurs within the individual; others can assist, as receivers, by helping to focus feelings.

One way to dissolve the conceptual cycle is experience the feeling of wanting to analyze concepts rather than experience feelings.

I see your point and I have the same understanding.

One thing that is not clear to me is what kind of entry points we use for the TTP. I myself have been choosing situations which I perceive as dramas or "problems" and try to bring the underlying "negative" feelings to the TTP, re-framing them so as to experience with the feelings to the AHA point. Usually, the receiver helps me to focus on the underlying feelings which I am not always aware (conscious) of.

However, I have not been limiting the TTP to trading issues. For instance, dissolving dramas like an irrational, strong fear about the future or fate or a tendency to have power struggles with authority figures might have positive implications not only trading, but in my life as a whole.


I am afraid though that I am going beyond the realm of the TTP and should use some discretion when choosing the entry point so as not to end up with a mix of feelings, concepts, beliefs and confusion.

One entry point might be just what you say is coming up.


For example, you might feel fear about losing control of the process and falling into confusion.




Opening The Can of Worms


might not be as bad as you think.


www.wormwoman.com/acatalog/ Can_O__Worms.html


23 Sep 2003


How does find ones calling?

Hello Ed,

My copy of the Forbes 400 (the 400 richest people in America) arrived in the mail today. Alas, again this year I am unable to find my name in the listing !

Interestingly, a former student of yours Bruce Kovner is however listed. He reportedly made $500 million betting on bond and currency markets and is worth a tiny sum of $1.8 Billion. Not bad for someone who dropped out of Harvard PhD. program after a bout of writer's block; took job as New York cab driver. Started trading commodities age 31 with $3,000 loan and the rest as they say is history.

In the market wizards book you said "Many are called, but few are chosen". In my case I definitely heard the call, I started trading some 19 years ago, always part time and despite with nothing to show for but losses, I somehow persisted through all these years of trading famine.


And I am glad I did, because now as a direct result of TTP, the sabotage in my trading has ended and I am finally consistently profitable !


The slight problem is I feel like someone who as been awakened after a deep slumber, and find myself in new surroundings, not sure in which direction to go in.

My question to you is how does one go about finding their true calling in life?

I know for me I have a deep interest in psychology, I enjoy working with people. I am not sure if I should just continue to trade for myself or venture into money management. I like art, charitable causes, so many directions to go in ... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Finding your calling is a continuation of the process of unifying Fred and CM. 


As we clear out our personal pains and dramas, our issues and feelings tend to turn outward, toward others, toward building community, being of service, locating and expressing our talents and gifts ...




Sometimes we get the Call


while we are so busy being useful

we don't even notice.


Clip: http://alumni.ua.edu/call4.jpg

Tue, 23 Sep 2003


Manhattan Group Reports TTP Works -

Demand Supports another Group

Hello Ed,

I am pleased to announce that the Under Fred network has managed to find another ally in Manhattan, who would be heading the second group. He is a keen student of psychology and has extensive market experience. A city like Manhattan over time can probably support 3-4 groups, there is just so much demand. Since the first group has been full for quite sometime, I am transferring all the applicants I have over to him. (see tribe directory)

I believe our goal is to make the two groups seamless, where members can move between them depending on what time of the week and day is more convenient for them, another benefit is greater exposure for Fred to meet new allies.

Our group has had about ten meetings since May when we first started. I am pleased to report the every single participant in our group has had a measurable positive effect on both their trading and personal lives !

On a personal note, I am sorry to say I won't be able to attend your workshop. My wife and I are expecting, our baby's due date is October 21, just days before the workshop. However, if you travels ever take you east, both the Manhattan groups would be delighted to host you.

Best Regards

I would like to know more about your measurement system - perhaps you could provide some examples of positive movement along your measurement scales.




Things you Measure


Tend to Improve



Clip: http://www.terra.cc.oh.us/



Tue, 23 Sep 2003


More on e-TTP / Possible Limitations

(doing TTP by Internet)

Note: As we're on task, let's see how this resolves.

OK. I have been experiencing with these feelings. They are very, very intense. They make my head ache and I also feel them slightly like a tension in the throat and stomach areas. The head ache and pressure is quite intense ... My whole body is very stressed and tense, as I re-frame and experience with some "negative" feelings that have been dominating my life for a long time.



I don't get your feelings, i can't feel your hatred and anger. Perhaps this are the limits of the " e-TTP" experience. Perhaps I need to be physically present to "see" you while you are feeling.



Yes. I feel dominated and submitted. I feel deep hatred and anger.



I feel this:

Fate and future are the same thing
because everything is written in the book of life. We are predestinated. Nothing can change our fate. So, any commitment is meaningless.

"That Fate and Future are the same thing" is a concept, not a feeling.


"Dominated and submitted" is a concept, not a feeling.


"Tension in the throat and stomach areas" are feelings.


Your limitation might have less to do with using email, than with trying to solve concepts with TTP. 


TTP intends to dissolve drama by promoting communication of experience between Fred and CM. 


Ultimately, this process occurs within the individual; others can assist, as receivers, by helping to focus feelings.


One way to dissolve the conceptual cycle is experience the feeling of wanting to analyze concepts rather than experience feelings.


See the Trading Tribe Process, above.





a conceptual problem

and get an answer


Clip: http://www.puzzlexpress.com/







a conceptual problem

and get an answer


Clip: http://www.math.ncsu.edu/






Experience Feelings

and Dissolve Drama


Clip: http://www.blackbeltsystems.com/





Experience Feelings

and Dissolve Drama


Sometimes things dissolve

into a solution.


Clip: http://www.students.stir.ac.uk/


Sun, 21 Sep 2003


Some Inter-Community Email

Yes! I feel I don't have control over what happens next and I feel frightened. I feel that fate or future is unmerciful and untrustworthy. I do not feel like taking initiative or making commitment. I feel that fate is untrustworthy, unmerciful and heartless. Only death is sincere. I do not feel like making commitment and letting it go.


I get this:

I feel fear. I am not in control. If I follow the flow I am not in control, because I don't know where it goes. So I feel fear of the unknown future. I feel overwhelmed of not knowing what will happens next. The flow of the trend is unpredictable as the future. And that makes me nervous.


I see. Nothing to figure out is means "nothing to predict". Now back to our session. Thanks.

Fate for me feels negative and sad and I want to change it and control it. I fear being controlled by fate and having no choices. My problem is that that which I fear becomes reality and I feel like overwhelmed by fate. I feel it like a light pressure in the stomach area, linings and guts.


I even notice that there is synchronicity between markets, universe and my
life events. I still have some unresolved issue about being a victim of fate and I carry this drama into my life. I have some experience with mysticism and I seem to have a great sensitivity to this synchronicity.

The problem is that I still feel like a slave of fate, sometimes anticipating events I apparently cannot escape from. I know though that, ultimately, I am making the choices both in the markets or in my life that determine my future. I also know that observing is not the same as participating in.

"That fate is unmerciful" is not a feeling.


"Overwhelmed of not knowing" is not a feeling.


"Being controlled by fate" is not a feeling.


"Light pressure in the stomach area, lining and guts" is a feeling.


TTP can help move you through your feelings.  Working on concepts is one way to avoid working on feelings.






Clip: http://www.dsquad.com/








Clip: http://www.cyh.com/cyh/






Concepts, Feelings


and trying to do things

according to someone else's system.


Clip: http://www.geocities.com/


Sun, 21 Sep 2003



Dear Mr. Seykota

i am very pleased to have found your site and at present working my way through it ... I have read quite a few books on trading i.e. market wizards, come into my trading room, and technical analysis of the financial markets.

I am a young trader not in years but would be grateful for any advice that you could offer ... your style of trading is what feels comfortable for myself ... I have tried to do day trading but i found it too stressful being in and out of positions ... for little return

i have found the use of moving averages 5,20, rsi and macd to be a great help but any advice that you could offer would be very much appreciated ... on how I can fine tune my trading technique ... I wait to hear from you with anticipation

Thank you

You con fine tune the mathematical part of your system through computer simulations.


You can fine tune the emotional part of your system with your intentional community. See The Trading Tribe Process, above.



Sometimes Fine Tuning

can make things worse.



Clip: www.opensecrets.org/newsletter/ ce55/03tuning.htm

Mon, 21 Sep 2003 11:23:52 -0700


You'll probably enjoy this read. In a nutshell, it is a report that suggests this country's biggest problem is the lack of "social connectedness" (a significant part of which includes spiritual/religious development).


It's nice to see the secular perhaps starting to realize that complete and utter secularism isn't the best way.



Sounds very similar to our intentional communities.



Hardwired to Connect:

The New Scientific Case

for Authoritative Communities